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Jihadists is a movie starring Oumar Ould Hamaha and François Margolin. Filmmakers expose the radical ideologists indoctrinating thousands of jihadists.

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1 hours 15 minutes
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War, Documentary
Lemine Ould M. Salem, Lemine Ould M. Salem, François Margolin
François Margolin, Lemine Ould M. Salem
François Margolin, Oumar Ould Hamaha
Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia, France
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Banned in France (released as 'Salafistes'), JIHADISTS goes deep into the heart of the Salafi movement, to reveal the inner workings of extremist Islam. A pair of Western filmmakers were granted unparalleled access to fundamentalist clerics of Sunni Islam who proselytize for a "purer" form of Islam--including jihad of the sword--in Mali, Tunisia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their theoretical interpretations are juxtaposed against images and footage from recruitment videos to show the hardline application of sharia law. Without experts contextualizing these events, the film, which inspired the Oscar-nominated feature, "Timbuktu", paints a stark portrait of everyday life under jihadi rule. Co-directed by Lemine Ould Salem of Mauritania and France's François Margolin, an earlier version of the film was released in the days following the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris where it was mistakenly interpreted as an empathetic portrayal of jihadism.

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Denise Robertson photo
Denise Robertson

If you think the Iraq war is stupid, this film will show you how. It was a brave attempt to get the truth out there. The documentary is a must see, as is the movie itself. In summary, it's an excellent film that will help you understand the reasons behind the war. It's not the movie that you'll remember for the rest of your life, but it's a good film nonetheless.

Barbara O. photo
Barbara O.

Although I have never been in Afghanistan, I am familiar with the conditions there. And I have to say that the quality of the film is very high. I was a little worried that the documentary would be too much of a biased portrayal of the war, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's not like there were any big flaws in the film. It was just accurate and straight to the point. The director, Ryan White, has a very calm demeanor throughout the film. I felt that he was very professional. I didn't get the feeling that he was trying to get the best outcome, but rather, he was simply giving his point of view. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the events in Afghanistan. I was moved to tears, and I would recommend this film to anyone who has not been there. I think it's a great film, and I'm glad that it's not biased or biased in favor of the war.

Joan photo

This movie is a compilation of the first 10 months of the war in Iraq. It is a very important part of the story of how the war started. It is about how the US was taking control of Iraq and how Saddam Hussein became the main target of the war. It is also about how the US was trying to send an anti-war message to the Iraqi people. It is a very good movie about the Iraqi people and their struggle to survive. The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US was attacking Iraq from the air. The movie does not have a lot of violence and there is not a lot of war footage. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the Iraq war. It is a good movie and if you liked the movie I would also recommend the book "Huffington Post: The New Yorker's First-Person Account of the Iraq War" by Chris Hedges. It is also very good because it tells the same story in a different way.

Ryan Wallace photo
Ryan Wallace

A well-produced, well-acted documentary, and a strong political statement, with very few flaws. I have never seen such a well-presented film on the subject of the Middle East conflict. This documentary is a must-see for all. I would say that it is a must-see for all the American public as well. This is a film that is well-made, well-acted, and a powerful statement. I am glad that this film is available for the public to see.

Tyler K. photo
Tyler K.

In the mid-1990s, as the fall of the Soviet Union began, a massive influx of immigrants from Central Asia, with the largest concentration in Iran, Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, began to flood Europe. Some were Muslims and others were refugees. In the years that followed, some, most notably those from Central Asia, have become the targets of jihadist terror. In this documentary, which was produced by the group "Citizen Lab" and available in French only, three Afghans living in the French suburbs of Paris are interviewed, one of them being Mujahid Abdulhamid, a former jihadist who now works in a French school. "The Islamic State" is a powerful film, and it is important that it is released in its entirety. In its 48-minute duration, this film contains a wealth of information. Although the documentary is primarily a report on the situation in Central Asia, it is also a telling portrayal of the Muslim community in France, and, especially, of its willingness to abandon its own values and sacrifice its own security for a vague goal of self-determination. In the documentary, the participants talk about the consequences of their decision to leave. In one case, a young man named Faisal, a Central Asian Muslim, refused to join the Taliban, preferring instead to travel to Europe, where he hoped to obtain work. Faisal was killed in a car crash while traveling on the road, which left him a paraplegic. Another young man, Muhammad, whose father had been killed by the Taliban, was also killed in a car crash. Muhammad's death also left him paraplegic. A woman, Nasir, who had fled Afghanistan with her two children, told the filmmakers, "It was very difficult to move to France with my two children, they don't speak a word of French, and when I went to get them, they were completely hostile. I tried everything to help them to learn French, but they were not interested. I had to resort to taking them to other countries, to work. I got no results, and so I decided to leave." Nasir's other children are now adult, and they are living in Germany. The filmmakers also talk to an Iranian immigrant named Shiba, who also fled the Taliban, and who is now living in Germany. Shiba had to leave his wife and two children because he had no money. The filmmakers ask Shiba what motivated him to leave. "They [the Taliban] did not have money, but they did not have anything else to live off of, so they did not have any other way to survive," Shiba answers. Shiba then points to a photograph of a man in a burqa. "They did not have a camera. They did not have anything. They were trying to survive, and they were trying to kill us." Shiba then says that he had been living in Europe for three years, and that he was thinking about leaving the country. "I wanted to go back to Afghanistan," Shiba says, "but I realized that I had to leave the country first, and I did not want to stay there any longer." The filmmakers are asking Shiba if he wants to return to Afghanistan. "No, I want to go back to my home country," he says. "I want to stay in Germany." The filmmakers then ask Shiba what is the reason for leaving the country. "The Taliban have no money," he says. "They do not have anything to eat, and they have not had a chance to study." Shiba and Nasir are seen in the documentary talking about the importance of learning French. "The Taliban," Shiba says, "want us to learn French. They have no money, but they have a video camera." "You can't say that you are not going to go back to the country," Nasir

Benjamin Ruiz photo
Benjamin Ruiz

The film is divided into two parts, and the first half is focused on the history of the war, but it does not focus much on the current situation in Iraq. It was not clear what the title was referring to, but in the end, the title of the movie was the "War on Terror." It was also unclear what the title was referring to, but the title was actually not the war on terror. There were a few images that were only in the title, such as the images of the dead Iraqi children, or the images of the bodies of the dead Iraqi soldiers, or the images of the dead Iraqi civilians. The film did not have much depth, or a good understanding of the situation. The film had some scenes that were very disturbing, such as the scene of the two brothers, and the children. There were also scenes of sexual abuse, such as the video of the Iraqi children. However, I felt that the film was good in portraying the terror that was going on, and showing the horrors of the war. Overall, I felt that this film was good, and I would recommend it to people who want to learn more about the war. However, it is not a great film, and it was not able to convey a good story. I would give it a 7.5/10.

Emily photo

This film shows how a Muslim terrorist group goes about training new recruits for the group. You can tell this group is financed by Saudi Arabia, since they have a Saudi officer and their leader has an Arab sounding name, Ahmed. They go through a number of military and leadership courses and are then sent off to join the group in Iraq. They do get some training, but it is only military training and they don't get sent to fight for their country. The film shows that they are made to lie and get beaten up for lying and the video evidence shows that the training really is brutal and they are treated like dogs. They get captured, tortured and killed. There is also footage of the Iraqi soldiers beating the terrorist, Ahmed, in the midst of battle. It is difficult to see how this man could have been sent to fight in Iraq. If he is not a trained terrorist he has no chance of surviving, much less winning the war. I could go on for hours, but this is really just a very interesting documentary. If you have the chance to see it you should.

Martha F. photo
Martha F.

First, let me say that I am a non-religious Muslim, and although I am not religious, I am very tolerant towards all faiths, and I have never seen anything of this kind of presentation in any other documentaries. I think the documentary is very important, not only because it contains a very important message about Islam, but also because it was well done and had a very good balance between telling the truth and being biased towards a particular group. As the Muslim community in America has become increasingly visible, the director has done a good job of not being biased towards any particular group. As a person who is religiously based, I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the subject matter.

Kathryn Banks photo
Kathryn Banks

By now you've heard the news. We all know the story: Iraq is awash in weapons of mass destruction. Our soldiers are in danger. A secret Pentagon unit is ready to "go to war" if they can be convinced that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. If you thought the scene in "Platoon" was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. "The Rise of the Warrior Cop" is not a documentary. It is the story of one of these so-called "warriors cop" squads, which is, to be frank, not very credible. The men on the unit, who seem to be born to fight, have a lot of trouble with their jobs. The commander, who has all the guns, has little time for what the men do. The unit is led by Captain Michael Bay, whose life seems to be a succession of mistakes. His protégé, who has spent years with him, is the young lieutenant. As a result, the squad is rife with violence. If this is the product of a movie, we don't need to know. We know that the troops are fighting, that there are shootings, that the guys are killed, and that the captain, whose life is a succession of mistakes, is not very likable. The message is clear. This is a story about soldiers who fight, and we don't need to know anything more. If you do, you will be disappointed. If you don't, you won't. I don't expect to see much more of this movie. I don't expect to see the usual explanation of why we need to go to war, or how our men will get killed. I don't expect the men in this movie to die in the course of the movie. I don't expect the story to make any sense. But I do expect this to be a story worth watching. I would, however, advise you to check out "Platoon," which I also recommend.

Brenda photo

I read a review on this movie on the news. The reviewer stated that the movie was too 'horror-like'. I disagree. This is not a horror movie. It is an exploration of how the Middle East affects the entire world. It is not a film that will scare the audience. I am not an expert on the Middle East, but this movie does a good job of showing how a civil war can affect the entire region. I am not saying that this movie is a must-see, but it is not a movie that will make you angry. It is a good movie to educate people about the Middle East and the fact that we need to see more of the Middle East. It is not a movie that will change your opinion of the Middle East. I would have rated it a 9 or 10 if it had not been for the reviewer who didn't know what they were talking about. I would give this movie an 8 or 9.

Bruce Sims photo
Bruce Sims

The film, "The Arab World in War and Peace," takes us into the lives of the Arabs of the Middle East and the people who live there. For the most part, it follows the lives of three young men who have become involved in the fight for independence from the rule of the Egyptian dictatorship. The film doesn't provide any background information on the two leaders. The focus is on the fighters themselves, their personal stories and how they are struggling to hold onto their homeland and their freedom. The film's strength is the ability to show the fighters' struggle and their struggle for freedom. The cinematography is incredible. I was struck by the sheer beauty of the desert, the beauty of the environment and the sadness of the situation of the people who lived there. The film's subject matter is quite shocking to the viewer. The film's director, Alon Hagai, has made a film that is accessible to anyone with an interest in the Arab world. His subjects are not simply the fighters, but also the people who live in the Arab world, who have suffered because of the dictatorships that have existed there. I found the movie to be extremely inspiring and thought-provoking. The film's strengths are its ability to be entertaining and its ability to provide a snapshot of the life of the people in the Middle East. The movie's weaknesses are its length and its editing. Some scenes drag on and on, the editing could have been better. I don't understand why the movie was edited this way. The movie is also a bit too long, and at times, the viewer might feel that the film is too long. Overall, "The Arab World in War and Peace" is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the Middle East or who wants to learn about the history of the region.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

One of the main things that makes this movie interesting is the narration. The one who is not familiar with the subject matter, will be confused by the different views and views of people on the subject. The story is based on the experience of an Iraqi man, who was living in Europe in the beginning of the 1990s. In this movie, he tells his story. The movie is narrated in a very interesting way. The narration of the movie is from his perspective and his own experience. So, you will be able to understand what is happening in Iraq, the war, and the war on terror. The movie does not provide an anti-war message, but shows that people are affected by these events. It is a must-see movie. I think that this movie has a lot of information that is useful for everyone. But, if you have never been to Iraq, I think that you will find it very interesting.

Craig Walker photo
Craig Walker

I saw this film a couple of weeks ago, and I was very impressed. The idea of the film is very interesting. What are the ramifications of the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are not extremists? The film makes an excellent point of showing the dangers of the jihadi groups. However, what the film fails to do is to make an argument as to why the jihadi groups are extremist. There are a number of reasons why the jihadi groups do not follow the exact same ideology as the Muslim Brotherhood. The jihadi groups have different ideologies. This film is very well made, but the movie is missing the argument. The film should have made an argument that the jihadi groups are extremist, not just a simple statement that they are extremists. The film is very good, but there is no argument made as to why the jihadi groups are extremists.

Sara photo

The documentary is pretty good, but I did find it quite confusing, not to mention a little boring. There are lots of different perspectives on what went wrong, but none of them are very well done. The only good thing about it was the idea of using the first Gulf War as an example of what went wrong in Iraq, but that's not enough to make it a good documentary. It's more of a history lesson, but not very well done. The filmmaker also made some pretty bad edits and did some poor editing in places, which made it difficult to follow. It's not the worst documentary I've seen, but it's not the best either. The only thing I can say is that it's well done and it's well worth seeing.

Michelle J. photo
Michelle J.

The movie is based on the book "The Greatest Story Ever Told" by Michael Hastings. It is a very good documentary about the 9/11 attacks. The documentary is very good, and it is a good story. The movie shows the importance of what happened in the day of the attacks. It shows how the government and the media covered the attacks, and it shows what the FBI did in the following days. The movie is very good. I recommend watching this movie.

Melissa Washington photo
Melissa Washington

I've watched this documentary about 15 times. I recommend it to everyone, it's a must watch.

Philip photo

This documentary has an exceptional cast. It is also one of the most moving, yet one of the most depressing, documentary I have ever seen. It's about the very people we're supposed to be ashamed of, but in reality are the most fundamental pillars of our society. It's a powerful and poignant film that is also very funny. It's a must see. If you like this movie, I strongly recommend you go to the mosque and study the Quran for three months. This is not for the faint of heart.

Brenda photo

This movie really gets into the minds of both the Muslim and the non-Muslim, and they are very well written and very compelling. We see a lot of compassion, love, and wisdom from the Muslim and the non-Muslim, both of which I believe are missing from most movies on the subject. The only thing I didn't like was that the voice-over was really badly done and sounded like it was coming from an old lady with a bad voice. The story is gripping, as is the writing. The characters are well developed and well written. There is a lot of heart and honesty in the presentation. And the soundtrack is also very well done and well used. I can only recommend this movie for those who like to understand the relationship between religion and politics. This movie will get your attention and leave you with questions about why and how we can have a peaceful relationship with each other.

Angela Rivera photo
Angela Rivera

This movie depicts the transformation of the Muslim world from an imperialistic power to an independent nation-state. A great deal of attention is paid to the nature of the new Muslim nation-state. The historical and political background are discussed as well as the role of religion in the changing Muslim community. There is a great deal of detail on the history of the new Islamic nation. This film shows the time period in which the Islamic nation was born and is the period of its transformation from an imperialistic power to an independent nation-state. The film was filmed in the Middle East and shows the effect of the new Islamic nation-state on the cultures of other countries. The documentary is very educational, because it provides the viewer with the background information needed to understand the historical and political background of the new Islamic nation. It also shows the effect that the new Islamic nation-state has had on the societies of other countries and the need for continued cooperation and cooperation. This film will be highly recommended to the students of history and politics.

Dorothy H. photo
Dorothy H.

I don't know if I've ever seen a documentary about the conflict in Syria so I will say that this one is pretty well done. I'm not sure if it's the right language or the subject matter but it's all very informative. I'm not going to say anything about the war, I'm not going to say anything about the government. I just want to say that it's a pretty decent documentary. If you want to see it, go for it. It's worth it.

Aaron photo

The movie is very well made. The director and writer have put a lot of thought into the story and the movie has a very interesting look to it. I am not a Muslim, but I liked the movie very much. It is very well made and makes you think. I am not sure if it is because of my background, but I found the movie very entertaining and I was very interested in what was going to happen next. It is very difficult to find an accurate movie that is on the topic of Islam, and I think that this movie is one of the best on the subject. The only thing that I did not like about the movie was the fact that the director did not show the true story. I understand that he wanted to make it a very different movie, but I think that it is just a little bit too much. I also think that the movie could have been a little bit longer, and I would have liked to have seen more of the true story. I am glad that the movie is available on DVD so that I can see it again and again. I have watched the movie several times and I still find it very interesting. The movie is very well made and I think that it is very well worth seeing.

Bruce C. photo
Bruce C.

This film is about a group of Iranian-American Muslims who live in Washington, D.C., and who are worried about what they consider to be the rise of a Muslim-dominated government in Iran. The film focuses on them, but does not get into the deeper political issues they face. The film is well-made, with some very good documentary footage. The problem is that it is not that interesting. There is a lot of talking, but no substance. The film is mostly a series of interviews with people who are Muslim. However, the film does not really show the Muslims at their best, as opposed to the worst. The film does not go into detail about the issues facing the Muslims, other than to say that they face a severe problem of discrimination. The Muslim women, on the other hand, are portrayed as victims. There is no doubt that they are facing discrimination, but the film does not go into the reasons why, and they are not given any depth in the film. I felt that this film was about a group of people, not about the Muslims in Iran. In fact, the film focuses more on the Iranian government, as opposed to the Muslim-Americans. The film is not very good, and is a bit slow. It is not a bad film, but it is not very good either.

Adam O. photo
Adam O.

The BBC series The Prisoner of Zenda is an excellent documentary on the history of the apartheid regime in South Africa. I would have liked to see this in the form of a series on BBC2, but that would have meant a delay of at least two years. There is an extensive interview with Nelson Mandela. I think he is the most inspirational person on the planet. I think the most important thing about this film is that it shows how a film can be made. It is not a documentary, it is a documentary, and it shows the entire history of South Africa in one movie. I think this is a great way to bring up the idea of a documentary.

Michael H. photo
Michael H.

I am a member of the English speaking world, and this film was one of the highlights of my viewing of the year. I am a Westerner, but I have traveled to and been to much of the Middle East, including parts of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been to Iraq several times, and have seen how their people have been subjected to this war, and the way in which the US has supported this war. The images of the Iraqi people being killed and tortured were hard to watch, and I believe the film was very well done. However, it did not portray the Iraqi people in a fair light. The "innocent" people were shown as the "good guys" in the film, and were only shown as being good in the eyes of the Americans. In addition, there was no attempt made to portray the Iraqi people as being part of a "civilized" society. The American and British military were shown as the good guys, and the Iraqi people were portrayed as the bad guys. I believe the filmmakers did not realize that the people who were in the film were just the "bad guys." I do not believe the film should be shown in schools, and I believe that it should be shown in the movies in the USA, but not in schools. I think the filmmakers should have told the story in a more balanced way, and that the film should have portrayed the Iraqi people as being part of a civilized society. This film did not show the Iraqis as being good people, and should have been shown as an unbiased documentary about the Iraq War. The film should have been about the Iraqi people, not the Americans. This is a good film, and should be shown in schools, but I think it should be shown in the USA, not in schools.

Kathryn photo

I was skeptical to see this documentary but was so impressed that I am going to see it again. It is very disturbing to see the brutality of ISIS, but it also makes you think of the mentality of the terrorists. I am an American, but I am also Muslim. I am no fan of ISIS but I am glad that this film was made to show what happens to innocent people who do not have any political ideology. To be honest, I don't even know how to explain what is going on in Iraq and Syria, so I will not be able to talk about it here. I will tell you that it is a very bad thing for humanity to see such a thing happening on such a large scale. There is no good or bad in it, it is just a huge mess. I hope that people are not forced to do it, so that we can fight back against it. We need to put pressure on the government, but we also need to go and make our own things. I will tell you that this is a very sad thing that happened, and I think it is the fault of the politicians and the army, not the other way around. I do not know if it is a bad thing or a good thing, but it is not good for anyone to be able to do such things.

Danielle photo

This is a pretty comprehensive overview of the ongoing conflict in Iraq. In many ways, it is a kind of biography, but it also presents a more pessimistic view of the situation. It is primarily a report on the death of over 10,000 American soldiers since the start of the war. But what is more important, this is a story of those who are still fighting, and how their suffering and loss is impacting the lives of those who are still alive. The film is a little uneven in quality, but the ending is really, really powerful. I wish more people were willing to do a more complete documentary on the situation, but as it is, it is an impressive piece of work.

Tiffany photo

An interview with a doctor who helped to save some American civilians in a bombing raid over the southern Afghan village of Khost. This movie was very informative and in some cases, it was emotional. However, the movie was shot very hastily and the end was somewhat rushed. One thing I did not understand was why it was called "War of the Worlds" but it was not. It was just a fictional story about a fictional story. Another thing that I did not understand was why the Americans were using it as a war movie. It was a lot more serious than a war movie and was very much about the need to rescue the American civilians. The acting was very good. There were a lot of people with real-life stories that were featured in the movie. I enjoyed the movie very much.

Louis Murphy photo
Louis Murphy

As a former member of the intelligence community I can tell you that the reporting of terrorism in the Middle East is very complex. The Arab Spring, for instance, did not create a single terrorist organization. The U.S. intelligence community did. And in the case of the U.S. military it's been the intelligence community who has worked the most to make sure the U.S. military does not become the instrument of the political will of the Arabs. As a former intelligence officer I feel the need to write this review, because it is one of the most important pieces of information that is still not widely known to the American public. I should have known when I attended my first intelligence briefing that the stories of CIA officials were true. The people I spoke to that day did not know how often they were told, but they knew it was not infrequent. The most important part of this film is the fact that this information has been kept secret for the last thirty years, and I am still trying to understand why the CIA did not tell me about it. This film does a good job of telling me why the CIA would not tell me about it. Unfortunately the CIA is an organization that is somewhat of a mystery to most people, and this is why the CIA does not want its name associated with any of the things it has done. And as I said in the beginning, I am not an intelligence officer, but it is my opinion that the story of the CIA's involvement in terrorism is a well-told story that should be known to the American public.

Ethan R. photo
Ethan R.

I had to write this review, because I have been appalled by what I have seen and heard of the Muslim religion. I am an atheist, and this documentary is absolutely crucial to me. It exposes the fanaticism of the Muslim religion, and the fanatical and misguided beliefs that motivate Muslims to commit violent acts against others. This is an important film. I strongly recommend this film. If you have not seen it, watch it now!