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The Stray

The Stray is a movie starring Michael Cassidy, Sarah Lancaster, and Connor Corum. A young father takes his nine-year-old son, the family dog, and two of his son's friends backpacking in the mountains of Colorado only for all five of...

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Uma aventura e tanto, Pluto - Ein Schutzengel auf vier Pfoten
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Family, Drama
Mitch Davis
Parker Davis, Mitch Davis
Sarah Lancaster, Pluto, Michael Cassidy, Connor Corum
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A young father takes his nine-year-old son, the family dog, and two of his son's friends backpacking in the mountains of Colorado only for all five of them to be struck by lightning.

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Marilyn F. photo
Marilyn F.

It was good to see a movie with a message that I could get behind. I am proud to say that I am a Christian. This movie touched me. I hope to see more movies like this. I recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a great movie to watch. I would recommend this movie to my friends.

Shirley P. photo
Shirley P.

This is the first movie that I have ever watched that I couldn't stop thinking about after the first few minutes. This is not a children's movie. The story is about a boy who is adopted and is lonely. When he meets a stray dog he wants to take it home. The dog is not happy with his new home and is mean to the boy. The boy finds a way to get the dog back to his home and he gets the girl he wants to have as a girlfriend. This is a movie that is really good and I would recommend this movie to anybody.

Christine P. photo
Christine P.

I have read all of the reviews that have given this movie low scores. I am not the kind of person who is easily offended, but I was stunned by how low some of these people's reviews were. They failed to realize that the movie was based on a true story and was based on the fact that the child actor who played Corey was a very talented child actor and had just gone through an extremely difficult time in his life, not the child actors in the movie. I was touched by this movie and felt sorry for the child actor, and for his family. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is not a movie for everyone, but it is a good movie for those who have been through the same experience that Corey did.

Sara G. photo
Sara G.

I just got back from the Tribeca Film Festival, and I had a wonderful time. This is a very different movie from anything I've seen in a while. This film was so well written, the actors were perfect, and the director, director and editor did an excellent job of weaving together a moving story. The cinematography was absolutely amazing, as was the editing. This film will probably not appeal to everyone, but I found it to be very entertaining and highly recommended. I had the pleasure of watching it with a small group of friends. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Heather Hart photo
Heather Hart

A lot of people complain that this movie is not realistic and there is a lot of plot holes. I agree. This movie is not realistic. I think it is a good movie and a good movie with a message. It is very sad to see that children are being killed. I think the director did a good job. I think the characters were believable. I think the message was good. I think the movie is good.

Stephen B. photo
Stephen B.

In my opinion, the best story of the year, the best performance, and the best film ever made. The Story of the Stray is the true story of the lone shepherd who saved the lives of three children. This is a wonderful story of hope and perseverance, and I hope it gets a wider audience. This movie is one of those rare movies that is one that you can watch again and again and enjoy it. I highly recommend this movie, and it is one that I will never forget.

Jonathan C. photo
Jonathan C.

Although I read the book several times, I never did get the chance to see the movie. The book is a very beautiful and sentimental story, and the movie is about a wonderful and sensitive character, about a little boy who grows up with very few people around him, and then becomes a great person in his own way. It is a story about a man who gets lost in his own world, and when he tries to get back, he finds a way. That is the key to the movie. It is about the man's search for himself and for the girl he loves. The best thing in the movie is the acting. As the boy grows up, he discovers that his brother is not as kind and loving as he used to be. He finds out that he has to go back to his father and mother. They are the only people he knows, and they are still very young. I found this movie to be very entertaining, and very well done. This is a movie I would recommend to anyone who loves a movie with a great story and great acting.

Alan Gutierrez photo
Alan Gutierrez

It's hard to describe in words how I felt after watching this movie. I had been searching for a good movie for a while and this was it. The story of a boy who's father is sent to an institution and his father finds a way to keep the boy safe. The main actor did a great job, he is definitely a kid of the 80's. The story is great, the music is great, the movie is good. I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. I thought it was a good movie.

Christine photo

I don't understand why people don't like this movie. It's not the worst movie ever made, but it's really really good. I love this movie, and I really hope people like it. It's about a boy and his dog who have to leave their home because their parents are in the middle of a divorce. They have to take a train ride with the boy's best friend to New York City to get a job. Along the way they learn about their lives and they try to find their own path. This movie is about life, love, and just the simple things in life. It's a story that anyone can relate to, even if you're not a child. It's a really good movie, and it's worth watching.

Thomas photo

I remember watching this movie many years ago on T.V. It was a typical day in my life. I was living in a small town with a bunch of neighbors. I loved to go to the park and play outside with my friends. I thought this movie was wonderful. I still think it's a good movie to watch. I remember seeing the movie and thinking it was pretty realistic. I have seen many movies in my life that I could relate to, but this one was still good to watch. It was my favorite movie of all time. I still like the movie.

Amanda Weaver photo
Amanda Weaver

I would like to thank the people who made this movie. I went to this movie and it was wonderful. The first 30 minutes was wonderful and then it got more and more and I found myself waiting for the movie to end. I thought it was great and the story line was good. I found myself very drawn in and loving this movie. I also enjoyed the music and the singing. I felt as though the movie was made for kids and that it did not have any sexual references. The movie was wonderful and I would recommend this movie to everyone who is looking for a good movie. I will be buying this movie when it is released on DVD.

Theresa photo

There are many ways to respond to this film. I really liked it. It wasn't just about the boy's survival but how they deal with the tragedy of losing their mother and how they attempt to heal. I'm a huge fan of Robin Williams and I thought his performance was great, so were the others. It was one of the few movies where I left the theater feeling like I'd learned something. It's really a great movie.

Carl Gilbert photo
Carl Gilbert

I've seen the movie a few times now and it keeps getting better and better. I'll admit that I do have a lot of interest in animals, and the fact that this movie actually has something to do with animals makes it a lot better. This movie is about a man who buys a dog from a shelter and adopts him into his family. He has a great relationship with him and he becomes a part of the family. The dog gets a lot of attention from the whole family and he is a real little thing. There are some really funny parts to this movie. The people who are all making this movie are very talented people, and the writers really work their butts off to make this movie. I think the best part of this movie is that it has so much heart. It's not just a movie about animals. It has a very real and heartwarming story of two people who are trying to do something good for animals. I really hope that this movie does well, because I think it would be a great success.

Judy Simpson photo
Judy Simpson

A family of six is being stalked by a former girlfriend. They are all trying to survive. The director and the writer have created a story that deals with loss, loss of faith, loss of faith in God, and loss of faith in people. I believe this movie is not for everyone. I thought it was very moving. I thought it was very powerful. I think the audience will be moved to have faith in God. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a good movie to show to a friend or family member. The director and the writer did a good job with the script. The actors did a good job in their roles.

Craig Smith photo
Craig Smith

A sad commentary on the breakdown of society and the breakdown of the family unit. I do not think the film depicts the true nature of this situation. Perhaps if it was more on the "good" side of the family it would have been more realistic. I think that it was more of a comment on the reality of the family unit and the loss of family values. I think it was a nice film to watch, but I do not recommend it to everyone.

Ralph B. photo
Ralph B.

I really loved this movie. It was a real breath of fresh air. I felt like a kid again. I was so in love with it. I can't believe this movie wasn't nominated for best picture. I'm so glad it was. I loved it. I love the actors and the story. The ending is so heartwarming and uplifting. This movie is not for everyone, but it's definitely worth a watch. I think this movie should have won best picture, but it didn't. It is a great family movie. I can't wait for the sequel. I love the acting of the cast. This is a must-see. I love it!

Douglas Ramos photo
Douglas Ramos

It was a hard decision to leave a recent and expensive film due to the budget constraints, but I just couldn't let it go. This film is not a commercial success. I have seen some negative reviews, but I also heard a few comments like "we were never told the ending", "it was a waste of time", "it was all over too fast", etc. etc. I'd like to disagree with these reviewers. This is a small film that doesn't get the publicity it deserves. It is very deserving of it. I watched it at a friend's house, where I was worried about whether I would be able to keep up with it, and it was enjoyable enough. It was so cute, so well-written, so well-acted. I can't believe it took me so long to find it, but I am glad I finally did.

Arthur photo

I really like this movie. I've seen it three times already. It was really great and has a great story line. It is not a child's movie, it has some very scary scenes in it. I also really like the acting. I think that Richard Dreyfuss is very good in this movie. He is good at acting. He is so good at playing that kind of role. I also really like how the movie has a good story line. It's a good movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Kyle E. photo
Kyle E.

I'm not sure if it was due to the amount of money the studio was willing to spend or just the content of the film that it was so popular, but I think that the trailer was very misleading. The movie itself is about a girl who works at a drive in and she is going to have an accident and the girl in question, played by Jena Malone, must stay and support the man she loves, the father of her child, until she is able to get back home and go to work. The story of the film is told from the perspective of a little girl who is trying to figure out who she is and why she is in this situation. The film has some very good performances, as well as some great acting and it is a very sweet story. I think that the rating of 4.1 was a bit generous, but I do think that the movie deserves to be watched. I did think that it was not the greatest movie I have ever seen, but it was still very entertaining and I will be looking out for the DVD.

Timothy photo

I had read about this movie and watched it. What a wonderful family film. The actors were excellent and the story was beautiful. I am in the process of writing a book on it. My daughter and I both agree on the wonderful ending.

Daniel G. photo
Daniel G.

There is a lot of emotion and drama in this film. The plot is quite long, and the story seems to go on forever. But it's worth it. The actors were great. Most of the characters are believable and have depth. They are all likable. But the thing that really stands out in this film is the story. It has an interesting narrative that takes you through a long journey. It was wonderful to see this movie again after all these years, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Stephen M. photo
Stephen M.

The great thing about "The Stray" is that it presents itself as a very serious film about a real problem - the homeless - but in reality, it is a very silly, one-dimensional, slapstick comedy, with a sappy ending. It is funny because of the right things: the monotony of the characters' lives, the painful flashbacks, the amusing plot, and the characters' ridiculous overacting. The most notable part of the film is the performance of Billy Connolly, who is great in this film. The others are okay, but not very memorable, except for a memorable performance by Melissa Leo, as "Tori." This film is an excellent movie, with a message, and a good ending. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Anthony Delgado photo
Anthony Delgado

I saw this movie at a local theater. I was quite amazed that it was so inexpensive and it actually made me cry. I am not a very religious person and I never get upset when movies are not the traditional Hollywood happy ending. But this movie really touched me. The movie is a bit longer than the average, but it really got to me. I was very touched by the story. I am really hoping that it gets to a theater near me so that I can see it. I do think that this movie deserves more attention. I think that it is a very good movie and it is a very good movie for people who like a bit of sadness and heartbreak. I have watched this movie about five times now and I will watch it again and again.

Maria A. photo
Maria A.

I'm not a child psychologist, but this movie is something that I wish more movies would show. Children are not all dumb, but they have very limited attention spans and this movie shows that. The acting is great, the characters are interesting and the parents have a lot of depth. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie is that there are parts of the movie that I didn't like because they were too slow. I wish more movies would show the story of how this family came to be and how their journey from the "Dangerous City" to the "Safe City" to the "Safe Place" to their current situation. This movie shows that there are many good and bad things that can happen in a family, but that doesn't mean that the parents don't have to try to do good. The actors in this movie are great and so is the movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

David J. photo
David J.

This movie was very touching. It showed the cruelty and the joy of children. It is also a wonderful story of how children can bring a little bit of happiness to an entire community. I believe this is one of the most important movies of our time. My heart went out to the characters in this movie. I also believe this movie is a very good example of how one little boy can make a difference in his community. It also shows how one little girl can change a whole community. It shows how the world can be made a better place when a child can play such a big role in changing it. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Nathan Hernandez photo
Nathan Hernandez

A very touching and very emotional film. A great film with a lot of heart and soul.

Kyle Stone photo
Kyle Stone

I'm not a big fan of wildlife documentaries, but this movie is one of the best I've seen in years. It's not about wildlife, but about family and relationships. It is a story about a girl's journey through adolescence and adulthood, and the difficulties she has with the human world. It is also a story about hope, and about finding your place in the world. It is a great movie for anyone who has ever felt lonely or disconnected. It is also a great movie for anyone who has ever been in love.

Lori Fernandez photo
Lori Fernandez

After her husband is murdered in an auto accident, Christina Grey (Izabella Scorupco) is the one that must confront her grief. Her first step is to do what is best for her children and also the people that she has been responsible for in her life. However, in the process, she begins to unravel the secrets of her past. A very good movie and one that should be seen by anyone who is interested in the subject matter. It is very well made and the actors all did a good job at making this film as real as possible. Although it is not a religious film, it is very close to one. It is one of those movies that you can watch without much thought and be entertained by the way it is presented.

Benjamin photo

I was a little apprehensive about seeing this movie after hearing that it had a low rating. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. This movie was very powerful, moving, and heartbreaking. I think that people that have been through such things as losing a loved one, or dealing with other personal tragedies should see this movie. I can't wait to see it again. I really hope that people will understand this movie and watch it with an open mind. The director of this movie, Bethany Cox, is a phenomenal young woman. I am very proud of her. I have seen this movie several times now and it never gets old. I can't wait to see it again!

Theresa photo

If you like little movies about simple things, this movie is for you. If you don't like little movies about simple things, you will not like this movie. I don't know why people hate this movie. It is so cute. It has a really good story. And it's a bit simple, so it's good. It has a good plot. It has a great message, so it's good. It has a great cast. It has a great message. So it's really good. It's not like the other stupid movies, because it's not like other stupid movies. And it's good. It's not like the other stupid movies. So, see it. It's worth seeing.

Stephanie Miller photo
Stephanie Miller

I just recently watched this movie for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I felt that it was very well done and had a great message. The story was about a father and his son and how they get along with each other and the struggles that they have to face in life. The movie was very well done. It was a very emotional movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in how children can be great role models for everyone around them. I really enjoyed the movie and I think it is a great movie that everyone should watch.

Cheryl photo

A lot of movies are good but only good if they're good in the right way. This is a very good movie and very watchable. There are not a lot of movies that I can recommend but this one is one of them. The movie is about a young girl named Elle and her friend from her school who are going on a trip to a small town called St. Anna. This town is very isolated with no visitors. Elle's mother is dying of cancer and her dad wants to make a go of it and give her son a better life. His plan is to send her to a boarding school in the north of Canada. Elle, along with her friend is invited to the boarding school to stay with her uncle. This is the story of what happens to the two young girls and how their friendship and life changes for the better.

Debra Lynch photo
Debra Lynch

If you're a fan of any of the actors, this movie will be a real treat. Especially Jason Bateman. The story is a little slow at first, but it picks up fast. The first half is a little hard to follow, but once you get the hang of it, it really picks up. The second half is quite a fun ride. It's pretty touching, even if it is a little predictable. The characters are interesting, and I hope there's more of them in the future.

Pamela H. photo
Pamela H.

First, I want to say that I have not seen the original film and therefore I cannot compare this one with the original. This is the only review I have ever written on this site, but the reasons I have given for this review are all valid and completely justified. So let's get started. The plot of the film is about a boy named Jack, who is lonely and misunderstood. He lives in a small town and his best friend is a girl named Jennifer. He wants to leave and go to the big city, but her mom is not going to let him. So he is forced to stay, in the house of a girl named Megan. And in the end of the movie Jack, who is very lonely, is reunited with Jennifer and goes on a journey with her to the big city. The plot of this movie is very original and I really enjoyed it. I am really glad I saw it. The special effects were pretty good and the special effects of the old version were much better than the new version. The acting was pretty good, especially of the boy, Jack, who played a very interesting role. I think that the script of this movie was also good, especially the one about the girl and Jack. I think that the actors in this movie are very good. The music in the movie was also pretty good. I think that this movie is not for everyone, because it is very sad, sad, sad, sad. But I think that you should watch this movie anyway. If you like movies like "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Shining", "The Godfather", "A Clockwork Orange", "The Matrix", "The Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" or "The Matrix Revolutions", then you should watch this movie. I think that this movie is a good movie. This is the only review I have ever written on this site. I have never written a review before.

Nancy L. photo
Nancy L.

The movie is good. it does not have the best story line but it does have a good story. In my opinion it is good because it tells a story about a child who wants to be a boy and ends up being a girl. In the beginning of the movie it was very hard for me to believe that this child would end up like that because it was never explained how she did it. It was hard for me to believe she could have done that. But as the movie went on and her personality started to change she seemed to have a different personality and it was easier for me to believe that. I also liked the fact that the movie shows the difference between a boy and a girl and what it means to be a girl. It shows that being a girl is not easy and she does not have to do the things a boy does. So the movie was good. it is worth seeing. 8/10

Kathryn photo

I was not expecting much from this film. However, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The cast is superb, the story is original and heart-warming and the characters are a great mix of good and bad. I was particularly impressed by the young actor who played Max, his voice and mannerisms were so unique and his acting was very good. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch a film that is different, has a heart, has great characters and has a good story.

Kathy photo

I loved this movie, and I don't usually watch Disney movies. I watched it with my husband, and we both liked it. It is a family movie, which makes it special. I like how the movie is about two young boys who travel to their grandparents to be with them. They get lost, and then are lost. The grandparents take them to a new home, where they learn about their grandmother, and how she died. They are very close to her, and the grandparents love her. The movie is great. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Doris Cox photo
Doris Cox

If you have ever wondered why the ancient Greeks believed in the existence of gods, or why their myths were so important to them, this movie will answer that question and provide you with an insight into the Greek mythology. The movie is a metaphor for the human condition, which is to be human, to be a man. And the Greeks understood this. It is a simple movie, but it's a metaphor for human existence. You can't believe that the human being is really a human being. He's a machine that has parts that are important to him, but he has parts that are not important to him. He's a machine, he's a machine. This movie is for those who are interested in philosophy, mythology, and the human condition. And I am an ardent supporter of the arts.

Kenneth Arnold photo
Kenneth Arnold

I think the idea of this movie is so good. It is really touching. I think that this movie is for everyone. It is a real lesson in life and I am glad that I had the chance to watch it. I think that this is a must watch. I hope that you will like it too.

Joan R. photo
Joan R.

This movie is just a must see. It is such a feel good movie. It has something for everyone. I think that this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has something for people who like a heartwarming story. The plot is a little bit strange but it's all about the heart. You can't get lost in this movie. It is just so sweet. It is a must see.

Gary photo

I'm not a big fan of children's films but this one was something different. It wasn't a children's movie, but it's about a boy and his dog. I really liked the way the boy and the dog interacted. It was nice to see the dog in the movie instead of just the boy. Also, the dog is a big help in the movie. He didn't have a big part, but he made it easy for the boy to forget he was in the movie. Also, I loved how the boy turned to the dog in a situation that was really scary for him. I loved the movie because it's a family movie. I liked how they could see the dog and the boy going to the beach and the way the dog helped the boy out. The dog saved the boy and the boy saved the dog. I loved how the movie was sweet and funny. I think it was a good movie for all ages. I recommend it to anyone who loves family movies. It's not the best movie out there but it's a good movie for everyone. If you like animals, you'll love this movie. The animals are cute and the dog is a good help. I think everyone should watch this movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Kelly Peters photo
Kelly Peters

It is always a pleasure to watch a film that has some positive message, to make it one that will make you think, be moved and leave you feeling good. This film is a good example. It is about a boy that tries to survive in a school. It is a good message for all people who want to be a part of a better world. The actors and actresses in the film are all great. If you are a fan of drama you should watch this film. It is a great drama, a great film and a great film for everybody.

Beverly photo

This film was great! I loved it! I didn't like it at first because I thought the plot was too confusing. But I kept watching and I kept liking it. It was full of great music and actors! The whole movie was really great! I couldn't wait for it to be over! It was awesome! If you are looking for a good movie to watch, this is it! It will make you laugh and feel good! It was great!

Barbara Riley photo
Barbara Riley

We all know that dinosaurs did not live in the Middle East, they were from Asia. Not a great surprise then that there are no dinosaurs living in America today. But we were actually shown the remnants of a few species of dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and even the Cretaceous. Even the footage of the dinosaurs themselves was actually pretty good. The problem I had with this movie was that it was rather slow. There were a lot of characters in the movie and we weren't shown much of their back story. I think if you are really into dinosaurs you will enjoy this movie, but if you are not a fan of dinosaurs or don't like the slower pace of this movie I would suggest that you wait for this movie to come out on video. But even if you have already seen it I think you will enjoy it. The movie is based on a book by a writer named David Eddy. The book was very good and was quite entertaining. If you have not seen it I would recommend that you see it.

Alice M. photo
Alice M.

It was quite refreshing to see the wonderful acting skills of John Travolta and Meryl Streep, along with the great story and the fact that the young actor Ivo Shandling was great in his role as the father. The whole family, all children, were wonderful. I especially enjoyed how the mother and father were portrayed and how the children were portrayed. It was such a pleasant surprise to see a movie that did not have any of the heavy-handed or pointless overtones that was so often displayed in these types of movies. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a family movie to enjoy.

Marilyn Tucker photo
Marilyn Tucker

This is a film that will get more people talking about the dangers of overprotection. When the father of one of the kids from this movie walks into a park, he is shot and the killer runs away. However, one of the kids at school says "We're gonna have a party on your sister's birthday!" It is then revealed that the boy who shot the father did so because he was jealous. The other kid then goes to the home of the father and asks him to take his sister to a party at his house. The father, who had been trying to take his sister away from the other kids at school, gets into a gunfight with the boy and the police show up. The dad, who is about to die from his wounds, shoots the boy in self-defense. The kid runs away but one of the cops follows him and shoots him. The girl goes to the boy's house and asks him to come inside. After they enter the house, the dad shoots his wife and the kid. She runs outside to find the boy and tells him to stay inside and she won't let anyone see him. However, he grabs the shotgun and shoots the boy in the back. The kid runs away and is taken to the hospital. After that, he gets locked up in a mental hospital. At the hospital, the girl and her friends begin to taunt the doctor who is supervising him. The doctor gets a gun and shoots the girl. The girl manages to get away and the doctor is arrested and sent to jail. However, he is released the next day and the girl and her friends follow him. They go to his house and decide to torture him until he confesses to the murders. The girl stabs him in the stomach and the boy stabs the doctor in the leg. He manages to kill himself and the girl has to watch his body. She goes to the police station and tells them the girl shot the father and she saw the doctor killing himself. They want to look into it, but the girl is too scared to go to the police. However, one of the police officers shows up and arrests the girl. He is charged with murder and is put in a mental institution. When she is released, she tells the police that the girl shot her father and she wants to know what happened. The girl finds out that the boy shot his father and then killed himself. However, she doesn't know what he did to the doctor. They go to

Willie King photo
Willie King

I recently watched the new Disney Channel movie Stray on TV. The story has a happy ending and it didn't feel the need to use a tearjerker for the ending. I would have liked the movie to have gone a little more into detail about the dog, just for the sake of realism. I thought the movie would be more moving without it. I can't say I really liked the movie. I would recommend it to family and friends but I don't think it will be the most watched Disney Channel movie of the year. But if you are looking for a fun and relaxing Disney Channel movie to watch with family and friends, you will love it.

Louis F. photo
Louis F.

My wife and I love this movie. We love the serenity of the landscapes, the quietness of the girls, the creativity of the character development and the message of the film. It was a great film to watch with the family. It was an excellent opportunity to see how the youngsters grow up and to learn about the society in which they live. It was a great way to express your own feelings about your parents, about your friends and about the society in which you live.

Lori Murphy photo
Lori Murphy

I was apprehensive about this movie, I didn't know what to expect. Well, I'm glad I went to the theatre, and I was completely amazed at how much I liked this movie. It was truly a moving movie and one of the best films I have seen. It is a movie that I would recommend to everyone. There are only a few flaws in the movie. One of the actors, when the dog was walking down the road he was kind of nervous. In the beginning when he was nervous, the dog was sitting right in front of him, it was funny to see his face. Also, when the boy was playing the piano he was playing very well. The other actors did a wonderful job. All in all this is a great movie that I would recommend to everyone.

Cheryl G. photo
Cheryl G.

I have just watched this movie for the first time. And I was pleasantly surprised. For one thing, the movie had everything that you could want from a film, and some that you might not expect. It was a very uplifting story about two young people who have to go through the tough times of the American school system. The movie is not so much about the good guys, it is more about the students. For the average person who just wants a good, uplifting story, this movie is not the one for you. However, if you are a teenager or have children, I think you will love it.

Kimberly H. photo
Kimberly H.

It is an astonishing film to watch, and one of the most moving film I've seen. It is more than a film about death, it is a film about life. It deals with the dangers of the human spirit, and how death can leave us unprepared for what lies ahead. It is also a film about the dignity of life, and the difficult choices we must make in our lives. Its message is profound, but not too heavy handed, and it's most powerful point is that we should not judge others by the standards of our own lives. There is an underlying message that we should always strive to help others, and live for our self, and it is very touching. It is an emotional film, and will not be for everyone, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good family film, and a great movie. 8/10.

Judith Harper photo
Judith Harper

I enjoyed this movie immensely, it is beautifully directed, the acting was excellent, and the characters were all very well developed. This movie takes place in rural America, and the director shows us a small town in Texas, but I'm not sure where the movie is set. There are many different types of movie-making that take place in rural America. But this movie shows a small Texas town and the scenery is breathtaking. The characters were all very well developed, and the main character was very charming and likable. The movie is told in an engaging way, the cinematography is beautiful, and the acting is excellent. The only thing that I would have done differently, is to add more depth to the story. Overall, a wonderful movie, I highly recommend it.

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Kathy D.

I don't think I have ever seen a better performance in a movie in my life than Kate Winslet. As the wife of the "big man", that was hard to watch. And I have seen much worse performances in movies. Overall, I would have to say this was a great movie. I think it will be a favorite for me.

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Denise J.

The movie I saw on TV was quite good, but I'm a fan of Macauley Culkin. And I'm a fan of school play directors, too. So I was curious to see this movie. And I'm glad I did. It's a very well made movie. Very different from what I expected. The storyline is very well thought out. It's exciting and the actors and actresses are all very good. Some of the actors were just playing roles, like the main character's father, but they were excellent. The story is a little bit unrealistic, but I understand it, and I appreciate that. I didn't like that the mom didn't come back to her husband and the little boy didn't find her because he didn't know about his mother. I also didn't like the way the mother said she was leaving. I understand it, but I thought it was a little odd. And the story wasn't very long, but it wasn't that long. The movie was really fun. I didn't know it was a movie, but I was really surprised. I loved the little boy's character, and the little girl's character was cute. The movie was enjoyable and it was just as good as I expected. I think people will enjoy this movie. It's a really good movie. I think it's one of those movies that I'll definitely want to watch again. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good movie.

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As a girl who grew up with her single mom, I was born to play with the kids and watch the dad, as my mom did, put the little ones first. But when my mom got cancer and had to be taken to the hospital, my dad never took a vacation and his vacations were my vacations. This is the story of his experience and his fight to be the best dad he could be. I feel his pain. I hope you will, too. (And if you like to read about what has happened to your single mom, check out "The Simpsons")

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Michael Bennett

I read that this movie was completely inaccurate. However, the movie was actually pretty good. This movie does have it's flaws but the flaws are not all in the movie. It is definitely a kid's movie. The movie is set in Alaska. I would have thought the city would be a little more populated but it is not. There is also a train wreck in the middle of the movie. That is all I have to say about the movie. There are also some stupid things that happened in this movie, but the movie is worth watching. The acting is good and the special effects are pretty good. The movie was made for kids. The soundtrack is good. The character development is okay. I do not recommend this movie to anyone under 12 or anyone who is a little older. I am 13 and I do not like this movie. I have to give it a 7/10. I rate this movie a 6/10.

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Dylan L.

It's hard to believe this movie has been in the cinema for so long. A young girl learns that her father (Joe Swanberg) is no longer the man she thought he was. The whole film is about her finding out the truth about her father. I found this movie to be extremely funny and heartwarming. It has a great story line, and the cast is amazing. The script is very good, the acting is very good, and the characters are very well developed. The little girl is hilarious and charming, the dad is great, the mother is great, and the kids are great. The only person I found annoying was the father, but then again, he's a father. I believe that this movie has something for everyone, and it's an excellent movie for the family. 9/10

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Christian K.

Went to see this movie with a lot of expectations, but not knowing much about it. The cast, the movie and the overall atmosphere of the movie make it a nice surprise. This movie will take you away. All the cast members are great and definitely make the movie worth it. An overall 10 out of 10

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Rose S.

I saw this movie when I was young, and it has a special place in my heart. The characters are believable, the setting is beautiful, the story is engaging and well-paced. This movie, in my opinion, is the best that New York City has ever produced. The special effects are amazing. The acting is wonderful, and the sets are wonderful. This is a wonderful movie that will leave you feeling good, happy and content. If you are like me and you have seen a lot of movies and have a lot of favorites, you will not be disappointed. This movie is in my top 10 movies ever. My favorite part is the ending, it makes you feel so good and happy. My husband liked it too. We both enjoy this movie and we both loved it. Great movie and I wish it would have been released in the theaters.

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Nancy H.

If you have ever played the lottery or the lottery odds, this movie will touch your heart. It is one of the most moving films I have ever seen. The acting is great, the music is beautiful and the writing is fantastic. It is a very effective story of a young man who has lost his father and family and finds his way to make his father proud and help him to find his own family. I highly recommend it. My rating is an 8 out of 10.

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I saw this movie with my mom. The kids thought it was a great movie. It was a really good movie, and my mom liked it too. I really liked this movie. I just wish they would make more movies like this. I really like how this movie was filmed. It is one of the better movies I have seen in a while. It had great acting, great acting, and it was a great movie. If you liked this movie, you should also see the other two movies I have mentioned, i.e. the Silence of the Lambs and the American Dream. My mom thinks this movie is a great movie. The first time she saw it, she was really confused. The second time she saw it, she enjoyed it more than the first time. She said that she liked it because it was different. I think that all the actors did a great job in this movie. I also really liked the fact that the plot was different from the first two movies. I think that the characters in this movie were really interesting. I also liked the ending of this movie. I think that the ending was very good. I liked the fact that the movie ended on a positive note. The characters were really good in this movie. My favorite part was when the police arrived and found the two boys and the neighbor. The best part was when the police went and found the two boys. This movie was very good, but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. I think that it was a good movie. I think that this movie would be great for my kids, and I would definitely recommend it.

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To me this was a movie about family. All the elements of the story were there, except the mother. My husband and I felt that this was a great movie. The acting was top notch, the cinematography and music were fantastic, and the plot was very interesting. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It really touched my heart. Everyone should see this movie. We watched it several times, and it never gets old. The scene where the mother is doing a dance and her son is not there was just one of the best scenes I have ever seen in a movie. It made me cry so hard. Everyone should see this movie, especially if you are a woman. It is so good for women to have strong women in their lives. We were totally blown away. Thank you for making this movie, I hope we can see it again.