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Manbiki kazoku

Manbiki kazoku is a movie starring Lily Franky, Sakura Andô, and Kirin Kiki. A family of small-time crooks take in a child they find outside in the cold.

Other Titles
Poevargad, Un asunto de familia, Assunto de Família, Tatiči, Shoplifters, 小偷家族, Shoplifters - Familienbande, Kradljivci, Obiteljske veze, Arakçılar, Une affaire de famille, Bolti tolvajok, Vagiliautojai, O afacere de familie, 万引き家族, Złodziejaszki, Shoplifters: Uma Família de Pequenos Ladrões, Un affare di famiglia, Kẻ Trộm Siêu Thị, Un asunto de família, Ha'mishpakha Shelly, Κλέφτες Καταστημάτων, Zagleni, Somos una familia, Zloději, Shoplifters - perhesalaisuuksia
Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Crime
Hirokazu Koreeda
Hirokazu Koreeda, Hirokazu Koreeda
Sakura Andô, Lily Franky, Mayu Matsuoka, Kirin Kiki
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Couple Osamu and Nobuyo, their adolescent "son" Shota, and Nobuyo's "sister" and "mother", Aki and Hatsue, live together in Hatsue's small and isolated house in Tokyo. Although Osamu and Nobuyo have legitimate blue collar jobs, and Aki works as an exotic dancer of sorts in a men's club, they largely exist on Hatsue's deceased husband's pension and through shoplifting whatever they may need, in addition to Nobuyo stealing from her employer. Osamu's outward belief is that if something is in a store and no one has yet bought it, it doesn't actually belong to anyone and thus shoplifting is not stealing from anyone. Osamu and Shota do the bulk of the shoplifting of their day-to-day goods, their shoplifting M.O. which they have perfected to pat routine. On their way home after a shoplifting run, they spot a five year old girl who they have routinely seen huddled outside what they assume is her house, she as usual looking scared and malnourished. This day, they decide to take her home with them, in the process over time learning that she is Juri, an abused child. Ultimately, Osamu and Nobuyo decide to keep her, eventually changing her name to Lin and cutting her hair to make her look different after they discover two months after the fact that her abusive parents are finally looking for her. As Shota ends up being Lin's most frequent companion in he not attending school - Osamu and Nobuyo who have told him that only children who don't have the luxury of being taught at home need to go to school - he involves her in his routine shoplifting, the only life he knows. This new situation of Lin in their lives has the potential to bring this makeshift family come tumbling down around them as each person begins to question their past actions. If this figurative house does come crashing down, the alternative may not be better in the options of what is one's choice versus what is one's circumstance, the latter quite often biologically-based.

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Sarah T. photo
Sarah T.

I watched this movie because of the other one. I liked the first one but this one is more to my liking. The characters are much more interesting than the others, the cinematography is more realistic and more realistic scenes are filmed. I also liked how the movie doesn't repeat the same thing. You don't see the same characters in the same places again and again. It's really nice to watch a movie that doesn't repeat the same thing.

Lisa photo

From the opening of this movie, I could see what the director wanted to achieve. He succeeded in capturing the feel of the old samurai movies and the stories of the samurai. The main character, the lord, is a quiet, self-sacrificing man who is not overly religious. The movie does not shy away from the subject of religion and the samurai. The ending is a bit of a shocker, but it is not a shocker in a bad way. It's just a bit of a twist to the story. The acting is great. The cinematography is very good. The characters are well developed, and the characters are well acted. The main characters are very interesting and the story is engaging. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Japanese culture and Japanese movies.

Nicholas Garrett photo
Nicholas Garrett

I have seen this movie many times. I am a huge fan of Tatsuya Nakadai and he was really good in this movie. The plot is not very original, but it was still entertaining to see the entire cast. There was a good sense of humor in the movie. The music was also really good. The Japanese were really good at singing. I also like the fact that the Japanese did not speak English in the movie. I think that is really good. I can't say that the story was really bad, but it was a bit too predictable. I think that the story could have been improved. I think that the actors did a good job, but they could have done a better job. The movie was not really a great movie, but it was a really good movie.

Doris C. photo
Doris C.

I think that this is a very good film. It is not a movie that I would watch again, but it is worth watching. I think it is very well written and directed. The story is about a family who lives in a big house in a nice country town. The father is a carpenter and is in the middle of a divorce. The mother is very rich, and she has the need for a new husband. The daughter is a singer and has a boyfriend. The father has a very good relationship with his wife and his son. The daughter is very talented, but the father is a carpenter. The daughter is pregnant, and the father is very unhappy. He feels that he is in the middle of a divorce, and is very much in love with his wife. He tries to find a new wife, but he is unable to. Eventually he makes an offer to the daughter to become his wife. The daughter is very happy about it, but she is still very upset. She has never been pregnant, and she is very unhappy about this. Her boyfriend wants to move away from the house, and she wants to move in with him. The father has no idea why he is so unhappy. He does not know what to do about this. He just wants his family to be happy. I think that the father should have a long talk with his wife, and tell her that he loves her and that he is happy, and he will have a new wife. Then he will be able to get a new job. This is a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Andrew photo

This is one of the best movies I have seen in years. It was just so beautiful. The acting was very good. The direction was wonderful. The story was very interesting and a great story for a movie. The music was also very good. There was a lot of emotion in this movie. It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it made me feel. This is the kind of movie that you need to see if you haven't seen it. This is a movie that you can't miss, it will be a great movie to watch and enjoy. This is a movie that you don't want to miss. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Raymond E. photo
Raymond E.

This is a good film to watch, not because it has a great plot, but because it is a good film. The story is simple. A teenager is beaten and raped by a group of friends. The young woman decides to kill herself and take her revenge. There is no violence, no blood, no sex, no sex scene. It is a film about the realities of youth violence, and the shame that can come with it. I liked this film because it was a story about youth violence, and a story about the realities of it. It was good to see a film about youth violence, and about the shame that can come with it. It is not the violence that I find the most disturbing, but the shame that comes with it. It is the shame that comes from knowing that you are the same as the people that have done this to you. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a good film that tells a good story. This is a good film to watch.

Thomas Weaver photo
Thomas Weaver

I'm a huge fan of Kojima's work and was really excited to see his new film. I thought it was a great film and I can't wait to see it again. The film begins with a man who has been working as a security guard in a hospital and is constantly harassed by the staff and patients. When he is released he is hired by a man named Tadayoshi to take care of a newborn baby that is being looked after by his mother. This is the start of a journey for the two of them. The film is a great mix of real life and fiction and has a lot of great characters. The director has a great eye for detail and the use of symbolism is just wonderful. The acting is very good and the story is very well told. It is one of those films where the characters are very human and it is easy to sympathise with them. It is very easy to watch and it is one of those films that you can watch again and again and never get bored. It is a great film that I would recommend to anyone who wants a good story, good acting and a good plot.

Lisa C. photo
Lisa C.

This is a must see for anyone who wants to see a movie that is both fun to watch and an insight into the life of a person in his late 30's. If you don't like this movie, you don't like anything. It is based on a true story, and the acting is top-notch. I wish I could give it a higher rating, but I can't. If you're looking for a movie that is both entertaining and educational, you have found it. If you're looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and enjoy yourself, then this is it. It's not for everyone, but if you enjoy movies that will make you think, this is the one for you.

Jerry Lawrence photo
Jerry Lawrence

It is my belief that while watching a movie for the first time in Japanese, you can either immediately identify yourself with the characters, or immediately identify with the story. I firmly believe this to be true with Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. The movie was not just about the war, it was about the inner lives of the men, and what they had to go through to achieve that war. The movie was about the soul of war, and how it made people who never experienced it to become heroes. It is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen, and it is by far one of the most controversial films ever made. As a person who has never experienced war, I found the movie to be incredibly moving. The characters are deeply likable, and you can feel for them. The music and cinematography are breathtaking, and the cinematography was one of the things that I most enjoyed. I highly recommend this movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone. I believe this is a great movie for the whole family to watch, as it is one of the most touching movies ever made. I would like to recommend this movie to anyone who likes films, and people who have experienced war. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Peter photo

This movie is not your typical gangster movie. I like the first two movies that this movie is based on. However, I have to admit that I was expecting much more from this movie. The plot was good, the acting was good, the soundtrack was great, the cinematography was great, and the costumes were just amazing. The movie starts with a relatively small-scale story about a person who has been locked up in a prison for 12 years. The prison guards aren't exactly the best at what they do, and the man eventually escapes. The movie then takes a different route, and focuses on the character of Tomoya, a young man who was born in the prison and who went on to be a big star in Japan. Tomoya is a free man, living in the city, with a girlfriend, who is constantly abused by her boyfriend. One day, Tomoya is visited by a woman who has a strange request for him: to get revenge for the man who killed his father. The movie takes a different turn when it becomes about Tomoya and the girl's plan to find the man who murdered his father. Tomoya finds out about the man's true identity, and his plan to kill Tomoya's girlfriend is made. The movie is a good story about a man who has been locked up for 12 years, but it has a twist in the end. If you liked the first two movies, I suggest you to watch this one. If you didn't like the first two movies, I suggest you to watch this one, and I think you will be satisfied.

Susan Lawson photo
Susan Lawson

This is one of the few movies that I have seen which had me in tears. I feel so sorry for those people who get raped and murdered. I can not imagine how they feel. I felt so bad for them. I don't know if this movie was made for people to be able to cry, or if it was made for people who are like that to see it. I know this movie was made for people like that. It was a very sad movie. I don't know if it is a good movie, but it made me cry. The ending was really sad. I think this movie is good, but I would never watch it again. It was so sad. I didn't feel it was good, but I would never watch it again. I was in tears.

Jean Wallace photo
Jean Wallace

The film is a very long one, but it is worth it. It is a rare thing to have a film that is not an hour and a half long. In that sense, I am glad I saw this film. The cast is great, the direction is superb, and the overall film is very much worth seeing. In this film, the main character is a student who, after being diagnosed with a rare illness, finds out that he has the ability to communicate with animals. The film follows his search for the best place for his pet dog, which is a rescue dog, and the relationship he forms with the people who care for the dog. The film is long, but it is well worth it. It is very disturbing, and very sad, but the film is well worth seeing.

Mildred Phillips photo
Mildred Phillips

I'm not a huge fan of Japanese cinema, but this film is the best I've seen for the past decade. In it, we get a visually striking depiction of the Japanese gangster lifestyle, and all the cultural references that are well hidden behind the most powerful mafia organizations. It's a film that is both visually and emotionally powerful, and is a film that I hope gets made a lot more often. It's a must-see for anyone interested in the Japanese underworld, and a must-see for any fan of film.

Jesse S. photo
Jesse S.

The movie is about a guy who doesn't like his wife and doesn't want to go on living with her. He is kidnapped and his wife, after finding out he is a prisoner, becomes the main character. This movie is really a little bit strange. The script is quite bad, but the cast is very good. The only problem with this movie is that the movie is really long and I was really bored during some parts. There are a lot of scenes in the movie that are really long and boring. This movie is a little bit strange, but I think it is good. The movie is so long and boring that I don't recommend you to watch it.

Jeremy photo

The film is about the rise of black nationalist, Enver Hoxha in his quest to change the course of history. The film is a slow, thoughtful drama about the complexity of the situation in the country. It focuses on the relationship between the writer, Nabi, and his teenage son, Konkon. The film has a very strong sense of place, with scenes of Nabi's birthplace, his childhood and the people of his village. The film doesn't want to be a documentary or to have the audience jump to conclusions. It doesn't get bogged down in explaining the meaning of the scenes. It focuses on the action of the characters and the meaning of the film. The film has some very strong performances from the cast. In particular, it is great to see Anwar Eshkol as the head of the Independent State of Albania. Eshkol is an excellent actor, and the scenes he is in are truly chilling. He plays the role of the despot very well. Anwar Eshkol is the best thing about this film. He is great. The film is a great addition to the recent success of a few films about black nationalist movements. The film is a great character study, and one of the best films of the year. This film is not a classic, but it is very good. I give it an A.

Deborah photo

I love the title of this movie, and the meaning behind it. The film is a critique of our current system, and is about the corruption that plagues our world. It shows that the corruption and the ignorance that pervade our society is absolutely destroying the Earth. As a child, I was able to identify with the protagonist in this film, who wanted to be a part of something. However, as he got older, he felt so self-absorbed and "enjoyed" his life that he just forgot about the real world. I think that the movie is very good. The acting is outstanding, and I thought the story was very interesting. I loved the fact that the movie was set in the same time period as the real world, and the contrast was pretty effective. I think that the movie is a great example of a movie that shows what the "real world" is like. It is a film that will be remembered for years to come. The whole cast did a great job in their roles, and I think that the whole cast did a great job of bringing the story to life.

Edward Rice photo
Edward Rice

If you like to see good acting, a well-made story, and a good cast, this is a good movie. I like the idea of showing how corruption in the government affects people. This is not a soap opera but a movie. It's a movie about corruption in the world. It's also a movie about how a good guy becomes a bad guy because of the way he lived his life. It's a movie about the way people live their lives in the real world and how corrupt government can affect people. I think the idea of corruption is one of the most important ideas in the world. We see it in our daily life and in our world. In this movie, the corruption is shown in a way that makes us think about the corruption in our society. That's why I like the movie so much. I also like the story, because it's about corruption in our society. It's also about the problems we have with corruption in our society. It's also about how we can change our society and how we can make our world better. I think this movie is a good movie. I give it a 7/10.

Carolyn Russell photo
Carolyn Russell

This is an excellent movie, but it is not for everyone. The story is very original, the characters are well developed, the scenes are very well put together and the film is very stylish. The film is a good mix of drama and drama/thriller, and some scenes are very intense. The story is very similar to "Lost Highway" (a great film). I would give it a 9/10.

William photo

There's no way around it. The film is something different. Something like A Clockwork Orange, a radical act of a young man, but with a different tone and approach. The film has a story of a revolution, something that seems to happen only every 20 years or so, but this film is very different. I've seen this film twice and the second time I enjoyed it even more than the first. It's not a political film, but it does show a lot of important things, the idea of terrorism, the rules of war and of course a deep relationship between a man and his art. It is a very interesting film, that you can't help but love it, and I would recommend it to any one who wants to see a film that deals with some kind of a revolution. It is definitely worth watching, but don't take it too seriously, because the film is not just about a revolution.

Sandra Riley photo
Sandra Riley

I was waiting for this film to come out in a theatre but never got around to it. I was not disappointed. This film is extremely well done. It is great to see a film about a drug dealing mafia but in a modern era. The acting is good and the plot is very interesting. There are some fantastic camera angles. This film will be a classic in the future. I hope more directors learn from it. If you are a fan of this film or have seen it, I recommend you to watch it. If you are not a fan of it or have seen it, I would recommend you to not watch it.

Phillip photo

I remember watching this film in the mid 90's and thought it was pretty good. The story was good, the acting was good, and the action was good. I recently purchased the DVD and I'm now able to appreciate it more. It's a shame that it's almost impossible to find the film on DVD. I am so happy I found it on Netflix. The film's themes are very meaningful. They also show the conflict between gangs, and the fact that they fight and fight over territory. However, the film is too long. The first half of the film is so slow and it is hard to keep up with what is going on. The second half of the film is much better. It goes faster and it makes sense. The acting is also excellent. This is one of those films where you will probably remember it more than you will remember it now. It is a must watch. I would recommend it to anyone who likes films that show the struggles of gangs and the struggle between the gangs.

Pamela R. photo
Pamela R.

I was not expecting much from this movie. I knew it would be a bit on the simple side and light on the drama. I was not disappointed. It was quite the opposite. The movie really did take me into the main character's mind and life. The movie is a story of the inner world of the people. The way the story is told is very well done and keeps you interested in what is going on. The movie does have a few emotional scenes, but it is not too heavy or heavy-handed. I think the main character of the movie is a bit too good-looking and the role of his wife is not well done. It is just not her role to play. I think the director did a good job of portraying the story through the eyes of the main character and his wife. I thought the director did a good job of showing the evolution of the couple and how the situation changes. I think this is the best movie he has done so far. I hope he does a lot of movies. I would recommend this movie to people who like movies about the ordinary people.