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Sanam Teri Kasam

Sanam Teri Kasam is a movie starring Harshvardhan Rane, Mawra Hocane, and Vijay Raaz. After being disowned by her family, an awkward librarian relies on the help of her brooding neighbour.

Other Titles
I Swear on You, My Beloved, Ich schwöre, dich für immer zu lieben
Running Time
2 hours 34 minutes
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Romance, Drama, Musical
Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru
Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru
Vijay Raaz, Harshvardhan Rane, Murli Sharma, Mawra Hocane
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After being disowned by her family, an awkward librarian relies on the help of her brooding neighbour.

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Mildred photo

I was very surprised to see the level of acting in the movie, especially from Amitabh. The acting by Anushka, Rajat Kapoor, Naushika, Prasenjit and the rest of the team, was excellent. It was a perfect film for the group. Amitabh's movie was very good. The music is simply outstanding. There was a lot of catchy songs, and they are very catchy. The dialogues were very good. The script was very good. In a way it reminded me of a modern Mumbai. A town where everything is flashy and popular, yet not too smart. However, it is not about being smart. A smart town is a town where you can learn, be creative and have fun. The best part of the film is the ending, where the power of love becomes the only power. The ending, was beautifully shown. The most painful part of the movie, however, was that it is not very long. I would suggest that people watch it in a theater, or a small screen.

John Martin photo
John Martin

The story of this movie is very original and the acting of the entire cast is very good. The music and background score are very good. The movie is a must watch for all people who like a good romance movie.

Margaret photo

As a former student of the famous Rajesh Khanna I was looking forward to this film. It was not easy to watch and I felt like I was watching a movie for the first time. I had to rewind many times and re-watch many times. I never had a chance to see this movie on the big screen and it was a great experience. I felt I was in the theater with the actors and the director. I felt like I was in the movies for a few days. I could relate to the characters, they were like my friends. The director did a great job at directing the story. It was funny and it was sad. The story was a little complicated but the director was able to make it work. I felt the characters were real and they were made to be like people. This movie is for those who want to have a good time and have a good time at the same time.

Willie Meyer photo
Willie Meyer

This is a movie for a specific generation. The movie is made on the basis of the the Asian cinema, that is the major form of expression in India. It is a movie on the main theme of the history of the youth. It is not a "World" movie, as one would expect from the genre. But still, it is a movie, the main theme of which is the "untouchable". I love that, as the world of India has a lot of untouchables, and the movie is a way of showing that. The movie is a music piece, and I believe that this is also the reason why the movie is rated a 7. The film is the same as "Mamool Makkah", a little more attention to detail, a little less flamboyant, but the same "untouchables" theme. A movie like this is better to watch on a low budget, the only complaint of mine is that there are not enough songs.

Virginia photo

I think this movie is a good example of a classic. I love this movie for two reasons. First is the music. The songs in this movie are absolutely beautiful. The music of "Tere naal" in particular, is great. The second reason is the story. The movie is a romantic drama and it doesn't get complicated, but it has a good story and it is definitely one of the best romantic movies I have seen. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is the fact that the movie is a bit slow in some parts. But that is not a big deal because the film is very good.

Grace photo

We went to see this film with our friends in Mumbai. The only reason why we wanted to go is because we saw the trailers of the film and it looked really good. We were pleasantly surprised with the film. It is a wonderful film. The direction, music and the acting are all amazing. The film has its flaws, but none of them are the fault of the director. The film is a real treat to watch. It is an unforgettable film that you will never forget. A must watch film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Madison Brooks photo
Madison Brooks

Even though I have not seen this movie for a long time, I still found this movie very entertaining. I enjoyed the song, the dancing, and the drama. I think that this movie is very good, it has a great storyline. The movie is well-directed, and the music is very good. The characters are very well-developed. I think that this movie deserves to be watched. If you want to watch a movie that will make you laugh and cry, this is the movie for you.

Willie Hoffman photo
Willie Hoffman

I've heard people in the audience go "what a waste of time, the movie is so boring!" and to them I say: this is what happens when you miss a good movie in the first month of its release. The movie had a few flaws, but that's only for me to say. The story is about the life of a woman who is blind. She has an intellectual disability. She has to live the life of a blind person. She is very rude, yet she loves her husband and son very much. The director wanted to make a story about blindness, but I think he made a beautiful story about a blind woman, which the audience can relate to. The story about her relationship with her husband and son is good. The relationship with the deaf son is also good. You can understand what she is going through and what her relationship with her husband is like. And when I say the story is good, I mean the story is great. The director has a great sense of timing. I think he has made a very good movie. The ending is brilliant and I would like to say that it's not a happy ending, but the director made it a very emotional ending. I really enjoyed the ending. I think this is one of the best films of its year.

Michael photo

I don't usually write reviews but I have to speak out on this one because it is such a beautiful movie and I think all people should see it. I saw it with my brother and he absolutely LOVED it! I would highly recommend this movie to anyone! It is a movie that is truly "classic" and will stand the test of time. It has the same kind of plot that has been done before but it is a much better movie. It is a very romantic movie that is very funny and full of heart and emotion. I can't wait for the DVD to come out!

Ann Woods photo
Ann Woods

I think it is a good movie. I would not rate it 10/10 but would give it a 9.5/10. Its like a simple story of love and trust and emotions between two people. The story of a girl who is getting married and the character of the husband and the character of the wife. I am not saying that this is the best movie in the world but its a good movie. It is not like a movie that you have to watch once but watch it again and again. Its not like a movie that you watch once and then forget about it. Its a good movie. It is not the best movie in the world but its a good movie. I would give it 9/10. I have seen this movie 4 times and I like it every time. Its a good movie and its worth watching. This is a movie that you have to watch.

Carol photo

A film about a group of young people who meet at a wedding and fall in love with each other. However, there are many other characters who are also involved in the marriage. The plot of the film is quite straightforward. There is a young boy who is a very shy and introverted person and a girl who is very sociable and tries to keep a balance between the two. The film is filmed in a very realistic manner. The music is excellent and adds to the overall atmosphere. The film is quite a simple film but it is a good film to watch with the whole family.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

One of the best films of the year. I can't think of any other film that has kept me so engaged all the way through. It is such a pure pleasure to see the beauty of a time and place so beautifully captured, the music, the costumes, the people and the way they were with each other. The story is simple but very engaging. There is no need to explain any of it. All you need to know is that the film is about a girl who has lost her mother and finds herself in a strange place. She is accompanied by a boy, who has lost his father and is living with his mother. The two fall in love with each other, but the relationship is complicated by the fact that the mother is sick and the boy has no one to take care of him. I have to admit that the film was shot in such a way that it has a very natural feel to it. I have never been to India but I can say that the location, costumes, and the music all made the film so real. I was reminded of other films like The Dark Knight, or some of the beautiful films that I have seen in the past year, like Requiem for a Dream, but this film just has a really beautiful feel to it. The characters are well developed and the way they are portrayed, and the way they are portrayed is so real that you can really get attached to them. The film is set in the 80's, so it will be interesting to see how the film will be received by the current generation. I really think that people will enjoy this film and will be able to relate to it. It is a perfect film for the young and old to watch. I would recommend this film to anyone.

John D. photo
John D.

It's an emotional movie. I'm a Hindu and I don't know how I feel about this movie. It's not the kind of movie that would make a lot of sense to me, but the actors are superb. The story is very complex and very believable. I never got the feeling that the story was corny or fake. The music is very good. The movie has a very nice feel to it. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a movie that makes them cry.

Henry B. photo
Henry B.

The story is very simple and in the beginning it is easy to fall in love with this movie. Then the movie starts to tell the story of the characters and then it gets complicated and interesting. I have watched this movie several times and I still love it. The movie is very beautiful and the song is very beautiful. The acting of the main character is very good. The story is very touching and the movie is very romantic. This is a movie that you will never forget.

Helen H. photo
Helen H.

A gem of a movie. Definitely worth the watch. It is a great movie for those who love to laugh and cry together. The story line is outstanding and the acting is superb. A very unique movie. The movie has a very interesting story line which is very different from the usual love story. The movie has a good mix of comedy, drama and romance. The movie has a very touching ending. A must watch for everyone. I really recommend this movie to all of you.

Charles W. photo
Charles W.

This movie is like a little Christmas gift. It is a comedy that is enjoyable and funny. The acting is great and the music is nice. The story is interesting and it is well-written. It is one of the best movies of the year.

Emma H. photo
Emma H.

Even though this is a basic film that lacks any new angle and is simply a tribute to the past. I find this film to be very beautiful and I really appreciated the many scenes with the colors of the scenes. And the background score is very pleasing. I was really impressed with the acting of the film. All the actors are very good. There is one thing that I didn't like about the film. The love story of both brother and sister. I am not sure if it is the right direction for a love story in a romantic film but the acting of the film is just not good enough. Overall, I liked the film very much and I recommend it.

Jennifer photo

I do not understand why people are hating this movie. It's a fairly original story, and while I am a fan of Shahrukh Khan's acting, he did not deserve the Oscar for this role. And yet the movie is worth watching. The songs are good, and the actors are very good. I especially enjoyed the main actress, whom I haven't seen in a while, and the main villain, who is definitely one of the most interesting characters in Hindi cinema. The story, while not original, is very interesting. The two main characters are very different, and their contrasting personalities are also interesting. Overall, this movie is worth watching.

Paul Stephens photo
Paul Stephens

It is a nice film and I would recommend it to anybody who has seen Sholay. It is a pity that all the songs are not that good and they are out of order and a lot of the songs are badly arranged. It is good to have a film like Sholay, but they should not have to resort to music because the songs are not good enough and there are no songs that are memorable or that are like Sholay. Songs of this kind are not that good and a lot of the songs are not in order and some songs are out of place. I would not mind it if the songs were in order or not because it would have been better if the songs were not that good. This film has its good points. The songs are good and the scenes are good but the music is not that good and there are not good songs. This is a pity.

Ethan Allen photo
Ethan Allen

Loved it, loved the music, loved the cast. I guess I just love stories that get you thinking and thinking about the people and their lives. This is one of those stories. A tale of love, loss, betrayal and redemption. You will enjoy this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves films about the people of India, especially the women. I will be watching this movie again and again.

Tammy photo

Specially for the first time I have watched a movie which I think is not a good one. But it was a big disappointment because the first half of the movie had good acting and good soundtrack. The second half was just bad. You will be glad that it's over after the second half. First half was about the relationship between Gaurav and Madhavi. And the story was already bad. Second half was not bad because it's not about love. But it was bad because of the story. The story was the worst thing about this movie. After you are sure that the movie is not a good one, just watch it and see for yourself.

Johnny R. photo
Johnny R.

Not a movie that I can say is good, but not bad. Well, the movie does not have any big story, but what it has is good for its type. There are many stories and characters that is very well developed. It is a good way of telling a story about friendship, and good acting. There are some scenes where the camera work is very good. And there are some scenes that are very well directed, such as the scene with the red curtain, and the music which is very well composed. And there is a scene that is very well directed, where they were dancing in the moonlight. And there are some good shots in the film. I have to say that the story is not that big, but I think that it is a good way to tell a story about friendship, and that is the reason why it is good. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, then you should watch this movie. 7/10

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

It was a very good movie and a very good story. I think the story is very good. I don't know the title of the movie. I am writing this review for other people who are thinking of watching this movie. The movie has some very good music. I think it is a good movie. I think it is a very good movie.

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

Sarfaraz Khan has played it very well in this movie. He has portrayed a simple man who is given a hard time by the society for being a DJ. He is given a chance to change the world and he does it. This movie was one of the best movies in the year 2017. It was not an ordinary story but a very good one. The music was really good. I am very surprised that a director like this does not get many awards. He has done a great job in this movie. The songs were very good and the scenes were very good. The story is good. It is a movie that will definitely make you cry. There are some very good scenes in this movie. There is a scene where he is talking to his mother and he is not able to speak. He is so lost and he cannot find his way. He is crying and he is getting up. He is really in a good mood. The mother is crying and she is crying so hard. This is a very good movie. It is one of the best movie of 2017. I really recommend this movie to everyone.

Stephen C. photo
Stephen C.

In an era when movies are aimed at adults, the Rang De Basanti is a very good film. It's one of those rare gems that shows how a good story can be told in a great movie. The movie is about the life of a young woman who dreams of becoming a star in the film industry. She is in love with a famous actor and wants to become his wife. She has no money and has to borrow money from her friends. But in the end she wins over the money and becomes a star in the film industry. The film is told in an entertaining manner, and the ending is a pleasant surprise. The story is very simple and the main character is very easy to relate to. It is very realistic, and very entertaining. It is a must see for all the family.

Diane H. photo
Diane H.

A lot of people have complained about this movie being a waste of time. But I strongly disagree. It was a good watch and I can say that I enjoyed it a lot. I have read some reviews saying that it was boring and that they didn't like the story. But they have obviously never seen any other movies of the same kind. I can't deny that it was a bit slow in parts but the story is very unique and is a little different from what we usually see. The characters are all very interesting and there are many interesting twists and turns in the story. The music is also very good. The music in this movie is just perfect. I don't think you will get bored or feel bored at any moment. I strongly recommend this movie to people who enjoy movies with a lot of twists and turns. This is a good movie. It is a great movie to watch with your friends. It is also a good movie to watch with your parents.

Rose W. photo
Rose W.

A very good movie with lots of emotions and touching moments. I would rate it higher if I could but I would say I would recommend it to any family with kids who like to see movies about love and the effects of love.

Keith M. photo
Keith M.

I was a big fan of Rani Mukherjee's previous films, even though I am a big fan of Malayalam film industry. But I think that movie Rani was better than the previous one. The music was amazing and I liked the direction. There are also many things that are unexpected. I am happy to see Rani Mukherjee doing such a good job in her new film.

Marie photo

The movie is a story about a 17 year old girl (Aishwarya Rai) who is a drug addict. She gets her father to give her the drug to take away the drug addiction. The drug is called 'Nirvana'. It takes away all the pain, sadness, depression and so on. But then she meets a man called 'Om' (Anushka Sharma). She falls in love with Om. But Om has a problem with drugs and he is getting addicted to it. So she takes the drug and Om ends up taking the drug and starts doing the same. But Om knows that it is a problem and he wants to do the right thing and stop the addiction. So he stays with her and tries to change her. The movie is very good and very emotional. I would say it is a must watch for all who want to watch a good movie.

Douglas photo

I saw this movie with a friend, and we both fell in love with this film. This movie is an emotional drama with beautiful music and beautiful moments. The story is about a small town, that is about to be destroyed. A lot of things are happening in the village, but one thing is missing. A man is missing. You will fall in love with this man, and you will love the people in the village and the people in the village will fall in love with this man. This is the best movie I have seen for a long time.

Peter photo

I've been a big fan of Kajol ever since her debut in Bollywood. My family has a copy of this movie, but I haven't seen it in so long. This is the first time I have seen this movie, and I think it's really amazing. I love the ending, it has been a long time since I've seen a movie that leaves you so empty. It is so sad and sad, it leaves you with a lot of tears. It's so powerful and sad, and I think this movie deserves a more recognition. The music is so amazing. The story is really interesting and beautiful. The movie leaves you with a lot of emotions, you can feel every single character. Kajol is amazing. If you're a Kajol fan, you must see this movie, it's really amazing.

Gary M. photo
Gary M.

It is a very ordinary story about a character who comes to India and falls in love with a local girl. The heroine is Indian and not from the south, so the title of the movie is 'India and South'. The cast is OK, the music is good. I think the story of the movie could have been better but that's just my opinion. I think this is one of the best movies from India. Although it is not a masterpiece but it is a good movie to watch. My rate: 7/10

Juan photo

I love "Mujhse". I love all that Shahrukh Khan had done before. However, this movie was really disappointing. The songs were really bad. The story was really dull. And all that Shahrukh Khan has done before was so good. I don't understand what made him do this. I really felt that this movie was a flop. He should have directed a few films again, instead of doing such a slow story. Maybe the problem was that this movie was a bit too slow. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Even Shahrukh Khan was not very good in this movie. The songs were not good at all.

Sarah photo

First, I would like to thank the people who reviewed this film. I would like to comment on their comments. "Granma Kanno Amma" is a film I am extremely proud to be able to own and watch. It's an epic story with a lot of issues. The film takes place in England during the British Raj. It is based on the life of Bapu Lal and has a lot of history in it. What I love about the film is the fact that it is a tale about a man trying to find out his past and deal with the issue of his past. When I was growing up, there were a lot of issues which could be addressed in our lives. How we treated each other, how we treated our parents. We did not want to raise our children in such a way, but we could not let it stop us. We could not let our past stop us from our aspirations and dreams. That is what Bapu Lal is trying to find out. He finds out that he is a son of a wealthy family and he wants to find out what happened to his parents and what has happened to his wife. He does not know how to find out about his past, so he goes through a series of flashbacks of his past. When he finds out the truth about his parents, he decides to take action. The film is based on a play by Shakespeare. It has a lot of truth to it, which can be very sad and depressing. I could not stop myself from crying at the end of the film. This film is a must watch for everyone who has a true love for cinema and has seen a lot of films over the years. It is an epic tale and must be seen. I am very proud to own it and watch it again and again.

Wayne Harris photo
Wayne Harris

I have seen this movie before and didn't really like it. It has the great cast and is a fun one. I also enjoyed the music and music is a key element in the movie. I really like how it shows the struggles of a couple trying to make ends meet, but ends up loving each other and want to be together, all the while, struggling with the costs and consequences of love. I would recommend this movie to any teen, whether they are into musicals or not. It is about a loving couple, who's struggle with being true to themselves, love, and money is very relatable to anyone. I give it 7 stars.

Gregory Hart photo
Gregory Hart

This is the first movie of its kind. The story is a good one, the acting is good. But this movie is a great movie. It shows the relationship between the two characters, and it also shows how the relationship is more important than the romantic scenes. The movie has a good story, and it is a good movie to watch. The movie is a good movie for the kids, and the adults will also like it. The movie is good, and I recommend it to all. I give it a 9 out of 10. It is a good movie.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

It's the 90's and the sappy love story of a girl and her fiance. But the movie is quite different from the standard romance. The movie shows that true love is what you make it and not what others make you to be. The movie is a bit too long, but the end is really worth it. If you like romantic movies, then definitely watch this one.

Jeremy Simmons photo
Jeremy Simmons

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The music is beautiful, the story is fascinating, the acting is superb, and the cast is superb. The story follows a girl who has been brought up by a blind father, and who has been raised in a palace. One day, she returns to the palace and meets her old friend, the blind prince. She is shocked to find him, and finds out that he is a prince, and that he is blind. He reveals that he is the one who brought her to the palace. She is very happy about this, and is very happy about the relationship that they form. They spend the day together, and the next day, they are together again. She falls in love with the prince, and he falls in love with her. The story continues, and it is up to them to find a way to get back to the palace, and find out what is going on. The music is beautiful, the characters are interesting, the plot is interesting, and the acting is brilliant. The music and the costumes are beautiful, and the music is beautiful. This is a wonderful movie, and it is a perfect movie for everyone.

Anna photo

Greetings from Lithuania. "Delhi Opera" was on TV last night. It's a remake of the 1997 British film "Singapore Opera" starring Keira Knightley and Keira Knightley. The same actress plays a mother who comes to India to teach English. The film is set in the 1970s, when India was ruled by the British. The mother has a daughter who is a good student. She comes to the United Kingdom and works as a cleaner in a hotel. She meets the mother's son. The mother has a great ambition for her daughter to study medicine and become a doctor. So the mother decides to teach English in India, at the suggestion of her son, and with her daughter's help. The movie is a musical, and it is very enjoyable. The actors are good, even the son. The story is about a mother's love and desire to teach English to her daughter. There are many references to other movies. The film is also a comedy, and there are many amusing jokes. In addition, it is a very moving film. It is a very uplifting film. A must-see.

Christopher photo

A very sweet and enjoyable story, with a great cast, and some good songs. A wonderful combination of romance, music, and a wonderful story. One of the best that I have seen in recent years, the story was intriguing, and the film was beautifully shot. The cast was great, especially the leading actress. And the director was great. There were some minor flaws, like a few times when the songs seemed out of place. But overall, it was a really good film. A good film that I would recommend to anyone.

Jose photo

The story of Keanu Reeves in the movie is amazing. It is a great tale. It is one of those movies that you have to watch to the end. A very well written story. The movie is very well written, and the music is very good. There is nothing bad about this movie. If you are a romantic, and like to watch romance movies. This movie is very well written. The acting was great. The story is great. If you are not a romantic, but you like romance movies. Then this movie is one you should watch.

Sara photo

This movie has a good story. The actor play their roles very well. The movie is about love and how you can not let the other one think about you. You need to live your life by yourself. You don't need to worry about the others. There are a lot of love scenes. I really enjoyed the movie. I'm gonna watch it again and again. I think that you should watch this movie. I think you should watch this movie.

Christina F. photo
Christina F.

This movie is just like the world of M.A.R.K. in terms of the storyline and the character development. It is a sweet story of a girl who is trying to be a journalist. The movie starts off with the girl getting married to a man who is a journalist. She does not like to be a journalist but does not have the guts to say so. She ends up doing the same thing as she was married. The movie is a bit slow in some parts but the story is very enjoyable. The first half is good. The second half is very good. The characters are very interesting. The dialogues are very good. It is a must watch.

Danielle M. photo
Danielle M.

A love story between a young girl and a man who is not so happy with the world. And a story about love and loneliness in the world. A must watch film. A rare movie that can be a touch of something to you.

Tiffany S. photo
Tiffany S.

This movie is based on the life of a mute girl from a village in Uttar Pradesh. It tells the story of a girl who lives with her family in the city. Her mother is a cook and her father a mason. But it is the girls who have an idea to start a tea house. The director did a great job in making a simple story interesting. The actors have done justice to their characters. The story is interesting and interesting. I really like the message of the movie. It shows how a girl has to live with her family. The movie has a good message and a great ending. I think this movie is a must watch.

Joyce Burton photo
Joyce Burton

As a Bengali film, I am very satisfied with the way the film was shot and the content. Some of the dialogues were extremely well written and the acting was above par. The story was beautiful and the songs were very well done. My only regret was that there was no English dialogues. I hope that the director will release the English version as soon as possible. Overall, I was very satisfied with the film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a Bengali film lover.

Marie R. photo
Marie R.

I saw this movie in the cinema and I loved it. It is a movie that you must watch. The story is very good and I don't see why it got an average rating of 8.2 on IMDb. The story is about a girl who is divorced from her husband, and she lives with her sister. She meets a guy who is a singer and she falls in love with him. I think this movie is about love and how it can affect you. It is a very good movie and you should watch it.

Joseph K. photo
Joseph K.

This movie was very well done, but the last 20 minutes are so cliche and boring. The most entertaining part of this movie was the dancing and singing scenes. The singing is very good, especially the girl singing. The dancing is great, especially the scene with the snow leopard. I really recommend this movie.

Jonathan Douglas photo
Jonathan Douglas

First of all, I don't know why I have to write something else than this. I have only seen this movie once but I am just going to watch it again as soon as I can. This movie is a masterpiece and the most underrated movie ever. It is an epic and an absolute masterpiece. It is about a couple who fall in love and live their life in the middle of the night. They are the best of friends, but when they get a chance to meet someone they have not met for a long time, they meet each other for the first time. One of them dies but the other keeps living. This is one of the most original, amazing, romantic and romantic movies I have ever seen. The story is beautiful and the casting is amazing. The characters and the acting is very good. I have not seen Anupam Kher and Sanjay Dutt in a movie in a long time but they did a great job in this movie. They were perfect. I have never seen a movie with such beautiful music and the song is so great and it is one of my favorite songs. I have seen it many times and it never gets old. A perfect romantic movie.

Johnny photo

I've never seen a Malayalam movie before, but i enjoyed this movie a lot. The movie is good because of all the elements of Malayalam cinema. It was nicely directed, good screenplay, good cast, good editing, and good camera work. The one thing that makes a movie great is the storyline. In this movie, the storyline is very good, i recommend everyone to watch this movie, but be careful not to loose your balance in the beginning, it is a bit slow. It is a nice family movie that is good for the whole family. For the budget i give it a 7 out of 10, but i don't think the budget should be used to add the loud music to the movie, it could have been used to add the visuals. If you love Malayalam Cinema, then this is a must watch movie for you.

Alice Walters photo
Alice Walters

The film is about Raju, a young man, who comes to Mumbai after his father's death. He has the opportunity to become the prince of a prominent family. Unfortunately, he has an idol at home which prevents him from becoming a true prince. After he loses the princely status, he sets out to find his old idol, and after some time, he returns it to him. The film is very romantic and has a great message. The film is very interesting, and will keep you interested for the entire duration of the film. The characters are very well developed. The film is full of life. The songs are good too. The film is a success!

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George G.

I've seen this movie a few times, and the songs are the best part. You'll definitely love this movie, and I think you'll enjoy it!

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Henry M.

I have watched this movie on the basis of its originality. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that has been so original. I don't know how it could be possible to make such a movie. It has a very interesting story, with an excellent screenplay. The acting of the characters is excellent. The movie has a very original and unique style. The story is very interesting and the characters are so different. The movie has a very good pace. It is very entertaining and I would recommend this movie to anyone. I have given it a 9 out of 10.

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Sandra B.

I have been a fan of Rani Mukherjee since her debut in this film. The first time I saw this film was at the cinema. It was on the TV screen and I was very surprised. I was impressed with the story, the music, the acting, the direction, the cinematography, the cinematography. It was so beautiful and so touching. It is a film that should be watched by all. I hope that Rani Mukherjee continues her good work. I will give this film 9 out of 10.

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Ryan Peters

A wonderful story of a beautiful girl who is so close to a man she never met. The story is told in a way that you feel like you are a part of the story. The music is wonderful. The songs are so beautiful and so moving. The story is so real that you can't help but feel for the characters. You will cry, laugh and feel happy at the same time. I felt like I was a part of the story. I felt that the movie is about a girl who can't let go of her love for a man she never met and that love is the reason she is the way she is. She is a great singer and the songs are so beautiful that they will make you cry. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good story and a good movie. It is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone.