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De De Pyaar De

De De Pyaar De is a movie starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Rakul Preet Singh. A 50-year-old single father faces disapproval from his family and his ex-wife when he falls in love with a 26-year-old woman.

Other Titles
Quiero tu amor, Daj mi ljubav
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes
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Romance, Comedy
Akiv Ali
Tarun Jain, Surabhi Bhatnagar, Luv Ranjan
Tabu, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, Jimmy Sheirgill
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A 50-year-old single father faces disapproval from his family and his ex-wife when he falls in love with a 26-year-old woman.

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Roger Sullivan photo
Roger Sullivan

Bollywood has made movies with deep thought and message and Ayan Mukherjee is no different with this one. It is a comedy but it is so much more than that. It is a powerful story and it goes on the path of truth and can be considered as a manifesto of freedom and freedom of thought. The protagonist is of course an everyday man and his entire life has been nothing but routine. Then he gets a chance to experience the dream of freedom. He is taken to a palace where he meets a king and the only thing he knows is how to drive a car. And from that moment he has a chance to free himself from his routine and have a chance to do what he wants. This is a story of a man who just wanted to do something for himself but couldn't get it and now he is free. It is a movie that should be watched. I loved it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Indian cinema. It is a must watch.

Judith Myers photo
Judith Myers

Pyaar De De is a tale of revenge and redemption. It is based on the truth. Manoj Bajpai and Akshay Kumar are the main players in this tale of betrayal, deceit and revenge. Manoj Bajpai plays a man who is cheated by his wife. The story begins with his wife leaving him and returning to her parents with a child. The child is not his. The father, not knowing of this, kidnaps the child and returns it to the family. Manoj Bajpai, now a man who was cheated by his wife, and a childless man, now the perfect husband, has found a new home for his son. But the child, who has grown up with no father, is scared of him. Manoj Bajpai falls in love with the child and is now the ideal father for the child. But the child doesn't accept his father. He wants to return to his father's house. When Manoj Bajpai hears this, he decides to take the child back. But will he succeed? This is a tale of revenge and redemption. If you have seen the film, then you know the ending. The father, who is completely happy with his son, tells him that he is his son's father. The child, now a man, returns to his father. The father and son, now a happy family, live together in peace. It's a wonderful ending. Akshay Kumar and Manoj Bajpai are the two stars of the film. I have seen Akshay Kumar's earlier films and Akshay Kumar is the second star in the film. I don't know why Akshay Kumar and Manoj Bajpai chose to act in this film. They have played a small part in the film. It's a good film. It is a great story. I would recommend it to everyone.

Charles R. photo
Charles R.

I have seen this movie once and loved it. Now I have seen it twice and liked it more. For a first time watch, I liked the film. Its funny and the characters are also funny. The characters are funny but not sappy. The comedy is very sweet. The characters are funny and one of the best I have seen in Hindi cinema. The story is good but it could have been better. The story is good but I do not know why this movie has got a negative rating. This movie is not a comedy, but a love story. One needs to watch the movie to understand. The film is very good in terms of technical and visual department. All actors and actresses have done a good job. Music is also good. For a first time watch, I suggest you to watch this movie. It is a very good romantic comedy.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

Loved the movie and had a good time watching it. Pyaar De De Pyaar De Pyaar De De is a big hit of Bollywood.I'm a big fan of Bollywood and this movie was very good.Loved the songs. Loved the songs and the storyline was good. It was nice to see that it was made by Bollywood and not the Hollywood style. In this movie there is love and life lessons. That's what a Bollywood movie is all about. Hope this review helps you in choosing the right movie for your liking. I hope you like the movie.

Sharon photo

I really enjoyed this film. After watching it, I feel the same way about the film. The way it is presented and the characters are just wonderful. The movie had me in a dance. This film was well done, great acting and a lot of good laughs. You will enjoy this film. I really hope you will enjoy it as well. Like I said before, this film is not for the serious. I hope you enjoy the film. I really hope you do!

Sean H. photo
Sean H.

Mumbai based writer-producer Ajay Khanna who directed an excellent film and screenplay is back with another entertainment-drama De De Pyaar De.This time Ajay Khanna is showing his expertise in producing a popular entertainer.While promoting his film, Ajay Khanna received a lot of criticism and he was criticized for his misguided way of promoting the film.When the film was released in theatres,it was supposed to be a hit. It was well received by the audience and in fact,the film reached the number two position in box office and people were going in droves to watch the film.Unfortunately the film wasn't successful in terms of box office.After that,the film was criticized for being an example of a Bollywood film which was made to please the audience.People said that the film was full of sexual references.Also,it wasn't made in a socially-friendly way.In my opinion,I think that the film is very entertaining.The film has good screenplay and the characters are well developed.The script also contains several jokes which is good to watch for a group of people who doesn't know the Hindi language.The director Ajay Khanna was very effective in directing the film and has produced a good entertainment-drama which is a good movie.The film is well acted by the entire cast including Rahul Dravid,Suneil Shetty,Siddharth Nair,Kajol and Siddharth Nair.The film has an overall good musical score by Madhavan.The film also has good cinematography by Dilip D'Souza.The film is well directed by Ajay Khanna who has produced a good entertainment-drama.

Arthur K. photo
Arthur K.

After watching "Waleed" I felt quite sad about the situation of Middle East, which had seen a lot of violence, terrorism and destruction, since the start of its history. It was easy to see how the tragedy of Waleed might have happened, because of the fear of other Arab countries which had been robbed of their sovereignty and independence by a foreign force. So I was left with a feeling that the Middle East was once again facing the same problems as it did at the beginning of the 21st century. The film shows the struggle of Waleed to prove his innocence, and the reconciliation between the two families who have been through the same ordeal. The movie has an atmosphere of nostalgia and nostalgia, but it is also a drama about what is really happening in the Middle East. The director has chosen the right times and the right actors for the story and it does not let down the mood or the events, which might cause some people to feel the movie was too much dramatic. The music, which I have noticed a few of the others here, is not really different from the movies I have seen. The movies I have seen have had a lot of music and I can't remember a single song from "Waleed". However, the story of Waleed is not the most interesting in the movie. This is because the movie is not the focus of the director and the music is. I liked the story but I felt the director tried to show the audience what is happening and why it is happening. It is difficult to tell a story like that without showing the person's point of view. Therefore, the movie has its good points and its bad points. The good points are the acting, the story and the music. The bad points are the too much drama and the lack of emotion. I also found the story too slow, because of the lack of emotion. For example, it is a movie about a father and his daughter. You do not need a lot of emotions to show the impact of this story on the audience. The director could have given us more emotional moments and I believe he would have gotten the same result. Overall, I have seen many films about the Middle East. I have seen the Israeli film "Haredim", the German film "Wagner" and I have seen the Pakistani film "Chadar". This is one of the best films I have seen. I give it an 8/10.

Joan W. photo
Joan W.

A nice movie, good screenplay, and nice music. Everything was well done. Yes it's a normal romance film but the film has not been sensationalized like some of the movies recently. In fact, I think it has a good message. As a Tamil movie, I think this one is a must watch.

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

First of all I would like to say that if you like romantic comedy movies and enjoy their very own characters, then you will definitely love this movie. Manoj Bajpayee and Sonali Kulkarni are fantastic as well as all the other cast. If you like Indian culture, then you will like this movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to all my friends. I give it 8/10. if you have not seen this movie yet, then do not miss this movie. It is definitely worth your time.

Thomas F. photo
Thomas F.

Maniratnam has done a marvellous job with this movie. Apart from the usual of Sanjay Dutt, Shruti Haasan, Anupam Kher and Raveena Tandon, there is a new comer. Shruti Haasan. I think this is the first time that she has been good in a film. She was really great and made me laugh at least half a dozen times. Her character is based on what can be called as her type of a character. She plays the role of a strong and confident woman. There are several scenes where you can see how she is going to kick a villain's ass. She also makes us love her. Sanjay Dutt is so bad that he is the best in this film. If he wasn't in this film, then it wouldn't have been the same. I think he is one of the best comic actors in Bollywood. He makes Sanjay Dutt look like an idiot. If Sanjay Dutt was to star in a bad movie, then he would be in a bad movie. I guess you have to give him a chance, but Sanjay Dutt does make you believe that he is a better actor than Anupam Kher. Raveena Tandon plays the role of a mother and it is really great. I have been watching Raveena Tandon for years and she has just got better. She is funny and she does a lot of funny things. Shruti Haasan is also good in the movie. She has really good chemistry with Sanjay Dutt and Shruti Haasan and we can see that they have been in love. I really liked her acting in the movie. Overall, I thought that this is a very good movie and I would recommend it to people who love comedy. 7.5/10

Samuel S. photo
Samuel S.

A genuine patriotic movie. The background music, the script, the dialogs, everything is perfect. I enjoyed watching it even after the family went to protest at the theatre, I'm not a supporter of protest because they would never be able to stop it if they get a chance. And I am not a fan of kejriwal either. But I enjoyed watching it anyway and the result is that I am supporting him, I am enjoying watching his activities, I am proud of him, I'm getting motivated for his fights and I am excited about the future of India. That's why I will probably be voting for him in the next elections. I think he has proved that he can make a good act in any movie, and the way he did it, I am proud to say that he has proved that he can do anything. This movie shows how a parent can make the right decisions in any situation, even if they don't agree with them, they are obliged to do it. At the same time, it also shows that a person who feels good and innocent cannot be always one and a half. And I think that's true for the parents, too. Even though I am proud to say that I am his fan, he still has to prove himself, otherwise he would have been a disgrace to his family. The father/mother relationship was good and both the actors gave it their best, it's really an impressive acting. I am not so sure about the brother-sister relationship. But I'm sure that the brother and sister will find their own way out. I liked the fact that there were different voices in the film. Different stories were presented in different ways. The grandfather has been writing in his diary. One day he starts writing about his life in the village and it has no relation with the current situation, but the next day he has started writing about his own life in the village. He does not know how to express himself properly, so he just writes random things like that. However, when the grandfather is asked what he has written in his diary, he responds by saying "some mundane stuff". However, when he meets the aunt, she expresses that she loves her brother and will never leave him. However, she says that she will follow him wherever he goes, so she is only following him. And the aunt then feels guilty and asks her to follow him. She gives the reason for following him. After a while, the aunt leaves the village. The uncle is also involved in a drama and in a very unusual way, he just gives a random question. I would say that he is funny but not funny enough. The father is very funny. At the beginning he's so emotional that he is unable to show anything, and at the end he's just a funny guy. But I like the fact that he is the only one who is not in a position to say anything. Overall, a good film. As a viewer, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good patriotism movie and has a family who is against the government. Enjoy it. "Diwali se baat main tha"

Sandra photo

This movie is a homage to classic movies of Hindi cinema. It is the story of an Indian bint, who marries a German lady and then later on a Pakistani doctor. The bint is desperate for his fiance to return to India and fight the war for India. He becomes the prime minister of a new country which is barely connected to India and has no knowledge about India and its history. The films is a treasure trove of comedy, cultural references and a lot of kajol. The film does not have an original plot but has been reworked to suit the audience. The cast is on top form with Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt all doing their best. The climax of the film is also a comedy and its one of the most original movie climaxes of the decade. Even if you have seen the original "Ranjha" then you will love the comedy and the cultural references in this film. The cast is a great support for the film. The direction by Anurag Kashyap is extremely good and the use of the film stock is masterful. I enjoyed this movie more than "Anandhiya" and "Paanch Haashna Kaadhar".

Eugene photo

The story of 'Cinema' is essentially a fast paced love story between two people that reach the top of their career and are at the same time at the bottom of their own social status. It seems that the man at the top is actually a loser that needs to stay there and the woman who is at the bottom of her social status needs to live a very rich and successful life to survive. The two characters are sharing a dream and trying to achieve it together. It is interesting to see how they reconcile their expectations and also their fears. This film shows how close people can get to each other when they are in the middle of the hard times.

Grace Thompson photo
Grace Thompson

I loved the movie. I also think the story is the biggest one. I thought the actor do a great job. I also thought it was amazing how he was able to tell a story about a man who was born for one thing. Love and the freedom. I think it is an amazing movie that have a lot of hope in it. I think the whole idea of the movie is just an idea, but a simple idea. And the way it was explained to the people was really great. It's not only a song. And the fact that he could be so happy. I think it's really beautiful.

Marie N. photo
Marie N.

The movie is interesting for two reasons. One is that we are seeing how a guy who was once a conman with two wives and many other personal problems can also find himself to be one of the best after a marriage with a woman that he thinks of to be perfect. The second is that we see how a man who was a clean-cut, well-groomed and well-mannered individual suddenly finds himself surrounded by a big family and with lots of people around him who are involved in the family business. It is very hard to understand what the family business is, what is the family business doing with the family, who are the family members and why is it that one of the family members is involved in it. And why are they doing it? This movie doesn't attempt to answer that. As I said, the movie is interesting, and the only real problem I had with the movie was that I don't think the characters had a very clear personality. They were just there, but they didn't seem to have any real character. I also have some problems with the movie's ending, which I won't give away, but the end of the movie has a few things that bothered me. As I said, I think the characters had some problems. But it was just a few things that bothered me. But it was still an interesting movie and I would recommend it.

Samantha Garcia photo
Samantha Garcia

The first half of this film is quite good. But then it turns completely anti-climactic. The last half hour of the film is a cliched Hollywood melodrama. It feels as if the writer was too late to the party, just like the director in the first half of the film. The film is a little bit better than the previous movie, which had a boring screenplay. It is good to see Anushka Sharma doing a completely different type of role from the other characters. For me it was not as entertaining as Anushka's previous film. As the movie starts, it's like we are watching a video clip of a GVP's promotional concert. Some lines are forgotten and some things get said just because the actress can say them. It's very cliche and Bollywood-ish. However, the first half is quite good. The acting is good and the story is entertaining. But the second half of the film is a mess. It's supposed to be the big climax and all the problems are solved. But it was only a gimmick to get people to go and watch the movie. Even if I was in the cinema and it had a good beginning, the film could have been good if the film makers did not become so preoccupied with making a big blockbuster. It's a pity, as the movie was entertaining and would have been much better if it was made in a very different way. The second half is like a copy of the first half. It is a cliched Hollywood melodrama. The film makers just did not know how to finish a movie. A good one should have been made.

Anna C. photo
Anna C.

If you're looking for a good romantic comedy, this movie is for you. I can tell you that I loved this movie, and it's only for women to watch. The movie is about a guy and his relationship with a beautiful woman, that's about the plot of the movie. The movie shows how he comes to love the beautiful woman and how he is attracted to her. It's a typical movie with love at first sight. I'm a guy, so I enjoyed the movie because it was so funny. The story is very funny. The girl is always on her best behavior and the guy tries to help her out. It's not a normal movie that I can enjoy. I recommend you to watch this movie because it is so funny and well made. This is my favourite movie, because it's funny, well made, and it is beautiful.

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

A great movie. Amused,comic,amusing,confused. Looks at the common people's love for the "Thriller" and the "Hollywood" that every movie makes. Or at least it did to me. I was just as confused as everybody else when I went to see it. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie. I didn't expect it to be funny, but it was, most of the time. If you like action, action movies and that kind of thing, then it's a must watch. And you will have a laugh. And that's what this movie is all about. It is one of the funniest films that I have seen for a long time. Amusing,confused,comic. A must watch.

Grace Obrien photo
Grace Obrien

It was the biggest hit in the world of Hindi movie at that time and I remember it. It was a satire on those who want to disrupt the sanctity of marriage, the greatest joy of human life. It is an amazing movie and must be watched as a tribute to the Indian cinema. It is the best Hindi film of the last 25 years and I don't know how it will compare to other films of its genre. Most of the movies of Hindi cinema are so muddled and I feel that this one is much better and very good as well. All the actors are excellent. Rajesh Khanna as a young lawyer is brilliant. Anil Kapoor is superb as the assistant district attorney who has a heart of gold and also one of the greatest comedic actors in Indian cinema. Meenakshi Sheshadri is superb as the ingenue who manages to hook Rajesh in the wrong direction. Arun Saxena as the villain, whose acting was horrible, is terrific. The songs are outstanding. They are the best one of the whole series. There is a dance sequence that is worthy of the biggest applause. And of course the unforgettable song Raghubir Kalsan's song. A good movie.

Rebecca Ryan photo
Rebecca Ryan

Anon-7 (with Zoya) was a true student film that I personally enjoyed immensely. What made this film so entertaining was the well written script, good direction, good acting, and the director's brilliant comedic timing. This film does have some flaws, but it's all the more forgivable when you see the incredible script written by an acclaimed writer/director. There are times when it was predictable, but overall, this was a great comedy that I would recommend to any fans of Pakistani films, and yes, even international cinema. If you're a fan of Nawazuddin's movies, I would highly recommend this film as well.

Judy Anderson photo
Judy Anderson

One of the best movie based on a true story is "Zamzam" (2014), based on the case of Indian men who conspired to kill Indian women and children and kill the families for no other reason than that the father might not be ready for his new wife. That's where Piyush Mishra comes in, the protagonist of this movie, who was the lead prosecutor in the case of Dealing and was known to be a powerful politician in India. He decided to get himself framed by the British and did this, with the help of some of his close aides. For the rest, we have some personal stories of the victims of the conspiracy and their families. This movie is a classic and should be seen by everyone. The best part is that the movie is completely authentic and has been 100% true. The acting is also good and the plot is quite original. I suggest this movie to all the people who are interested in watching a good movie based on a true story.

Harold Harris photo
Harold Harris

This is an entertaining film. The film had a great concept, the script is not bad and the acting is great. The film is not a typical romantic comedy. It has many humorous scenes in the film. The film is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but it does not have an overly romantic romance. There are many things in the film that have not been in any romantic comedy before. The film is worth watching for this reason. The film has a great story, but the film is not a classic romantic comedy. However, this film is still a great film.

Larry Bailey photo
Larry Bailey

Saw the film. I didn't know the director was from Uttarakhand. Don't know how to get the film on dvd. Anushka's character is like a female rock. The story is pure love. It's so heart-warming and the love story, I like the way the film is presented. The actor playing her father is very good. She has a good voice. I really enjoyed the script. The dialogues are very funny. I am a fan of Amitabh Bachchan and I am a big fan of Yash Chopra. The songs are good and the song of the day, Soha is a heart-throb. Amitabh and Amitabh are the right person to create a great love story. I like how the story is delivered. I am going to watch this film again and again. My family is going to watch it. It will be an aakariya thing. If u like a good love story, love Amitabh Bachchan and Yash Chopra. I think it is the film to watch for you.