Steam Bang! The Bert Berns Story

Bang! The Bert Berns Story

Bang! The Bert Berns Story is a movie starring Brooks Arthur, Jeff Barry, and Solomon Burke. Music meets the Mob in this biography of '60s hitmaker and 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bert Berns.

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1 hours 34 minutes
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Brett Berns, Bob Sarles
Joel Selvin, Christina Keating
Jeff Barry, Carmine DeNoia, Brooks Arthur, Solomon Burke
Ireland, UK, USA
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Music meets the Mob in this biographical documentary, narrated by Steven Van Zandt, about the life and career of Bert Berns, the most important songwriter and record producer from the sixties that you never heard of. His hits include "Twist and Shout," "Hang On Sloopy," "Here Comes The Night." and "Piece Of My Heart." He helped launch the careers of Van Morrison and Neil Diamond and produced some of the greatest soul music ever made. Co-Directors Bob Sarles and Brett Berns brings Berns' late father's story to the screen with interviews with those who knew him best and rare performance footage. Included in the film are interviews with Cissy Houston, Ronald Isley, Ben E. King, Solomon Burke, Van Morrison and Paul McCartney.

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Betty Woods photo
Betty Woods

One of the most interesting films of all time. This documentary focuses on the incredible feats of performance artistry that entertain millions of people every year, and how they go to great lengths to keep their secrets. This is a true story, based on the performance art of David Bowie and the Bowie Foundation. I would say that Bowie, the man, was the one who really drove the documentary along, and to make it more enjoyable, I would say that the documentary was a performance of the performance art. Bowie had this "We are the universe" attitude and only wanted to achieve what he could. This was great for the film, because it was unique, and the story had a story that everyone could relate to. If you are looking for an entertaining documentary, and you like to see how amazing artists make money, then this is the film for you. The DVD is great, because you can watch it on your computer, or go to a big screen.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

A true talent on the brink of his own professional independence, and the makers of a documentary celebrating him with the crowd who grew to love him. More than his short, but memorable movie in the famous "Velvet Underground" sequence, this featurette is a tour de force for the talent and creativity of Ralph Bakshi. He filmed it in an idyllic California town, and his entire cast and crew appeared at a birthday party for the director in Seattle. Bakshi had the benefit of introducing his older son to his only child and hired an all-star cast of professionals, most notably Bruce Dern, and added a chapter to his already-famous legend. Bakshi was successful in promoting his son to be a major film star, but he was also successful in helping the film become an international success, with some of the most remarkable and surprising scenes ever made. While the story itself is fascinating, what really turns the story into a cult classic is the footage from the first-ever home movie recording of his son, and the silent film footage that accompanied the actual theatrical release. The dedication and care he showed in making it happen are second to none. He explained to me that the moment the new featurette was finished, Bakshi's wife realized she had lost the footage from the home movie recording and hurriedly mailed him the missing files. She wanted him to know how lucky he was that he had not let it go. Another impressive aspect of the film is the superb music. It is a fitting tribute to the man who made a home movie film and then went on to make many famous films himself. One of the best moments in the film is when Bakshi is interviewed about his decision to make the film. He talks about the school of his son when he was young and how he wanted to create the kind of music that his son would hear and love. Bakshi got his son to start listening to the music in his school, which changed the way he viewed the world and led to his path as a filmmaker. The words of the interview are so moving, and the way he describes his son is so inspirational. It is a truly amazing tribute to the great man of independent cinema.

Kathy Walsh photo
Kathy Walsh

This documentary is amazing, just brilliant! I think it's really really great, the sound mixing is great, the music is awesome, it's a must-watch documentary! This documentary can make you want to travel to LA to discover new music, and I recommend to everyone, there is something for everyone. Just watch it!

Craig photo

While we are on the subject of work, Bert Berns was one of the most extraordinary and brilliant artists that ever lived. It's a story that's too fascinating to be told in words. Well, not in words. He had many moving moments that are worth seeing in this documentary. The best is the interview with Mimi Altman, who worked with Berns in the 1970's. She talks about the movie, about the feelings Berns had on the set and about the spirit of the whole thing. The documentary is perfect, and it is a great way to introduce the work of Berns and to hear his thoughts on the world and himself. To quote Bert: "I don't want to be a teacher. I want to be a critic. I want to live, and to be happy. I want to see other people happy, and I want to help them." Bert Berns would have loved this movie. (And he would have also loved to have watched the film.)

Amanda photo

After watching this documentary it makes you realize how the Beatles, the Stones, the Who and the others have made music for a purpose and for enjoyment. They were not making music for entertainment. When you hear their songs on your turntable you are immersed in the music. John Lennon could not have played or recorded the songs himself and they are all wonderful songs. I can't even begin to describe how truly amazing these songs are. I was just on a trip to Spain and had the opportunity to visit many places in my country. The one thing that really struck me was the people there and how great it was to see that people enjoy being together. It was beautiful, joyous, and you felt the love and the companionship of these great artists and personalities. This documentary showed me this very true and heartfelt experience. I do not feel this way about many of the music documentaries I've seen and was very pleased to see this one. I do not believe it's possible to find anything quite like this. I would highly recommend watching it.

Kathryn R. photo
Kathryn R.

A man's tale of the men of his generation, from the 50s to the 60s, by the man himself. The documentary presents the stories of these men, their achievements, the struggles they faced and their personalities, from Charlie Parker to The Who. The participants talk candidly about the musical careers they pursued, what happened behind the scenes of their work and what they thought of each other as a result of this time. This is a riveting story, but if you're not a musician you may be surprised at what a wonderful man Lee Harvey Oswald really was. That he was a brain surgeon in Korea, but that he became a Communist sympathizer after coming home to see his family. It's a great story, and if you're a musician or a film fan you should check it out. For all the classic music in the film, I can't think of a better use of this. Also, I always thought the man who played the guitar in the film was Lee Harvey Oswald's brother. The shots of him in his younger years, sitting in his mother's basement, practicing his parts, with his girlfriends, and in his later years - playing himself - as well as the on-stage performance - this is the real Oswald. (Note: I've heard this story from numerous sources. I believe I saw it in the documentary, although I'm not sure).

Janet photo

I found this film to be a tremendous time capsule of the 1960's. The narrative is nonlinear and each segment is effectively acted as a separate documentary on the subject of jazz. From the overly-cut intro of a young new-comer at the Washington, D.C. club, to the party at which it is set, the film is without a doubt a slice of "a time when people thought they were a person". The viewer is presented with new insights that a great number of people from the time would have brought up themselves. Like most of the reviewers here, I am a born-and-raised jazz fan. I grew up listening to people like Miles Davis, Fats Navarro, Charlie Parker, etc., but since this was my first exposure to Bert Berns, it made me realise that I was probably somewhat biased towards him, as I am a die-hard Miles fan. But Bert's career is not just the career of Miles. Bert is just another guy with a band. He is the Jazz equivalent of a tennis pro who can win all of his matches, but without playing a single match. It is only in the last few years that I have found myself able to judge Bert as an artist, not just as a jazz player. To sum up, this film tells us that no matter what the genre, it is the "Swing" that should be the starting point, as it is the driver of any kind of musical life. (Unfortunately, there are some current swing bands who have abandoned this in favor of their own retrograde interests.) I suggest that anyone who considers themselves a jazz fan, and likes music, should see this film. Even if you don't, it is a good thing.

Patricia W. photo
Patricia W.

It is very rare to see such an informative documentary on the music and talent of a legendary artist. So rare that I doubt it will ever happen again. The only reason that I saw this documentary was to learn about music and the knowledge that comes from a brilliant mind. The real story of the Beatles is told through the eyes of the Beatles themselves and their friends. It's not a documentary about the band members but about the friends and family of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and George Martin. The film is produced by the late music director Brian Eno and screenwriter Craig Kerby. Kerby, who was also the producer of the last two Beatles films, is an acclaimed film maker, having made films for hundreds of films including "U.N.C.L.E.", "The Pink Panther", "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation", and "G.I. Jane". Here, Kerby's words and the film itself come together to form an entertaining, honest, and touching documentary. The documentary covers all the Beatles' successful and difficult relationships. They include: The Beatles' first experience with acid, their stints in musical camps and jam sessions, their childhood experiences in the war, their members' personal histories, their experiences in the music business, their travels, their personalities, their personalities' battles with cancer and heart disease, and their experiences during the end of the Beatles' tour. The documentary is almost 2 hours long and does not have any moments that would get old for those who have grown up with the Beatles' music. There are few songs, even fewer performances. The documentary is an excellent look into the Beatles' unique and inspirational journey. As a fan, I can not tell you how I feel about this documentary. The music is amazing. The film is very interesting and exciting and interesting. I would recommend this documentary to any Beatles fan.

Kathy G. photo
Kathy G.

Even though this was such a great film, and could have been, I was never convinced by the score, the commentary, and the many scenes that weren't in the documentary. This movie is a great reminder of why everyone should care about the music and why their involvement in music is so important. It also shows how the music business is governed and how music can be manipulated and still be influential. And it will also bring back many memories of bands like the Beach Boys, who worked their way up to success. This movie should be mandatory viewing for everyone who has ever wanted to get a grip on the music business, or anybody who works in music. There is so much information in this documentary that most people won't see before. And it shows that music can still bring people together, even in the current political climate.

Jessica Kelley photo
Jessica Kelley

The documentary has some of the best footage from the band's early days, the early days of their music, when the guys were really trying to do something special. It shows a lot of scenes from the band, some really interesting stuff, but not a lot of footage from the actual recording sessions, which makes this documentary very incomplete. Some of the stuff is really interesting, but it's really hard to see, and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the film. Still, the band's early stuff is very good, and there are some great interviews with the band and some famous people. There is a lot of excellent stuff here, but it's really hard to find. I think it's a great documentary, but it's very incomplete, and I would recommend checking out the album, before seeing this.

Ryan Gutierrez photo
Ryan Gutierrez

This is a great documentary that tells the story of Bert Berns from his initial meeting with Elvis Presley at Studio 54 in New York City, through his numerous fights with the record company and eventually his death from cancer at age 40. For those who think Elvis Presley was the worst person in the world, this is the perfect film to prove it! If you don't believe me, then watch it for yourself and see what I mean. I don't know how long this documentary was on the air but I was really surprised that it didn't get cut. For the most part this is a very entertaining documentary. While I am not a huge Elvis fan, I found this documentary entertaining and fascinating to watch. I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the comments made by Elvis' family about him. I think that anyone who likes Elvis Presley or is a fan of the Elvis record company should definitely watch this. I know a lot of people didn't like it but I really think it is one of the most entertaining documentaries out there.

Sandra Harris photo
Sandra Harris

Tributes to one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time. I was looking for a documentary to watch on the death of Bert Berns, and I was pleasantly surprised by how this documentary turned out. After watching it, you can see the actual concert footage as well as the interview footage with Berns. The music is great, and the interviews with Berns and his friends are the most interesting parts of the documentary. The documentary is a great insight into how an artist who had a famous musical career died at a young age, and you can really feel how much he had lived for music. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the music or a fan of Bert Berns.

Christopher photo

What a shocker! I had heard about this film but I wasn't prepared to see it. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went with the cast and the messages that were said. It was an interesting mix of drama, comedy, musical numbers, and of course a lot of singing. It's too bad that I had to watch it through in German, but you get the idea. I wish that there were more films like this, especially from a minority perspective. I don't know if they are just produced by minority groups and have nothing to do with mainstream culture, but I think that is a shame. I would like to see more of them, and I hope that it continues to grow.

Jerry H. photo
Jerry H.

In an era when music, like drama and films, is now taking a more sentimental and subject oriented approach, movies like Bert Berns's are sure to make people think about the past, especially when they re-appear as an alternative to the present, or the present becomes the past. This documentary takes us back to the rise of rock'n'roll, and the various ways that the music and music stars impacted people, from the greats like Jimi Hendrix to the lesser knowns like James Dean Bradfield and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the music that was written about these people, and the things they accomplished. What I especially liked was that, while at first this documentary seemed to focus on one person, in fact the movie follows two, at times, and they were probably very much in control of the material. They have many interviews, and some of the interviews are kind of like interviewing his former girlfriends and colleagues. That said, I thought that the interview of James Dean Bradfield, and especially of Jimi Hendrix, were probably the best, in terms of both their charisma and their authenticity. I found the footage of those interviews to be extremely well done, with many dramatic and funny moments. The production values are top notch, with many interviews being done in-studio, and using a few real concert footage. This movie will not disappoint, for anyone who loves the music, or for anyone who wishes to learn more about the greats of the music.

Virginia Reyes photo
Virginia Reyes

With the recent release of a documentary on the life of legendary singer-songwriter, Bert Berns, who died in 1973 at the age of 27, this movie, Bert Berns: The Life, is a must see. The documentary is based on interviews with both his son and son's friends and family, the music critic, the director, and others, but it is more focused on his music and the music that he created, and this documentary really does a great job of getting that across. This documentary really gets into the life of the man and the music and why he did what he did, how he created his music, and why he was so great, and he really goes into this a lot. This documentary really is an amazing insight into his life and music. It's really an amazing documentary. It does a great job of showing the ups and downs of his life and the music that he made and how important his music was to him, and the music is something that I'm going to treasure for a long time. I think that this documentary really is a great look at the life of the man and the music, and it really shows why he is such a great singer-songwriter, and what he did and how important it was to him. I think that this documentary is very much worth seeing and has a lot of great insights into his life and music. It's a great documentary.

Ruth photo

A very emotional and enlightening film, which is very much worth seeing. It has the added attraction of revealing how many of the major rock and roll superstars got their start in the white slavery era. An integral part of the story is how the old Hollywood had the audacity to keep so many starlets in "diligent service" for their financial interests. By the end of the film, there were many celebs, with little more than a small amount of fanfare, who were responsible for many of the sensationalist entertainments that preceded the television age. Despite the theme of this documentary, "Who Was Johnny Cash?", it's not the star attraction that makes the movie a success, as it is the personal testimonials of these performers and their long term friends and associates, which make it a fascinating and entertaining piece of art. This documentary is a good reminder to all those involved in the entertainment business that you don't always have to make a million dollars to make a million dollars.

Tammy Ruiz photo
Tammy Ruiz

The story of Bert Berns is about the groundbreaking biographical documentary. It was made in 1976, and is now about thirty years old. During the film, one watches a video tape of a meeting between Berns and John Lennon, from June 1967. It's an interesting feature, in which Lennon explains that his band, The Beatles, was, indeed, groundbreaking. I've watched this footage many times. It's fascinating, the sheer mystery of the footage, as the interviews of Lennon, Berns and the band go on for an hour and a half. The documentary ends with a statement by Lennon, "The Beatles were groundbreaking in the way that bands have always been." It's a tremendous statement, and I strongly recommend it. All of the interviews are excellent, with music videos and stills, some excellent footage from the '60s and 1970s, with plenty of interesting interviews from Lennon, Berns and others. All of the interviews are unique. In addition, there are interviews from the first Beatles recording session in 1967, and from the Revolver sessions in 1970. This film is really a must-see, and is a really well-made documentary. I highly recommend this film.

Ethan photo

I first came across this film by chance after a search on Netflix and was instantly struck by it's amazing film-making. Having not heard of this film, I was intrigued by the subtitle which seemed to catch my attention. A few months later, I stumbled upon this film on Youtube and decided to watch it, and I must say I am quite surprised how well it captures the essence of the music and story. The documentary covers everything from the birth of funk to the rise of Motown, and shows how great a thing these musicians did to create a genre and music. However, there are many artists who were overlooked, and some who are considered to be great, but are not. It's not the greatest documentary ever made, but it's not that bad either.

Russell Brewer photo
Russell Brewer

Bert Berns is a comic genius! The performances of Robin Williams, Danny De Vito,and Robert Duvall is unforgettable. This is the life of the Fabulous Spiderman. I loved this documentary so much,I'm going to buy this DVD for my friends.

Danielle G. photo
Danielle G.

When the movie came out, I was a bit sceptical about the quality of the film, but I was blown away. This is an incredible true story that everyone should see. It's a shame that the state of play for the eco movement has not been able to evolve faster in the last twenty years. A story such as this needs to be told and there are so many stories that we need to hear. As an eco activist myself, I am grateful that I had this movie and I hope everyone who sees this film will be as moved as I was.

Adam W. photo
Adam W.

You know, I don't remember seeing the documentary movie about the life of legendary Broadway composer & actor Bert Berns (1916-1986) when it was first released in the US on DVD back in 2008, and I'm sure that I missed a lot of his amazing accomplishments and brilliance, but I can assure you that I am not a fan of the movie. I found the story-telling behind the movie (over 3 hours long) pretty disjointed, and the documentary style presentation of the movie (using current news reports and interviews with the world's greatest concert pianists) as it was titled was done in a way that made the whole thing a bit boring. The DVD was obviously made for the music industry and not the general public, so to be sure, the DVD itself was obviously not made for the general public, but I'm sure that the movie was made to entertain the music industry, and by that, I can guarantee that I was disappointed. So, if you're looking for a quick but interesting little film about one of the greatest composers in the history of music, I think you'd probably find a better reason to watch this movie than I did. However, if you're interested in learning more about the man and his legacy, I think you'd enjoy the movie. It's a story about a very special person, and you'll certainly be interested in learning about it.

Dorothy Garrett photo
Dorothy Garrett

Perhaps one of the most divisive films of the 2000s, the soundtrack to this film was the perfect platform for the argument that the music was unnecessary. In retrospect, many would agree with that. This film is a bit more nuanced, although the DVD version is pretty good. It's actually the video that has been the problem, as the audio quality is sub-par. The music is really well done. The interplay between the characters is great. But what I really love about this film is the performances. I love the chemistry between Sheen and Dern, the tension between Carrey and Crawford, and the ending that's just perfect. It's well done, but I also love the music. The movie gets a 9/10 from me.

Jacqueline H. photo
Jacqueline H.

I was wondering how the great Robert Redford would portray the role of an underdog champion of the world. I found him to be quite good in this film. It was definitely not the stereotypical Hollywood acting. The characters were believable. His determination, and strength and talent was admirable. The underdog story is well handled and beautifully done. The documentary format also worked well. I have not seen the movie and I would like to see it in its entirety, but I did see a lot of the behind the scenes, archival footage that the documentary director gave, which I liked. If you like the film, you might also like this.

Nicholas photo

It is such a shame that the film Bert Berns, Jr.'s performance was overshadowed by the Oscar nominations that were given out in the '06 Oscars. Not only was he nominated for an Oscar, he was even nominated for a Golden Globe and was up for a BAFTA. The fact that the Academy chose to overlook the performance of Berns, Jr. shows that this movie is really not that good. It was an excellent performance and it deserves more recognition than what it received. I don't know why this movie didn't get more publicity, because I really wanted to see it and I think it would have been a great movie. The movie is a good documentary about a former professional baseball player, who was banned from the sport after testing positive for steroids. The movie also talks about the film industry, especially about the early years of film and baseball. There is also a great focus on the relationship between the people who made this film and the people who made the movie. It is a good movie that should be seen by anyone who is interested in film. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Megan L. photo
Megan L.

Quite possibly the best biography about a musical genius ever produced. Everything in this movie, from the action sequences to the script, was meticulously put together. Not once in the movie was the production going to take place with out an actor. The soundtrack was nothing short of perfection and the direction from Cameron Crowe was not to be missed. It seems that Crowe had no problem with the pace and the length of the movie. The movie was filled with great musicians and they did a fantastic job putting it all together. The movie will be hard to top but I think it will go down as one of the greatest musical biopics ever made. I can not wait for Cameron Crowe's next project.

Christina Alvarado photo
Christina Alvarado

Although The Crowd is a great film, I personally felt that it was slightly overrated. I didn't get bored watching it. The film focuses on Berns and his inspirational speech and his epic story. Berns wrote the book that this documentary is based off of. His book, titled "Walk On The Moon" tells a very inspiring story. I felt like this movie was better than many of the other documentaries about music. I felt that it didn't waste any time on the musicians and the bands, it was focused on Berns and his epic story. I felt that if it had focused on Berns, I would have enjoyed it more. This documentary is very inspirational, as Berns writes that he believes that any person can make music. In the book he writes that he's not the best at what he does but he knows that his voice is still there, his mind is still in tune, he has faith, he's still in tune. This documentary shows that. I feel that this film is very good because it doesn't take a lot of time to get to the point. It doesn't feel that long for any of the musicians or bands that he interviewed. The film shows that anyone can make music, even someone like Mr. Berns. Berns goes through various groups of musicians, each of whom tells him that he needs to study music more, learn how to play the guitar, and how to become a better musician. The film also shows him being introduced to Metallica and others. I feel that it was a very inspirational film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Kyle photo

I will not give any spoilers but the film will leave you with a good feeling after the end. The thing I am surprised about is that I felt a sense of what "people" actually think about the issues that were raised in this film. I will mention that I'm not a "cult" film critic, and that the actual way the film is presented and told is very personal and controversial. The reasons why this film is controversial are explained in the title. In conclusion, I think that this film will open your mind and make you think about the issues raised in it. It does this in a very interesting and original way.

Adam Wade photo
Adam Wade

I'm sorry, but it seems that not everyone agrees with this film. I will tell you why I think it's a very interesting documentary. I know this film was made because of the hate that was shown towards Mr. Berns, and I'm sure that the man did much good for the people of America. This documentary isn't to prove that Mr. Berns didn't do much for the community in general, it's more about the state of the city of New York at that time. At that time, the population was too poor to build anything, and the water was polluted with the release of coal ash from the burning of coal. Mr. Berns didn't have the means to help the people, he could only do what he could, and he did it in a way that it affected only the poor. There was a lot of violence, and it was probably the main reason for the riots that occurred in the city. There was also a lot of problems with the police force. The police department was working in a very slow and almost non-efficient way, so it was easy to get the police to do whatever they wanted. So, what did Mr. Berns do? He decided to set up a radio station, and he started playing some of the songs that were made by those that were beaten up, so the people could get some answers. He then started sending out tapes, and recordings to those that were in need. The people loved the songs, and they began to make the tapes. Mr. Berns showed the people what he was doing, and he taught them a lesson. He showed the people that they could do whatever they wanted, and he didn't care about what others thought of him. He really changed the way that the city of New York was, and he showed the people what he was doing. It was a very interesting film, and it has a great message. You shouldn't let your prejudice stop you from listening to this documentary.

Jacqueline R. photo
Jacqueline R.

The movie itself was interesting and well made. I thought the acting was great, the cinematography was pretty nice and the musical score was good as well. I think there were a few things that I could have done with in this documentary, but I don't really know what they were because I watched it over and over. The way it went was that he went on from one family to the next in the first part of the film and then came back to the beginning of the film. I thought the way he went back and forth would have been a bit more interesting. I was also glad that he got a little more of the background and backstory of those who were involved in the scene with him at the time. He did a pretty good job and I would recommend that anyone who has a little time to spare watch it. It's an interesting film and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

Wayne W. photo
Wayne W.

The film had me guessing what would happen, but I was also guessing what would happen to the characters and the story. I liked it. The film is quite dark, but at the same time very well put together. It has a great story, and the music is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who likes music, and who is a big fan of Jimmy Page.

Carl photo

A documentary that explores the life and work of the great film composer, Bert Berns. This documentary features interviews from some of his most famous colleagues, some of his earliest works, and a variety of other personal stories. It also features some of his old-time friends and colleagues, most of whom have given some very interesting and thoughtful stories. The film is very entertaining and the interviews are a lot of fun, even if they are some of the same old stories. Berns had a lot of influence on many film composers, not just his own, but on many of the other composers. His music was such a crucial part of many movies, and so is the story of his life and work. It's definitely worth a watch for the fascinating stories, but also for the films he contributed to.

Brittany photo

If you've ever been to a Phish show, you've heard some of the lyrics to this movie, a popular song among Phish fans. I can't say the music itself is a good thing. I've heard the song "Jack Straw" on numerous occasions, and it is quite unpleasant, and I can't listen to it in the same way as I would like to listen to a song like "Rhapsody In Blue". That said, if you're going to see the movie, you should see it for the music. Phish performs it so well that I can't imagine anyone else performing it. The performances are all top-notch. Their production is amazing, the sets are unique and very authentic, the cast are well-cast, and the music is a riot. The casting for the parts is spot-on. Jake Shimabukuro, Jeff Schroeder, Tom Skerritt, and Bryce Dessner are all perfect. This movie may be a little out of date, but it's still worth watching. Even if you're not a Phish fan, you may still enjoy it.

Elizabeth Foster photo
Elizabeth Foster

An extremely well crafted and insightful documentary on a very obscure subject. If you love traveling and traveling with other people and will enjoy the music and stories behind the music and the travel and seeing how the different nations relate to each other. I highly recommend this documentary.

Sara Brewer photo
Sara Brewer

The first thing I'd like to point out is that this film was made at a time when Donald Trump was beginning to take hold of the White House. It was clear that the nation was going through some sort of existential crisis. But rather than focus on what caused this, the film focuses on what brought it about. The documentary film of the legendary director is incredibly insightful. It takes a look at his life as a film maker, and his eventual influence on the mainstream film industry. Bert Berns is recognized as one of the greatest American film makers of all time, and he has a lot to say about the film industry. He reveals a lot about his childhood in the late 1940s, and the era where films were a huge part of his life. He gives a lot of insight on his first successes and failures, and how Hollywood was basically a place where he was able to be himself. He also talks about his past and how it affected his career and his life. The documentary is quite informative, and the film is great. It was a good idea to interview someone that has been in the industry for so long. You get to learn about the actual history behind the movie industry, and the people who helped shape the industry. And what the film doesn't talk about is that a lot of directors are more worried about getting their picture out than they are getting the movie that they want out. One of the great things about this documentary is that they don't just show the director, but also show the people who made the movie. It's a great way to get a really good feel for the people involved. The film is one of the best documentaries I've seen, and it was made with the intention of telling a story. It shows how a man can have so much power, and yet be completely disconnected from the people he's responsible for. This is what makes the documentary great, and one of the best documentaries I've seen.

Justin photo

The film is very long, and I don't understand why, as it's obviously meant to be, just like so many other documentaries that have been made. The length of this one is obviously because it's a very long documentary and it's been done to death. The one thing that makes it a great documentary is the performance of the director, Martin Scorsese. This guy is in a class by himself, and I really like him. He is a very intelligent director and has a great sense of what he wants to show, and the story he's telling. The reason why I think the film is so good is because of the fact that it shows both sides of the story, and really understands the fear, the feelings of the people, the real world problems that really matter to people, and is able to show the real character of the characters. It's a very important part of a film, and it really goes a long way, but it's not enough to make a great documentary. I just like it, and I think that it's worth watching.

Alexander S. photo
Alexander S.

It is hard to find a film that is truly inspirational. I know I have missed out on many great films in my life but this one is one of the best. I love how the story is told and how it has a more meaningful message than the average film. I was amazed at how it portrayed the 'crazies' who were taken in by the circus. There was a powerful message about how those who took advantage of those who were not as strong as they should have been but still did the best they could. It also showed that if you are strong enough and able to look at life from the wrong perspective it can be a beautiful thing. I feel like if I could it would be a beautiful thing to people like me.

Henry Wallace photo
Henry Wallace

I've seen this documentary twice now, and I'm just as impressed as I was the first time around. At first, I didn't care for the camera work. The first time I watched it, I just thought it looked like some sort of poorly staged, out of focus video, which is actually how I saw it first time. The second time, I got used to it, and the first thing I noticed is the overall photography style of the documentary. The documentary is not a black and white, washed out documentary. The documentary is supposed to be very simple. If you haven't seen it, it's probably best to skip it and go straight to a good movie instead. I think there are a couple of reasons why this works for me. One, it's incredibly detailed, and I can appreciate how that adds to the overall atmosphere of the documentary. It just adds to the style, and I appreciate that. The second reason is the subject matter itself. The subjects are all very interesting. The production, editing, and general production of the documentary were all good. The photography is just incredible. I really don't think there's a single part of the documentary that doesn't work. This documentary is definitely a must-see. It's a fantastic documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the subject matter. This is definitely one of my favorite documentaries.

Alan Clark photo
Alan Clark

Not very often, I think I'll get to watch a documentary. But the more I think about it the more it seems like a waste of time. This documentary features all the classic rock bands, with almost every song from a great era. It's actually almost an hour and a half long, but if you don't care about a good story, you could probably enjoy this. You can see that each band is an artist and has a good story behind them. It's great to see how some bands have survived through music, and how some of them have given back to the community in some way. It also features interviews with the bands and the person who played them. In my opinion, this documentary is just an introduction to the music. It doesn't tell you everything, but it doesn't explain anything either. If you love the music, it's worth seeing.

Frank W. photo
Frank W.

Watching this movie has got to be the best experience I have ever had watching a movie. I am still going through the movie clips. You see this movie has so much more to say than just play some music. I am not sure if you have seen the first movie but this one goes deeper into the background of the music business and it shows the good and bad side of music. Watching this movie is like getting in the shoes of these musicians and learning their stories. There is so much history involved in this movie. I could go on and on about how amazing the movie is but I think you have to see it for yourself to have an idea of what I am talking about. This movie is like a bible for music fans. All the movies I have ever seen or heard about in my life are from these artists. I think the movie is great and I am glad I went to see it. I will never buy a ticket to this movie but I will never regret the experience. I think this movie is going to go down in history for any amount of time.

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Ronald Bennett

Some of you may be familiar with the trailer for "Sci-Fi Movie Theater", a feature documentary in which an actor talks about his favorite sci-fi movie. It's an interesting, entertaining and entertaining, if slightly sickening to watch. This is because there's not a lot of attention paid to the actors. They're simply there to do their jobs. As I watched this, I couldn't help but think that if one has to choose between a director, a cast and a script, these things are more important than anything else. I thought the story was decent, though it was pretty thin. It's not too terribly different from what you're used to seeing in an average Sci-Fi movie. It's hard to tell what was meant to be a joke and what wasn't. There was also a time when I thought I was in trouble, because I felt that there was no real story to tell. That's not to say that there weren't a few things going on. The director told us a little bit of the plot and what the characters were doing, but then again, he only did that for five minutes and that's all. I can't help but feel that this movie would have been better if it had been shorter. I was disappointed that the director spent the bulk of the movie talking about the effects, rather than telling us anything about the actors. I can't help but think that there are much better ways to spend 90 minutes than a director telling us about his movie. As for the cast, I thought it was a good cast. I loved Julianna Moore, who I thought was great in the "Clueless" movies. She's a great actress and deserves all the praise she gets. Jason Lee was great, especially since he seemed to be in every single film I saw this year. Joaquin Phoenix was great. He was perfect for the role, and he was hilarious. I can't say that he was the best actor in this film, but he was the best actor in the film. I don't think that I've ever seen him act so well. I also thought that William H. Macy was funny. His laugh was definitely out of place and kind of jarring. But I think that if he had more lines in this film, he would have made a much better film. And lastly, I thought that the most underrated actor in this film was Justin Timberlake. He was the only one I could see making an impact. Justin was absolutely hilarious. I also thought that the director had a great sense of humor. But there were a few scenes that I thought didn't fit, especially the ending. But I thought that it was a solid film. I was actually kind of disappointed that the director didn't do a lot more with the film. I had heard that he was going to make another film, and that there would be a sequel. I felt that if he had stayed with this, it would have been better. Overall, I think this is a good film. I thought it was good, but I still can't help but think that it could have been better. It was a good documentary, but the director could have done better.

Deborah L. photo
Deborah L.

The documentary "Bert Berns Story" is a documentary on the life of legendary rock musician Bert Berns, based on his own book. It is a very entertaining and informative documentary about the man behind the music and the music. In the documentary, you will see the impact of Berns on music, his rise from just a small up and coming singer in the 80s to a superstar and his rise and fall in popularity in the 90s. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who loves music or would like to know more about this legend. It is a must watch for all music lovers and documentary fans alike. The DVD is a very well made documentary with a great soundtrack. It is a must for music fans.

Amber photo

I was looking for a new way to see Bert Berns and have it go deeper into his life. As I watched it, I found myself thinking that it was a wonderful, touching story. The music was a great choice, I loved the way that they brought the orchestral pieces to life, and the singing was great as well. It is not a biographical film, so don't expect it to tell the true story of Bert Berns. It is also not a documentary, so you won't have to worry about that either. The director, John Sanborn, tells the story with this incredible style and animation. The films is in black and white, but it is not a bad thing. In fact, it is very well done, and it brings the film to life. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, and it will keep me very interested. It is not one that I will watch again, but it is definitely a film that I will keep on my shelf.

Joan photo

This is the story of Bert Berns. It's the story of his life. His music and his music. In his world of music, he was a rebel. The music he played was much different from what we hear today. He was a genius, but not everyone could hear it. It's like the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. A pure masterpiece. I would never go see this movie if you are not into music, but if you are into music and like to hear the pure genius of Bert Berns, this is a must see movie. I would give this movie a 8.5 out of 10.