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Cézanne et moi

Cézanne et moi is a movie starring Guillaume Canet, Guillaume Gallienne, and Alice Pol. The parallel paths of the lives, careers and passionate friendship of post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne and novelist Emile Zola. Both left...

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Les inséparables, Σεζάν και Ζολά, Cezanne et Moi, Cézanne e eu, Cezanne and I, Cézanne y yo, Cezanne & Zola, Cézanne e Eu, Meine Zeit mit Cézanne, Cezanne och Zola, セザンヌと過ごした時間, Cézanne og Zola
Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
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Drama, Biography
Danièle Thompson
Danièle Thompson
Alice Pol, Déborah François, Guillaume Gallienne, Guillaume Canet
France, Belgium
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The parallel paths of the lives, careers and passionate friendship of post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne and novelist Emile Zola. Both left their hometown to conquer the art scene in Paris.

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Tyler Kennedy photo
Tyler Kennedy

I'm sure everyone will know by now that I love this film so much, but the reason I loved it so much was due to its simplicity. The acting is superb, the story is heart warming, and there's a great soundtrack. Also, the acting by both Tommy Wiseau and Tim Roth is perfect. Both actors are amazing in their performances. Also, the story and the dialogs were amazingly funny, especially by Tim Roth. It's actually like this is a film about a writer who writes a screenplay and then he creates the next movie. You can really see the struggle he's going through to make this movie. But because this is a film about a writer, you know that his life isn't always great. At first, he doesn't like his wife and he doesn't like his children. Then he starts to love his wife again and his children start to love him. The director did a great job of making the characters believable and interesting. You can really see the struggle that a writer goes through to create this masterpiece, and the person that he was to his family. Also, the scenes in the house and the party were really touching and a perfect example of what real life is like, especially for the people living there. Another great thing about the film is how it ends. The film ends with a big black balloon, but you don't see how it came about, so I really wonder how they made that in the film. Overall, this film is definitely the best film of 2008 so far and the best film I have ever seen. My favorite part is probably when the movie is talking about how the characters and the story was actually created by a writer. I can watch this film over and over again and I always have something new to think about. So if you like this film, check out 'The Room' and '300.' I just love 'The Room' and '300.'

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

Of all the great Hollywood biopics, this one is the closest to the original work in the sense that the actors all faithfully depict the characters. Christian Bale is very good as Theo, the innocent, sometimes mad, but always strong, but often naive, artist who doesn't mind changing his clothes to let him blend in with the crowd and all the fashions and fashion. Michael Caine is terrific as Colette, the strong, beautiful, romantic actress who's taken by the artist, especially when he shares his love for the elderly, but that begins to change, but then they become friends, and they gradually become lovers. Maggie Smith as the devoted, but reserved mother becomes very funny and sexy as she becomes captivated by Theo's charms. Other characters are interesting, too, especially one played by Edward Norton, the film's star. In fact, this is a film that not only celebrates one of the greatest achievements in cinema history, but it also puts an end to the long series of biopics starring the same actor about the same subject, even though the new ones are quite good. One of the main points of this movie is the beauty and grace of film-making, but the whole narrative is very moving and is just perfect.

Andrew photo

You have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this film. While it might seem to me to be somewhat shallow and apathetic, you can't help but be drawn into the story and the characters. They are such strong characters, you feel like they are completely real, and in your own ways, you are the one who is here in the play. Whether you have any romantic feelings for the main characters or not, I feel you can still relate to them because of your own life experiences. It is a very realistic story about the alienation that occurs when someone in your family suffers from some kind of mental disorder. The characters in this film are also strong, and really show why they have had so much to deal with. The acting by all of the actors are very, very good, and I think the actors are all very real in their reactions to this film. They really are "so real" because of their personal and professional problems. I strongly believe that they are the most real people in the world, and I feel for them. I love this film, and if I ever get the opportunity to go to see it again, I definitely would do it. It is an amazing and beautifully written film about friendship, love, and tragedy. And yes, I know, everyone's experience in the film is different, but it does come down to the level of how the characters in the film respond to the film. I also think it is an excellent movie for children and adults. Not only do they get a story that most adults can relate to, but they also get to see a movie that people can really connect to. I think everyone should watch this movie at least once in their life. It is a very moving film, and for those of you who are not able to appreciate a movie because of a negative rating, don't let it put you off of watching this one. I feel very good about what I am saying because I think that the only reason I haven't given this film a 10 is because it does have some flaws, but all the other aspects are brilliant. This is definitely one of my favorite movies ever. Thank you.

Amy photo

Spielberg's style is really unique. It's got this quality that you feel is his own, that's why I'm asking for 10 stars. That's the only reason I gave it. It's very fast paced, very exciting, very raw, and I can say that even though it's really hard to judge the action scenes, the last 10 minutes of the film has a lot of meaning and meaning of just the storyline. I think, especially the third act is just too intense and very powerful, and if they could have spent more time on the story, they could have shown us more about Dora and Guglielmo. But even if the movie is bad, I like it because it's different. I don't really know how to explain this, but it's a lot of interesting and sometimes weird ideas. I recommend it for people who like realism. I feel like this movie is very important in the history of film making.

Betty photo

A gem of a film, so well done, so beautifully shot, so honest. All the characters are so fleshed out, all the young people so innocent and that there may be a better world. It really moved me. It showed a lot of current events happening in Quebec in a funny and funny way. The children's portrayal of the family is excellent, their innocence and their freedom. When the little girl looks back at her momma she feels that she is nothing special, but she has a lot of fun. The acting is great, in particular by Michelle, which I will never forget. She is a very talented actress, and her quiet character is filled with that real emotion we are trying to get through. Her parents really make us feel so bad for the family, because they are so loving, they make us want to join their families and that's why they are so famous. Michelle is one of those actresses, and I hope that one day we will have a generation of talented actresses in our movie industry. I truly loved this movie, it will be missed. We should all cherish films like this that teach us about the power of family and love. It's a must see.

Peter photo

Well, just for starters, the movie will surely impress the viewer and he/she will get a very good understanding on the artistic and artistic value of such a masterpiece. Besides, it also has an informative form of the explanation of why the director gives that treatment, such as the link between the explanation of his muse, her reaction and the form of her final image, or the explanation of how the Dutch have a very deep respect for the meaning of his works. In addition, this movie has a very thorough and totally accurate description of the creation of the painting and that there were many times when no idea was really wanted, but the desire of the director was only there to complete the project. This movie is one of those rare and must watch for the history and art lovers. To conclude, the director chose a very subtle and essential to communicate to the public the importance of the topic he chose and his passion for the artist. It is a beautiful film and also a documentary.

Henry Weber photo
Henry Weber

I have a very special gift. I can see this film. When I saw it, I said to myself, "This is so amazing. How can he make such a painting so complicated." I just want to watch this film again and again. The fight between the birds is so beautiful. The colors of the sky and the stones are so beautiful. The story is so strong. The mystery is so strong. The shadow on the wall is so beautiful. The bird that is in the window is so beautiful. The policeman who looks at the yard is so beautiful. The scene where the pigeon is playing with the little dog is so beautiful. These are really good and really unique and extraordinary pieces of art. I will never see the film again.

Joseph Foster photo
Joseph Foster

Ceremony's visuals are absolutely mesmerizing, with breathtaking, detailed renderings of the main character's daily life, from his room in the Art-House to his car on the way to his hometown. He is an artist whose works have been seen by millions of people, and yet he never tells his friends or family what he's going to do, and has one simple rule to the world. That is never to forget his sister. In this movie, the viewer is left to wonder whether it's a family movie or a story about Celine, a Parisian artist. It feels like you're getting closer and closer to the heart of a genius, and it's inspiring to see how he manages to build his life out of those who follow him, and to himself. The acting, the script, the photography, the score, and the film's heart all feel very well done. The ending is reminiscent of a Hitchcock film, with a powerful conclusion, and an unforgettable message about life, about love, and about self-realization. I would like to think that Celine would be proud.

Henry photo

This is a drama about a young man,who is considering to be a painter in Paris,when his mother dies and his father tells him that he is to be sent to the Naval hospital. Now he has the chance to finish his painting,by becoming a sailor. Everything happens so fast,so not all of it is real. But the atmosphere,the cinematography,the great music and the picture of France is so strong. This film is a masterpiece and a must for everybody who has an interest in art. It is a must for everyone who has a very good taste.

Thomas C. photo
Thomas C.

Claude Chabrol. One of the most influential French directors. In his last film,Cabaret - in collaboration with Claude,Corsican and Canadian actors - portrays two cases of the same type of childhood: a father who abandoned his family; and the boy's desire to become a painter. The boys' interests are completely opposite: the father is a real artist; and the child, a serious journalist, becomes a man of action only after the artist's death. One of the best films ever made. Loved it from beginning to end. The only thing I'm not so happy about is that it's one of the first "La Femme Nikita" movies in which the young actress is never quite naked. This means that she's not going to a very sexy look in the movie. It's just my own personal preference. It's a great shame, because I'd like to see more movies like this, featuring a lot of nudity. All in all, a very interesting movie. I recommend this to everyone who loves films, or at least to those who have a taste for them. By the way, Chabrol makes another film directed by American director: "The Movie", which is also great.

Olivia Perry photo
Olivia Perry

Good people can make great art. See this movie. I really did. I'll recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the 19th Century, Art, or Film-making. It's actually not a good movie, but it is so fascinating.

Janice T. photo
Janice T.

In 2002, I went to see Francis' new work Cézanne and Moi. The experience of the film was certainly a challenge, as it is the only one of the ten art films that has been made in such a short period. After watching Cézanne, it is hard to imagine that you will be able to watch this work in a cinema, because the project is so profound. The story, as it develops, is difficult to explain in words, but it can be summed up as follows: at the beginning of the century, a young woman, who is pregnant with her first child, leaves the family of her former lover, because he was not able to care for the child, and in her journey through Paris, she meets the sensuous Parisian people, and discovers a new world for herself, one of peace, beauty, serenity, and beauty. The film offers only a few brief examples, but it is easy to imagine the endless possibilities of the possibilities which exist at that time in Paris. The main problem is that this film is full of paradoxes, and is even paradoxically hard to understand. It is very difficult to understand what is going on in the film, but it is definitely worth it. This is an intense film, full of emotion. The main actors are very natural, and the young actors seem to be totally at ease with the way they speak in the film. If you are unable to understand the film, don't bother. You can leave the cinema with all the answers to all the questions that are supposed to be answered in the film, but it is really too much. If you are able to understand the film, you have a lot to say about it. This is a film that should be shown, it is absolutely an experience of a time, and an experience which I would have loved to have experienced. Every one of those people I have met at the show that I have been to for Cézanne and Moi, all had asked questions, and everyone that I have spoken to said, "That was great! That was a good film! I would have loved to have seen that at the cinema!" The film is well done, and I recommend it.

Terry W. photo
Terry W.

What a beautiful film! I liked it because it's about living in a time, and about emotions and love. Because love is something I find important, and the film shows it perfectly. The film is very much about time, and shows that life is a paradox. What do we do if we are young? Why do we work in a factory? But then what? It is so random. It is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. I think it should be on the top 250 films of all time, because it's so beautiful and it shows the state of our times. The film is such a great romance. It shows the love of youth and the sorrow of a wife and children. It is about the love of the mother and the son, but also about the father. It shows how everything changes after a divorce, and how everything is between the people of the village and the ones that are younger than them. When I was young, I was pretty bad, but now, thanks to the film, I know that love is something that everyone has. Everything we do, we learn from our lives and learn to live it. Life is hard. Love is hard. No matter how we live it, love will be there. I think this is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen.

Justin Turner photo
Justin Turner

First of all, I must say that I am a huge fan of this film and I'm glad that it is available on DVD. However, if you didn't like it because it was so cut down, but you're a complete genius, you're not. The movie is almost non-existent, a full time documentary, with bits from many sources, like the Diary of Vampyres. But the most interesting is the battle with Sawney Belfry, it's a picture of how an artist lives in a time, a century or two, and when we take a certain life, we must not forget the people we love. Anyways, what I mean is, I can't even give a good reason to say that this is a great film, because it is. I do appreciate this movie a lot, it's a lot better than any other movie I have ever seen. But I'm a total person who's never really said a negative thing about other movies. So, I just give it a perfect score. 10/10

Donna W. photo
Donna W.

I have to say I am not impressed with this movie but I am still pleasantly surprised to see that so many people liked it. The photography and the acting of Caro are simply superb, the story is touching, it makes you feel what the artists felt, and you will be moved by it all. It is the first movie to take the so-called art of Cinematography and Pictures as its main subject and then make it film as such, i.e. painting, etc. However it is really a good film that should be seen and perhaps being a good film, just a good film, it will make you feel good and be drawn in to the art of it all. I am happy to see the recognition of this masterpiece, by critics, and I would like to recommend it to everyone. I'm sad to say that a film like this should not get a remake because there is nothing to compare with it. Every minute detail, every little gesture, everything makes a greater impact, i.e. "In Praise of Love" is an utterly brilliant film but it is not a remake. The most amazing thing is that this film is totally in its own league and nobody can say it is not a great film.

Jose photo

This movie is remarkable for its cinematography, sound, and use of color. It's a dream, but not for the animation artists, it's for the painter. This is what I like to call the skill of cinematography and the art of painting, instead of the work of the engineer. The colour palette is rich and contrasting the black and white world. The most telling image is the one of the early morning view of the white sky and the blue of the sea. It is an image that shows how colors can tell a story in their own right. A film has to tell a story, or it can be purely visual, and it's been done in a way that I have never seen done. It is like painting, a kind of storytelling where it doesn't need any dialogue, or any music, or any actors. What a challenge for the art of film-making that is! This movie should be placed at the same level as movies like "The Last Picture Show", "The Long Goodbye", and "The Fifth Element" for the art of film-making. Well done. I recommend this film for everyone. I would put it at the top of my list.

Danielle photo

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is a small piece of the life of a world-renowned painter. The story of each one is interesting, giving us a piece of life that we will never forget. The colors in the painting represent color in our world today, giving us a different perspective to a wonderful picture. The color of the paintings themselves is a beautiful color that adds the life to the pictures. The colors of the picture make us feel like that little piece of the world that each one of us lives in. Each painting is a special piece of art, and we all remember our favorite picture. The depth of the painting adds to the sadness and emotion that each of us must feel. This movie tells us that life is beautiful, and that life can never be empty.

Johnny photo

It's a film about a family. But it is more than a film. It is a way of life. From start to finish, it feels like you are following the characters as they live their lives in their own way. You feel as if you are with them and this is really what you need. This film has some beautiful moments and some scenes that really get you thinking. Every scene has something to say, and it does not matter whether you are French or not. This film gives you all you need to know about France and how it treats people and how it treat's each other. It has one of the best endings ever seen, that is unexpected. For me it is a great film, which has an interesting story, and a lot of humor. But above all, it has an amazing cast, and really brings you in the movie. Without this, the movie would have been hard to watch, but now, I watch it and I can say it was one of the best films I have ever seen. But if you don't like movies, don't watch this. If you have never seen it, it will make you change your mind. 10/10

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

This film is one of the best I have seen for many reasons. Firstly, it is a great film of character development. The pacing and making the story move is flawless. The character development is full of nuance and meaning, sometimes for the audience to try and figure out and sometimes for the characters to be able to figure out themselves. This is a film that is not for everyone, because of its complexity. But it has a definite look and feel to it, and the photography is incredible. It is also beautiful to watch the different periods and the different planes of the film. The music is also incredible, blending in and out of the scene very well and creating a very good contrast. I really enjoyed this film and it is definitely one that I will be recommending to everyone I meet.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

This was a film that really got my attention. It is a magnificent film and it is a wonderful piece of art. The music is amazing. Everyone should see this film. It's probably one of the best films that I have ever seen. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Kyle T. photo
Kyle T.

With this film, Jacques Audiard managed to take a series of historical figures and heaped them on to the theme of "Gentlemen de la France", without leaving out the facts that one could trace their origins to the people who played a major role in the founding of the country, in particular the Greek and Russian conquerors who occupied the Rhone valley, along with the Venetian soldiers who took advantage of the naive freedom and nobility of the common people in order to rule them. The result of this mixture is a film that is a mosaic of many different times and people, of a few things that may seem insignificant, and of a lot that remains consistent. Perhaps this is not a film that can be easily compared to any other, because the films are not meant to be, and neither does the director want it to be, while there is still a clear sense of what the director is trying to convey. In the tradition of Hitchcock, this film is as meticulous as the Hitchcock films that inspired it, and the focus is on that, while Audiard was not interested in sensationalized things, he was interested in the subjects and the feelings. On this basis, I have come to the conclusion that this is a wonderful film, based on a very sensitive script that does not feel repetitive, at least not in the first two and a half hours of the film. I have to say that I enjoyed the first two and a half hours of the film, but I came to the conclusion that the problem is that this film doesn't have the freedom to breathe. It tries to be a Neapolitan for the English-speaking audience, and even a little bit of it is. The other elements are very similar to Hitchcock, like the hypnotized, unhappy people in a post-revolutionary French society, but the director is not interested in creating a pre-Hitchcock for an English-speaking audience, he has his own vision, and as I said, he is very careful to not give too much away. The result is a film that is a masterpiece, and I can only wonder if there will ever be a "Moulin Rouge", when a film is still an art and not just a film. 10/10

Terry N. photo
Terry N.

I loved this film. It was by far my favourite film of the last decade. I have seen it several times and I will continue to watch it whenever I have the opportunity. The performances were incredible. Everyone in the film played their role perfectly, with very little dialogue. I find it amazing that this film has such a small film festival. It should be recognized as one of the great films of our generation. I would give this film the "10" it deserves, without hesitation. There are so many films that are worthy of such recognition, but they have been overlooked. It is a rare, historic film that deserves to be watched, not overlooked. Thank you Anne Hathaway for making this film a very real, engaging experience.

Gerald S. photo
Gerald S.

Just watched this and it was very interesting to see what was going on behind the scenes. Some of the stuff I'd never heard of was very interesting. It did show how Celine and Vincent became friends and their family life was very interesting. I've read comments that this was a boring movie. This is what I would say. I don't know if it's really a boring movie. If you're in a certain mood and have a certain kind of imagination then I would recommend this movie. If you're not in a certain mood then you'll probably like it.

Larry Wagner photo
Larry Wagner

Well I've seen this film 3 times and it's still haunting me. The story is about a French painter, a melancholic and troubled young man, who is really obsessed with his work. He has an incredible technique and his works are always in the air. The artist is a young guy, and is constantly on the edge of losing his mind. The story of this young man and his obsession is really gripping. It also has a lot of symbolism. The film is very moving and it keeps you interested for the entire film. The acting is very good and so is the direction. This is a very well made film, and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Henry M. photo
Henry M.

This film is a two-hour documentary about the life of Louis de Sade and his novels, which have been turned into three films. All three are highly stylized, if somewhat confusing and poorly edited. This is a film about the consequences of writing and how much people would actually like to read about them. There are several novels, but I only got a feeling of knowing what is going on. The film focuses on three books, but I felt like I only got to know about two of them. In my opinion, I don't feel like I've seen all of de Sade's work. It could have been a lot more and I would have liked to see more detail on the main characters. This film is much more of an art film than it is a documentary. The main story, while interesting, is much more interesting than the details of de Sade's life. The novel itself is really difficult to get into, but I'm glad I watched this film. There are more details on the book that could have been included, but I feel like I didn't get enough detail. I felt like I was watching a documentary that didn't have enough detail. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the book because I loved the style of the film. The films are actually really interesting but I felt that the style of the film didn't do it justice. The music was pretty good. This is a film I think people should watch. I can see why it is so popular because of the style, but I feel like I can see why people would hate the film.

Daniel B. photo
Daniel B.

I went to see this film at a screening at the Santa Monica Art Center. It is a great film. I found it extremely moving. The cinematography, the editing, the music are all excellent. It is so beautifully shot that it is almost impossible to tell who is doing what and when. This is one of those films where you can't really tell where one is taking place. You get an idea that you are watching one thing and then it switches back and forth and then you realize that you are watching another thing. I thought the acting was great. Most of the acting in this film was good. So, to wrap up, this is a great film. It is a very different film to the usual movies you see in the theaters. It is a film that I think everyone should see.

Joan photo

Based on the novel by Anne Morrow, THE CÉZANNE AND MOI is a story of a young artist named Georges, who is attempting to make a name for himself in Paris. Although Georges has an extraordinary ability to paint, he suffers from a kind of depression that seems to take over his whole life. However, Georges is not the only one suffering from this condition, because his friends also suffer from depression and are facing the same kind of depression. As the movie progresses, the film tells the story of Georges' life and his illness. However, the film is not only about Georges, but it is also about all of the people he has met throughout his life. It is really nice to see the film work on the strengths and weaknesses of each character in the film. Each of the characters has their own personality and there is a lot of personality to be found in this film. The acting by all of the actors is really good. This movie really gives you a lot to think about and analyze about the characters. The story of this film is really interesting. It really takes you to different places throughout the film and makes you think about the importance of art, depression, and happiness. I would definitely recommend this film.

Jane photo

I would have liked to have seen more of the man himself, but I felt this was still a very good film. When you know a man has done something great, it can be very difficult to understand how his life was reduced to a few days, or even a few weeks. He must have had many friends, or perhaps he simply was a nice guy who simply made mistakes. The film was filled with a lot of very interesting details and was very moving. The pictures are really good, and the way it is filmed, and the score is absolutely beautiful. I think it is important to be so careful with what you watch, because you have to have a very strong stomach to understand what you are seeing. I would like to see more movies like this, and I hope this is the end of the line for this great director.

Ethan M. photo
Ethan M.

I found this film to be very captivating and stimulating. Its direction, acting and directing are all perfect. This is one of those films that you will want to watch over and over. The first time I watched it I was a bit skeptical about whether it was for me but I was pleasantly surprised. It has all the elements of an Art film and yet is a very easy-to-follow film. It is a great idea to film a character's life with a camera and there is no doubt that is what this film does very well. The characters are like paintings. Some of the characters in this film are quite distinctive. I think that it is important that they are recognized as people and not just set-pieces on a canvas. The director has a certain style about his film that I find very fascinating. The cinematography is beautifully done and its easy to get lost in the film. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy this film.

Henry N. photo
Henry N.

I saw "La Roche-Posay" a few days ago, and I think I liked it much more than I thought I would. I'd been told it was a heavy, slow-moving film, but I didn't think that at all. The characters are well-drawn, with terrific acting by all of the actors involved, and the story is very interesting. I think that the movie could have been very long, but it was done very tastefully. The camera work, however, was very reminiscent of Cezanne and did not really fit with the rest of the film, and the story seemed very muddled in places. However, I still liked the movie, and I think it was well done. The photography, the actors, and the script all worked well together. The acting is a little bit stiff at times, and the script is a little weak in places, but the photography, the actors, and the story work together very well. I think that the film does not fall into the "movie of the week" category. It is well worth seeing, and I think that it is worth a special viewing.

John photo

In the 1920s, Mme. Vandervelde is an enthusiastic and determined young painter who seeks to escape from her drab life in a world of routine and dull. She eventually does, but not without regret, as she is imprisoned by her strict father in a convent. The father, a devout Catholic, has arranged for her to receive a beautiful but mercilessly religious convent. The walls of this place are lined with paintings, many of which are copies of the work of famous French painters. To make ends meet, Vandervelde paints the paintings, some of which become very popular, in a virtually monochrome technique. She is also in constant need of money, so she tells her mother (played by Françoise Berri) that she has a boyfriend, who she's hoping will get her a job. It's a somewhat strange story, in which Vandervelde's inner turmoil is almost more compelling than her relationship with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the movie is not especially good. While it is certainly a compelling story, the movie isn't very well-acted, and some of the dialogue is even more than a little annoying. But it's an interesting story, which has a few interesting bits, and it is well worth a look, even though it is a little long. It's an unusual story, but if you can watch it with an open mind, you'll probably like it.

Deborah E. photo
Deborah E.

This film by the legendary French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is one of the best movies I have seen in many years. A film about the great French painter Henri Matisse, a great humanist painter who made a masterpiece which still stirs the hearts of all his friends and those who worked with him, and made it possible for his wife to live in peace and to continue her work in peace, to do what she wanted to do. The film has the impression of an animated cartoon, but the emotions are real and the tension is great. The use of the camera is very well done, and the directors use of the background music fits very well. The acting is amazing. Jeremy Irons is superb as Matisse, and you can see his art in his hands, his eyes, his face, and in his mannerisms. Nicolas Cage is a great humanist, and he really fits the character of Matisse. But that's not the case for all the other actors. Nicole Kidman is not convincing in her role as Matisse's wife. She is too nice, and she really needs to be as rough and cruel as Matisse. Jude Law is a very good Matisse. He really has the same intensity as Matisse. He is an excellent actor. I can not forget that of the wonderful Ewan MacGregor as Matisse's friend Claude. He has the same intensity as MacGregor in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Don Quixote." This movie is not for everyone, but if you like art, you should see it. Jeunet did not know any of the actors, but you can see that he knows his art and how to make a great film. I have not read the book by Jean-Jacques Annaud, but I think that it is a great movie about Matisse. I would like to see it again, and I hope that the director and actors of this movie read the book. If you want to see a great film about Matisse, you should see this one.

Louis Henry photo
Louis Henry

I was drawn into this film by the wonderful performances by all the actors, and the beautiful cinematography. I also was intrigued by the story line and the film's long, winding, poetic and sad ending. The cinematography and music are both outstanding, and the acting is very good. I am very glad I watched this film. It has changed my life and I look forward to seeing it again.

Lawrence L. photo
Lawrence L.

I thought this film was one of the best I've seen in a long time. It is a real treat to see a film that is so moving and beautifully filmed. It is also a real treat to see a film that is not just about a man's life, but about the life of a woman. I loved this film and I hope it gets better reviews, and that it will get a wider release. I was so impressed by the acting and the cinematography. It is such a shame that this film is not getting the attention it deserves.

Emily C. photo
Emily C.

This is an amazing film about a man and his life. A film that will have you on the edge of your seat, the soundtrack will make you feel like you are there with him, and the cinematography will leave you in awe. The cinematography is beautiful, the soundtrack is haunting and will leave you with a feeling of sorrow and sadness. This is a great film that will make you feel the emotions that this man felt. A must see for everyone. 10/10

Terry photo

I watched this movie with my husband, who is French. I loved the cinematography, especially the long shots. My husband loved the story and the acting. I loved the language. I had no idea what the movie was about. I thought the movie was great. My husband, however, was very upset with me for not knowing what it was about. I can't remember what he said about the movie. I thought it was very well done.

Heather photo

This movie is one of the most important movies of all time. It is also one of the most beautifully directed. The characters are real and the plot is so complex and thought-provoking that it could take two lifetimes to fully understand it. It is also one of the most beautiful movies ever made. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great. I have seen this movie at least 20 times and each time I can watch it with a new level of appreciation for the beauty of this movie. It is truly a work of art and should be shown in all schools and universities. I have seen this movie several times and I have never been bored. The only thing that makes me not like this movie is the fact that it is a French movie. I have to admit that it is not very difficult to understand but I have to admit that I cannot understand the French language. If you are a fan of art and you like movies, you should see this movie. It is truly a masterpiece.

Daniel R. photo
Daniel R.

I have just seen this film and I am very much impressed with it. It is a must-see for everyone. The cinematography is stunning and the performances of the cast are excellent. I think it is very important to see this film. It is a beautiful and touching film and I think that it is one of the best films of the year. It is very moving and the performances are very good. It is a film that will stay with you long after the end of the credits have rolled.

Joan Munoz photo
Joan Munoz

I came across this film because the only other film I could find that had been nominated for Best Picture and it was a French film. I had heard the Oscar nominations were coming and after viewing this film I feel like I didn't miss a thing. There was a lot to like about this film. The acting was superb, especially the mother. Michel Gondry does a great job of portraying her and I thought his portrayal of the mother was even more emotionally rich than Gondry's previous work. And what was with all the crying? It seemed to just be a function of the film, but it certainly was at the end of the movie. This film is about two sisters whose mother is dying of cancer. One of the sisters wants to find someone to care for her while the other one wants to run away from her home and start a new life. I thought this movie had a great message about the importance of family. It also showed a variety of different personalities that come from different places in society. Like the mother and the nurse, one is kind and nice and the other is a strong woman that lives with a lot of hardships and stress. She also comes from a family with a lot of problems that make her even more chaotic and unstable. The scene in the end when the mother talks about the past was sad, but very moving. I thought it was a perfect ending to a movie that I had no expectations about. Overall, I thought this movie was wonderful. I thought that the acting was also great. The two sisters are so incredibly believable and emotional that you really feel like you're looking at real life. This movie is about life, family, and caring for others. But in the end I can't help but think that it was beautiful. I give this film a 10 out of 10 and think it's one of the best films I have ever seen.

Gary photo

A beautiful and emotional movie about a very special artist, Cézanne. Although Cézanne is the subject of the film, the main focus is on the young artist's father who is lost in the harsh world of London. The film is interesting and enlightening, as is the main actor. The film tells the story of the young artist's mother, who looks after her son and the studio where she works. However, it also tells the story of a man who lost his father when he was young, and who has made a living on making Cézanne's pictures. The film is very touching and moving, and is not only for the art lovers. There is a strong message in the film, about family and what it means to be a parent. The film does a wonderful job of depicting Cézanne's love for his father. The film ends on a very sad note, as the father dies in the studio, and leaves Cézanne with a letter, which Cézanne never receives. The film is a moving portrayal of the subject of love. The film shows us that we must love our parents, because they make us and give us life. The film is very heart-warming, and is an excellent film to watch with the family.

Catherine photo

I just love this just is a great love story.the atmosphere is great, the acting is great, the characters are great, the love story is great.there is no words to describe it.a great movie.for me i recommend it. the film is a fantastic love story about a young boy named Charles de Gaulle.he is in love with a French girl named Clementine,a French woman who works for a famous French newspaper.this movie shows us that love can happen between any nationality.a young boy who loves the beautiful Clementine falls in love with Charles,the french, who does not understand the concept of love.a beautiful French woman who works for the newspaper falls in love with a young French boy named Charles de Gaulle.i was really surprised by this.the director was at his see the beautiful Clementine's face every time Charles walks see Charles' face every time Charles walks by.the beauty of Clementine is so special to me, and her beauty is so special to Charles.he loves her like a real French man should love Clementine.the beautiful Clementine is the one who lives in my heart.she is the one who represents to me the feeling of love for life.the young Charles de Gaulle, i see him as a little kid and see him as a young man.he is so beautiful to see, he is such a great talent.his talent was born out of love for the Clementine.the french person who is the girl who works for the newspaper (french) falls in love with the boy, whom Charles do not know.this makes him fall in love with Clementine, who is so much like him.there are many other stories in this film, you may see it yourself.but there is only one of Clementine and Charles.the French feel affection for Clementine and Charles.and the French and the French are so is so romantic and it is so beautiful.

Michelle Lynch photo
Michelle Lynch

The most beautiful film I have ever seen. The image of the white-clothed young lady at the end of the film is very beautiful. I am not sure if I can call this film a masterpiece, but it is certainly a good film. It is well directed, well acted, and well filmed. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the use of a wide variety of colors.

Jessica photo

The movie is a masterpiece, and the story is a good one. The movie is about the life of the artist, and the life of the artist's family. It's a great movie. It has a great story, it has great actors, and it has a great director. It's a movie that is worth watching. It's a movie that everyone should see, because it's a great movie.

Karen Curtis photo
Karen Curtis

I am a fan of Bertolucci's work, and have been for the past few years, and I was surprised how much this movie showed me. As someone who is often a visual learner, I am a bit lost in the visuals. This movie, though, is truly an incredible experience. The movie is about the life of one of the most important artists of the 20th century. He was "Leo" who is famous for painting beautiful landscapes, using a very abstract approach. Although there is a lot of computer generated imagery in the movie, it is still really well made. The beauty of the world around him is created with amazing visuals and excellent music. One of the best parts of the movie is how we view the movie through the eyes of the artist. You see him as an artist and how he feels when he is inspired. The music also helps you in this viewing experience. It helps you understand what he is trying to say, and it helps you to visualize the beauty of his work. Overall, this movie is a great experience. It shows how great a painter Leo was. His works show how talented he was. He is also a great human being who always put his love and happiness before his work. It is amazing how his emotions and his pain also show in his work. His pain is shown in his early paintings and his beauty is in his late paintings. This is a great movie about one of the most important artists of the 20th century. I recommend it for everyone who is a fan of Bertolucci.

Rebecca Baker photo
Rebecca Baker

Celine's film is an incredible piece of art. It is a beautiful, fascinating, and beautiful film. It is an art film, and it is a masterpiece. I have seen it twice, and I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. It is truly an artistic film. Celine is a beautiful, talented, and talented actress. She is truly a great actress, and I cannot wait to see her next film. This is an excellent film, and it is a wonderful film. I recommend it to anyone who likes art films. It is truly a wonderful film.

Alexander B. photo
Alexander B.

This is a wonderful film. It's not quite as long as it needs to be, but the director gives us enough material to keep us interested and entertained. We are given a look at life in the 30s and 40s, and the quality of life on the French Riviera, and in Paris, all in one movie. The director, Isabelle Huppert, has created a wonderful character study of a woman whose life and the people she loves are both intertwined with her desire to do good. It is very well-made. The scenery is stunning. It is very convincing. The characters are well-drawn. They have depth and they act realistically. They are all very attractive, and the women are all very attractive. The love they share is beautiful. It is a story about a woman who loves her neighbors and the people she works with, and the reasons for her love are very interesting. We are able to see how she interacts with them, and how they interact with her. She lives in a nice home, and her husband is a nice, but, there are so many things that are not as wonderful. But we are not afraid to see what is happening in her head. We see the end of her marriage, and we see her worry and her sorrow. We see her fear and her pain. We see the end of her life, and the loneliness and the despair that she lives with. This is a story that everyone should see. There are many wonderful things in this movie. We have the beauties of the women, the beauty of the men, the beauty of the places they live. We have the beauty of life, of love, of life, of death. This is a great film. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great movie. I give it 8 out of 10.

Frances F. photo
Frances F.

I've seen this film twice and I still can't get enough of it. It's like a French version of "A Christmas Carol". I think the reason that this film has a cult following is that it has a really good story line. It's not a 'me and my dog' kind of movie. I was also impressed with the acting of the two main characters, the little boy and the adult. The boy is very talented, and the adult is just as talented. I think that the movie would have been even better if the adult had been more believable, but he was a little too cute. I also enjoyed the music, and the lighting. The lighting in the movie was amazing. The lighting in the movie was so bright, and the colors were so vibrant. I'm not really sure what else to say about this movie. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see it again.

Bobby Thompson photo
Bobby Thompson

This is one of the best films I have ever seen. It's a great story of love, and what it can do for you. This film is so beautifully shot, and the music is amazing. I would recommend this film to anyone. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves art.

Heather Wade photo
Heather Wade

I was intrigued by the movie for quite some time. A friend recommended it to me and I am a sucker for historical movies. So I was intrigued by the movie. I don't think the movie is quite as good as the book. It's like someone wrote the book, then another person took the book and started writing the movie. If you like the movie, you should definitely read the book. If you're like me and have read the book, then I would definitely recommend that you read the book first, then watch the movie. I give the movie a 9/10 because I think that it is better than the book, but not as good as the book.

Christopher Dixon photo
Christopher Dixon

I am from France. When I heard about this film, I thought "What a good story, it's gonna be the same for us". But it was so much better than that. We were not even told what happened in the end, only that the big family was leaving the country. That's something that we never hear in the American films. And all the characters are so real, it's hard to believe they are actors. I am sure that there are many people that have the same feeling as I have. It's a nice story, and it tells a lot of interesting stories. One of my favorite things is that the director decided to make the movie on the street, in the middle of the day, so the camera always stays on the street. It's hard to imagine that in this day and age, they can still make that kind of film. If you don't want to see a story, just sit back and enjoy this film.

Jack Stewart photo
Jack Stewart

I have watched this film many times, but the best part is still the last scene. The camera work is excellent, the acting is superb, the story is amazing, and the story is timeless. I am so glad that this film is finally available on DVD. I can't wait for the next one. It's a masterpiece. The actors and actresses deserve a round of applause.

Ashley Cook photo
Ashley Cook

The world has changed a lot since "Life of Emile". It seems that every decade of the twenty-first century seems to have a great "painting" on its hands. When an artist paints a painting, it is like a completely different time and place. Even the most controversial and demanding paintings are accepted by the public as being works of art. "Life of Emile" is a relatively new French movie, in fact it was made in 2005. It is a film that tries to tell a story of a person, her "personal" and professional life and the life of a city. It is a story that is not really as interesting as it should be. It is not a very deep story of the human soul, as it is made out to be, but it is an interesting movie that tries to tell an interesting story and that does not even try to tell the story of a painter. The main character in the movie, Mme. Chahine is shown as a very poor and uneducated woman, who does not have a very good education and who has not a very good job in her life. She is the wife of an alcoholic who has tried to kill himself several times, and her children do not have much of a life to speak of. She lives with her friend (or "sister" as she calls him) who has died from her illness, and she has no real friends or family, except her husband. She has lost everything, and even her children, because she has been seen as a pig for the best part of her life. But this is not really a story about poverty and poverty, it is more about the human soul, and how the human soul deals with poverty, because it is one of the most important and the most interesting things in our lives. In this movie, Mme. Chahine is shown as a person who has been through a lot, but still is not satisfied. She has had a lot of pain, and she has suffered a lot, but she is still not satisfied, and she does not know what to do with her life. And she knows that she has to get through this pain. And in this way, she tries to paint a picture of her life and of a city, and she does this with a lot of passion, but she does not really get it. But in the end, she is also happy and she gets it. And in this way, the movie does a good job in telling a story, and in telling a story it does not try to tell the story of the human soul. It tries to tell a story of a pain, and a pain is a very interesting thing. But in the end, it does not do a very good job at telling a story.

Paul Dean photo
Paul Dean

I really don't understand the negative reviews on this movie. I just got it on DVD from my local library. I thought it was an amazing movie. It has a very well written plot and the acting is superb. The main character is really quite amazing, and I think that is what makes the movie so special. It's a very serious movie, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It has a great soundtrack, and I love the photography. I don't really understand why some people think that this movie is boring. I think it's very good for people who like a good movie with a great plot. I think that the movie was very well written, and I don't think that it's boring. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie.

Mark Gray photo
Mark Gray

I just finished watching this wonderful film with my dad, and it is very rewarding. I must say that there is a lot of information in the film that you don't get at first glance. There are long periods where you feel that you are watching a documentary and some things that are going on in the film that you never notice before. That's part of the way it is, and I think the directors wanted to be as truthful as possible. And I must say that I loved the dialogue in the film and how the characters were portrayed. I felt that they were like real people, and I think that the actors did a very good job. It's very moving, it has a great message, and it's not too long. I recommend this film to anyone who loves film and wants to know more about Claude Monet.

Richard Mills photo
Richard Mills

The best way to explain this film is to say it was a masterpiece of cinematic art. It is so unique, visually and psychologically, that it is impossible to describe. From the beginning to the end of the movie you will be taken into a world of wonder, of pure magic. A world of the heart and mind, and of love. A world that was filled with the music of God, the desire of a man to connect with his family, and the beauty of nature. There was a scene in the film that I think is an important element in the plot, where the father and mother are discussing the difficulties of raising children. He is a womanizer and the mother is tired of her husband's constant abuses. She says that "sometimes the best way to show a man he is wrong is to punish him" and that is exactly what the father does. He takes the two children out of the country, and takes them to live with his mother and his mistress. There is not a word about what happens to the children after the move, but the viewer knows that the children will not grow up in the family. The father's acts are not for the children. They are for himself. But at the same time, he is reminded of the good times he had with his wife and with his children. He is never happy, but he can be happy at his children, when he is alone. The movie is a great art, and the director is an extraordinary artist. The story is not only about the people who live in the garden, but also about the people who live in the family and the people who are living in the garden. This movie is a work of art, and it is definitely worth watching. The photography is truly remarkable, and the music of God is a great delight. This is a film you will not forget. 8/10

Diane R. photo
Diane R.

I have been a fan of Cézanne since I was a child. He is one of the greatest artists of all time. It is a shame that he has been painted in such a negative way. I think he was not a nice person and I think his paintings should be seen as a tribute to the beauty of the human spirit. I think the movie is a great way to bring the beauty of Cézanne's life to a new generation. The movie is a wonderful representation of the beauty and the humanity of Cézanne. I am sure that everyone will be touched by the film. I hope that Cézanne's paintings are viewed by more people.

Nicole photo

This is a very good movie, but it's nothing extraordinary. I can't give it a rating higher than 8, because it's not a masterpiece. The film is very well made. It does a good job of portraying a time in Paris in the early 20th century, during which the cinema was alive and flourishing. The cinematography is excellent. The acting is good. The cinematography, music and costumes are superb. The plot is a little slow at times, but it's also very well done. It is very well done in all respects. It's a great film that is worth seeing.

Steven photo

I had the opportunity to see this film at the film festival in Miami and it is a great film. It is a character study of a young French painter, whose life and death are intertwined in a way that leaves you feeling it was a deep love. It is a film about a man's art and his career, but there is a darker side of it. It is a wonderful film. I recommend it.

Virginia photo

The true story of how the Nobel Laureate Henri Nouwen (Liam Neeson) became an award-winning French author is the main focus of this film, adapted from the memoirs of Francois Verneuil (the real-life husband of Cézanne, who did not publish his work until the end of his life). The film is a classic piece of filmmaking, as it tells the story of the life of Cézanne as he was turning 30, living in a Paris society that was not yet ready for the young man to write his great work. Neeson gives a deeply moving performance as Nouwen, who was nearly 40 when he made his novel, one that took over a decade to complete, and one that was thought to be lost until he found a publisher and was able to get it published. It is a performance that I will remember for many years to come. Neeson's performance is very reminiscent of the true story of Verneuil, and you can see the truth behind the famous painter's artistry in his eyes. If you have ever wondered about the relationship between Cézanne and Verneuil, or even about Nouwen's friendship with Verneuil, then you will appreciate the powerful performance that Neeson gives as Nouwen. The film tells the true story of a brilliant artist who turned 30, and it is the story of a friendship that can never be forgotten. The real-life love of Nouwen and Cézanne is told through flashbacks, and the film is at its best when it allows the viewer to delve into the mind of the real-life lovers, revealing the passion they shared, and the joy that they felt when they first met each other. The real story of Nouwen and Cézanne is told through the flashbacks, and the film is at its best when it allows the viewer to delve into the mind of the real-life lovers, revealing the passion they shared, and the joy that they felt when they first met each other.

Alice Cook photo
Alice Cook

I just saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I'm still in shock. I didn't know anything about the story before, and I don't know how to describe it in words. I just had to see it, and I'm glad I did. The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous, and the acting was brilliant. I felt a sense of sympathy for all the characters, and I really felt like I was watching the film myself. I didn't know what to expect, but I was truly amazed. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say this: This is a must-see for anyone who appreciates art.

Peter photo

I am very surprised by the very positive reviews this film has received. I have read the reviews of this film and I think that the people who have seen this film are in a very different position from the people who have not. This film is not just about the relationship between the two main characters, but is a great film about the relationship between the people in a society. It is a film about the world, and the way people live their lives. The film is very well made. It is not like a "cheap" film, and it is not like a "cheap" film that you can watch over and over again. It is very interesting and entertaining. This is the kind of film that you have to see a few times to really understand what it is about. The characters are very interesting, and the film is very well made. I think that the film is very good, and it is a great film. This is a very good film, and it is very good.

Victoria B. photo
Victoria B.

This is one of my favorite films of all time. It is so beautifully shot, and the story is so moving. It is not a film to be watched alone, but I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a great film to have in your collection.

Samantha photo

I thought this was a wonderful movie. I have seen it twice now and it has stayed with me. I thought it was an outstanding portrayal of a painter who is in love with his daughter, and how he is forced to face his fears, as well as the pain of losing his wife. This is a story of a man who is truly a great artist, and he is forced to face his fears and the pain of losing his wife. The story of the two main characters is both fascinating and touching, and it is also one of the most moving and beautiful movies I have ever seen. I thought the actors did an excellent job in their roles, and I think they were all very good. I thought the movie was very beautiful and moving, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a good movie.

Gregory photo

I don't know why the other reviews are so negative. The film is really beautiful, a bit slow in parts, but that's what makes it so special. It's a must see for anyone interested in film and the history of art. The film has some very moving scenes. The cinematography is fantastic. The acting is wonderful. And the film is just a beautiful story. The film is not over the top. The film is not pretentious. It is just a beautiful story told in a beautiful way. It is a wonderful film.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

I can't believe I'm actually writing this. I had the great fortune to see Cézanne et moi at the Academy's recent New York Film Festival. It was a true delight. It's not often that I'm so moved by a film. I'm a huge fan of the director, Francois Truffaut, and I'm a big fan of his cast. Cézanne et moi is a film that truly captures the essence of the artist. The movie is a great example of the art of cinema. Cézanne's work is so unique. He's one of the most unique and original filmmakers in the history of cinema. He's a master of the art of cinema. Cézanne is a very beautiful man. He's a very poetic and romantic man. He's very unique. Cézanne is a great artist. I hope that you can see this film. It's very very special. I hope you'll see this film.

Craig photo

I love this movie. I've watched it several times and I'm always surprised at how good it is. It's one of the few movies that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. It's a great movie, with a great cast, and it's not a movie that you can just watch once and you'll enjoy it. It's a great movie that you can watch over and over again, and you'll appreciate it more and more. I think it's a great movie and I love it.

Billy B. photo
Billy B.

I'm not a great fan of Art-house cinema, but this film is an exception. It's not a film that you can just watch for the sake of entertainment. It's very well acted, and the story is very interesting. If you're a fan of Art-house cinema, you should definitely check this out. I hope that you will be able to enjoy it as much as I did.