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My Scientology Movie

My Scientology Movie is a movie starring Louis Theroux, Tom Cruise, and Marty Rathbun. Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology.

Other Titles
Theroux ja skientologia, Mi película de la cienciología, Louis Theroux og scientologane, Theroux och scientologi, Meu Filme de Cientologia, Min film om Scientology
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John Dower
John Dower, Louis Theroux
Marty Rathbun, Tom Cruise, Paz de la Huerta, Louis Theroux
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Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology.

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Julie H. photo
Julie H.

I just got back from the Toronto International Film Festival. I was blown away by the overwhelming response to my film. One of the questions asked was "How did it feel to be an outsider watching this film?" The responses ranged from "Wow, this is incredible!" to "I don't know what I'm supposed to feel." I also received some messages from people who couldn't relate to the film. They felt that it was "too religious" and that the subject matter of "Non-LDS" or "Scientology" was "too obscure." One man commented that the film wasn't even about Scientology but "about how we can become better people." Another said "We feel that the film was almost glorifying Scientology." I think it's a very important movie to show the ups and downs of Scientology. It was also amazing to see such an intimate and intimate relationship between the director and the subjects. I felt that they were very empathetic, caring, and much more than just a commercial for Scientology. I'm not sure I'd go to any kind of "conversion" therapy but the subjects did tell their stories. They were truly interested in sharing their stories. Overall, the film is very important and it's very well-made. It's a very powerful movie.

Cynthia H. photo
Cynthia H.

Spent the last couple of hours with Rick Reiner in his home in Hawaii. It was a great and fun day. He has a well documented history of being a vocal critic of Scientology. When I first heard he was going to be doing a movie about Scientology I thought "oh good he will go against their 'cause they're the Church of Scientology." I was a bit skeptical but it turned out to be a very interesting experience. It was a little bit of a surprise to hear him attack Scientology with a humorous sense of humor. The film was funny, it was funny how Rick would take you on a journey of discovery. It was funny to see him in Hawaii and there was a little bit of familiarity to his background as a documentary filmmaker. When he would be criticizing Scientology he would always be saying "I'm not saying that what they do is good, I'm saying that it is bad." And then he would add some funny things to it. It was very interesting and funny to see how he would turn it around and show how it was bad. I was very impressed by him. I knew that his church would never approve of his movie, I figured he would never approve it because he doesn't do his own work. But his movie was very interesting to me. He showed a lot of them filming in Hawaii and that was very interesting. I found out that his wife is also a documentary filmmaker and was very interested in her film. The film did show the negative effects on his life. It was very interesting to see how Rick took on the mission to make a film about Scientology. It was interesting to see how Rick dealt with the negative aspects of it. I liked the movie very much. It was very funny and he did a great job. I liked it very much. It was an interesting documentary and very entertaining. The film is good and worth seeing.

Brandon H. photo
Brandon H.

As a Scientologist, I was very aware of the evils of Scientology's main institutions. In particular, the very strict and unethical condition of auditing was something that I knew personally. I knew that there was no such thing as "trouble" in auditing, as it was a form of mind control. As a result, I did not care very much for Scientology, as I was aware of their unethical methods. I was unaware of the other aspects of Scientology. I came to this documentary for two reasons. First, I had read and heard enough about Scientology to realize that this is a great documentary and had to find out more about it. Second, I was familiar with John Travolta and wanted to learn more about him. I think this documentary does a very good job of giving a thorough account of the truth behind Scientology. The other documentaries that I have seen on Scientology, such as "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" and "Tales from the Bridge", only give a short description of Scientology. The documentary does not give any spoilers about the whole truth behind Scientology. The documentaries that do give hints of Scientology's sadistic and abusive methods are only for the purpose of raising awareness. However, the documentary does not have any spoilers. This is a very good documentary. It is well done and was able to give a great overview of Scientology. I recommend this documentary to anyone that is interested in Scientology. If you are not, then I recommend it to you as a good way to learn about Scientology.

Kevin photo

How many times have I seen a good documentary about Scientology. How many times have I heard the worst of the worst. How many times have I been made to feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself for being such a member of this organization. I was forced to watch this movie with the expectation that I would feel that way. I did. What I found was a documentary that portrays the true things that go on in the organization. I have been in the organization since 1987 and I never knew the truth. I could not let this go. I was able to change my mind about Scientology after I watched this film. I was able to know my own side of the story. I was able to be myself in the organization and have a life outside of it. I left the organization feeling like I had been taken advantage of. It was a good film. I was able to feel like I was not alone and that there were many others in my situation. I felt sad and helpless for those that I knew and knew how hard they had worked to bring about the change in me. I feel like this is an important movie and I urge anyone that is interested to see it.

Wayne Valdez photo
Wayne Valdez

I've been a Scientologist for 20 years. I've been attending conferences for the past 20 years. I have been a skeptic all along. I had a friend who was not a Scientologist. I still don't believe in it. I was very disappointed when this documentary was released. I was so much more excited to see the documentary. I had read the reviews of the documentary, and I was surprised to see how many people didn't like it. I don't understand the hate for this film. I think it's important for people to understand that it's a documentary. If you don't want to see it, don't. But I think that the reason people don't like it is because they have their own reasons for not liking it. So I don't agree with what I read. But I think it's important to get the facts out there, and then we can all decide for ourselves. I didn't like this film because it was too political. I didn't like that they talked about what had happened in the past. It seemed to me that the only reason people hated this film was because they didn't like the Scientology part. I found this documentary really interesting. It made me realize what I've been doing for the last 20 years. I can't think of anything I've done in the last 20 years that is as meaningful and important as what I've been doing for the last 20 years. The documentaries that I've seen that talk about what Scientology has done for us are all quite boring. I can't help but think that when people are dealing with a religion, they should probably talk about the positive aspects of that religion, rather than talking about the negative aspects. It's really frustrating that some people can't see that. Maybe we should start talking about the positive aspects of Scientology and what we've done for our families. I think this is the kind of film that's important to make, because it's a documentary and I think people need to see it. I don't know if I can recommend this documentary, because I think it's important to see it. But if you can't, don't bother. It's not something you should miss.

Anna photo

I watched this movie in a theater with a large audience, and I have to say that I did not like it. The movie was too long and had many plot holes. I think that the director should have cut some of the unnecessary scenes and cut out the last hour of the movie. The movie was so long that it was difficult to get into the movie. I was very disappointed in the movie and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Alan photo

This is a movie that is not for everyone. I don't mind it if you are not a fan of scientology, or you are not familiar with the history of the church. I don't mind if you are not a fan of the acting of Tom Cruise. This is a movie that you can watch alone or with your family or friends. It is not a movie for everyone. But I believe it is a very good movie that is worth watching. I was a member of the church for about 5 years. I do not believe that any of the actors in this movie are Scientologists. This movie is a very good movie that will keep you interested until the end. The movie does not show any of the bad things that the church has done. It shows a very good picture of the church and the members. Tom Cruise is a good actor, and I do not think that anyone could be better. I do not believe that the movie will change your opinion of scientology. But if you are interested in Scientology, I would say to watch this movie. I am not a Scientologist, but I think that you should at least know the history of the church before you watch this movie.

Paul photo

How does one become a Scientologist and what do they believe? This film takes you through the steps and gives you a good idea of what it's like. There are some things in the movie that may surprise you, or cause you to rethink some of your beliefs. The best part of the film was the information that it had given you and the comments it made. If you are considering becoming a Scientologist, don't go into it with preconceived notions. It's not easy and many people have done it in the past, and it's certainly not easy to be in the church. But in the end, everyone does whatever they feel is best for them. Whether you're a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or not, it doesn't really matter, it's still good to know what you believe. In the end, I was glad that I had seen the movie, and I would definitely recommend it. There are many people who believe in the religion and its beliefs and I think it would be great if more people could see it and understand why so many people have joined. The information that is given in the movie was very well done. I think it was worth it and I would recommend that everyone sees it. I've watched the movie twice already and I'm still going to watch it.

Jesse Chavez photo
Jesse Chavez

i was looking forward to this film, and i was not disappointed. the concept is great, and there are some fine performances, though i don't know how they really did it. but the story line is good, and you do feel for the person on the outside. the film itself is a good thing, and it does not just sit there, waiting for you to get to the good stuff. it shows the reality, and you just want to reach out and help. i was also impressed by the short documentary on the internet, it's very well done, and it is well done, and not just in a bad way. this is one of the best documentaries i have seen in a long time. i have to say that the first half of the movie was really good, but the second half i thought could of been better. i think the story could of been a little more in depth, and if the documentary was a little longer, it would of been a lot better. the whole documentary was very well done, and the actors really did a good job. i would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the religion, or is in to documentaries. it is a must see.

Ralph L. photo
Ralph L.

I must admit that I found the original "Scientology Movie" boring and boring, and that's the way I'm thinking about this one too. Not only the acting is bad, but the directing and editing are terrible. This one tries too hard to get the audience to laugh at how bad it is and I was just not that interested in it. I never get interested in a film about the Church of Scientology, so I'm not really surprised that I liked this one so much. It's also very fake and unreal. It's just a bunch of people saying all sorts of ridiculous things. I must admit that when I saw the original I was more interested in how the people inside the church actually lived and what they believed. I don't know how Scientology is supposed to be a religion and how it's supposed to be more or less legit. I'm not trying to start a debate on that, but I'm just saying that the first one had the same sort of quality and intelligence. It was also interesting to see how the church did things in the early 90's. They had a huge flop in the early 90's, and they went for something new. It was also nice to see how the church was very paranoid about people watching them, and how they were trying to do things on their own. I don't really see how people like this film, but I did enjoy it. It's definitely not a movie for people who are looking for something new. This film is probably one of the worst I've seen. If you're interested in Scientology, then it would be better to just go and see the movie "Rehabilitation Project Force" which is a much better movie about the religion. "Scientology Movie" is a very bad movie that tries too hard to get the audience laughing at how bad it is and how bad it is for those inside the church.

Sara E. photo
Sara E.

I never watched the Show but was on the stand when it happened. I was 15 at the time. I felt I was watching something great and to me it was.I think the audience was saying "what the heck was he doing in that studio". I did not have a clue. I felt ashamed to be in the audience. I've never had so much shock and so much acceptance from the audience. That being said I don't think it would be such a great movie without showing what was really happening. I do not think I would have watched it if it was just people talking about it or saying they saw it. I think it would have been more of a story of the celebrity and how he was perceived as a bad person and how he was making people look bad. The whole show is a documentary. It's the true story of what happened when he was actually arrested. It's the real world of how a person can get in to do something like that. The only thing that was different was that it was in the late 70's and the show had aired long before the infamous "Miscavige Incident".

Phillip Stone photo
Phillip Stone

I have never been to the UK, but I remember watching the movie and being slightly confused as to what was happening. Now, a lot of people have complained about how poorly the story is presented, but I thought the plot was really well-presented and thought that the acting was well done. I thought the story was actually very well done and I would definitely watch this again. If I ever end up going to the UK, I will definitely be watching this movie. Also, I thought the movie was very well-edited and the lighting was great. I think that the best part about the movie was that I had never seen this before and was actually taken aback at how good the lighting was. I don't think that it was the lighting that made the movie so good, but rather the editing. Overall, I think that the story was well-presented and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who would like to see a good movie that isn't Hollywood.

Christian photo

I found this documentary to be very informative and insightful. I believe that many people are not aware of the vast amount of information that is available to them through the internet. I would highly recommend this documentary for anyone who is interested in learning more about Scientology. I am also curious to see if anyone has been able to document their own experiences with Scientology. I think that anyone who has been involved with Scientology would enjoy this documentary as it is very entertaining. I also thought that the movie was very informative about the history of Scientology. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in learning more about Scientology.

Kathryn H. photo
Kathryn H.

I just recently saw this movie in the video store. I thought it was great and all but I was surprised to learn that I was not alone in my opinion. I must admit that I had never heard of Scientology until I heard about this film. The movie was very entertaining and informative. It was full of interesting information and interesting stories. I felt like I knew a little bit about the organization and the people that worked there. I can't really say much about the film because I would have to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it. What I can say is that this movie is an excellent source of information. The movie is not only very entertaining, but it also gives a complete picture of how this organization works. It also gives a great story about how this organization came about. I am surprised that many people have not seen this movie. I highly recommend that you check it out. It is worth the price of the rental.

Melissa photo

I am writing this review to tell everyone that I think that this film is so good, that I will watch it again. It is truly amazing how many people do not know about this film. It is an incredible film, that shows what happens when people who are not supposed to be in the church, get involved in it. When I watched this film, I was in complete awe, that it shows what really goes on in this church. I am not ashamed to say that I am a church member, I went to church, I have been a member of the church since I was 10 years old. This film has changed my life, I have no doubt about it. I recommend this film to everyone, because it is amazing and so important to know about Scientology. I highly recommend this film to all Scientologists, because it is truly a great film, and I am going to watch it again.

Kimberly Williamson photo
Kimberly Williamson

I am a Scientologist and have seen this movie many times, even when it was only a small part of the movie. This movie was very interesting to me, and I think that the best thing about it is that it made me feel like I was a Scientologist for a day. I have seen many movies about Scientology, and they are all very boring and boring to watch. But this movie was very entertaining, and it was great to see a Scientologist for a day. I think that this movie would be very good to show in school and to anyone that is interested in Scientology. I think that it is very interesting to see how Scientology is going to change the world. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is interested in Scientology. I would also recommend this movie to anyone that is a fan of Bill and Ted. If you are a fan of either of them, you will love this movie.

Emily Murphy photo
Emily Murphy

Having been brought up in a tradition of scientology, I found this film quite interesting. I don't feel like I was constantly bombarded with people telling me that I was bad or evil, or that it was the wrong thing to do. I am not an apologetic person, nor do I ever want to be. This film took me to the same place as the scientologists. I felt like I was on the set of the scientologists, and I thought it was interesting. I thought the film was very well put together. I really loved the location shots. I loved the camera work, I loved the sets, and I loved the actors. I thought the acting was great, even if some of the performances were a bit cliche. I think the film was very well-done, and it does a great job of drawing the viewer into the world of the scientologists. I don't think that it's for everyone, but I think it's very well-made. I thought it was very well-done, and I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Edward R. photo
Edward R.

I watched this movie last night and it was good. I saw the movie in the theater and it was great. I don't know if this is true or not but it was good. I saw the movie with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it. I also read the book on the DVD and it was very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are true to life. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Kenneth R. photo
Kenneth R.

I was very skeptical about seeing this movie when I heard it was going to be filmed in the UK. I am a very critical person and I don't like the idea of someone else telling me what to think about something. But when I saw the trailer and read the synopsis, I knew that it was going to be different than most other documentaries and I was right. This movie is very different from most of the other documentaries I have seen. It is very entertaining and has a very good message. I found myself actually feeling sorry for the people in the documentary and rooting for them. It was very different from most of the other documentaries I have seen and I recommend this movie to anyone who likes documentaries. It is not a documentary that is going to make you think and it is not going to make you feel better about your life. But if you like documentaries that are going to make you think, I would definitely recommend this movie to you.

Brandon Gibson photo
Brandon Gibson

I didn't realize how deep and touching this film was going to be until I had watched it. But it does not hurt to be in a good mood for watching this. When I first heard that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was awarding a best picture award to Steven Soderbergh's film, I was a little skeptical, and I was even a little nervous when I first heard the news. But after seeing the film I am now convinced that the Academy was justified. The film is very powerful and really deserves the best picture award. I think that some of the arguments made by the church (the main ones in this film) are very valid. In my opinion, the most important part of the film is when one of the missionaries, who believes in a powerful supernatural entity, questions one of the priests about his beliefs. This is what we call a personal attack. The movie is good at showing this attack on the church and their beliefs. Another example of this is when the priest, after one of his religious teaching session, gives a sermon to a group of people and explains to them that the group members need to be more humble and humble themselves. Another personal attack is the church's arguments that they have proof that God is dead. I have to say that I think the church is a group of people who are trying to make up a false reality. Steven Soderbergh does a great job at showing how a church who believes in God and a supernatural entity could have such a powerful effect. Also, the church did a great job of not explaining to the people in the movie that God is not dead. If the church had explained this to them they would have lost their faith. Another big part of the movie is the relationship between the priest and the woman. The priest is the leader of the church, and he tries to force the woman to worship him. I think that this relationship is very important because in a church like this one it is easy to be an obedient follower. Another thing I liked about this movie is the fact that it shows the true face of religion. I was impressed by the fact that the church is so secretive and secretive about their beliefs. I found that very interesting. The church keeps so much to themselves. There are so many problems that the church faces because they hide the truth. This movie is extremely powerful and very important because it shows the power of religion and the power of God.

Gary Washington photo
Gary Washington

I was never a fan of Tom Cruise and have never watched any of his movies, but I am a big fan of the director. Tom Cruise has always been a very talented actor and director and this movie is just another step in his career. I have to say that it's very interesting and different from any other Tom Cruise movie. The director is very good at making a movie out of a real event and it's always interesting. The problem is that the movie is a bit too long and it seems to drag on. I did not find it very exciting. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. The movie is not very interesting and there are not many action scenes. I think it's good to watch if you want to know more about Tom Cruise and his movies.

Dennis W. photo
Dennis W.

This is not the film I expected, but if you're looking for a movie to lighten up a bit, this one might be for you. This is not a documentary, not a "documentary style" film, it is a film about a woman who has left the Church and is now living in the rest of the world. Her daughter has left the church and she was left behind in a world of religious oppression. She was once a very strong believer and she tells her story. Her life has gone downhill for the last 10 years. It's not the Church, it's the state of the world. And I found it fascinating to see this woman, who is a strong believer, break down and we see this transformation. It makes you realize that even people who believe in Scientology, who do believe in what they believe in, they still have a strong belief in their beliefs. There is an amazing amount of hate towards the Church in this film, but even when they talk about the hate that they face, they still believe in their beliefs. Even though they don't like the Church, they still believe in their beliefs. That is where the difference comes in, and it is the strength of their belief. They are the stronger ones, because they believe in the things that they believe in. It is the belief of the weaker ones, that is weak. And that is what makes it so fascinating, to see these strong people make the transition from believing in what they believe in, to just believing in it. It is a very interesting story, that really shows us how far some people will go to be a better person, and it is so sad to see the abuse they suffer at the hands of the Church. That is what makes it so fascinating to see the strength of belief, which is the strength of the human spirit.

Rebecca photo

I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I was expecting something a little more dramatic or much more light-hearted. Although I would have liked it to be more dramatic, it was very well done, and I was moved by the courage and bravery of the women in this film. The documentary didn't over dramatize the story. It did a very good job of focusing on the people's stories, as well as showing how brave they were. It was a very moving film and it had many good points, but it could have been more dramatic and used more of the testimonies. I would have liked to have seen more of the stories of the women in the church, as I have seen the film and they were just amazing to me. I don't know how they survived. It was amazing to see them in this doc, and I'm really glad they were able to tell their stories. This was a very well done documentary. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Scientology.

Jeremy C. photo
Jeremy C.

This is a documentary that needs to be seen by the general public. It will change your mind. The film shows many things, such as the inside of a Scientology facility, the gay lifestyle, the abuses, the obedience, the secrecy, the incredible training, the use of one-liner with the right amounts of profanity, the true colors of Scientology, the destruction of the original buildings. You will feel so much that you want to run back to your childhood and see the place. The goal of this film is not only to inform the general public, but it is to change minds about Scientology. Even if you have not become a Scientologist, this documentary can be of great help to you. You will not want to take your family to Scientology. Even if you are not interested in Scientology, this film can help you see the truth and will open your eyes to how the religion is really portrayed. The main actor in this film is Lance Henriksen. He is the former star of Saturday Night Live, the most successful comedian in history, and now, he is an actor. You can see him in many movies. In this film, he shows how he did not have to be a celebrity to make a name for himself, and how he made his name with a brilliant skit called The Chickenshine Show. In fact, he was the most successful comedian in history and he did not need a celebrity to make a name for himself. This documentary is very interesting and it shows how Scientology works and how it can be very dangerous and destructive.

Jesse K. photo
Jesse K.

If you are interested in Scientology, or just want to learn more about it, then this is the film for you. It has a lot of facts about the organization, and I personally enjoyed it. I felt that it was pretty balanced in its portrayal of the organization, and I think it was very interesting to see a documentary about a very controversial organization. The director and editor did a great job of giving the film a documentary feel, and I thought that it was very interesting. I would say that it was not the best documentary I have ever seen, but I enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Scientology, or just wants to learn more about it. I think that the director did a great job of presenting the facts, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Scientology.

Beverly Owens photo
Beverly Owens

What is "Shade"? What is "Shade" about? I am not sure. Why this film is called "Shade" I don't know. But the film is certainly entertaining and very good. My two favourite things about the film are the first part, which has very interesting interviews with Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Orson Welles and the second part, which has interviews with Scientology's founder John Travolta and his wife, Shelly Duvall. I was surprised at how many of the interviews seemed to be written as they were filmed. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not, but it was a lot of fun and it was nice to see "Shade" as a whole. I also have to mention the many wonderful films, documentaries and movies that were shown at the film festival at the Ritz in Los Angeles. My favourite film was "The 10 Commandments", but all of the documentaries were very entertaining. My other favourite film was "Fargo", but all of the documentaries were very good. I was a bit surprised by "Fargo" because I thought it was a little boring. But it is a good film. So I think "Shade" is a good film, but I haven't seen it. But I certainly hope to see it soon. Another film that was very entertaining was "There's Something About Mary". "Shade" is definitely not a film for people who are looking for "deep" thoughts about Scientology. But I recommend it to anyone who likes a good, entertaining and interesting film. It also has some good actors and actresses in it. I give "Shade" an 8 out of 10. I think it is a very good film and it is very entertaining. I think it is very likely that "Shade" will become a cult classic in a few years. I give "Shade" a 9 out of 10.

Heather C. photo
Heather C.

I have never seen a documentary like this before. The information given in this film is overwhelming, and it helps those who have been through the experiences of scientology to understand what it is like. I went to a church for many years, but now I am a free thinking individual, who is able to evaluate what is being taught to me. This documentary was very informative, but I think it was a bit too long. I think the producers needed to cut a few scenes to make the documentary more engaging.

Emily H. photo
Emily H.

I have seen this movie twice now and each time I find something new to learn about Scientology. I am a big fan of Jonathon and even though I knew what to expect, I was not expecting what I saw. To me, it was like going back to the show and seeing all the old shows I had missed. My wife and I were in the same auditorium with the director and the executive director and we had a lot of fun watching this movie. We could not have been more surprised by the end of the movie when we realized that we had been watching it all along. This movie is probably the best example of how Scientology works. I do not believe any other movie can do justice to it. I do not believe anyone else would be able to say that this movie is an accurate portrayal of Scientology. It was also very funny. Jonathon is the best part of this movie and it is hard to believe that I was laughing so much.

Denise photo

This documentary is a great look at the most controversial cult in the history of cinema. It's a compilation of interviews with more than a hundred members of Scientology. The book it was based on was very interesting as well. I found it interesting that the documentary focuses on a time period, and not one year later. What this means is that the interviews are more relevant to the current year rather than those of the early 1970's. I would have preferred a documentary that follows members of the Church of Scientology throughout their entire life. However, the documentaries were still interesting to watch. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Scientology. I found it extremely entertaining and highly enjoyable. I really hope that this documentary will be made into a TV series in the near future.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

This is a documentary about the life of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, an organisation that existed for many years without his knowledge. It is a sort of "documentary" style that shows how the organisation got started. The film shows the contradictions and failings of the organisation, the brutal treatment that people had to endure, and the final wish to have Hubbard's ideas of "technology" and "truth" taken down. The footage of Scientology sessions and conferences is a strong point of this film, and as a result it could be seen as some kind of "documentary" in the wrong sense. I think, however, that it is really an important documentary, and should be seen by anyone who is interested in the history of Scientology. I don't think that this film is "bad" in any sense of the word, but I think that it could have been made better. The footage of Scientology sessions is the best part of the film, and it could have been edited and/or made into a documentary. Other parts of the film that could have been better include the interviews with the people who worked with Hubbard, and the interviews with the former members of the organisation. Also, at times, the documentary feels like it is just a long advertisement for Scientology. The real point of the film is to show how Hubbard's ideas of "technology" and "truth" were taken down by the world, and that the organisation ended up hurting people. Overall, this is a very good documentary about the history of Scientology and how it became a bad name. A lot of people are not really interested in this history, and so they will probably not care about this documentary. However, it is important to see this history, because it is how the world and its history has changed.

Thomas photo

I saw this movie on late night TV and I thought it was interesting and I am going to buy it on DVD. This movie is about a group of teenagers and is based in San Francisco. I liked this movie. It does show some Scientology but I think that it is very interesting. I think that it is great to be a member of a church like that. I am not a Scientologist but I have the same thoughts that a lot of people have. I think that they should stop making movies like this one. We don't need to see Scientology in our movies. We are all here for different reasons. But there is some movies that should not be made. I don't know what they are but this one is not one of them.

Jacob Morris photo
Jacob Morris

This was an extremely well-made documentary, and I have to say that it was my most satisfying Scientology movie to date. I'm not going to waste too much time detailing the movie, as it's very well-done. The production value is amazing, the production crew is great, and there are some real gems in the documentary. I was particularly impressed with how they were able to separate reality and fiction in this movie. The whole movie felt very real, and not at all scripted. It's a shame that some people will look at it as being fake. It's just not. There's a lot of good information in this movie, and it is definitely worth seeing. However, it is not the best documentary out there. It's definitely one of the better documentaries out there, and it's definitely worth seeing. This one is the best one I've seen yet, by a mile. I really liked this one, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see it.

Doris Diaz photo
Doris Diaz

I got a chance to see this film in LA on June 10th and I was very impressed with it. The film is just as strong as a documentary. I was very happy to see it had been filmed from the perspective of L. Ron Hubbard. There were many little parts that brought back memories of my childhood as well as the younger years of my life. It gave a great insight into the life of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. There were some comments made about the fake Hubbard family, which was very interesting. The film had some footage from the early years of Hubbard. They also had a few comments about some of the former wives of Hubbard. The film has been edited in such a way that it is very easy to follow and understand. You also get to see some of the interviews of people who have talked with L. Ron Hubbard. I am very impressed with how the film is edited. I think the editing was very well done. I can recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

Charles Price photo
Charles Price

I'll be honest, it's a lot to take in. I didn't go to a "show" but just happened to come by a video store with a tape of the documentary. Being a great fan of the series, I was curious to see what it was like to be a "Scientologist" and what all the fuss was about. I went expecting to see some entertaining stuff, and even though I only saw about an hour of the documentary, I found myself in awe and wanting to see it again. What the documentary really does is go over the history of Scientology and the vast amount of information that is available. The Scientologists interviewed are a diverse bunch of folks. From the people who are ex-Scientologists to the ex-Scientologists who are now non-Scientologists and even an ex-Scientologist who is now a non-Scientologist. You get to see the flaws and challenges that come with the practice of Scientology and the problems that come with living in a church. They also touch on the problems with the Church and the various ways that it has been handled. It's a fascinating documentary and one that I recommend to everyone who enjoys the show and of course, if you're a Scientologist, it's a must see!

Keith P. photo
Keith P.

The documentary "Tom Cruise" explores his life and the life of Scientology. It goes into detail about the early years of Scientology. It shows how he became involved with Scientology and how it has changed him as a person. It goes into the history of Scientology and its ideas. The documentary also examines his political views. He has made it very clear that he is not a Scientologist. He does not believe in Scientology. He is not a Scientologist. He does not agree with the teachings of Scientology. He says that his views are his own. His views do not match the teachings of Scientology. The documentary does a great job at explaining why Tom Cruise is different from other celebrities. It does a good job at explaining his political views and his political views do not match the teachings of Scientology. The documentary is interesting but does not do a great job at explaining how Tom Cruise became involved with Scientology. The documentary is very well done and I recommend it to everyone.

Douglas Peters photo
Douglas Peters

What a great movie. The two years that I spent researching Scientology was a very positive experience for me. I know that Scientology is a fascinating topic to some people, but I personally loved the "documentary" and it was very educational. I have read some of the negative reviews that I have seen on this site, but to me this is a great movie, I highly recommend it. The only thing I would have done differently is maybe cut a little bit out of the program that the priest did. I felt like the movie was telling us to just accept Scientology as a religion, and not try to try to find flaws within it. I thought it was great, and I think it is an important movie.

Andrew V. photo
Andrew V.

This is a great documentary about Scientology, the church of Scientology, and the man who founded it. I am not a Scientologist, but I am fascinated by it, and I thought it was an interesting look into the church and its beliefs. The movie does a great job of explaining how Scientology has been around for so many years, and how it is a cult, and how it is the reason that many people have become "suppressive" because of the abuses they have been subjected to. It also shows the dangers that people have had to face, and how they dealt with them. I was particularly impressed with how much of the film was based on actual news clips, and how the story was told in a way that was believable, but not completely true. It was also interesting to see how many of the people in the film were portrayed as being very religious, and how they were portrayed as being very good at their jobs. This is a very well made documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Scientology.

Matthew Montgomery photo
Matthew Montgomery

Like many others, I've been in the "watcher" status for many years and it's been fascinating to watch the various difficulties of life I've had to endure. There was never a better time to be a watcher than the late 80's. I've had the benefit of the Internet and it's interesting to see how many "watcher" celebrities I've connected with and I'm particularly proud to have worked with such fine individuals as L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Rob Schneider. Some of them are quite interesting and do a great job in portraying their personalities in their roles. In a sense, I've come to enjoy the "watcher" status. When it was first introduced, it was to allow the "watcher" to keep up with the gossip and happenings around the world. Now, with the Internet, the watcher is able to gain a greater understanding of the world around him/her. I've had the pleasure of seeing how far this technology has come and am very proud of my involvement in the Scientology organization. I believe that when I was a teenager, this was a fairly new concept. Now, all of a sudden, I'm a grown-up and an adult. This documentary, however, gives a good overview of what I've learned about Scientology. There are many things I have learned over the years and I would encourage anyone to watch it. I have watched it several times and it's never been boring.

Angela Morrison photo
Angela Morrison

It's not always easy to be a critic and on the other hand you must also be a critic to enjoy this film. I watched this movie last week, and I really liked it. I would recommend it to anyone who is a critic or has any other interest in Scientology. I really liked it, and it was a treat for me to watch it. I really like the way they made the movie. The trailers were awesome. But I don't know how much of the actual movie is in the trailers. I think the true nature of the movie is actually hidden in the trailers. If I would have known that, I would have never watched the trailers.

Shirley W. photo
Shirley W.

As an agnostic, who is not a believer of any kind, I find the whole story in this documentary interesting. I think it is important that people understand what people are really like in this life, and not just in this life. Some people think that they are just out there, doing their own thing, and doing it right. I can understand that. I have a very good friend who is a total nerd, and a total hack. I don't have a problem with that. I don't want to convince anyone that they are all that they pretend to be. I just like to tell people to be open to other people's opinions, and that doesn't mean that they have to agree with me. This is a great documentary. I agree with everything that is said in it. This movie will be a great tool for Scientologists in the future to educate themselves and to understand what a Scientology is, and what a Scientology is not.

Roy photo

If you are a Scientology follower, you will get much from this movie. It is a well put together documentary that will make you want to see it more than once. If you are a non-believer, you will be most surprised by the depth of this documentary. There are times where you can be made to feel so much hatred for a religion that is so damaging to people and society. Most people I have talked to who have seen this movie were either very impressed or quite angry that they had to sit through this to get it, but the message was powerful enough to make me want to see it more than once.

Arthur Ferguson photo
Arthur Ferguson

The documentary is a chronological presentation of the years that have transpired since the end of the Scientology movement, and highlights the most memorable episodes. It shows the impact that the "War of Attrition" has had on all those involved, and the people involved in the process. It also includes accounts from former Scientologists and people who were involved at the time. It shows how Scientology has changed over the years, and how it has effected their lives, and the lives of their loved ones. The highlights of this documentary include: Former Scientologists Robert Vaughn and Jane Manning, and former members Ron Miscavige and Janet Reitman. In an interview with Janet Reitman, she talks about how Scientology had changed her life, and how she thinks that the treatment and the personality changes caused by the religion were the reason for her leaving Scientology. She also talks about how the treatment that she received was nothing like what was promised, and that the fact that she was told that she had to follow a "revelation" made her realize that the treatment was completely pointless. She also talks about how when she left Scientology, she realized that her husband was in danger because of her involvement with Scientology, and how she would rather have known this about him. They also talk about the reasons for leaving Scientology and how they came to this decision, and the treatment that she received, and how she could have left Scientology and been the same person, and what the repercussions of leaving Scientology would have been. There are many other interesting stories that were presented in the film, such as when Jenna Miscavige (Ron Miscavige) was allowed to leave Scientology, when people who were involved in Scientology, including Tom Cruise, were allowed to leave, and many other stories. The documentary also features interviews with various other ex-Scientologists and ex-Scientologists who were involved in the treatment of the church. The documentary includes interviews with people such as Robyn Wiesner (Amy Scobee), Cynthia Stahler (Kate Brown), and many other people who were involved in Scientology treatment of people. The documentary is a very interesting one to watch, and is definitely worth watching. It is definitely worth watching, and the best thing about it is that it is quite enjoyable to watch. Highly recommended.

Deborah G. photo
Deborah G.

My Scientology Movie is a documentary that chronicles the formation of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) in Clearwater, Florida. I found the film quite interesting and a lot of fun. This documentary presents a historical perspective of the RTC, as well as the activities of the RTC in the United States. The film does not only focus on the RTC, but on the Religious Technology Center and all the other Christian and Christian Science ministries that have roots in Clearwater. These ministries include the following organizations: the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, the Aryan Nations, the Council of Conservative Citizens, the American Family Association, etc. This film shows how these ministries have come to be in the United States, including the History of the RTC, the political activity of the RTC, and the activities of the RTC in the United States. The RTC was formed in 1975 by Jerry Falwell. It was originally called the American Center for Bio-Science and Medicine. As the film begins, Falwell is quoted as saying, "I am the head of the Falwell Family. Our role is to keep the foundation strong for the Christian Science movement in this country." The documentary does not talk about the Falwell family's involvement in the RTC, however. The RTC was formed as a Christian Science ministry, and the Falwell family continues to be involved in this ministry. The RTC began with the Christian Science movement, and they have always had strong ties to the Christian Science movement. The film does not talk about the Falwell family's involvement in the RTC. They just mention it and then leave it to the viewer to decide if they think it was appropriate or not. The RTC has become quite popular in the United States. They have been active in the political arena and have been at the forefront of religious activism. They have played an important role in the creation of the First Amendment, the establishment of the National Association of Evangelicals, and the "American Christian Science Association" (which was created in the early 1970s). The RTC has been involved in these activities, but it is mostly in the United States. Their involvement in the United States was of international significance. The RTC is involved in efforts to spread the message of the Christian Science movement in the United States and in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the United States, they have been involved in politics and other political activities. They have also been involved in outreach efforts to aid the homeless. The RTC has been active in political campaigns to promote the Christian Science movement, such as the television commercials that featured

Cheryl R. photo
Cheryl R.

My Scientology Movie tells a very positive, yet very realistic story about the history of Scientology, how it got started and how its members went from being freaks to being members of a church, and the history of how it evolved into a religion. It is a very entertaining movie about Scientology, but it does not tell the whole story. If you have no knowledge about Scientology, I would recommend you not to watch this movie. If you have a very open mind, you will enjoy this movie. However, if you are interested in Scientology or have been to the churches, you will probably like this movie.

Ruth photo

It was a very disturbing movie, it was so "negative" that I actually turned off the TV to avoid it. I was expecting a horror movie, like I said earlier, but instead it was very entertaining and it was a very interesting movie. I really like the way they show the way Scientology is supposed to work. There are many people that live inside the walls, and there are people that live outside the walls. But they are all one and the same. They follow the same training, they go to the same meetings, and they do the same things. They all believe the same things. It's really sad to see how bad it is. The only positive is that it's really interesting and you can see how it all ends. It's really sad.

Jeffrey C. photo
Jeffrey C.

The cast is simply spectacular. The editing is flawless, the photography is beautiful, and the editing, editing, editing. Great film. A must see. If you like movies with a message, I recommend this one.

George photo

A very good documentary. I had no idea that Scientology was such a nasty cult. Not to mention that it is difficult to just leave. The reason I did not believe that my own parents were any better than these people is that my parents were on the receiving end of the cult. All I can say is that if I had no parents, I would probably be just like these people. I think the only way to make a difference is to try to help your own people. I will definitely be watching this again. If you are interested in watching a documentary that shows the truth, I suggest watching this one. I am sure that there is much more to the story than the movie portrays.

Nicholas Y. photo
Nicholas Y.

I had never heard of Scientology before watching this film. I have been following it's development and thought it was a great story. I thought it was a good movie to introduce the audience to the cult and the people involved. I thought it was well done and did a great job portraying the cult and their beliefs. I am very glad that I watched this film and am going to buy it on DVD. I am also going to purchase the book and will be reading it when it is released. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in learning more about Scientology. It is a great movie and a great story. I will definitely be watching it again.

Gary B. photo
Gary B.

I liked this movie. I watched it in a converted church with some other Scientologists. The church was not really as bad as I expected it to be. The director did a good job in presenting the story. I think that it is the best film about Scientology that I have seen. I don't think that I will ever change my mind about Scientology. I am glad that I watched this film. I think that it is a very important film for the public to know about Scientology. I don't think that I will ever leave Scientology. I am happy that I watched this film.

Linda photo

The movie, like most of its ilk, is not so much about the movie, as it is about the director, who I think is really a good one. There is a lot of stuff he does which is really interesting, especially in the way he approaches the subject of the Church of Scientology. But, as a whole, the movie is very depressing. I think it is interesting to look at what is going on in the world, but it is depressing to see what is going on in the church. I think this is the best movie I have seen on Scientology. It does not try to answer the questions, but just looks at the things. I think it is a good movie, but not great.

Andrew A. photo
Andrew A.

This is a good documentary. The main problem is that it is almost all about Ron. The subject matter is good but the movie is too long. It would have been better to have just focused on the history of Scientology. The movie does not cover a lot of the background of Scientology. It is too long. If you are a Ron or a Scientologist, you will probably enjoy the movie. But if you are not, then you will probably hate it. I am a Ron, I like the movie but it was too long and I was bored. I think they could have cut about 20 minutes out of it. The movie is worth seeing. The movie does cover the history of Scientology and Ron. But it is not worth the time. It is a good documentary but I think it could have been shorter.

Johnny A. photo
Johnny A.

This is the story of a man who was a member of Scientology in the 1960's, but left the religion after his wife and child were killed in a car accident. He was later involved in a murder case and is now serving a life sentence in prison. I was interested to see how the movie ended. It ended with him being released from prison. The movie was well done, and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Scientology.

Anthony D. photo
Anthony D.

I watched this movie because I've always been curious about Scientology and I'm glad that I watched it. It's a really interesting movie, not only because it's a documentary but also because it's not a documentary at all. It's not about Scientology, it's about a group of people who are interested in Scientology and what they believe and how they do it. The movie is very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to everyone who has ever had doubts about Scientology and wants to know more about it. It's a good movie, a must see. I give it a 7/10.

Kenneth photo

I had the pleasure of seeing the documentary, Scientology: The Movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. This was my first time seeing the film and I was blown away by it. It was the most honest, candid, and revealing film I have ever seen. I believe that it is an important film for people who have been in the church, or have relatives who have been in the church. It is a movie that should be seen by all who are interested in the history of the church. I can't wait to see it again. I highly recommend this film to everyone who wants to know more about Scientology. It is a very well done film, and it will make you think. The director of the film, Ron Miscavige, has a very unique style of telling the story. He has a great way of getting the audience to feel that they are part of the story. I have never seen anything like this before. I also think it is important to note that this is not an attack on Scientology. This is about the history of the church. The director and producer of the film, Lawrence Wright, has done an excellent job of putting the history of Scientology in a documentary format. He has done an excellent job of making it accessible to everyone. I have been a member of the church for twenty years, and I have never seen anything like this before. It is a film that is not for everyone, but I believe that it will be a great movie for people who are interested in the history of Scientology. It is a very important film that should be seen by everyone. I highly recommend this film.

Patricia Carr photo
Patricia Carr

I watched this movie with a friend, and we both agreed it was one of the best films we've ever seen. The reason it was so good was because it was not afraid to be true, and it was honest. It wasn't a film that you had to watch once, you had to watch it several times. The acting was incredible, and it was filmed so well, it felt like you were there. The editing was great, and the way they filmed the movie was fantastic. The actors were fantastic, and the direction was amazing. I think this movie is very important, because it shows how we are living in a world where people are being forced to become Scientologists. It shows the extent of the indoctrination that is happening, and the damage that it has done to the world. I recommend this movie to everyone, and I hope that it is shown in schools around the world.

Lisa Andrews photo
Lisa Andrews

I liked this movie, but that is not to say that it is perfect. Some of the stories and ideas are simplistic, and so are some of the characters, so that there is a feeling of lack of a character arc for a lot of the main characters. The relationship between young Paulette (from the "T.V. show") and her mother (who is played by the late Pat Morita) is not the right one to draw the viewer in. What I do like is that the director brings in a great deal of art, but it is more of a case of the director bringing in the art. The technical aspects are fine, especially in the interview with Paulette. However, the overall impression is that this film is very limited. It tries to get into all the movements of the mind of a person (except for what I have noted above), but it is not very comprehensive. The movie would have been more complete if the film makers did not describe the human mind in some great detail, so that it can be understood even by someone who has not seen the "T.V. show." By this, I mean that they could have explained the human mind in more detail, and then they could have said that it is easier to understand and more valuable than what we are taught in school.

Jonathan B. photo
Jonathan B.

I do not see why so many people like this. I have never seen or heard of this organization. I have to say, it is not very enjoyable. It is very sad that so many people can spend so much time watching this. I am a Scientologist, and I have to say that this is the worst movie I have ever seen. The problem is, I never felt like I had enough time to watch it all. I am sure the other people in the theater loved it, but I didn't.

Eric S. photo
Eric S.

It was hard for me to watch this film for a variety of reasons, and the reason is partly that I am not a believer. I am not sure that the film goes as far as it could go to argue the point that there is a Scientologist church out there, with a website, with its own religion, with its own leader, with its own theology, with its own rituals, with its own laws, with its own message. This film doesn't do it, and it does the best it can to make you understand why some people will find it hard to accept it. It is also hard to watch it with the knowledge that the film makers are making a film about Scientology. You have to understand that they are making a film about Scientology, and so in a sense, it's a documentary. For me, I found the film was a valuable education. And it made me think. The film was a useful tool for the other side, and you should probably see it if you want to see the other side.

Martha photo

It was a very entertaining and informative documentary about the life and times of the Church of Scientology. The problem with this documentary is that it focuses on a very small slice of Scientology. The film talks about Hubbard's life from his youth, to his death. The documentary is also very honest in its presentation of Scientology and how it was built. The documentary was a great help for me to understand what Scientology is all about. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about Scientology.

Joe Williams photo
Joe Williams

This is an interesting look at the rise of Scientology and the people who are involved with it. There are a number of interviews with former members of Scientology and those who are now in the church, as well as the Church of Scientology. The focus is on the church's inception, the early years of the church, the years that followed, and the rise of Scientology. The documentary does not make any claims of "proof" that Scientology is true. It does make a number of claims that are unsupported by any evidence. The documentary does not offer any proof of any of the claims, and even the claims that it does make are often not supported by evidence. This is not a documentary that will make you believe that Scientology is true, but it is worth watching for its interesting look at the rise of Scientology. The documentary is very informative, but you may want to read the book "Scientology and the Aftermath" to get a more complete picture.

Gary photo

I saw the movie on the first day it came out. I have to say I was very surprised. The movie is about a few people who have been "tried" by the church, and they try to prove they are "not really scientologists". It is really a good documentary, and it is really a movie that should be shown in schools and colleges. If you are a Scientologist, you should definitely see this movie. It is a great movie that tells the truth about the church. I have seen this movie 3 times and I think it is the best movie I have ever seen.

Barbara photo

I don't think the movie was bad, but it was just OK. It was a little too long, and it was a little too slow to get to the point. I like the movie because it is different. I don't think it was a bad movie, but I don't think it was a great movie either. I liked the music, but it was a little boring. I don't know if I would have liked it more if I had seen it in the theater. I think it was good for people who like documentaries, but I don't think it is very good for people who like movies.

Beverly G. photo
Beverly G.

This is a really cool movie. I was looking for a movie to watch and this one came to mind. It is a must see. I would definitely recommend it. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, you will not be disappointed. The subject matter is something that you will not see again. The movie starts out with the movie "Going Clear" and then goes to Scientology. It is a very interesting story and I have to say that the movie is very good. If you have any interest in Scientology or this subject matter, you will be very satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in Scientology.

Teresa Howard photo
Teresa Howard

This is the only true story about the Scientology religion, and it is one of the most shocking stories I've ever heard. The film is really good, the acting is superb, and the story is gripping. It's a must see for anyone who is an ex-Scientologist or anyone who's ever been a Scientologist, and it's a must see for anyone who has ever been a Scientologist.

Michael B. photo
Michael B.

In a nutshell, "Scientology: A Documentary" is a movie about a religion. It is based on the book of the same name by L. Ron Hubbard. It is the first documentary about Scientology. The story of Scientology is a personal one. I was one of the few people who knew about Scientology from the book "Going Clear: Scientology & The Prison of Belief". I learned a lot about it from watching this movie. Scientology is a religion that has existed for many years. It is not a secret anymore. People know that it exists. So why are they hiding it? The answer is that they have to hide it because it is very dangerous for them. They are trying to make it look like it is the most harmless religion in the world. That is what they are doing. The documentary shows that they are doing that. So the question is: Why hide it? The answer is that they do not want people to know that they are hiding it. So they are hiding it. The reason they hide it is because they are afraid of being sued for infringing copyright. The movie shows how they are trying to make it look like it is the most harmless religion. So they hide it. This is the reason they hide it. They hide it because they are afraid of being sued. If you are looking for something that is not scary and makes you think, this is the movie for you. It is the movie that I recommend. It is a must see. It is a must see for all who are looking for something that makes you think.

Cheryl Dean photo
Cheryl Dean

It is clear that the Church of Scientology is very concerned about their reputation. But, they are losing money, and this is a concern to the Church. But, they are also losing their mission. They are losing the war against the world. This is a story of a man who has been affected by Scientology, and he has seen it change him. It is an interesting story. It is not a "Hollywood" film, it is very true to life. There are many parallels to the Church of Scientology. In the movie, the director shows the director's point of view. The director is a former Scientologist, and he is a friend of a former Scientologist, who has left the Church. He shows the director's point of view. This is a good film, very accurate to life. This is a very good film, and I highly recommend it.

Albert Hunt photo
Albert Hunt

There are times when I see a person in a wheelchair and ask myself: "Where do they get those things?" I then see this film and I find out that Scientology is about 50% of the material. My previous two visits to the Scientology Center in Los Angeles had helped me get a general understanding of what the organization was and how it operates. As a result, I had no qualms about going to see this film. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen so far. I was not expecting anything of substance, but I did not want to waste any of my time. I am so glad I did. For a documentary that covers only two of the world's most popular religions, it is a must see. I especially liked how they showed how Scientology works and how it works for some of the "stars." However, there are a few things that I did not like. They talked about how some of the "stars" do not show emotions or show any signs of vulnerability, but in fact, they are in fact the most vulnerable of all the people in the film. That is fine. However, I felt that some of the people in the film are portrayed as being completely without emotions. This could be, but it was not. I did not like the fact that they showed a person being interviewed and then he/she suddenly shows an emotion (I felt a bit sorry for him/her). The person in question could have had a personality disorder (such as Bipolar disorder) that left them completely incapable of expressing anything. I also did not like the fact that there were no "sad" scenes. When I was going to see the film, I saw the reviews that said this is a "gory" film. Well, I think that was an understatement. There were a few scenes that were very graphic. However, there were a few scenes that were very soft. For example, there was a scene where a person gets his leg chopped off and that person is in tears. The person in question was not violent, but he had no emotion whatsoever. I also found the scenes of people in wheelchairs to be very disturbing. For example, a man is getting his leg amputated. He does not complain, he is totally calm and I did not feel any empathy for him. I did not see the film, but I felt that this is one of the most disturbing movies I have seen in a while. It is not like this happens every day. It is like it happens every day but it is never shown. It is disturbing. Another thing that bothered me was the scene where some Scientologists were listening to a real estate agent and when the

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Nancy C.

There is an interesting and intriguing sub-genre in which Scientologists (a.k.a. "Scientology") are portrayed as very bad people. The ones that are good are all portrayed as white men, who seem to be somehow good at what they do. But what does Scientology have to do with race, particularly in the USA? Scientology is about "truth" and self-deception. But the white male narcissists that this sub-genre portrays aren't the ones that Scientology is supposed to be about, and that's a shame. My Scientology movie is not about Scientology. It's about racism, it's about money, and it's about power. We have to start with something like the concept of "truth", and work from there. The movie explores the beliefs of the "right-on-the-nose" or "religious-man" type, who believes that Scientology is "true science". If you want to know more about what Scientology is really about, I recommend you to watch the movie. I also recommend to read more about it. But I strongly suggest you to watch the movie first. It's a powerful movie that will bring more attention to it than any other movie. "Scientology" is a very important movie and the more people that are aware of it, the more influence it will have on the world.