Steam Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock & Roll

Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock & Roll

Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock & Roll is a movie starring Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt. A documentary outlining the story of a town once troubled by social tensions that makes a powerful comeback and reunites...

Other Titles
Asbury Park: Lotta, redenzione, rock and roll, Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock 'N Roll, Asbury Park: Riot Redemption Rock 'n Roll, Asbury Park - Riot, Redemption, Rock N Roll
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
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Documentary, Music
Tom Jones
Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A documentary outlining the story of a town once troubled by social tensions that makes a powerful comeback and reunites community through music.

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Catherine photo

I am an ardent fan of "The Last Waltz," and it is very hard to watch this film and not be moved to tears. This film is an amazing tribute to the band and to the music that made them famous. The film is wonderfully made, with an incredible soundtrack. The director, Michael Tolkin, was the man who made "The Last Waltz" a true musical masterpiece. He has done a great job with this film. It is a must-see film for any fan of rock and roll.

Janice H. photo
Janice H.

I was really impressed by this documentary. There is a lot of emotion and strong history in the way that it was put together. The filmmaker was able to capture the reality of what happened in the late 70's and early 80's. The movie was very entertaining and you feel like you are in the 60's during this time period. I highly recommend this film. It is an interesting look into the days of the 60's, a time period that was as exciting as it was exciting to the audience. A must see for fans of rock and roll.

Alexander photo

I saw this film at the Salt Lake Film Festival, and was blown away by it. I have always been a fan of New Order and have always liked the music of their music videos, but for some reason, I did not know much about them. Well, this film shows the true story of the music video that was released under the name New Order, and the film also shows the real life personalities behind the band. It also shows how some bands became what they are today. While it is hard to explain, I feel like this film would have made a great film to show to a music education class. If you are a fan of New Order or have any interest in the music industry, you will most likely enjoy this film. It is a must see for any New Order fan.

Steven Davidson photo
Steven Davidson

I enjoyed this film very much. It was a bit slow in parts but it was still entertaining and interesting. The music is great and the actors are all very good. I think the music is the best part of this movie. The music is very well done and I recommend this movie to anyone who likes rock music.

Emma photo

Before watching this film I wasn't really sure what to expect but I found myself enjoying the film more than I thought I would. I didn't like the way the film was edited and I didn't think the music was good. I found it a bit slow and not very well made. But I think I can now see why this film has such a huge cult following and why it's a classic.

Billy photo

This is a pretty good documentary about the local punk scene of Asbury Park, NJ. Most of the interviews are from the early 1980s, the time of the original band's release of their first EP. This is a good and enjoyable documentary about the history of the local punk scene. I liked the documentary a lot, and I really liked the interviewees. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the local punk scene. I would say it's definitely worth watching.

Roger photo

It is almost impossible to keep up with the course of this documentary. At first, we are led to believe that it is about the two young men, Jerry Butler and Arthur Anderson, but this is quickly thrown out the window when we discover that it is actually a documentary about the lives of the residents of the former SoHo. As it becomes clear that the subjects are only dealing with memories from the past, the documentary drags on and on and on. As the documentary progresses, we are told that we should all look at the past with a sense of wonder, or sadness, or both, and then we see the face of the most famous and revered jazz musician of all time, Miles Davis. He is the man who could inspire the world, or at least the music industry. His music is considered the greatest jazz music ever made, and is still played today. But we are also told that he was a big trouble maker, who was notorious for doing things that nobody else would. One of his main reasons for being so famous was for the "trouble" he got into. So, when we finally get to see him in his prime, we realize that this is a fascinating, and in many ways, even shocking story. There are other great artists, like the blues greats and the greats like Duke Ellington and Nat King Cole, who are not mentioned in the documentary, but are all very important. But none of them are as famous as Miles Davis. And as the documentary progresses, we learn that he was a very disturbed young man, who went to a mental institution for years before he would finally get out. He went to the point where he was virtually killing himself. But he never stopped recording and performing, and he was very much loved by the people who knew him. His music is still being played today. I think that it is a great film that has some disturbing aspects, but it is worth the watch.

Betty Dunn photo
Betty Dunn

In the first three acts of this film, the audience gets to see various facts about the riot, such as the reasons why the people turned violent, the occupations that went on after the riots, and how the police handled the situation. It is interesting to see how the first three acts of the film are not very clear to the audience, and is also interesting to see how the film is divided into three acts. It is only at the very end of the film that the audience gets to see all of the facts and their effect on the riots, and that is when the film really gets interesting and very moving. The film does a good job of showing all of the facts and the effects that the riots had on people and the way they handled the situation. The acting in the film is very good, and it is very easy to see why the film was nominated for two Academy Awards, as the actors play their roles very well. Overall, The Rockers is a very good film, and it is very easy to see why the film was nominated for several awards.

Frank Wheeler photo
Frank Wheeler

If there is one thing this film tells us, it's that if we let go and let go of our hatred of each other, then love will come to us all. What a beautiful message to get across. This film is all about how we should not judge each other. We should let each other be who they are, if they are who they are. The film is also about the need for a lot of trust between people. I think this film is just one example of the love of humanity, we should all feel the love of others. We are all human, no matter what the color of our skin or the religion we are. We are all people, and we should not judge each other. I think that we should always try to get to know one another, in order to get the best from them. The film is just one of the many that I have seen, that is the film of a true artist, who creates a powerful message. I love this film, it is one of the best of its kind, and I think that everyone should watch this film.

Brenda Ramos photo
Brenda Ramos

This film is not for everyone. I don't think I would be able to get it out of my head, and it might have been for me too. But I loved it. It's a very well made film. It's not the most interesting thing ever, but it's a very good film. I think it is worth seeing if you like Documentaries, and if you have an interest in rock. It's not a great film, but it's well worth seeing. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Craig C. photo
Craig C.

The movie begins with a short biography of Jimmy Carter and ends with a very lengthy interview with a rock star from the '70's. The interview was very informative. The music featured in the movie was very good. The movie is not very factual. There are also some historical inaccuracies in the movie, like the fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was founded by Mr. Carter. It was also not stated that Jimmy Carter became the first U.S. President to come from a military family, he was actually the first U.S. President to be born outside of the United States. The movie was very good. It was well produced. The soundtrack was excellent. The music was very interesting and it was very informative. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Elizabeth W. photo
Elizabeth W.

I was lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of this film. It's an interesting look at the music industry in the 60's. The music is actually pretty good. I was surprised to hear how much of the music was actually performed by the band members. I thought the film was pretty accurate. It was great to see how the music industry was changing and how it affected the music industry. It was interesting to see how much of the music was actually performed by the band members. I think it's a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is into music.

Barbara photo

I loved this movie. This is a great movie for any fan of rock music. It tells the story of how a group of eight musicians started out in the seventies and how they ended up on top of the world. The band is played by John Cale, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, John Belushi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill & Ted, David Lee Roth, and Billy Idol. The movie also tells the story of the birth of the punk rock movement and the band. The band started out as a combo of musicians. They had a lot of musicians but no manager. The band just started and just had a good time playing. One day the manager, Bill & Ted came on and asked if they could have the band back. They were furious. So the band started playing again. One day they had a chance to put the band back together again. They took it. This movie is a must see for any fan of rock music.

Sarah Morgan photo
Sarah Morgan

This documentary about the life and times of country music superstar Buddy Guy, is perhaps his best. He is portrayed as a rebel with a young family, playing his guitar with no regrets, and showing that sometimes it is all about the music. A reminder that, if you have a dream, that it is not only about money or success, but about personal fulfillment. The music and the performances are the true stars of the film. It is an amazing documentary that will not be to everyone's taste, but it is so well done and shot, that it is worth the viewing.

Jean B. photo
Jean B.

The music video director for The Clash has always been a big part of the band's success. This is certainly one of the best examples of his work. The video is amazing in its own right. The production values are great, the lighting is superb and the music is absolutely awesome. I also thought the editing was a great job and the music itself was a bit of a surprise. It's a shame that the band never got a proper music video and the music video director was never able to get a proper music video. It's nice to see that the music video director has now achieved what he set out to do with this video. The Clash is a great band and this video proves why. 8/10

Tyler May photo
Tyler May

I don't understand why people have rated this film so low. I saw it last night at a festival in NYC and I was blown away. It is a powerful and beautiful story of a young girl's struggle with her sexuality and the consequences of her mother's death. The film is very well made, and the editing and music score are excellent. The story is told from the point of view of the young girl. It is not the story of a woman, and the film doesn't use any kind of stereotypical or over the top male character. The director has chosen to follow the story through the eyes of a young girl, and this is the way she wants it to be told. The film is a wonderful representation of the struggles of young women in America and the role that they are forced to play in their families' lives. This film is a must see.

Ethan photo

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. It was filmed in an intimate setting with a sound system, which gave the audience a sense of what it was like to be in a live concert. The film is a rare opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of a live concert. It's a great look at how a live concert is filmed, the makeup artists, the sound crew, and the lighting. The film shows the different stages of the concert, from the audience to the stage crew, to the stage crew, to the stage crew. It's a unique look into the making of a live concert. It also shows the impact of the concert on the audience. There are scenes that show the audience reacting to the music, including screaming, booing, and cheering. The audience is also shown reacting to the band members and the audience members themselves. This is a great look into the lives of a live concert. I highly recommend this film.