Steam Revelation: Dawn of Global Government

Revelation: Dawn of Global Government

Revelation: Dawn of Global Government is a movie starring Chuck Baldwin, Jerry Boykin, and Mark Collins. Looming world government, a world "elite", The United Nations...loss of American sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on...

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Behold a Pale Horse: America's Last Chance
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1 hours 46 minutes
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Chuck Untersee
Chuck Untersee
Mark Collins, Jerry Boykin, Charlie Daniels, Chuck Baldwin
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Looming world government, a world "elite", The United Nations...loss of American sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on the hill" dims. Dissecting America under judgment, Lieutenant General William Boykin and Alex Jones join Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated on The New World Order with Biblical perspective. The global feudal police state unfolds...We were born for such a time as this!

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Brenda photo

A very powerful and timely documentary. I read the other reviews before going to see it, and I can only say that I agree with the majority. This is one of those documentaries that just doesn't get many play on the news. But, if you are a history buff, this movie will be a useful addition to your collection. I recommend it for anyone interested in the time period of the end of the Roman Empire and the rise of the modern West.

Douglas photo

I saw this movie on the evening I got my award for the Best Documentary at the American Film Institute. My opinion is that the movie itself is a perfect balance between entertainment and critical analysis. The movie is very inspirational and realistic. The movie is also very interesting and very informative. The movie itself is great and inspirational. I think it is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen. This is the second documentary that I have seen that are based on a conspiracy theory. The other one is "In God We Trust", which is a film that was produced by none other than the John Birch Society and the film is an incredible documentary. If you have not seen this movie yet, do not hesitate to see it. You will not regret it. It is not a question of who is right, it is a question of how you would feel about the situation if the situation were to continue. My vote for this movie is 9/10.

Patricia Reyes photo
Patricia Reyes

This is a great movie and an excellent analysis of the world we are living in. I have not seen this movie before, but I am a big fan of Alex Jones and this film was a perfect representation of what he is talking about. The film has a very well balanced message and even though the author is Jewish, I still felt that this movie was made for people of all religions. All of the actors in this movie were amazing and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that is interested in how the world is being run and what our choices have led to.

Lawrence Oliver photo
Lawrence Oliver

I'm a HUGE fan of the history of science. I can't think of a more appropriate subject for a documentary film. There are so many misconceptions of the scientific method that this film exposes them all, and exposes those who spread them. There is absolutely no question that government has been misleading the public about everything from evolution to the dangers of DDT to cancer. This film exposes the manipulation of the science to support this current U.S. policy. By exposing this, it forces everyone to think about their own beliefs. If you aren't willing to look at your own beliefs, you will certainly not want to give the government the power to manipulate you. This is a must see film for everyone. Highly recommended.

Nancy Simpson photo
Nancy Simpson

I was disappointed by the level of information and the overall tone of the film. I would have preferred to have been exposed to the information in a more structured way. This is a good movie but I would have preferred to have seen more of it.

Julia Warren photo
Julia Warren

This documentary shows the history of some of the most important events in human history. I recommend it to people who are interested in world history, or as a good "history lesson". I also recommend it to anyone who believes in global government, because it shows the plan of global government. A good documentary to watch, but be warned: this movie has a lot of graphic images, so you will probably have to see it with a close screen. The final message I would give is: the poor are NOT the victims of global government. This movie, as a good "history lesson" is good to show people the message: this movie is not about the poor. As a lesson, it's good, but this movie has a message. Global government is a global problem that must be fixed, but this movie makes it very clear: global government is wrong. This movie should be viewed by everyone, but it's very important to be a good person. For me, this is a good documentary: a good movie to watch, but be warned: this movie has a lot of graphic images, so you will probably have to see it with a close screen.

Emily photo

This is the best book I've ever read and it was like watching the movies. The fact that one of my favorite authors was the voice of a mind-controlled politician made it even better. I'll admit that at times I was just in awe of how dumb I was being, but if you've ever felt like the government has gone completely over the top and you've seen these videos of the government having fun and abusing power and control and stuff, this is the movie for you. I can't say that I'm a "conservative" but I definitely am not a "liberal" - I'm a liberal democrat and I know these are the same people, but the ones in power are the same. This is a movie I want to see a few more times so I can truly appreciate the work of the author and the film-makers.

Amanda photo

The big question of this documentary is: "What happens when the people of the world are given the right to vote?" In the past, we have had elections, but have we really changed anything? In this documentary, we hear from a man who has been doing research on the voting process in the U.S. and we see what he believes is the reality. He argues that the whole process is manipulated by big corporations and that the people of the world should have the right to vote and have their voice heard. But he also sees that the government has been manipulating the process and is simply an extension of big business. And he believes that the truth will come out. This is the first documentary in which I have ever seen that I would recommend to others. This is a must-see documentary.

Debra Carter photo
Debra Carter

The events portrayed in this documentary are not new. But what made this movie so compelling was the fact that the filmmakers did not try to fit it into a box. They simply presented it as a documentary and let the audience decide what to make of it. This is a must see documentary that really should be seen by all Americans. I hope it will be made into a film.

Willie photo

I was surprised to find this film online. The viewer is given a fairly complete view of the history of the world. I was hoping for a film that would tell me about the world, but this film is far more interesting than that. It provides an excellent explanation of the global elite and how they work together to manipulate the world. The film provides an explanation of how the global elite have been able to keep their power despite the problems of the world. The film shows how the elite use money to buy elections. This film is very informative and it is definitely worth seeing.

Julie Carlson photo
Julie Carlson

For those who read the books, this is a must see! It really portrays the conspiracy behind the current world order. I especially enjoyed the time lapse photography that was used in the film. A very interesting documentary. I am also very impressed with the way these "Big Brothers" operate. The film also makes you want to wake up the public and protest. It was a great feeling to see that the Government does not control the masses like in "Harry Potter." It's amazing that most Americans, under the guidance of the CIA and other organizations, are not only ignorant of the true nature of what is happening, but also do not seem to be able to recognize the truth. It is so sad that the U.S. is leading the world in such a manner. The way the world is being led is not in the best interest of the people of the world. It is only a matter of time before we all wake up and take action. This is a must see.

Lawrence O. photo
Lawrence O.

This was very interesting, and I just happened to come across this movie on a rerun of Channel 4's documentaries. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, but I actually found it to be really good. It's got a lot of good points, and I'm not sure what it is I found so bad about it, but the major problems are that it makes a couple of points on its own, and it talks about a lot of really important issues. It's not really a serious look at global government, it's more of a look at the effects of big business, and how they can affect a whole nation. The part I found the most irritating about this movie is the way the people interviewed were treated, so that's why I think it's not a very interesting movie. I think it would have made a much better documentary if they had just done the same thing as in this movie, but instead of just doing a documentary about global government, they'd done a documentary about the dangers of Big Business, and talked about the effect of business on the American public. I'd like to think the documentary makers would have done a better job at this, but I don't think they could have. In fact, I think they'd probably have given themselves more of a problem, because they would have been going around talking about a whole series of really important topics and not the problems that they were trying to get across. It was a good movie, but it's not going to make you think too much about what you're going to see in the future, and that's fine with me.

Jeremy West photo
Jeremy West

I just watched this film and I have to say that it was a very interesting and entertaining documentary. It is not your usual film. It is very informative and makes you think. The problem is that the subject matter is not well known. The film is very well done. It is interesting to see the changes in the world over the past few decades. The movie also shows how governments manipulate the news, and the media. The most interesting part is that many people who are not aware of the world today and are not aware of the changes in the world are still very ignorant. This is not a movie that you would want to watch more than once. I would recommend it to people who are interested in the subject matter and are open to the idea of the changes that are happening. Also, I would recommend it to people who are concerned about the future of the world.

Louis Willis photo
Louis Willis

Great documentary, I like the way you draw the timeline through the various revelations of the media companies who are in bed with the powers that be. There are so many in-depth interviews with mainstream media executives and other in-the-know people who have knowledge of the money-making agenda that the news is serving up to the masses. Most of them are skeptical that globalists, the elites, are truly out to have us believe what we are being fed. I wish that they would stick to showing the blatant double-standards of the news when it comes to sensationalism. Many interviews are drawn-out and do not make much sense to the viewer, which is probably a good thing. In any case, if you watch the film you will find out that even the mainstream media has a secret agenda. The internet is very revealing, and so are the Internet memes. The whole idea behind globalism is that they are doing this for the greater good, and they are all the better for it. The media is one of the most powerful tools they have used to promote this agenda. They have made the world a bigger place by propagating lies. The MSM is the lynchpin of this global agenda. If they fail to have it their way, the other powers that be will find ways to distort the truth in order to keep it in their favor. They have power over the other powers that be, and they use their power to control the media. We are heading into the next phase of the globalist agenda. Their plans have been explained. There will be many revelations in the future, so keep watching. This is a very good film, and it is sure to be watched by many. It is important to understand that if you stop believing in a conspiracy, your worldview is not changed, but in fact they are doing this for the greater good of mankind, and that they are making a better world. Don't fall into the trap of conspiracy theorizing and trusting the media.

Eugene A. photo
Eugene A.

When this documentary aired on late night TV, I watched it alone and it was a revelation. As a U.S. Citizen, this documentary made me question what is going on right now. I have the same question I had when I was in the U.S. Air Force and watched the same movie. I was in the States, at the Nellis Missile Range and the movie made me understand how things worked in that area. This movie is based on a true story of a subject that was not known by the general public. The documentary will educate you and inform you on this topic. I highly recommend this documentary. The subject of Global Government is very interesting. I would love to see this subject brought to life. So far I have only seen one documentary, but I hope that more documentaries will be made. The director has done a wonderful job and I hope to see more documentaries on the subject of Global Government.

Johnny F. photo
Johnny F.

What a great, chilling, and terrifying film. This movie is a must see. The story is so disturbing and hard to watch that it makes you think twice about the decisions that you have to make in your life. The acting is very well done. The only thing I didn't like was that the movie was so long that it seemed to drag on and on. It was like a 60 minute long documentary. I was so disappointed. I really enjoyed this movie. I think everyone should see this film. The things that are said in this film are so true and so frightening that I was hoping for something really shocking to happen and I was right.

Virginia E. photo
Virginia E.

This is a great documentary on the global-spending problems. There are some really interesting facts about the US Government spending money in the most remote and corrupt parts of the world. I think it is a good idea for people to watch this documentary. To get an idea of how the US Government spend money, I recommend that people watch the documentary "The Big Picture".

Julie F. photo
Julie F.

While the film was still in production, I thought I'd watch it. While I was initially skeptical, I really liked the documentary. The director was very thorough and the camera was very well placed. I felt the focus of the film was on the threats we are facing today. It wasn't a propaganda film and I thought the director did an excellent job. I think it's a good thing that we can see the world as it is today. I hope people can take the time to watch this film. I'm sure it will make you think.

Jeffrey photo

This documentary is really fascinating. There's no plot in it. It just tells how governments use military, propaganda and fear to control the minds of the population. But the most important thing about it is that this information is not presented in a biased manner. Every people, in every country has the right to know what's going on. This movie is a must see for everyone. See it!

Jack photo

I found this movie to be very interesting, and I liked the way the filmmaker used sound and film footage. He also did a good job of using a very interesting and powerful voice-over for the main character. The only thing that I found annoying was the way the filmmaker used the voice-over. It was very intrusive. I think he should have left out the voice-over altogether. I also thought the director was very good at making the movie interesting and absorbing. I don't think this movie is for everyone. It is very well made, and I would definitely recommend it to people who like documentaries and thought-provoking movies. The one thing that I found annoying was the voice-over. I think that the director should have left the voice-over out of the movie altogether. Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It was very interesting, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Olivia photo

This is an outstanding documentary that should be viewed by everyone. What it lacks is it's summary. What it has is nothing short of an incredible act of courage and a move of humanity to give up our own freedoms for the betterment of all. This is about something as big as the day of reckoning of our freedoms and about what it means to be a free man. It goes to show that the way you live your life and the way you think and live your life is as important as what you say and the way you say it. What the movie lacks is a summary of what it is and how it came about. We had to be told a great deal of information about the film, especially the characters. The nature of this movie is that it cannot be completed without the information, but it cannot be told in words without telling it. It leaves you with the feeling that you are so glad that you were able to be a part of this event. And we are so glad to have been able to be a part of this event, because it is a time that we will never forget, and a time that we will never be able to forget.

Andrea A. photo
Andrea A.

The movie depicts an aspect of the current global politics that is perhaps most poorly understood. The narrative is in the form of a confession of the real reasons behind the disasters we are witnessing. Perhaps one of the most powerful scenes is the one between a leader of the leader of the top drug cartel, being accused of misusing the drug trade and the son of the world's biggest drug dealer, being interviewed about his uncle, a drug trafficker from another country, and the father speaking about the drugs he was forced to sell to feed his family. This scene would have been powerful had it been a real man, or a real family. The scene should have been a tragedy. Instead, it is a confession of the reasons behind the current crisis of global politics. It is a powerful documentary that shows that the powers of the world are not very different from one another and can be harnessed to do evil in the name of profit. It would be great if the United States had a unified front with other countries in addressing the crisis of global politics. The point of the movie is not to reveal a conspiracy. It is to present the current problems of the world in a way that is at once emotional, insightful, and shocking. As a movie, it is very well done. It is a visual work that is powerful, moving, and disturbing. As a documentary, it is superb. The people interviewed are well represented. It is all the more powerful when it is presented in a context of how the current crisis in global politics is changing the future of the world. It is a powerful documentary that is well worth viewing.

Sara H. photo
Sara H.

A well done and well-produced documentary that shows how conspiracy theories are gaining ground even in mainstream circles. Many critics have raised a number of questions about this film, but I believe they have been addressed, if at all. The film is very well-filmed, and is a must-see for anyone who thinks the world is run by an authoritarian empire. The documentary does not, however, give a whole new interpretation of history, which I believe is quite misleading. I would not suggest that anyone do this film, however, if you have not already done so. But if you want to better understand how we get into the political system, you should definitely see this film. It does a good job of going into detail about the main conspiracies, with lots of pictures and videos. It also does a great job at raising questions that are actually pertinent and do not get addressed in the current US and Western political climate. Watch it!

Brittany photo

I didn't want to write a review but really needed to. The movie deals with a subject that is very important to me. I'm a believer in this type of idea that all governments have been created to serve the interests of certain groups. I believe it's called "domination" by force and manipulation. We don't need a dictator or a dictator in our government. We need to free ourselves and our families from this type of control. I believe that "In God We Trust" should be removed from every currency. It's based on a lie. We should be completely free from it. That way, we can fulfill our role in life. We should be honest with ourselves and our family and friends. Everyone should be able to think and say the truth. And I believe in freedom of speech. It's not a right to be offended. It's a right to have a voice. In the end, this movie is not just an attack on the military and the CIA. It's also an attack on the government of the United States. I was very disappointed in the way they presented this issue. I think the government should be more like the military. They should have a purpose. If a person doesn't want to help the country, he should go and talk to the neighbors and other citizens and make a plan to fix it. I also think that the media should not be involved in politics. It should only present information. I believe that the media has not been the only reason to support George W. Bush. I believe that all presidents should be "blind" to the power of the military and the CIA. This is a new type of tyranny. We should all be able to see it. This is a very important movie and it's a must see.

Johnny Ellis photo
Johnny Ellis

This documentary presents evidence of government and international conspiracy in the guise of a pseudo-religious belief in the survival of the fittest. This belief is a product of a pre-industrial age where the farmer was the "perfect" human being and the herd was the "perfect" animal society. Humans were instinctive killers and there were no true moral codes in the pre-industrial age. I find this to be a fascinating view of what this world might be like had the hunters and gatherers had the power to adopt the hunter/gatherer ethic. The fact that this world is portrayed as a war zone and people are either starving or held captive by the military. This is a frightening prospect to think that this could possibly be the present day and the "guess what" is that this is the way it is. What other world would be portrayed this way in the future. This documentary is a must see and if you have not seen it yet, then you should go out and buy a copy of this DVD right away and watch it. It is well worth your time. I gave it an 8 because of the flaws and questionable nature of the documentaries I have seen but I will give it a 9 because of the excellent documentary I received from my local library.

Carol photo

I was very surprised to see the number of people that gave this a 10. I thought the documentary was very well made, well edited and delivered a lot of information. It is very easy to see the problem that the world is facing and how it will be resolved. I also saw the reaction of the people at the end of the film, and I am sure that there are many people that will be thinking about their own lives and their actions, and this film certainly helps them to think about what they are doing and how it is affecting the world. I think that this film is a great film that everyone should see, even if you don't agree with what the people say. It is a good way to help people to think about the world we are living in. I would recommend this film to anyone, even if you don't agree with what the people are saying, I think it is a great documentary.

Tiffany C. photo
Tiffany C.

Facts of global politics are often obscured by propaganda, so it is important to make this one available. Why do we have the president of the United States of America saying, and quoting scripture, that "we have an issue in the world". He is quoting from the Bible, and claiming that our lives are important because God said so. This is about a book of scripture. I thought that this was another propaganda video. How do you make a propaganda video that is educational? You can't, it's a propaganda movie. This was really interesting. This is really interesting to me. The thing that surprised me was how many people could believe this nonsense. I was impressed that there were people who believed in a miracle. It is important to make these kinds of documentaries, because the majority of people are ignorant of facts. There is one video in the video library that is the same kind of documentary as this, and I think it would be pretty good. It would be very interesting to see how far people would go to believe this crap. The religious beliefs of people are so distorted, it is a big problem. My conclusion is that they are so superstitious that it is not a problem.

Emma photo

The main message of this movie is that no matter what government you live in, there is always a "hidden" agenda. The movie is not just about one conspiracy theory. It is a very well done movie with a great cast and an engaging story. I was very impressed with the amount of information in the movie. I was very impressed with the way the movie went into detail about each of the subjects it covered. There was never a boring moment. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic. This is a great movie to watch with your family.

Jordan Ward photo
Jordan Ward

I watched this film on Netflix and thought it was great. The film starts with the events leading up to 9/11 and how a group of people in the United States (not only the Bush Administration) have been attempting to block this information from being released. The film then shows the events leading up to the Iraq War. The film does a great job of explaining the government's plans and methods to stop any and all information from being released. This film is a must see for anyone that is concerned about the future of the world. It is very informative and the information is easy to understand. I am glad I watched this film.

Maria photo

This documentary has a simple message: "The global governance system is going to fail." The problem is, governments and corporations are so powerful that they will never allow the system to fail. As a result, governments will continue to use and abuse the system to their advantage. We will see more and more of these "agenda-driven" government and corporate controlled systems. They will be replaced by a new, better, more efficient system that is "free" and "democratic" - without the politics. It will be a long, long time before we will see this new system. There are many warnings in this documentary, but the message is clear. It is our responsibility to keep our elected officials and the corporations that pay them honest and accountable. Governments and corporations will continue to use and abuse the system, and they will never allow it to fail. We can only hope that our elected officials will not do as they have done in the past, but that we can make sure that this happens. We can only hope that our elected officials will stop using the system for their own advantage, and that they will be held accountable to the people who elected them. This documentary is worth watching.

Sara F. photo
Sara F.

This documentary is a must see for anyone that wants to know the truth about the global government, and why we are going to have to become one. It is very enlightening and informative and you will be thinking about it for days. I can't wait for the DVD release. The information is backed up by the real facts and it is very well put together. The director and producer also did a great job at taking this subject and making it very clear and clear cut. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Patrick photo

What this movie does so well is that it shows the history of how the world is coming together and how people have become so enmeshed into their own lives that they don't realize the truth. It shows the way that the Illuminati have manipulated people to be subservient to their agenda, and how the globalists have been very successful in keeping the masses ignorant. The movie is very well done and a must see for anyone interested in history. It's interesting to see how different nations view the world from the United States, and how people have been so enamored with their own ideals that they have failed to recognize the truth. I would recommend this movie to anyone interested in world history, and it's great for those who like to think.

Anthony photo

I think this film is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. It's a great insight into the current world government situation. The story is based on the book by Michael Ruppert, The Globalists: The Struggle for the World. The film is a must see for anyone who wants to know what's going on in the world today. It's a must see for anyone who wants to understand what the world is about.

Sandra B. photo
Sandra B.

I just watched this at the Seattle Film Festival, and it was great. The film was narrated by a young man who was a young Christian activist, but now is a pastor. He's not one to talk about his faith, but he did this film and gave a lot of insight into what he was doing and how he felt about it. I recommend this film, and hope it gets released soon.

Alice Peterson photo
Alice Peterson

This is a film that really should have been a documentary. The film is incredibly misleading and one of the most unbelievable documentaries I have ever seen. I am not going to try and defend it because I am sure I will have a hard time explaining it to others. I don't want to give away the ending but the end was pretty much a foregone conclusion. I am sure many people have already explained this in other reviews but I will just say that it was the biggest let down of my life and I feel bad for everyone who watched it. I would rather have spent the money on the movie and not have to go through all of this. I honestly thought the ending was really kind of cool and I am sure I am not the only one that thought that. I also really think this is a film that should be shown to all students and teachers in school to show them what is going to happen in the world. I am a teacher and I feel that this film really needs to be taught in schools because it is really scary and this is what I am afraid of. I am sure many people have read the book and are just going to be shocked by the film but I feel that they should have read the book first and not seen the film. I honestly feel like this is a film that needs to be shown to all schools to show them what is going to happen in the world.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

If you have ever read the Bible, you will know that the book of Revelation was written in the 6th century A.D. It is about a future world where the world is ruled by a single world government. The movie shows how the people of the world are controlled by a group called The Illuminati. This movie explains the Illuminati and the conspiracy that they have built to control the world. It also shows the consequences of what they have done. If you are a believer in the Bible, you will be shocked to hear what they are doing to the world. The movie also shows how the people of the world are being controlled by these evil people. This movie is very good for people who are interested in the Bible. It is a very good movie to watch.

Ryan B. photo
Ryan B.

This is a very important documentary, and it's a shame that it was censored in the United States. This documentary is very informative, and the way it was edited was very well done. It is very important to know about the world that we live in, and the fact that we are all part of a global government. The idea that our world is controlled by a few wealthy people is not a new one, but it is very disturbing to hear that they are controlling our governments. It is very interesting to see how this documentary is done, and the way they edited it. The way they showed the information was very well done. I highly recommend this documentary.

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

I thought this documentary was a good idea, and it is worth a watch. The problem with this film is that it does not really go anywhere. It is not very political. It just tells a lot of stories about what is going on in the world today. If you want to see a documentary that shows the real world of the United States government, watch this film. If you want to see a documentary that focuses on the people of the world and the situation in the world today, watch this film. I give this film an 8/10.

Johnny Mason photo
Johnny Mason

I'm sorry, but I don't understand why so many people are so harsh on this movie. I don't get how anyone could be so negative. This is a movie that is simply the truth. The only people who would be offended by this movie are those who have not watched it and have not yet discovered that they are living in a world controlled by a secret society. I'm sure that many people will disagree with me, but I'm not going to go on about the many good points in this movie. I just wanted to say that it is a great movie that shows the truth. It's a must see.

Carl Burns photo
Carl Burns

I thought this was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The facts and what the government is doing are much more known than it used to be. What people are saying is quite common knowledge. This is great for explaining to your kids what is happening around the world. It would be great to watch on a rainy day. I would have to say, this was an excellent documentary that is very well done. I highly recommend this film.

Emily Bennett photo
Emily Bennett

I love seeing what other people think of my movie. The people that liked it are people I know and love. The people that didn't like it are people I know and love. I also find the people that didn't like it entertaining. I guess that's the kind of movie that is best for different people. So what if you're not into global government? This movie is entertainment. I'm not much for politics and I'm not too fond of the religious ones. But I have seen enough of the world, see enough of it, and have enough knowledge of it to comment on the movie. This movie is entertainment, like any other. I love it.

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M.

Many people will hear about the conspiracies surrounding the US government, but a good film is not about what others think is going on, but rather what you think is going on. The best thing about this film is the way it shows people like the Director, to go through the creation and the questioning of the conspiracy theories. There are some great interviews and the movie is informative. But the questions aren't always answered, which is good because it allows people to have an open mind. The most fascinating interview is with a former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who questions all the theories surrounding 9/11 and the war in Iraq. You can follow along with him to ask questions about his view of the subject and listen to what he has to say.

Grace Rivera photo
Grace Rivera

This is a must watch! The second major movie that has been made by the new right wing authoritarian regime in Russia. It exposes the nefarious planning of the US government to destroy the government of Russia and to replace it with a corporate one. This movie also exposes the flaws in US government's national security and power of law enforcement agencies that are supposed to protect people. To this end it is filled with evidence that the US government is at the forefront of worldwide surveillance. The propaganda system is transparent as to what is going on and that we are being lied to. It is not secret anymore that government spies, including the CIA, are conducting secret surveillance of Americans. When they need access to that information, they use secret programs that cost millions of dollars. The most important thing to know about this film is that it is biased. Not just from US government but from all governments in the world. The movie includes footage from other countries including North Korea, Russia, and China. And even shows footage from people's homes in Russia, that are being turned into spying stations. What is worse, this film shows the US government engaging in secret spying without any real warrant and without the involvement of the courts. The only reason the movie exists is because the governments of other countries want to be informed about the activities of the US government. And this film gives a good report of what the US government is doing and does. It is also a warning that the US government is going to continue to engage in these activities until they are stopped.

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Laura K.

I can't recall a time when I saw a documentary that was so well made. The delivery and opinions of the author was well-reasoned, without being overly "on-the-nose" or "mumble-mumble" in its delivery. The director did a wonderful job of mixing reality with the surreal with a fair amount of tact. It was worth the price of admission for sure.