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De De Pyaar De

De De Pyaar De is a movie starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Rakul Preet Singh. A 50-year-old single father faces disapproval from his family and his ex-wife when he falls in love with a 26-year-old woman.

Other Titles
Quiero tu amor, Daj mi ljubav
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes
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Romance, Comedy
Akiv Ali
Tarun Jain, Surabhi Bhatnagar, Luv Ranjan
Tabu, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, Jimmy Sheirgill
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A 50-year-old single father faces disapproval from his family and his ex-wife when he falls in love with a 26-year-old woman.

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Ryan photo

After watching this movie, I was left with a feeling of happiness. The movie was very well written, and it had a good storyline. The movie was a well made, and the actors were great. The music was great, and the songs were well put together. The story was good, and the movie was a good movie. I liked the movie, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Roger Sullivan photo
Roger Sullivan

Bollywood has made movies with deep thought and message and Ayan Mukherjee is no different with this one. It is a comedy but it is so much more than that. It is a powerful story and it goes on the path of truth and can be considered as a manifesto of freedom and freedom of thought. The protagonist is of course an everyday man and his entire life has been nothing but routine. Then he gets a chance to experience the dream of freedom. He is taken to a palace where he meets a king and the only thing he knows is how to drive a car. And from that moment he has a chance to free himself from his routine and have a chance to do what he wants. This is a story of a man who just wanted to do something for himself but couldn't get it and now he is free. It is a movie that should be watched. I loved it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Indian cinema. It is a must watch.

Amanda photo

I just saw this movie last night and I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard it was bad, but I never thought it would be this good. I was not expecting this much from a Bollywood movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is definitely not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is definitely not the worst either. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel, and I can't wait to see the sequel. I think the only thing I was disappointed about was that the plot was a little bit weak, but I guess it is a Bollywood movie after all. I think this movie is definitely worth watching, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies. I hope to see a sequel soon!

Craig Alvarez photo
Craig Alvarez

In the world of Bollywood, it is rare to see a film that is so much fun and entertaining. This film is a perfect example of this. The story is very simple, yet very entertaining. The actors are very good, and the songs are great. I liked the background score, and I liked the dance sequences. The characters are very likable, and the comedy is very well done. It is a very entertaining film. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Judith Myers photo
Judith Myers

Pyaar De De is a tale of revenge and redemption. It is based on the truth. Manoj Bajpai and Akshay Kumar are the main players in this tale of betrayal, deceit and revenge. Manoj Bajpai plays a man who is cheated by his wife. The story begins with his wife leaving him and returning to her parents with a child. The child is not his. The father, not knowing of this, kidnaps the child and returns it to the family. Manoj Bajpai, now a man who was cheated by his wife, and a childless man, now the perfect husband, has found a new home for his son. But the child, who has grown up with no father, is scared of him. Manoj Bajpai falls in love with the child and is now the ideal father for the child. But the child doesn't accept his father. He wants to return to his father's house. When Manoj Bajpai hears this, he decides to take the child back. But will he succeed? This is a tale of revenge and redemption. If you have seen the film, then you know the ending. The father, who is completely happy with his son, tells him that he is his son's father. The child, now a man, returns to his father. The father and son, now a happy family, live together in peace. It's a wonderful ending. Akshay Kumar and Manoj Bajpai are the two stars of the film. I have seen Akshay Kumar's earlier films and Akshay Kumar is the second star in the film. I don't know why Akshay Kumar and Manoj Bajpai chose to act in this film. They have played a small part in the film. It's a good film. It is a great story. I would recommend it to everyone.

Charles R. photo
Charles R.

I have seen this movie once and loved it. Now I have seen it twice and liked it more. For a first time watch, I liked the film. Its funny and the characters are also funny. The characters are funny but not sappy. The comedy is very sweet. The characters are funny and one of the best I have seen in Hindi cinema. The story is good but it could have been better. The story is good but I do not know why this movie has got a negative rating. This movie is not a comedy, but a love story. One needs to watch the movie to understand. The film is very good in terms of technical and visual department. All actors and actresses have done a good job. Music is also good. For a first time watch, I suggest you to watch this movie. It is a very good romantic comedy.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

Loved the movie and had a good time watching it. Pyaar De De Pyaar De Pyaar De De is a big hit of Bollywood.I'm a big fan of Bollywood and this movie was very good.Loved the songs. Loved the songs and the storyline was good. It was nice to see that it was made by Bollywood and not the Hollywood style. In this movie there is love and life lessons. That's what a Bollywood movie is all about. Hope this review helps you in choosing the right movie for your liking. I hope you like the movie.

Sharon photo

I really enjoyed this film. After watching it, I feel the same way about the film. The way it is presented and the characters are just wonderful. The movie had me in a dance. This film was well done, great acting and a lot of good laughs. You will enjoy this film. I really hope you will enjoy it as well. Like I said before, this film is not for the serious. I hope you enjoy the film. I really hope you do!

Sean H. photo
Sean H.

Mumbai based writer-producer Ajay Khanna who directed an excellent film and screenplay is back with another entertainment-drama De De Pyaar De.This time Ajay Khanna is showing his expertise in producing a popular entertainer.While promoting his film, Ajay Khanna received a lot of criticism and he was criticized for his misguided way of promoting the film.When the film was released in theatres,it was supposed to be a hit. It was well received by the audience and in fact,the film reached the number two position in box office and people were going in droves to watch the film.Unfortunately the film wasn't successful in terms of box office.After that,the film was criticized for being an example of a Bollywood film which was made to please the audience.People said that the film was full of sexual references.Also,it wasn't made in a socially-friendly way.In my opinion,I think that the film is very entertaining.The film has good screenplay and the characters are well developed.The script also contains several jokes which is good to watch for a group of people who doesn't know the Hindi language.The director Ajay Khanna was very effective in directing the film and has produced a good entertainment-drama which is a good movie.The film is well acted by the entire cast including Rahul Dravid,Suneil Shetty,Siddharth Nair,Kajol and Siddharth Nair.The film has an overall good musical score by Madhavan.The film also has good cinematography by Dilip D'Souza.The film is well directed by Ajay Khanna who has produced a good entertainment-drama.

Arthur K. photo
Arthur K.

After watching "Waleed" I felt quite sad about the situation of Middle East, which had seen a lot of violence, terrorism and destruction, since the start of its history. It was easy to see how the tragedy of Waleed might have happened, because of the fear of other Arab countries which had been robbed of their sovereignty and independence by a foreign force. So I was left with a feeling that the Middle East was once again facing the same problems as it did at the beginning of the 21st century. The film shows the struggle of Waleed to prove his innocence, and the reconciliation between the two families who have been through the same ordeal. The movie has an atmosphere of nostalgia and nostalgia, but it is also a drama about what is really happening in the Middle East. The director has chosen the right times and the right actors for the story and it does not let down the mood or the events, which might cause some people to feel the movie was too much dramatic. The music, which I have noticed a few of the others here, is not really different from the movies I have seen. The movies I have seen have had a lot of music and I can't remember a single song from "Waleed". However, the story of Waleed is not the most interesting in the movie. This is because the movie is not the focus of the director and the music is. I liked the story but I felt the director tried to show the audience what is happening and why it is happening. It is difficult to tell a story like that without showing the person's point of view. Therefore, the movie has its good points and its bad points. The good points are the acting, the story and the music. The bad points are the too much drama and the lack of emotion. I also found the story too slow, because of the lack of emotion. For example, it is a movie about a father and his daughter. You do not need a lot of emotions to show the impact of this story on the audience. The director could have given us more emotional moments and I believe he would have gotten the same result. Overall, I have seen many films about the Middle East. I have seen the Israeli film "Haredim", the German film "Wagner" and I have seen the Pakistani film "Chadar". This is one of the best films I have seen. I give it an 8/10.

Victoria photo

A very nice and amusing film, full of nice touches, a good story, very good actors, and a nice ending. The story is about a family of a Pakistani family living in America. The father of the family, a Pakistani immigrant, has a kind heart, and his wife, a lawyer, and his two daughters, are not very happy with their new American family. The father has an idea, to get his family back in Pakistan. The daughter, who is very smart, and is a very good cook, does not want to leave the house, but her father does not want to let her go. The father and the daughter get in touch, and arrange to meet, and the father asks her to cook a meal for his family. The daughter, very obedient, cooks a very nice meal, and then goes to meet her father. They have a nice talk, and the father is very happy, and he is happy to have his family back in Pakistan. The film is full of nice touches, and the story is very good. The actors are very good, and the film is full of good laughs, and the ending is very good. I give this film 8/10.

Joan W. photo
Joan W.

A nice movie, good screenplay, and nice music. Everything was well done. Yes it's a normal romance film but the film has not been sensationalized like some of the movies recently. In fact, I think it has a good message. As a Tamil movie, I think this one is a must watch.

Mary photo

I loved this movie and I think all the reviews that are negative are just wrong. This movie is a little bit different and it deserves more respect than it's getting. The acting is great, the writing is good and it has a good mix of humor and romance. The story is realistic and keeps you interested throughout the movie. I think this movie will be enjoyed by many people because it is an extremely good movie. I think this movie deserves the Oscar. I am surprised that this movie is not being recognized more. I think this movie should be the biggest movie of all time.

Roy White photo
Roy White

I watched this movie with my wife and daughter, and we all enjoyed it. It is an easy movie to watch, and we both agreed that it was a fun movie. The main character is very cute, and she is also a good actress. It is a movie that you can watch with your family, and you can watch it with your friends. I liked the whole thing, and it is one that you can enjoy.

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

First of all I would like to say that if you like romantic comedy movies and enjoy their very own characters, then you will definitely love this movie. Manoj Bajpayee and Sonali Kulkarni are fantastic as well as all the other cast. If you like Indian culture, then you will like this movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to all my friends. I give it 8/10. if you have not seen this movie yet, then do not miss this movie. It is definitely worth your time.

Jessica Keller photo
Jessica Keller

A brilliant Indian movie which explores the meaning of life in a very creative way. The story takes you to a place where you have a point of view on what life is about, and is extremely real in the movie. It is well acted by every actor and especially Arshad Warsi as Khan. The film is short but it is very important that you see it in the way it was intended to be seen. You will find that in the movie there is nothing of that later romantic-tension you would expect from the movie. It's not in the final two hours or so that you will be expecting anything of that kind. You will find that the movie starts with Khan who comes back home from the war and finds out that his wife and daughter have moved in to a bigger house in a bigger city. He wants to thank the wife and daughter for helping him in his war but his wife and daughter don't want to do that. They want to be happy. Khan gets in touch with the people of the village where his daughter used to work and they tell him that the war is over and the war is over and now they can go on with their lives. Khan agrees and they are happy. Khan goes back to the village and finds out that his daughter is having a lesbian relationship with another girl. Khan finds out about it and starts feeling sorry for the girls and has the feeling that they have ruined the lives of his own children. The movie is one of the best I have seen in a long time. The Indian movie industry is very young but they are good at it. So keep an eye out for more Indian movies that are well done and imaginative.

Janet S. photo
Janet S.

As the film goes on, you are fully aware of the outcome. You don't think, "what's going to happen?" You don't think, "Why is the film ending?" I've seen the movie 10 times and I still don't know how it ends. A good movie goes through a variety of emotions, and yet the character's scenes show that they are really quite different, for instance from one moment to the next. A good film also has a good ending. The movie that I thought I had liked the best was No One Died. If you like making fun of movies, you can't help it. It's not just for the movie's audience, but for the movie and the audience. You can't just sit back and say, "I don't get it, they're not good at making movies, they're making this film, why they keep making it, it's not good." The ones who understand this, though, will also enjoy the movie. I enjoyed this movie very much. I would definitely recommend it.

Roger L. photo
Roger L.

Karan Johar's first movie is one of the most entertaining, funny, thrilling and thrilling movies I have ever seen. It is full of heart-warming moments. And every single one of them is a must watch. This movie is also the first one that I have seen in my entire life that is completely free of all political correctness. The only thing that I have to say is that the movie is very different from the typical Indian movies, that has too many political issues. I really recommend it to everyone who loves good movies and a good time. I am a huge fan of Karan Johar and would like to say that this is his best movie ever. All of us who love cinema should watch this movie.

Tiffany M. photo
Tiffany M.

This film is similar to another Indian movie "Queen of My Heart" also starring Mahira Khan, another hot Bollywood actress. But "Queen of My Heart" is more of a romantic comedy and "Don't look back" is more of a romance. The other good thing about the movie is the fact that every character is likable. Not to mention that the actress who plays the love interest in "Don't look back" also does a good job in the movie. I recommend everyone to watch both of these movies if you are looking for a romantic comedy to watch.

Samuel Carroll photo
Samuel Carroll

I was wondering when i saw the preview of this movie to see if it would be good.I loved the film from the very beginning to the end.I loved the way the film was shot,the music and the whole feel of the movie.This film is definitely a must see for all those who love a good romantic comedy.The film is full of funny and fun moments and the actors did a wonderful job.This movie is definitely a 10 out of 10.I can't wait to see it again.

Sarah Ryan photo
Sarah Ryan

What a great movie. I don't get what people are saying about it. It is a simple story of two friends who meet in the first week of their high school years. They spend the first half of the movie together, and the second half of the movie they are apart. But they have a special connection. They have a special connection and they are not going to let anyone stop them from being together. I think the movie was really great and I hope to see it again and again. I really liked the movie and I give it a 9 out of 10.

Mary Walsh photo
Mary Walsh

This is a brilliant movie.I love it and can watch it over and over again. The best part of the movie is the song "Shekela Dey De" which is one of the best songs of this film. The way it is sung is so very refreshing. The movie is great and will stay in my top ten list of movies. I really recommend you to watch this movie. I hope that the movie gets some success and is watched by many people. A Must watch!

Thomas F. photo
Thomas F.

Maniratnam has done a marvellous job with this movie. Apart from the usual of Sanjay Dutt, Shruti Haasan, Anupam Kher and Raveena Tandon, there is a new comer. Shruti Haasan. I think this is the first time that she has been good in a film. She was really great and made me laugh at least half a dozen times. Her character is based on what can be called as her type of a character. She plays the role of a strong and confident woman. There are several scenes where you can see how she is going to kick a villain's ass. She also makes us love her. Sanjay Dutt is so bad that he is the best in this film. If he wasn't in this film, then it wouldn't have been the same. I think he is one of the best comic actors in Bollywood. He makes Sanjay Dutt look like an idiot. If Sanjay Dutt was to star in a bad movie, then he would be in a bad movie. I guess you have to give him a chance, but Sanjay Dutt does make you believe that he is a better actor than Anupam Kher. Raveena Tandon plays the role of a mother and it is really great. I have been watching Raveena Tandon for years and she has just got better. She is funny and she does a lot of funny things. Shruti Haasan is also good in the movie. She has really good chemistry with Sanjay Dutt and Shruti Haasan and we can see that they have been in love. I really liked her acting in the movie. Overall, I thought that this is a very good movie and I would recommend it to people who love comedy. 7.5/10

Samuel S. photo
Samuel S.

A genuine patriotic movie. The background music, the script, the dialogs, everything is perfect. I enjoyed watching it even after the family went to protest at the theatre, I'm not a supporter of protest because they would never be able to stop it if they get a chance. And I am not a fan of kejriwal either. But I enjoyed watching it anyway and the result is that I am supporting him, I am enjoying watching his activities, I am proud of him, I'm getting motivated for his fights and I am excited about the future of India. That's why I will probably be voting for him in the next elections. I think he has proved that he can make a good act in any movie, and the way he did it, I am proud to say that he has proved that he can do anything. This movie shows how a parent can make the right decisions in any situation, even if they don't agree with them, they are obliged to do it. At the same time, it also shows that a person who feels good and innocent cannot be always one and a half. And I think that's true for the parents, too. Even though I am proud to say that I am his fan, he still has to prove himself, otherwise he would have been a disgrace to his family. The father/mother relationship was good and both the actors gave it their best, it's really an impressive acting. I am not so sure about the brother-sister relationship. But I'm sure that the brother and sister will find their own way out. I liked the fact that there were different voices in the film. Different stories were presented in different ways. The grandfather has been writing in his diary. One day he starts writing about his life in the village and it has no relation with the current situation, but the next day he has started writing about his own life in the village. He does not know how to express himself properly, so he just writes random things like that. However, when the grandfather is asked what he has written in his diary, he responds by saying "some mundane stuff". However, when he meets the aunt, she expresses that she loves her brother and will never leave him. However, she says that she will follow him wherever he goes, so she is only following him. And the aunt then feels guilty and asks her to follow him. She gives the reason for following him. After a while, the aunt leaves the village. The uncle is also involved in a drama and in a very unusual way, he just gives a random question. I would say that he is funny but not funny enough. The father is very funny. At the beginning he's so emotional that he is unable to show anything, and at the end he's just a funny guy. But I like the fact that he is the only one who is not in a position to say anything. Overall, a good film. As a viewer, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good patriotism movie and has a family who is against the government. Enjoy it. "Diwali se baat main tha"

Stephanie B. photo
Stephanie B.

This is a very nice movie. It has some funny scenes and it's a great story about love. The story is a little bit slow but it's still good. The acting is really good and the acting of the characters are very good. This movie is a little bit different from the rest of the movie. It's a little bit different. But I like this movie. I don't like this movie a lot but it's still a good movie. I like this movie a lot. It's a very nice movie.

Adam S. photo
Adam S.

I am a huge fan of Piyush Mishra, and this movie is a good example of what he is capable of. The movie has a great cast, and the story is very good. It has a good message about tolerance and friendship. The movie is very entertaining, and the humor is very funny. The movie is worth watching, and I can't wait for the sequel. The music is great, and the songs are very catchy. The movie is very enjoyable, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Timothy Rios photo
Timothy Rios

A very nice movie. Don't miss it.

Donna B. photo
Donna B.

Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the finest actors of Bollywood and a lot of people have praised him for his work. His performance in Bollywood movies has never been in a bad movie, but this one is just a blast. I just like the story and the way he carries himself in the movie. You feel like he is the most important character in the movie and you really feel sorry for him. It is a movie you will love watching. I really hope there is more movies like this in Bollywood.

Cynthia photo

I have never seen a movie like this. I mean a movie that is not only entertaining but also a great romance. This movie is definitely a must watch. It has so many songs and dance sequences and the music is great. I was not expecting a romantic movie but this movie is definitely a must watch. I can watch it again and again. This movie is so much different from the other romantic movies. It has a story line that is not predictable. It is more of a drama than a romance. The story line is not predictable. The movie is full of drama and romance. The acting is good. The songs are amazing. The movie is a must watch.

Sandra photo

This movie is a homage to classic movies of Hindi cinema. It is the story of an Indian bint, who marries a German lady and then later on a Pakistani doctor. The bint is desperate for his fiance to return to India and fight the war for India. He becomes the prime minister of a new country which is barely connected to India and has no knowledge about India and its history. The films is a treasure trove of comedy, cultural references and a lot of kajol. The film does not have an original plot but has been reworked to suit the audience. The cast is on top form with Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt all doing their best. The climax of the film is also a comedy and its one of the most original movie climaxes of the decade. Even if you have seen the original "Ranjha" then you will love the comedy and the cultural references in this film. The cast is a great support for the film. The direction by Anurag Kashyap is extremely good and the use of the film stock is masterful. I enjoyed this movie more than "Anandhiya" and "Paanch Haashna Kaadhar".

Philip Estrada photo
Philip Estrada

The film itself was a big hit in the first half. Thanks to the catchy and witty dialogues and catchy songs, this film is definitely a must watch for the comedy lovers and romantics. Though the movie's story was simple and the story is about father-son relationship, but the good story is one of the great things in the film. I loved the way Ajay and Ajay's dad started their father-son relationship. Ajay did a very good job. Ajay was very cool and fun in the film. Zoya was a great choice for the lead. Zoya was a great addition to the film. Zoya did an excellent job as the mom. She did a fantastic job in the role. The way the movie was very cute and entertaining. Even the title "Xalaam Dil Toofan Pyaar De" refers to father-son relationship. The movie started very good and it seemed like it will not end. The movie was totally worth to watch. I rate this movie 8/10.

Eugene photo

The story of 'Cinema' is essentially a fast paced love story between two people that reach the top of their career and are at the same time at the bottom of their own social status. It seems that the man at the top is actually a loser that needs to stay there and the woman who is at the bottom of her social status needs to live a very rich and successful life to survive. The two characters are sharing a dream and trying to achieve it together. It is interesting to see how they reconcile their expectations and also their fears. This film shows how close people can get to each other when they are in the middle of the hard times.

Grace Thompson photo
Grace Thompson

I loved the movie. I also think the story is the biggest one. I thought the actor do a great job. I also thought it was amazing how he was able to tell a story about a man who was born for one thing. Love and the freedom. I think it is an amazing movie that have a lot of hope in it. I think the whole idea of the movie is just an idea, but a simple idea. And the way it was explained to the people was really great. It's not only a song. And the fact that he could be so happy. I think it's really beautiful.

Marie N. photo
Marie N.

The movie is interesting for two reasons. One is that we are seeing how a guy who was once a conman with two wives and many other personal problems can also find himself to be one of the best after a marriage with a woman that he thinks of to be perfect. The second is that we see how a man who was a clean-cut, well-groomed and well-mannered individual suddenly finds himself surrounded by a big family and with lots of people around him who are involved in the family business. It is very hard to understand what the family business is, what is the family business doing with the family, who are the family members and why is it that one of the family members is involved in it. And why are they doing it? This movie doesn't attempt to answer that. As I said, the movie is interesting, and the only real problem I had with the movie was that I don't think the characters had a very clear personality. They were just there, but they didn't seem to have any real character. I also have some problems with the movie's ending, which I won't give away, but the end of the movie has a few things that bothered me. As I said, I think the characters had some problems. But it was just a few things that bothered me. But it was still an interesting movie and I would recommend it.

Samantha Garcia photo
Samantha Garcia

The first half of this film is quite good. But then it turns completely anti-climactic. The last half hour of the film is a cliched Hollywood melodrama. It feels as if the writer was too late to the party, just like the director in the first half of the film. The film is a little bit better than the previous movie, which had a boring screenplay. It is good to see Anushka Sharma doing a completely different type of role from the other characters. For me it was not as entertaining as Anushka's previous film. As the movie starts, it's like we are watching a video clip of a GVP's promotional concert. Some lines are forgotten and some things get said just because the actress can say them. It's very cliche and Bollywood-ish. However, the first half is quite good. The acting is good and the story is entertaining. But the second half of the film is a mess. It's supposed to be the big climax and all the problems are solved. But it was only a gimmick to get people to go and watch the movie. Even if I was in the cinema and it had a good beginning, the film could have been good if the film makers did not become so preoccupied with making a big blockbuster. It's a pity, as the movie was entertaining and would have been much better if it was made in a very different way. The second half is like a copy of the first half. It is a cliched Hollywood melodrama. The film makers just did not know how to finish a movie. A good one should have been made.

Maria photo

This is a very good movie. The movie is very enjoyable to watch. It is a simple story about a guy who wants to get married and have a family. However, he does not want to lose his girlfriend. The movie has a good message. The movie is very entertaining. The acting is good. The music is also good. The movie is very good.

Julie C. photo
Julie C.

This is one of the best film made in a couple of months. The actors have really made a movie in Hindi Language. Some of the characters are really moving. Some of them are not really touching you.but you can't help but love them. In the end, you can't hate them. I recommend this movie to everyone. This is a movie which you can watch for the love of it.

Anna C. photo
Anna C.

If you're looking for a good romantic comedy, this movie is for you. I can tell you that I loved this movie, and it's only for women to watch. The movie is about a guy and his relationship with a beautiful woman, that's about the plot of the movie. The movie shows how he comes to love the beautiful woman and how he is attracted to her. It's a typical movie with love at first sight. I'm a guy, so I enjoyed the movie because it was so funny. The story is very funny. The girl is always on her best behavior and the guy tries to help her out. It's not a normal movie that I can enjoy. I recommend you to watch this movie because it is so funny and well made. This is my favourite movie, because it's funny, well made, and it is beautiful.

Denise photo

I am not a big Salman Khan fan but this movie had very good entertainment, the movie started with Shabana who was a maid to Ajay, she fell in love with Ajay but Ajay was a problem. With time she came to know that Ajay cheated on her, Ajay and Shabana were at a meeting which turned to a fight and Ajay got hurt, Shabana had also married Ajay, she started looking for Ajay who is now back home. One day Ajay has a new love a girl called Jatin (Rana) he had been with for 5 years, so he decides to come and take care of her. So Ajay tells Jatin that he is Ajay and Jatin comes to Ajay's house to be his friend. A big mistake he has made and he tells Jatin he is Ajay. So Jatin starts having relationship with Ajay. So Ajay starts to fall for Jatin. Another mistake he had made is he had lied to Jatin and told her he is Ajay. So Ajay tries to take revenge on Jatin and he tries to marry Jatin. All these things have a huge impact on Ajay and he has no choice but to marry Jatin. Ajay is ready to marry Jatin but his brother has his view that they shouldn't marry Ajay and he has created a huge problem in the family. So Ajay has to come back home and stop his brother from coming. I was surprised to see this movie. First time I had seen a Salman Khan movie and I enjoyed this movie very much. The characters were very good. Aaj Tak, Menon, Rana and Rani. Their characters had the best comedy. Their jokes were very funny. The songs were also great. Menon song was the best one and it's one of the best songs of the year. The movie is worth watching. I give this movie 8/10.

John S. photo
John S.

In this movie, a simple man who has been living with his wife for years, is forced to sell his house to a wealthy businessman. The man is forced to take on a job that will take him from the US to India. He finds out that his wife is having an affair and is expecting a baby. The man goes back to the US to try to convince her to leave the affair and the baby. The movie is very entertaining and entertaining. I really liked the whole story and it is very interesting. The movie has a good cast and the movie is full of laughs. It is a movie that you have to watch if you like romantic comedies. This movie is worth watching.

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

A great movie. Amused,comic,amusing,confused. Looks at the common people's love for the "Thriller" and the "Hollywood" that every movie makes. Or at least it did to me. I was just as confused as everybody else when I went to see it. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie. I didn't expect it to be funny, but it was, most of the time. If you like action, action movies and that kind of thing, then it's a must watch. And you will have a laugh. And that's what this movie is all about. It is one of the funniest films that I have seen for a long time. Amusing,confused,comic. A must watch.

Charles Alexander photo
Charles Alexander

The first scene of this movie is the most beautiful. It shows how a society can deal with the circumstances. The second is the most shocking. It shows how difficult it is to cope up with a situation. The third one is really very good. It shows how the audience can deal with a situation. As we can see, the movie has a good message and it is important to show it to all. Sometimes you can see that the movie is quite long but it is all worth. I like to watch it again and again. The message is very good.

Brandon P. photo
Brandon P.

Sukumaran as an exciting and an incredible person,Shabana Azmi has done an excellent job as an innocent girl in the film.But I think that the performance of Suku Prabhu as the heroine was something extra.It made her unique.The performances of the entire cast was good.Pranab Jha was very good.As a great movie that was not be for everybody but to those people who like Bollywood's story.All the actors have done a very good job and I think the movie is worth watching.

Bobby photo

This movie is one of the best movie I have ever seen. It has good story and screenplay. The movie is directed with proper and logical way. The movie is well acted. Akshay kumar and rajat kapoor are the best actors in the movie. The music is excellent. I love the song "Chaat hai chutney".

Ashley Webb photo
Ashley Webb

I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies, but this one was great. It's got good chemistry between the two leads and the story is very entertaining. The songs are great, the songs are catchy and the songs are very enjoyable. The story is not a good one, but it's entertaining. I also liked the story and the ending is a good one. Overall, it's a good movie. 7.5/10

Evelyn D. photo
Evelyn D.

This is a very touching movie. It shows the life of a poor man that never gave up hope for his son. It also shows the life of a society that believes in equality but tries to keep the poverty of the poor alive. It is a very moving movie. It will have a very great impact on the Indian public. I highly recommend this movie to all. I give this movie a 10/10.

Teresa Baker photo
Teresa Baker

I am a big fan of the movie. I saw the movie in theatres when it was first released and I loved it. I have seen it again and again. I love the story, the characters, the songs, the humor. I have also seen the sequel, De De Pyaar De, and it is the same story. The only difference is that in De De Pyaar De, it is the girls who are the heroes. I am not a big fan of romantic movies, but this movie was very good. The movie is very funny and the characters are very funny. The movie is also very romantic. I have seen this movie three times and I still love it. I am not sure if it is because of the songs, the comedy, or the characters, but I still love it.

Grace Obrien photo
Grace Obrien

It was the biggest hit in the world of Hindi movie at that time and I remember it. It was a satire on those who want to disrupt the sanctity of marriage, the greatest joy of human life. It is an amazing movie and must be watched as a tribute to the Indian cinema. It is the best Hindi film of the last 25 years and I don't know how it will compare to other films of its genre. Most of the movies of Hindi cinema are so muddled and I feel that this one is much better and very good as well. All the actors are excellent. Rajesh Khanna as a young lawyer is brilliant. Anil Kapoor is superb as the assistant district attorney who has a heart of gold and also one of the greatest comedic actors in Indian cinema. Meenakshi Sheshadri is superb as the ingenue who manages to hook Rajesh in the wrong direction. Arun Saxena as the villain, whose acting was horrible, is terrific. The songs are outstanding. They are the best one of the whole series. There is a dance sequence that is worthy of the biggest applause. And of course the unforgettable song Raghubir Kalsan's song. A good movie.

Peter G. photo
Peter G.

When I first heard that this film would be coming out I was really excited. As you can guess from the title I was expecting something funny and a bit of an adventure, well this film delivered on all those levels. In fact it was a lot more than that! Soha Ali is truly a superb actress who can pull off the "over the top" performance and she did it in this movie too. Also Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor gave excellent performances. Saif did a great job in making us feel like he was really part of the family, Shahid also did a great job. Plus the chemistry between the two of them was simply excellent. If you are a fan of comedy you will love this movie. I would give this film an 8 out of 10. Its a must watch for anyone who likes a good comedies with a little romance thrown in.

Harry Owens photo
Harry Owens

This film will appeal to those who like a little bit of romance in their lives. It may be dated but I thought it was refreshing to watch a story where the characters act with great class and class which I felt was lacking in most films these days. The plot is a little far-fetched but the actors all play it with great class. If you like the way Indian films are made I would recommend this.

Gerald Collins photo
Gerald Collins

A good movie, but one that can be watched again and again. A story of two people, one of them a rich man, and the other a poor man, who are forced to marry in the name of religion. A film that is not for the faint hearted. A movie that is not to be missed. And a film that is not to be forgotten.

Elizabeth D. photo
Elizabeth D.

I'm not a big fan of Bollywood movies. I really like the movies that have a twist in the story. And this movie is no different. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. It has a great story, great acting, great songs, and a great ending. I loved it. The music was great. I loved the song "Achchhri" (which is the song that gives the title of the movie). The story was great. It was a great story about a guy who is a little different. The character of Abhishek Bachchan was great. He was a great actor and he showed that in this movie. The movie is a must see. I'm recommending it to everyone who likes good movies.

Patricia Barnes photo
Patricia Barnes

The movie starts off with a child that is asked by his parents to marry a girl, but has no clue what to do. He starts hearing these words, from his mind. The movie is an comedy with lots of jokes and drama in it, and we learn some things about the movies. The film also ends with a sad scene that made me shed a tear. This is definitely a one time watch for all the family. Rating: *1/2 (out of *)

Judy King photo
Judy King

I enjoyed this movie very much. I thought it was very good. The cast was great, with good performances from the entire cast. The story is simple, but with good emotions and a great message to the youth. I especially liked the messages in the movie. The music is also good. I am glad that the makers of this movie came up with a great script and gave it to the audience in a smart manner. The whole film is very good, and the message to youth is definitely worth watching.

Lauren photo

This movie is a must watch for all lovers of the romantic comedy genre. It is a typical movie of the genre and has the right mix of comedy and drama. The movie is full of laughs and the dialogues are very witty and original. I like the way it was filmed and the way it was made. I also like the way the story was told. The movie is full of surprises and the ending is one of the best in the genre. The songs are also very good and the songs are sung by the singers of the movie. This movie is a must watch for all lovers of the romantic comedy genre.

Olivia photo

I came to this movie with very low expectations. And I was absolutely not disappointed. The movie is certainly not for those who are looking for a normal film. The story is very unique and intriguing. I also enjoyed that the characters seem to be more developed. I think this is because we are taken on a journey of getting to know the characters. This is the first Indian movie that I have seen that doesn't have the usual climax. The movie is definitely a 5 out of 10, but that is because the movie is worth watching. There are parts that are silly, but there are parts that are quite touching. For example, there are several moments that show the importance of giving up and starting over again. There are also many humorous moments. I was laughing quite a lot during the film. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and I think that a lot of the audience will also enjoy the movie. A movie that is full of comedy, romance and drama is definitely one to look forward to.

Jeremy Wilson photo
Jeremy Wilson

A simple story of a woman, a man and her son living in a villa with the help of a canteen. The canteen is a local restaurant run by an old man and his wife. This film is about the love between a mother and son, and how the love can last a lifetime. A film that doesn't take itself seriously. In a way, this film is a tribute to the Ramayana and a tribute to Bhansali. The story is well written, acted, directed and edited. Bhansali did a great job in the cinematography. He made this movie in an authentic way. It is a film that you would love to watch. Watch it and enjoy.

Raymond Clark photo
Raymond Clark

Mohanlal, his wife, his two kids and a friend decide to go on a holiday in Amsterdam. They arrive in a lovely city and decide to stay in a very nice apartment in a very nice neighbourhood. However, they are not able to get a visa for the apartment because they are both Indian citizens. They decide to stay in a friend's place. While they are trying to get their visa, the new American President, who they hate, gets elected. This sets the rules of the whole holiday. They are not allowed to come out of the apartment except by a police officer. They also cannot buy a new passport. There is also a strict rule about the opening of the door to the neighbor's apartment. There are lots of funny scenes and situations that the viewer will enjoy. I enjoyed watching this movie a lot. I have watched it many times and it never gets boring. It has many jokes that the audience can laugh at. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes movies that are a bit different from the normal. It has lots of funny situations and a good story.

Amber B. photo
Amber B.

Ever since we first heard the title of this movie, it was with the hope that we would be watching something so important. We expected to see the story of a man who has been rejected by his family, his friends and the society of Delhi. The movie has given us a glimpse of what it was like to be the people of Delhi, and what their feeling is, and what they would do to make it so. The movie does not try to portray any kind of a story about Delhi. The movie portrays a tale about a young man who is rejected by his family, his friends and the society of Delhi. The man's story is based on a true story, a real love story, and a message of love and happiness. The movie has been made with the help of people who want to make people happy, and to show what love is about. The people who make a movie like this need to do two things: 1. They need to get the support from the people who love them. 2. They need to create a better story about love. For those who love this movie, do not expect to see any story, just want to watch a wonderful story. And for those who are not a fan of this kind of movies, I advise you to watch the movie without any expectation.

Russell C. photo
Russell C.

I haven't watched any of Prakash Jha's films before and I really enjoyed this one. The first half of the movie was really good, it was the only part where the movie got the timing of good. It is a unique story, very entertaining and I loved the songs, and the movie is really good to watch. In my opinion, there is no better movie to watch than Prakash Jha's film.

Sarah photo

It is a very nice movie for the whole family. The acting is really good, and the songs are wonderful. And in my opinion the only bad thing is that the end is a bit of a let down. It is not so big a let down that it spoils the movie. It is a typical Bollywood ending that is usually a disappointment. But it does not ruin the movie, it makes the movie better. The story is good, and the characters are so cute and you really feel for them. It is an all-around good movie.

Rebecca Ryan photo
Rebecca Ryan

Anon-7 (with Zoya) was a true student film that I personally enjoyed immensely. What made this film so entertaining was the well written script, good direction, good acting, and the director's brilliant comedic timing. This film does have some flaws, but it's all the more forgivable when you see the incredible script written by an acclaimed writer/director. There are times when it was predictable, but overall, this was a great comedy that I would recommend to any fans of Pakistani films, and yes, even international cinema. If you're a fan of Nawazuddin's movies, I would highly recommend this film as well.

Howard S. photo
Howard S.

One of the best films I have seen so far. Well acted. Humor. Interesting plot. Beautiful visuals. Great performances. Loving this film. I liked the comedy. It's a film that everyone should see. For a film that's been so successful it's been making it's way into the Academy Awards. It's funny. It's heartwarming. It's just something for everyone to see. I love the film.

Ann photo

Its been a long time since a movie had me in tears at the end. An earlier reviewer mentioned the ending. I agree that it could have been better but I believe it's a well executed story and overall a great story to tell. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Watch it. Its worth the price of admission. And no, don't watch it in the cinema. Watch it on your own with someone who you know will love it.

Kenneth Morrison photo
Kenneth Morrison

I was very excited to see this movie, since it's a remake of the Hindi movie of the same name. But, I was a little disappointed with the movie. The movie was very predictable and had a lot of cliches. The acting was good, but the script was weak. The story was also predictable. I was expecting a lot more from the movie, and I was a little disappointed. I think it's a movie that can be watched once, and will be forgotten. If you are a fan of the Hindi movie, you can watch this movie once, but you will be disappointed. I think this movie is worth a watch, but I would not recommend it to anyone who has not seen the original movie.

Benjamin Fisher photo
Benjamin Fisher

This movie is one of the best movie I have seen this year. First half is amazing. Second half is a bit slow but everything else is amazing. The acting is great and the music is just amazing. The movie is so unique. The movie is full of mystery. I just don't know what happened in the first half. I have watched the movie twice. It is one of the best movies I have seen in 2014. I would rate it 9/10. Watch it if you want to see a good movie. The movie is worth to watch. Enjoy.

Raymond Watkins photo
Raymond Watkins

The movie is very entertaining. As a man who has been married with a woman for almost two years, the movie was full of entertainment. The story itself was not as heavy as what you may expect from a drama. The script was tight and the acting was so natural. There was no question that the audience will not find fault with the storyline and would enjoy it to the fullest. The movie is also quite realistic in a way. Most of the characters were quite real. The themes, love, marriages, family, children and marriage itself were very realistic. There is a scene in the movie where a boy reaches the age of 18 and begins to realise that he is not going to be able to have a family. The audience can easily relate to this scene and can see the pain and loneliness that it can be a woman who has been trapped in a marriage. There is also a scene where a woman is riding her bike on her way to her husband's house. This is something that I had never seen before. I can easily relate to the frustration, disappointment and anxiety of her when she is not able to bring her husband back. I would recommend the movie to anyone who wants to enjoy a fun evening.

Judy Anderson photo
Judy Anderson

One of the best movie based on a true story is "Zamzam" (2014), based on the case of Indian men who conspired to kill Indian women and children and kill the families for no other reason than that the father might not be ready for his new wife. That's where Piyush Mishra comes in, the protagonist of this movie, who was the lead prosecutor in the case of Dealing and was known to be a powerful politician in India. He decided to get himself framed by the British and did this, with the help of some of his close aides. For the rest, we have some personal stories of the victims of the conspiracy and their families. This movie is a classic and should be seen by everyone. The best part is that the movie is completely authentic and has been 100% true. The acting is also good and the plot is quite original. I suggest this movie to all the people who are interested in watching a good movie based on a true story.

Harold Harris photo
Harold Harris

This is an entertaining film. The film had a great concept, the script is not bad and the acting is great. The film is not a typical romantic comedy. It has many humorous scenes in the film. The film is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but it does not have an overly romantic romance. There are many things in the film that have not been in any romantic comedy before. The film is worth watching for this reason. The film has a great story, but the film is not a classic romantic comedy. However, this film is still a great film.

Willie Kelly photo
Willie Kelly

It's a sad day when a movie is a dud. I've always been a fan of Sreenath Deol, the man who was the most interesting thing about this movie. His first film, the hilarious 'Pyaar De De', was an absolute joy to watch. I really liked 'Pyaar De De' and the way he was able to take a serious movie and turn it into a comedy was just brilliant. 'Dil' was just too dark and depressing. This movie was much better. It was just the right balance between the comedy and the drama. I was shocked when I saw it was only in the theatres for 2 weeks. I was surprised that it didn't make more money. It had a good cast and it was a good idea. I really liked the way the story was told and the way it was filmed. It was very good. I hope that Deol will make more movies like this one.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

I've been looking forward to this movie for a long time. It is the first time I have seen a Bollywood movie which I really liked. I am not a big fan of Bollywood movies, but this one is really good. I think the songs are good and the story is good. It is one of the best Hindi movies I have ever seen. The story is great and the songs are also good. The acting is good, especially Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. The two lead characters are good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes Bollywood movies. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Billy H. photo
Billy H.

A nice movie with an excellent cast.Kamal Hassan is very good. Aamir Khan is very good.I really loved this movie.The story is about two boys,brothers of the same father, who fall in love with each other.They fall in love and want to marry.But the parents want to marry the other boy and they have to take their decision by themselves. The parents and the boys decide to live together in a village. But the boy has to find a girl who is from a village far away. The movie is really funny.You don't know what is happening.The film has very good performances.Kamal Hassan is good.Rani Mukherji is good.Sushant Singh Rajput is good.Kunal Kapoor is very good.Chitrangada Sharma is good.Rajesh Khanna is good.Rakesh Roshan is good.Ranvir Sharma is good.The film has a good script and a good screenplay.The director has made a great movie. The film has great acting.I really liked this movie. I really enjoyed this movie.I love this movie.

Wayne G. photo
Wayne G.

Just because of the movie's title, I thought it was going to be a boring movie. But, I was wrong. I was so bored I couldn't wait to see the end. It was a great movie. The characters were so well developed. The story was very good and very funny. I'm really surprised that a film like this was made. It was a great movie and I think it should be a movie for everyone. I was also surprised that it was a movie for people of all ages. I think everyone should watch this movie. The acting was great and the script was really funny. I think this movie is a must-see.

Christopher S. photo
Christopher S.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by K.K.Rajan. The movie has a good story and a good screenplay. The movie is a romantic comedy and a little bit of action. The movie is full of laughter and good emotions. The movie is a good one for the whole family.

Patricia E. photo
Patricia E.

Well, I finally watched it. And I am very happy that I did. I have seen the movie in theatres. and I am very glad that I did. It is a very nice movie, very well acted. I have seen many of the actors in different movies, and they are very good. And I think that the director has done a great job. The script is very good, the dialogues are very good, the music is good, the songs are good. I think that this movie is a must-see. It is a very good movie. This is a very good movie.

Joseph T. photo
Joseph T.

I loved the first one and the second one was also good but this one was a masterpiece. I don't know why it was rated so low but it was amazing. I really loved the story and the characters. I also loved the songs and the acting. I really recommend this movie. The first one was great but this one was so much better.

Brenda Gutierrez photo
Brenda Gutierrez

There is not much I can say about this movie, apart from its great humour and the fact that I am a huge fan of Saif Ali Khan. He plays the role of a "wannabe" Pakistani terrorist and proves that he is no less than the best actor in the business. The way he acts in the movie, is just perfect. He plays the part of a guy who is really not that good but does not care, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get his man. However, the way he changes from being a "passionate" Muslim to a "passionate" Muslim-terrorist is the greatest part of the movie. It shows how a good man can be taken in by the temptations of the world and how his true self is revealed to the world. The movie is funny, heart-warming and in the end it is a good one, not for all but definitely for the whole family. A must see.

Mark Wood photo
Mark Wood

Loved the movie. One of the best love story.Mona and the plot were so good. This movie is just so simple. It's just about an orphan boy who loves a beautiful woman. So many things in this movie. Good Luck Man! I am a lucky man!

Lawrence photo

This movie is one of the best comedy movie i have ever seen. The story is about two people, Jai and Abhishek, who meet for the first time in a hotel room and have a good conversation. They decide to go out for a romantic weekend. However, there is a problem, Abhishek is a successful actor and Jai is a student of a college. They are in a race to make it to their destination, so they can meet each other and begin their relationship. However, the problem is, they cannot meet each other, as they are on different dates. When they finally meet, they realize that they have never met each other before, and have not met each other in their life. They try to meet each other, but they do not meet each other, and they have to face the problem of what to do. They realize that they are in a race to find out the truth. It is an amazing movie, that I would recommend to all people who are in the mood for a good comedy. You will not be disappointed. I give it 7/10.

Anna C. photo
Anna C.

A great movie,it's one of the best films of Indian Cinema.The story is about a man who wants to be a doctor.He doesn't want to be a doctor,but his friend wants to be a doctor.The movie is about his struggle and the love between him and his friend. The movie is very funny,but it's also very touching.The movie is a must watch for everyone.The film is full of music,songs, and jokes.The film is a must watch for everyone.

Emma J. photo
Emma J.

A friend of mine recommended this movie to me and i didn't see it till a couple of days back. The movie was amazing and very touching. The characters are very likable and the story is very interesting. The movie is full of good jokes and the ending is very satisfying. All the actors have done a really good job and the chemistry between them is really great. This is a must watch movie for all the lovers of rom-coms and romantic comedies.

Sarah Weber photo
Sarah Weber

This is a good movie for people who love to laugh. I loved it. It's a story about a family and how they are falling apart. There are a lot of funny moments, and the script is great. I can't say it's the best movie I've seen, but I can say it's the best movie I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend this movie.

Brittany Mendez photo
Brittany Mendez

I just came from the movie and it was absolutely fantastic! A lot of critics will bash it for being "a rip off" but I thought it was hilarious. The movie is all about the relationship between Sridevi and Rahul. They were the best of friends, and they are all over the place when it comes to love and romance. Sridevi, is the person who is always happy and has a lot of fun. She is always smiling and she is very funny, she is always trying to find the best thing in life and she will do anything to get it. Rahul is the person who is always sad and is the opposite of Sridevi. He is a very serious person who is very careful about his family and himself. They are always worried about their family and their relationship is really close. They are both very happy and have lots of fun. But, as we all know, you can't always get what you want. When it comes to love and relationships, the characters in the movie are very realistic. They really understand what love is. The characters are very realistic and realistic. They have good relationship, they have problems and they are all trying to find their happiness. They really know what love is. They know what it means and they know what they want. They know how to handle it and they know how to live it. So, in a way, this movie is really about love. It is all about the relationship between the characters and I think that is what makes it great. It is all about relationships, so if you are a romantic, I recommend this movie. It is a really great movie and I think everyone should watch it.

Roy photo

I found this movie to be very good. I did not find any fault with it, except for one thing, that I didn't know what kind of car these people were driving. I guess it was like a good movie about Indian society and the way the people live. I think that this movie would have been better if the cars were normal, so that I wouldn't be so familiar with them. It was kind of a good twist, so that it made the movie better. I also think that the car was a good thing. It was more realistic than what I expected. The movie was very well done and I think that the music was also very good. I really liked the ending. I think that it was the best ending ever. I think that the movie would have been better if the car were normal, so that I wouldn't be so familiar with it. This movie was very good.

Stephanie Hayes photo
Stephanie Hayes

I had seen this movie for the first time recently, and was blown away by the movie. The storyline of the movie was so simple, but it was so good. All the characters in the movie were so nice, the guy who played Arjun and his friend who played Geeta were awesome. I could not believe how cute and good Geeta is, she is so good. Geeta was very cute, and she was good looking. Arjun was funny as usual, and he was good looking. The funny guy, The girl who played Geeta's best friend and the guy who played Arjun's friend were so cute. They were very cute. The movie was so funny. I loved it. The movie was very good. I liked the movie. It was very good. I give it a 9/10. I loved the movie.

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

Gulshan and Mehta do a great job with this film. They always give their audiences the best product. A story of two brothers and their journey through a woman's journey, they give the audience a really fantastic film. The direction is phenomenal. The songs are great, the casting was good, the acting was great. Gulshan and Mehta don't seem to make the same mistakes they did with 2014's Chandni Chauhan. Overall, it's a great film with loads of laughs. The only thing I did not like about this film was how the story was not put together. It was a good story and Gulshan and Mehta did a great job with it, but this is what makes a good movie.

Alice photo

You can't get better than this!

Doris photo

I have never seen a film so full of laughter as this one. The two lead actors (Sivakumar and Vijay) both give outstanding performances. It's amazing how Vijay's character, who is considered the "bad guy" turns out to be the "good guy" in the end. The entire audience, which was laughing non-stop, must have been rooting for Vijay to win. I can't understand how the film was given an NC-17 rating. The acting is just incredible. If you have the chance, watch it.

Alan Curtis photo
Alan Curtis

I have watched this movie in theatres and it is still my favourite movie of all times. I think there is a definite reason for this. All the actors have done a great job. Amitabh, Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Pratap Chatterjee, Ranveer and Sunny are so funny. I love the way they put in a big story in a small screen and it still works. You can see how much effort they have put in this film. I really love this movie, I am not surprised that this movie was nominated for best actor and best song. The movie has been made for a very simple audience. But the audience has to be mature enough to understand the story and the actors have done a wonderful job. This is one of the best movie of all time.

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First of all, lets start off by saying this is not a biopic. And that's fine, I like biopics but this is a biopic. Second of all, this movie is a comedy, not a drama. And even though the story is a comedy, it is not the kind of comedy you expect. It's a movie about Indian family life. And the fact that this family is incredibly dysfunctional is what makes it so funny. And that's not to say that it is 100% true to life, but it is so entertaining, you can't help but laugh at the whole situation. It is a story of love, acceptance, friendship, family and family-relations. And that's what you are looking for when you watch this movie. You'll enjoy the movie for that alone, even if you don't like Indian movies. But I think you will also enjoy it for the fact that it's a very entertaining and funny movie. This is not your typical rom-com, not even your typical comedy, but it's not as bad as the critics say. And for those who say that this movie is not good, well, I'm sorry to say, but this is not your typical rom-com. It is a comedy, a very funny comedy. I will be very careful when I'm watching this movie again, because I want to enjoy it more the second time around. I think this is one of the best movies of the year. I don't want to give out the movie's ending, because I think that's what the critics want, and I don't think that's what the audience wants. I will just say that it is very, very very funny. And I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Indian movies. 9/10

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A socialite d'espoir in her 40s finds a beautiful body and a soulmate in a hottie in her 20s. She meets the latter's friend and takes him home. The two begin an affair. But she doesn't want to lose her boyfriend so they go on a trip to Europe. During the trip she discovers the truth about her lover's past. The two of them travel together to Germany. However, they can't have a relationship because she's married. The only way she can be with him is if she kills him. He's in jail. They get a phone call. He is in prison and has committed suicide. Now the d'espoir and the hottie have to get rid of their baby. To do this, they will have to get the help of an ex-convict and a wife. The film is full of colorful characters and memorable scenes. It's full of comedy, drama, romance and even a love story. I didn't know how I was going to react to this film. I was pleasantly surprised by the way the film was made. The director showed the world how to make a good movie. I was very happy with the way the film ended. It was one of the best endings I have ever seen. I enjoyed this film very much and recommend it to anyone who loves good movies. There are many people out there who like to see movies like this. The film is full of great things. It's full of love, friendship, comedy and a little romance. I highly recommend this film. It's a great film to see with a friend. I give it a 9/10.

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I really like Shahrukh Khan and I liked this movie as well. The story and the way it was told was great and the two main characters are great as well. The movie is not too long and the movie does not overstay its welcome. The whole idea of this movie is to tell an interesting story, not to make you fall in love with the characters. You will be surprised to see how good a couple of characters can be when you see them in a movie. The relationship between Vicky and Farhan are great. They have such great chemistry. The movie is about two guys who are in love. When Farhan learns that Vicky is going to marry another guy and he is not happy about it, he tries to do everything possible to make her happy and this goes on for a few days. During this time, Vicky comes to know that Farhan has fallen in love with her. Farhan has a lot of questions to ask Vicky about his love and if she is happy. The whole idea is a bit confusing and many questions are asked, but they are answered nicely and the movie is filled with great humor. The whole movie has a great message about love, life, and trying to make the most out of it. The movie is really good, and I recommend it to everyone.

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I was curious about the movie after watching the trailer. I am glad I was. The movie is a blend of good story, good performances, and good direction. The direction by Manish Malhotra is excellent. The acting is also good. The characters are interesting and unique. The story itself is a mixture of mystery, romance, and suspense. I was not expecting the end of the movie. I was surprised. I was so into the movie that I had to keep looking at the screen to see the ending. The movie is worth watching.

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George Silva

I'm not a fan of Amitabh Bhatt and Anurag Kashyap films but I really liked this one. I love the music and this is definitely a one time watch. Its an uplifting and fun film. Its also one of the most realistic and entertaining love stories I have seen in a while. Its about an 18 year old who is a fan of an actor. They meet for a while but he doesn't like her and she ends up getting mad with him and he ends up ending up getting mad with her. Anurag Kashyap (director) does a brilliant job with this film. Its a wonderful and stylish film. Its an emotional film and has a lot of emotional scenes. Its definitely worth watching.

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Kathy C.

I've read a few reviews of this film, and this is what I thought. 'Hindi Kapoor, Amisha Patel and Aishwarya Rai do what? The local population in Mumbai is in an uproar because they want to eat with the 'Devji'. This movie is a good example of how to make a film without using the language. It's not a very beautiful film but it's a very good film. As an Indian film, it's very well made, so well made that you feel you are in a Bollywood movie. 'Devji' (Patel) is an old-school journalist who has come to Mumbai to cover the Devji's (Patel's character) latest adventure. The story starts with her getting a phone call from her editor about the new-issue of the weekly magazine. The editor tells her that the magazine will be published in three days, and that the next day, the editors of the weekly magazine will be meeting to discuss the issue. This is how the story starts. From here the film follows the lives of the three editors of the weekly magazine. It is not an epic film, because the story is brief. It's a nice film to watch with friends. It is definitely a great movie for people who are looking for a good story. And of course, Devji is one of the three editors. This film is very different from the first one, but still a good film. It is a great story, and I really enjoyed it.

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Douglas Morris

I just came out of the theater with a whole new perspective on movies. I found this movie to be absolutely hilarious and totally worth my time. I was shocked to find that the majority of the audience were women. If you are a male, don't waste your time. This movie is meant for women. This movie is about the life of a young boy and the relationships that he develops with girls. It's about the emotions and the dreams of a boy growing up in the modern world. I could go on for pages about how great this movie is. But I think you should see it for yourself. If you are a male, don't bother. This movie is for you.

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Kyle Stone

This movie is good entertainment. I think that people can appreciate the story and the characters. This movie is not only a romantic comedy but also a great story. The main character of this movie is Sita. Her role is important and she is not only a damsel in distress but also a person who shows us the meaning of life. The story is a good lesson for the people. This movie is a must watch for everyone. Sushant Singh Rajput and Prashant Shetty are both great actors. I really enjoyed this movie.

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I had seen the trailer of this movie a few months back and I was curious to watch it. I liked it a lot. It was good to see Akshay Kumar back on the big screen after a long time. The story is simple but its worth watching. It is a typical love story with some twists. The movie is a must watch for all the people who like romance, comedy and Bollywood.

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Susan Valdez

I am a huge fan of Raveena Tandon, so I watched her movie and liked it. It was a very good movie and the actors did a really good job. The first half of the movie is a little slow, but it picks up. The second half is really good. I also really liked the ending. I think it was the best part of the movie.

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This movie is one of my favorite Indian movies of all time. I have seen it more than 10 times and every time I get a little bit better. The characters are so realistic, they have a lot of flaws, but they're also so well-drawn that you can't help but like them. The story is great, the characters are great, the music is great, the dialogs are great, the plot is great. If you love a good romantic comedy, you have to watch this movie. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and I love it every time I watch it.

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Larry Bailey

Saw the film. I didn't know the director was from Uttarakhand. Don't know how to get the film on dvd. Anushka's character is like a female rock. The story is pure love. It's so heart-warming and the love story, I like the way the film is presented. The actor playing her father is very good. She has a good voice. I really enjoyed the script. The dialogues are very funny. I am a fan of Amitabh Bachchan and I am a big fan of Yash Chopra. The songs are good and the song of the day, Soha is a heart-throb. Amitabh and Amitabh are the right person to create a great love story. I like how the story is delivered. I am going to watch this film again and again. My family is going to watch it. It will be an aakariya thing. If u like a good love story, love Amitabh Bachchan and Yash Chopra. I think it is the film to watch for you.

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Virginia M.

As a lover of Bollywood, I am a bit surprised to see this movie getting such a low rating. As an Indian, I am not a fan of the Bollywood movies, but I do like the movie. I really enjoyed the story, the characters, the music, and the special effects. The acting was good. The only thing I did not like was the ending. It seemed a bit forced. But other than that, I really liked the movie. I give it a 9/10.

Nathan M. photo
Nathan M.

I was skeptical of this film, as I'm not a fan of the Kannada genre. I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a romantic comedy, but the movie was more like a drama. The story was good, and the actors did a good job. The film had a good pace. It kept my interest throughout the movie. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good Kannada movie.

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Russell Reynolds

This movie is one of the best movie I have seen in recent times. The story line is very good. The songs are great. This movie is a must watch. I give it a 9/10. My rating is 9/10.

Victoria photo

I don't want to sound like a cranky old lady, but I think this movie is a classic. The story is so simple, but the dialogues are so good that you would forget it was just a movie. The characters are not too cute and not too innocent, which is perfect for the characters of this movie. I think the best part of the movie is when the characters finally speak out the lines they have been working on for months. They are so charming, so intelligent, and so witty, and you would think that they are already famous, but then they finally have the chance to shine in front of a big audience, and you think they are not that different from everyone else. The characters have been working on this movie for about a year, and they are ready to deliver the goods. It's really hard to find a movie that can keep you captivated and be as entertaining as this one. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch with your friends. It is also a good date movie. The best part of the movie is when you see how much they are going to talk about and not about the movie, and you are able to relax, and just enjoy the movie.

Joyce C. photo
Joyce C.

When i first heard of this movie, i thought it would be an average romantic comedy with some kind of drama, but i was wrong. This movie was truly amazing. The story is about a couple, who's life is completely changed after a failed wedding. The story follows them through the whole wedding and the events that follow. The cast is really good. Naseeruddin Shah is great as the main character. It is amazing how he has done this role. I can't even explain how great he is. He is simply amazing. He is also the only person in the movie that is not afraid of a laugh. All the other actors have done a great job too. The only thing i didn't like about the movie was the ending. It was a bit of a downer. I really loved this movie. I think it is one of the best movies i have seen in the last few years.

Larry M. photo
Larry M.

This movie is a must watch for the fans of Bollywood movies.The movie is full of humor and great songs.It is a great movie to watch with your family.

Mary W. photo
Mary W.

This movie was a nice surprise. I watched it on the first day of its release, and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a good story about a young man's love for a girl, who is in a coma. He tries to save her, but the girl is still in a coma. The movie is full of funny moments, and the movie is very enjoyable. The music is good, and the movie is full of laughs. The movie is a bit slow, but it is still worth watching. The acting is good, and the story is good. I give it a 7/10.

Bobby Munoz photo
Bobby Munoz

I don't know what the critics are talking about, but this is a very entertaining film. I enjoyed it and I really do not understand why it got bad reviews. I think the critics are missing the point. This film is very much a comedy. The characters are funny and the plot is good. The characters are likeable and the story is good. The acting is good, the writing is good, the directing is good. I think this is one of the best Hindi films I have seen. I would recommend it to anyone. The music is good and the cinematography is good. I am giving this a 9/10.

Laura F. photo
Laura F.

Saw this movie at the Rockford Film Festival and was immediately impressed with the acting, story, and visuals. The film, like the director's previous work, is a humorous look at how culture and age effect people in a real life situation. It was really cool to see a film with an Indian director and that is pretty uncommon in Indian cinema. I'm not going to say that the film is "new" or even a "new" story, because that would imply that it's not really a new story, but rather a "new" story told from an Indian point of view. This is not a typical Bollywood movie. I would say that this is the first Bollywood film I've seen with a non-Indian director and I can definitely say that the film is not "only" a film about Indians, but it also tells a story about India and the Indian culture. I recommend this film to anyone who is into this genre. The story is very funny and is not really the typical Hollywood movie style. Definitely worth the watch. I was extremely impressed with the acting in the film and the message the film was trying to send was very meaningful. I hope this film gets the recognition it deserves.

Jeremy F. photo
Jeremy F.

Good acting. Its entertaining. And the story has a good message about relationships. Its an Indian made movie which has got many kudos from the critics. Its a tale of love, friendship, marriage and family. Its just a movie which I would definitely watch again. I am not sure why critics are giving this movie bad reviews. Its definitely one of the best Indian movies that has come out of the Bollywood circuit recently. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone who is looking for a romantic movie. It is a good watch.

Gregory G. photo
Gregory G.

This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Rishi Kapoor is good, and the rest of the cast do well, too. Rishi Kapoor has done a good job in this film, and does a good job as a rock star. Overall, it is a nice movie with an interesting plot. I think people will enjoy this movie more if they watch it with someone they know. I think this movie can be a good experience for you if you watch it with a person you know.

Kathryn Anderson photo
Kathryn Anderson

From the director of Band Baaja Baraat and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara this movie is a fun,dramatic,superb family drama.Amitabh Bachchan does a great job in his role as he never does that.Nasser is amazing in the role of Sohan.He really plays his part very well.The movie has so much good scenes.The songs are so good and so is the direction.But the movie is so good that if I see it again and again, it will be my movie.

Virginia photo

There are several reasons why I like this movie. Firstly, the acting. Even though the actors are not much known, they deliver their lines perfectly. They add colour and pathos to the movie, and bring it to a higher level. Second, the story is very fresh. This is definitely a movie you don't see every day. This is because it's a story that needs to be told and not just told. I think this is the main reason why the movie is very refreshing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the genre. If you're not, I can't see why you would want to see it.

Debra Vasquez photo
Debra Vasquez

Being a big fan of the De De Pyaar De, I was very keen to watch the movie. I liked the movie a lot and expected the same from it. The movie was great and I was so happy to watch it. I was not disappointed in any way. The acting was good, the plot was good, the music was good and the story was very good. I enjoyed the movie so much. It is very touching. I loved the whole movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope this movie is successful. I am sure everyone will like it and I would like to tell everyone to watch the movie. It is very touching and I am very happy to have watched it. I have seen the movie three times and I will watch it again and again. I am very happy with the movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Lawrence photo

A movie that is entertaining all the way, I watched it for the first time yesterday. The story, the plot, the characters, the soundtrack. it is really the best I have seen in a long time. This is a movie that makes you feel good and be happy. Its a movie that will bring smiles on your face and make you feel good.

Peter Kim photo
Peter Kim

Saw the movie in India. So what if it is a flic with all of the 'big' names in Bollywood. We love it, we love it, we love it. In fact, the audience was laughing so much in the cinema hall. The movie is very well acted. But it is the music that makes it more enjoyable. I really enjoyed this movie, and i think it deserves more than a 4.5. I hope that the fans of this movie will get to see it in the cinema halls across the country. Go to see this movie!