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The First Monday in May

The First Monday in May is a movie starring Anna Wintour, Andrew Bolton, and John Galliano. Follows the creation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's most attended fashion exhibition in history, "China: Through The Looking Glass," an...

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メットガラ ドレスをまとった美術館, Május első hétfője, First Monday in May, Toukokuun ensimmäinen maanantai, Första måndagen i maj, Forårets fineste fest, Prima luni din mai
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1 hours 30 minutes
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Andrew Rossi
John Galliano, Andrew Bolton, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld
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Follows the creation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's most attended fashion exhibition in history, "China: Through The Looking Glass," an exploration of Chinese-inspired Western fashions by Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton.

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Cheryl photo

This is an excellent documentary about the founding of the LGBT organization the Human Rights Campaign, which has been around for more than 20 years. This organization is an incredible force in our society, and it's a shame that the film is not available on DVD. It is a very well done documentary about the group, and the good and the bad things that have come out of it. The film does not cover the entire history of the organization, but rather focuses on the very beginning of the organization and the events that led to the formation of the Human Rights Campaign. There are some amazing stories told, but the story is not quite complete. The film also does not go into the reasons that the organization was formed, which would be very interesting to learn. The film is very well made, and the interviews with the people that are part of the organization are very insightful. There is a lot of information that is presented in this film, and the documentary is very entertaining and entertaining. This is a very important film that is not available on DVD, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the Human Rights Campaign.

Nathan A. photo
Nathan A.

The First Monday in May is a documentary that chronicles the efforts of photographer David Hockney, who is, as his title suggests, a first-time filmmaker. The story is about the lives of three distinct individuals in the Boston area: a drug dealer, a journalist and a painter. What is most striking about the film is the fact that it is presented in three distinct segments. These segments are different in their focus and in the way they present the characters. Each segment is split into segments and is presented in order of the time that the segments overlap. I am not entirely sure what the purpose of this was and I am not sure if I will ever be able to find it out. Nevertheless, the narrative style of the segments is compelling and it works very well. I liked the way that the segments were arranged and their chronology. The story begins with a young drug dealer who was born and raised in South Boston. The young man's life is full of drugs and violence. The film follows him throughout his life and his relationship with his father. We also see the relationship between the father and his son, the photographer and his father, and the journalist and his father. Each of these three segments is very well done and the way that they are presented and structured is very interesting. The film ends with a very interesting conversation between the journalist and his father about the history of their relationship and the nature of the relationship. The film is very well done and I recommend it highly. I found it to be very moving and the way that the segments were presented made it very effective.

Betty M. photo
Betty M.

I was very surprised by this movie, the first Monday in May is a documentary film about the pioneers of the punk scene in New York City. The movie follows the evolution of the punk scene through the lens of a local punk club, Punk in Paradise. The punk scene was the first to popularize what is now known as punk rock music, and the documentary documents the music, culture and lives of the punk kids. The documentary was made by director Michael Lerner, who was inspired by the punk scene, and was inspired by the punk band Fugazi. He also received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to make this documentary. The documentary was shot in the early 90's, and the film has been edited down to the present day, which is a little jarring, but the documentary is still fascinating and entertaining. The film is well produced, and the music is definitely worth watching. It is definitely a little on the long side, but I can understand that the production could be a little choppy. The documentary is a great insight into the punk scene, and it is an interesting documentary about the history of punk. It is not very serious, and I don't think the documentary is trying to preach to the audience, which is what a documentary should be. The documentary does not delve into the history of punk, and does not go into the history of the music, but it does show the characters in their lives, and how they became punk. It is a little on the long side, but it is still a great documentary, and worth seeing.

Ronald O. photo
Ronald O.

I will admit, I was a little disappointed that this movie was not on TV when it was released in the US. I really wanted to see it. But, there was only a few days before it was over. I was hoping that it would be on the air again soon. It was. I also thought that it was very well done. The DVD had lots of good special features. And, I thought that it was a great movie. It was a bit depressing to see the level of poverty in Haiti. I liked the idea of the movie. And, I thought that it was very good. I have seen many documentaries, and I have to say that this was one of the best I have ever seen. I would have to say that this is a movie that you will want to see again and again. I do not think that it is just a movie about Haiti. It has a lot more to it. I do not know what is going to happen to Haiti. But, this movie is definitely going to show us that this is not the end. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Mildred P. photo
Mildred P.

This is a documentary about a young woman who was raped and murdered. The case was one of the most serious cases of sexual violence in Canada. But, this young woman's story is just one of thousands that are just as horrifying. The story of a young woman whose life is forever changed by a horrific act. This film follows the young woman's journey from the time of her arrest to the time of her trial. I will not say anything more about the case, because it would give away the shock and horror of the story. It is difficult to watch a film like this, without feeling the horror that must be felt. This film is a must see for anyone who has ever been in the situation that this young woman was. If you have been raped, this film will give you the reality of what it must be like to be raped and it will be a reminder of what could happen to you. The story is shocking and terrifying, but it is also very real.

Carl Murphy photo
Carl Murphy

This movie was supposed to be about the significance of May Day in the American history. But as usual, the media do the best they can to deceive the viewer. The first 3-4 minutes of this movie was about May Day. They are all about the importance of May Day. The rest of the movie was about the usual stuff you would expect. They were all talking about the importance of the military, the importance of the trade unions, and about the military doing something against the "reds" or "whites". They all talk about the importance of May Day, and they all make some kind of analogy with how they feel about it. I am not sure if it is a good or bad analogy. All the "activists" are white. The police and military are white. It is not clear what the "activists" are fighting for, or what the "activists" are fighting against. It was all kind of dull, and there were no interesting points about May Day, or the war in Iraq. The film was really slow, and there was no real narrative. It was like a rerun of the other "activists" documentaries. It is not as bad as "Rambo", but I am not sure it is good. If you are interested in May Day, watch this film.

Brenda K. photo
Brenda K.

I am a sucker for documentary style, and this movie is one of my favorite. The story is based on a true story of an activist who was a radical feminist who tried to take over the "Men's Rights" movement. I am surprised she did not get more credit. I think it is good that there are now documentaries like this one on the front page of the New York Times. There are very few documentaries which are in the same style as this one. It is an interesting and enjoyable movie. I think you can enjoy it if you are a feminist and a feminist activist. There are a lot of interesting interviews and the pictures are great. The way the documentary is done is very different from most documentaries and the way the interviews are done are quite interesting. It is a very good documentary. I give it a 7. I recommend it.

Hannah photo

If you have seen any of the films made by the Coen Brothers (including A Serious Man, Fargo, Barton Fink, and especially Blood Simple, you will find that you have seen much of what you are seeing here) you will know that a good film is almost always better than a bad one. This film is not just a good film, it is a very good film. This is the Coen Brothers' first full length film, and it is a very good film. The cast, the script, the music, the direction, everything is just about perfect. The Coens are famous for their brilliant writing and direction. They have directed a lot of great films and this film is no different. What they do is show you the things that make a good film, and then they do the opposite of that. They do what is possible with a short budget and a couple of hours of film, but they do not do what is possible with a full length film. This is the way it should be done. This is not a documentary. This is not a doc. This is a film. A film that will stand out in your memory forever. The Coens have proved to me that they are a great group of filmmakers and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. The Coens have made a very good film.

Louis H. photo
Louis H.

I have always loved Neil Young, and this documentary is a testament to that. The music is fascinating, and the insight is invaluable. However, it is not an insightful or artistic look at his life. It is simply an introduction to the story of his life. I don't know if this is the purpose of the film, but it certainly doesn't serve it well.

Beverly Robertson photo
Beverly Robertson

I am a graduate student in the history department at the University of Maryland. The film focuses on the American Civil War and the role of the United States of America. I was not aware of the story of the Great War until I saw the film. I was impressed by the amount of research that was done. It is a story that I believe everyone should know. It is a story of a war that was never fought and a nation that was in a state of turmoil at the time. I believe that everyone should see the film. It is a story of hope and hope that will make people think and remember. I am glad that the film was made and hope that it will be shown in every high school in the country. I think that the film is an excellent way to teach the history of the war and the importance of peace. I also hope that it will be shown in high schools throughout the country.

Helen photo

Taken together, the film's four segments form a film-within-a-film, a film-within-a-movie, and a film-within-a-story. The first one is about the Texas oil boom in the early 1980s. The second, "What Is Love?" examines the relationship between love and sexual desire. The third, "Towards the End of the World," is about the last days of the Roman Empire. The fourth, "A Day Without a Star," is about the death of a popular actor. This movie is not for the easily offended. But I think that is the point. It is a very entertaining film. I enjoyed it. I thought it was well-done. It is certainly worth seeing.

Karen photo

I saw this film in a theatre with a packed audience. I'm glad I didn't pay full price to see it. I've never been to the theater and I am a bit of a movie snob. But this film was a joy to watch. It was a great mix of facts and opinions. It was funny, thoughtful, and moving. I was moved by it. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a must see for all Americans.

Ashley photo

I've been a fan of Eric Von Daniken since I first saw his work in a concert on BBC Radio 5 Live in 2001. His productions of "Shatterhand" and "Invictus" are among my favourite of all time. I'm a huge fan of the music, too, but to me the focus is on the film. I was disappointed that they only covered one song and didn't delve into the lyrics. Also, it's a shame that the liner notes did not mention the main singer's death. All the music is great, especially the opening of the movie. I also loved the story behind the film. I'm looking forward to seeing the film again, and I'd like to see how he ended up in London.

Richard Willis photo
Richard Willis

This is a great film, one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. There are moments when you will feel like you are there with them, or you feel as if you are on the ship with them. I also have a lot of sympathy for the kids in the film, as I have had them growing up in the same environment as they did. In the end I just wish I could have known more about the actual people that made the film. It is an amazing journey and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the documentary process.

Anna B. photo
Anna B.

The first Monday in May is a documentary about the opening of the new San Francisco Zoo. The film follows the lead up to the opening and the challenges that people will face during the opening. There are several interviews with people who have been involved with the opening and the film also features a few different animal videos. It's an interesting look at the people who helped the new San Francisco Zoo open and how they were impacted by the opening. The film is a bit slow moving and the footage isn't always exciting but it's a good documentary and worth watching.

Brittany Torres photo
Brittany Torres

The most recent documentary on the American Dream, and one of the best I've seen. The documentary chronicles the stories of several New York real estate investors, who were recruited to buy a vacant lot in the city, and eventually sold it to the developer of a $100 million project. The film also shows some of the real estate industry's failings, including a lack of infrastructure to support the new development, and a lack of transparency in the real estate industry. The film ends with a very surprising conclusion, which I won't spoil here, but I strongly recommend it.

James photo

I have just watched this film on my second viewing. The first time I watched it I was disappointed but I enjoyed it. I felt that the film was well worth watching. The documentary focuses on the birth of the international movement, the struggle for women's rights in Africa. The film follows the movement from its inception to the publication of its book Women's Liberation in Africa. It also focuses on the lives of the women involved. The film starts in the early 1950s with the work of an African woman named Tawanda, who is able to survive as a subsistence farmer in a village without enough money for her children. She sets up a school for her children and helps them in their work. The documentary shows how her son is the first to write about the movement and the movement is eventually established as an African feminist movement. The documentary also explores the rise of the movement and the activism of the women involved. The film ends on a positive note. I think the film is informative and shows the women involved in the movement. The film is well worth watching. I would recommend it to any women who are interested in feminism.

Alan Williams photo
Alan Williams

The film tells the story of the "first Monday in May" of the year 2000, when the world's population was 7 billion. The people of the world had just witnessed a mass extinction event that was to last for approximately five months. The world was now divided into four parts: the North, South, East and West. The movie was shot in Spain, and the whole world was able to witness the event in the same way. The movie was done in a documentary style, so that the viewer would feel like he or she was right there in the middle of the action. This film was made in the context of the World Wide Web, so that it was possible to see the actual events happening. The movie was shown in over 160 countries, and was shown on television and on the Internet. The people of the world were able to see what was happening on their own time. This is a great movie, and I hope that more people will see it. This movie was made by the United Nations. It is a must see for all people, and I hope that more people will see it.

Vincent H. photo
Vincent H.

It is one of the most common mistakes people make when thinking about traveling. They don't think about the consequences of their actions, and I think that this is the case here. It is not really about what you do, but how you do it. I had an almost identical experience with my wife and son. We were going to the beach, and we didn't even know where we were going. We had no idea of what we were in for. We were going to a beach, but we didn't know where we were going. I have to say that it is a film that does have some impact. It certainly made me think about the consequences of my actions. I had to think about what I was going to do, and the consequences of my actions. But it was also very relaxing and enjoyable. I really liked the movie and the way it made me think.

Bruce Martinez photo
Bruce Martinez

This film is a good introduction to the emerging and rapidly changing science of space exploration. It is well presented, with a good idea of the issues, a good focus on the science of space exploration, a good sense of the time, and a good sense of the problems. I would recommend it to anyone who has a sense of space exploration issues and interested in this subject. It is an honest presentation of the science and technical issues. It also is a nice example of a documentary style documentary, very much like the film making style of the film makers. This film is not a documentary in the traditional sense, it is not a history of space exploration, and it is not an objective portrayal of a single event in history. It is a documentary style documentary, which is not well suited to my tastes. It is a documentary style documentary, which is not a good fit for anyone who wants a more objective look at the history of space exploration.

Zachary Ellis photo
Zachary Ellis

I have a theory about what makes a good documentary. It must be about a subject that is worth telling about. It must also be about a human interest story. In my opinion, this documentary was about a human interest story. It is about a man who has always had a special relationship with his dog. The film tells the story of how he came to adopt a dog. The film also shows the story of the dog and how it is now being cared for by the man. The film is also about the relationship between the dog and the man. I thought the film was very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about dogs.

Frank P. photo
Frank P.

I think this film is a great introduction to what the film industry has to offer. The documentary style makes it easy to follow the story. There is a lot of good information and insight to be had in this film. It's a great film to show to anyone who wants to learn more about film making and how to make it happen.

Carolyn photo

In a time where politicians are doing everything in their power to restrict the rights of the people, I think that the documentary "First Monday in May" is a very powerful and well-made documentary that shows the great value of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The film features interviews with many leading figures and organizations in the film industry, including: Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Robert Greenwald, Quentin Tarantino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and many others. It also includes the opinions of many leading writers, critics, and actors. The film shows how the First Amendment is being abused by the government, and how it is being used as a tool to silence and silence people. The film also shows how the First Amendment is being used by corporations to silence people. I am sure that most people will be interested in the film and will want to watch it. I think that this film will be a great addition to any collection of documentaries. I give this film an 8 out of 10. It is definitely worth seeing and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Donald G. photo
Donald G.

This is an excellent documentary about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the USA. The film shows the history of the epidemic, the progress made and the hopes and dreams of the people involved in the epidemic. It also shows the impact of the epidemic on the lives of those who were affected. It also shows the efforts of the US government to combat the epidemic, and the efforts of the media to cover the epidemic. The film is very interesting and informative, and the people interviewed are very inspiring. It is a very interesting documentary, and I recommend it highly.

Jennifer M. photo
Jennifer M.

I saw the first Monday in May at the festival in Cleveland. I was in the audience, and I left feeling inspired. It was the most visually striking film I've ever seen, and I'm glad I saw it. I can't wait for the DVD. The narrative is very compelling, and it's amazing how much information is conveyed through just a few minutes of footage. The film is beautifully shot, with a great sense of place and time, and I can't wait to see it again. I have a feeling that this will be a must-see for everyone.

Dylan Wells photo
Dylan Wells

The first Monday in May is an important documentary on the subject of the war in Iraq. It tells the story of a group of young men who are going to join the army to fight for the US. They are met by a father and his son, who try to convince them to go to Iraq. There is also a younger brother who is going to join the army too. But they don't listen. This is a very moving film. It shows how the war affects people and how their lives change. It is very sad, but it also makes you think about the war in Iraq and the American involvement in it. The film is a little bit hard to watch, but it is important. It shows how the war affects the people who are going to Iraq. The film is very well made and the sound quality is excellent. The film is also very well written and is very moving. It is also very well directed. This is a very important film. I would recommend it to people who are interested in the war in Iraq and the American involvement in it.

Ralph Fox photo
Ralph Fox

This is an excellent documentary on the late great comedian Robin Williams. He is such a talented comedian, and I can't help but feel that he was such a great person. I'm a fan of his since I was a kid, and he's just a brilliant comedian. This documentary is a must see for anyone who is a fan of Robin Williams. He's an amazing talent. This documentary is not only a tribute to Robin Williams, but it's also a tribute to the great comedic talents of the world. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever watched a Robin Williams movie.

Edward Tran photo
Edward Tran

I saw this film in the theater when it was first released. I was amazed at the way it was shot, the way it was shot. It was very raw, very real. I was surprised that it was not nominated for an Oscar. It was a very effective film. It was also very timely, especially after 9/11. It is a very important film for anyone who believes in freedom and the American way of life. It is a film that is worth seeing, and will be a very important part of your life. I recommend it to everyone.

David McCoy photo
David McCoy

I'm so glad that they released this on the DVD! It was a fun ride. I would love to have seen more of this type of movie. It's a little over 2 hours long, but the director did a great job in not dragging this out for too long. I enjoyed it. I just wish there were more movies like this one out there. This one is an excellent companion piece to the documentary on this site. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a great documentary.

Samantha photo

I am a 24 year old gay man, and I think this documentary is an excellent and very informative look at the gay community, the fight for acceptance and human rights, and the support they have from their families and the society. It is not perfect, but it gives a good idea about the gay community and how they are trying to fight for acceptance and human rights. I am a big fan of the music in the documentary and I really loved hearing them talk about their love for the music. The problem is that the majority of the music in the documentary is not really good. I think the documentary would have been better if they would have put more focus on the music and less on the people who are trying to get accepted. But, it was still a very informative documentary, and I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the gay community.

Peter C. photo
Peter C.

A group of us all got together at the same time in January and watched the movies of this week. The movie was funny, but most of the time, the movie was about the idea of what being homosexual should be, and the way it was portrayed in the movies. I can't speak for the director, but I can tell you that there was nothing about the gay in the movie that was positive. It was all negative, and that made it even more interesting. I would have to say that this movie had more of a storyline than the other ones. I don't know if I would have rated it higher if I was there in the audience, but I'm sure there are people who would like it. I don't know if I would recommend it to someone who is either straight or not straight. It was a movie that I would like to watch again.

Aaron Ramos photo
Aaron Ramos

After reading the reviews on here I was looking forward to this documentary. I was very disappointed, not only by the coverage of the traffic problems but also by the excessive amount of time the directors spent on showing the rather boring traffic accidents and then trying to bring the viewer to the point of view of the drivers of the vehicles involved. There was not enough time spent on the drivers of the vehicles involved. I also found the documentary very slow moving and seemed like it was going nowhere. As well, the ending was very hard to swallow. It seemed to suggest that the victims and families were somehow responsible for the tragedy and that the cars were the cause. It was rather silly. I'm not sure why it was necessary to show the cars, as it was clear that the accident was caused by the driver of the vehicles. Overall, it was a very disappointing documentary. The only positive thing that I can say about it is that it was well worth the time that I spent watching it.

Olivia Russell photo
Olivia Russell

This is the first Monday in May documentary I have ever seen. It is really interesting and you will learn a lot about the history of the relationship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. It is a good way to start the week. The documentary is pretty much a recap of the events in the Cold War and it is definitely worth watching. You will learn a lot about the events in the 1960s and 1970s, but you will also learn about the current situation in the world. I recommend this film to everyone who is interested in the history of the Cold War. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Edward H. photo
Edward H.

I am a music fan, and I think that a lot of the negative reviews of this film are probably written by people who are not fans of the music. The film does not cover the entire history of rock music, but it does show a lot of the good and bad that has come from the music. This is not a documentary about the music itself, but about the history of the music. I think that the film is very well done, and that it is very well balanced. I am very glad that I saw it, and I recommend it to all fans of rock music. I also think that it is very interesting to see the reactions of people to the film. There is a lot of talk about how much of the film is true, and how the film is a good representation of the history of rock music. It is a very interesting and well done film. I think that the music is very important, and that the music is the main focus of the film. I think that it is very interesting to see what is going on in the music world today, and to see what people are going through today. It is a very interesting film, and I recommend it to all fans of rock music.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

This documentary is very important and in many ways it is the best film about the Bush family since the infamous "Citizen Kane" of the 1970's. The story of the Bush's has been told so many times it's almost boring. However, the way the film was made is a real masterpiece. The film is shot in a very artful way, and it makes you feel like you're watching something from a film-school class. I think that the film is a masterpiece and a must see for everyone who is interested in the Bush family and its history.

Lori Moreno photo
Lori Moreno

I went to see this movie with my girlfriend and we both loved it. It was a little boring at times, but I thought the movie was great. I really enjoyed it. It was a little slow at times, but that was to be expected. It was a good movie, but I wouldn't say it was the best movie ever. I think it was a good movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes documentaries. It was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Andrew S. photo
Andrew S.

I've watched this movie on DVD and was very impressed with the story, the cinematography and the documentary style. It's a documentary, not a film. The movie doesn't go into the details of what exactly happened. It's just a film about the incident. It's very interesting to see how people were affected by the event. The interviews are not only from the victims, but also from the witnesses. It's a great story. The documentary style was very well done and I loved the way the movie was filmed. I think the director did a very good job and I really hope he makes a sequel. It's a very good documentary.

John J. photo
John J.

I don't know why people don't like this documentary. It is a great story of a man and his life. I am glad to see more documentaries like this. I also enjoyed the interview with the man who lived in the house. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on the film. I thought the film was very well done and the interview with the man who lived in the house was also very interesting. The film was very well made and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever lived in a house. It is a great story and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the life of a man who lived in a house.

Lori Santos photo
Lori Santos

The First Monday in May is an excellent documentary about the challenges of an environmental movement. The film follows the lives of people who have made a commitment to clean up their own communities, and the ways that they deal with the challenges they face. The film shows a wide range of people from all over the world, and it is an eye-opening experience. The documentary also has a good balance of interviews with experts and ordinary people. The documentary is a must see, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the challenges facing our planet.

Emily photo

I am no climate denier, but it is sad that the world is moving towards a hotter climate, and that we humans are not adapting to it. This documentary is one of the most important pieces of documentary film I've ever seen. It does a great job of showing how our current way of life is destroying the environment and causing this huge amount of stress in our daily lives. We are trying to save the planet, but we are destroying it at the same time. When the documentary is over, you realize how we have moved from a place where we could make things right to a place where we cannot make them right. This documentary shows the consequences of our current way of living, and it is very sad.

Kimberly T. photo
Kimberly T.

I found the movie to be very informative and I loved how the director put all the pieces together. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I've also seen a lot of movies but never had this much knowledge of what I was watching. The information in the movie was very good and seemed to be very true. I loved it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I thought it was very good and thought the director did a great job putting the pieces together. The cinematography was beautiful and I loved how they showed the things that made this country great.

Eric photo

This documentary is a must see. It does a great job of showing what happens to people in the UK who have an immigrant background, a culture and a country. The situation we are in is very real and it does not show the good and the bad things that happens. This documentary highlights the story of a mother and her two sons who have moved to the UK and have their lives totally changed. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the UK and immigration and has an open mind.

Cheryl F. photo
Cheryl F.

All I know is that I have a sister who was born on the 9th of April in 1920, and that I was born in November, and this documentary shows the real birth of our beloved Big Brother. I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to this documentary until it came on TV. I was interested because I was interested in the many women who said that the birth of Big Brother was the most memorable in their lives. I really enjoyed watching the documentary. When I realized that it was actually Big Brother, I got more and more interested in the history of the Big Brother organization. I kept waiting for the moment that I would be able to meet the original Big Brother, and then I realized that I was going to miss his debut on television, and I was not disappointed. I hope to see him again one day in the television era, but that day never comes.

Tiffany S. photo
Tiffany S.

I'm actually starting to get interested in reporting on other movies as well. Not just ones that are big box office hits, but any movies that aren't so big that they become a blockbuster (and they are all about the big blockbuster that no one really talks about). So, with that said, I'd like to start by introducing this documentary on the opening day of the biggest movie of the year, The Hunger Games. This is the first of the four films that are to be released in the Hunger Games series, and the movie that everyone is talking about. It tells the story of this game being played in the American south, and how a group of young people are being forced to fight for their survival. They are treated like prisoners, are forced to work in the field for no pay, are forced to do things without any privacy, are subjected to torture and are forced to give up the only food that they have. But, somehow, they all manage to survive. The film is pretty much a detailed look at the production of the movie, as well as what goes into making it. As the film comes out, there are rumors of the movie being so bad that it may not be released, which is actually the most disappointing part of the movie. I really hope that the movie can be as good as everyone says it is. I was really impressed with the movie, and I can't wait for the next movie to come out. It really gives you a sense of what the struggle is like. I really hope that the producers make the next movie just as good as the one that came out last night. I think that there are a lot of people that will enjoy this movie. I'm sure that people are going to see it in theaters and it will be the biggest movie of the year. It will be a lot of fun to see, and you will be talking about it for a while after. The Hunger Games is a great film, and I would highly recommend seeing it. It was by far the most impressive movie I've seen this year, and I can't wait to see the other movies that are going to be coming out soon. I hope that the next film that comes out in the series is just as good. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 are all set to come out in the next few months. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be coming out in the next few months. I can't

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Jane Garcia

This is a very well-done documentary about "The First Monday in May" (aka "Day of Rage") in the fall of 1994, a small-time drug bust in suburban Denver. Not a lot of people know about this particular event, but for those who do know about it, it was perhaps the largest drug bust in the city's history. This film tells the story of how it happened and how the other cases in the drug unit in the city of Denver were solved. The people interviewed are not only drug cops, but they are also the ones who want to see it changed. They are not afraid to talk about how they feel, how they feel about the way the police department is run, and how they feel about all the changes in the city's police department since the drug bust. This is an incredibly well-made documentary, and well worth watching. It is long, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It takes a long time to get the story out, but it is worth the wait.

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I watched this film for the first time last night. I watched it with my wife, my mother, and my brother, all of whom are social outcasts. We all found it very interesting. It was very well put together. The way that they both analyzed the film was brilliant. I didn't like the movie at first, but it was very interesting to watch and very enlightening. The film was able to touch all the points that we had in our lives. My favorite was that the two characters both did not really like each other, but wanted to fight. I think that this could be the greatest theme in society. I liked the fact that they took the conflict in our society out of the "Man Vs. Woman" and put it into a "Man Vs. "environmental" conflict. I also liked that they didn't give the one a noble reason for her behavior. She didn't have one. I didn't like the first movie, but I found it much better. I thought that the movie had a good ending and that it was somewhat surprising. I think that it is a great film for all audiences and definitely has a message. It's interesting to see how people have different opinions about the movie. My husband and I really enjoyed it. It's a very good film and I think that you should watch it!

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William S.

What a wonderful documentary. It is just a shame that so many people missed it. It is an excellent, moving film about people and the loss of freedom. It is also an examination of how an individual can act and be affected by others and what they are willing to sacrifice for freedom. The film does not focus on the abuses of the government but on the remarkable stories of people who resist, who fight and who choose to die rather than give up their freedom. I strongly recommend it to all who like a different view on the story of freedom and the consequences of the liberties we have gained in the years since the war.

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A very powerful documentary about the school in which I went to school. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about the role that religion plays in our society. I recommend it to everyone.

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Robert C.

The life of a street musician can be an amazing way to explore your passion, and to discover something new. This film tells a story of a man who suddenly got the chance to fulfill his dream. He started to make music because he wanted to share his music with people. The movie takes you through his life from the beginning of his career to the present day. It is very hard to imagine what it must have been like in his childhood, to make his own music. It is very interesting to see how he experienced it, and how he transformed himself into an artist. I highly recommend this film to everyone who wants to discover this life. My rating is 10/10

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Mildred W.

A truly remarkable documentary. Since the first Monday in May, filmmakers have tried to expose the power of organized labour to work for the betterment of society. They have tried to get a grip of the fact that they work on the same day as the government, the same year as the health service, the same day as unions. They have tried to get a grip of the fact that they are largely supported by the public, or else why would they be present in such a huge number of locations. I would argue that the film accomplishes this. In a way that a labor organizer would probably be impressed with. The film is not perfect, but that is what the filmmakers do best. The editing is quite smooth, although sometimes the people seem to be just standing there while people talk, and I'm sure that's not the intended effect. But it's still a great documentary.

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Jennifer M.

I found this film to be an eye opening, inspirational and thought provoking movie. There was no constant shouting in the cinema during the Q&A, it was a small group of friends coming together to share a life changing experience. I felt very sorry for the three women who are currently in prison. I thought that the documentary would have some of the same message as "The Handmaid's Tale", but I was wrong. The messages in this movie are very different from the ones found in "The Handmaid's Tale", but they are both important. This movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, it is certainly not for everyone, but if you can get over the few negative comments you will find that there is an amazing message in it. I hope everyone sees this film, I am going to see it again and again, and I think it will have a profound effect on my life.

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I like this film. I like how it talks about issues that are close to our heart. But I also like how the film shows how people deal with death and issues of losing their loved ones. This is a great film to see. I also think that the acting is great, I think that the director did an excellent job in capturing the emotion of these people and the atmosphere that they were in. I also think that the people who were involved with the production of the film were very talented, not only the director but the writers, the producers and the casting director for the film. They did a great job in bringing a lot of emotion and feeling into this film. The film is about real people. We are all affected by death. The director did an amazing job in capturing the emotion of the people. It's a very great film. It really makes you think about life and death and what it takes to be a father and a husband. I think that it is a great film that we should see.

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When I first saw this movie on TV I thought it was an "B" movie. But when I rented the DVD and watched it in a full cinema, I fell in love with it. I think that there is something very special about this movie. It shows the importance of the first Monday in May in a different way. I am very impressed that a movie can be such an influence in a person's life, that it can give an entire experience. A movie that makes you to see what the first Monday of May really means. I do not like to think that this movie will not reach the cinema. I believe that the movie will go in many film festivals. I am not so sure about the movie in the cinema. But I believe that in a big cinema the movie will make it to the big screen.

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i got in a horrible car accident on my first day of college. I survived the crash and had to go to the hospital and then to rehab, and then to the hospital again. I have not been able to work since then, and so have my friends. I went to college, as a graduate student, and got a job in a retail store in downtown Asheville, NC. I have a 10-year old son. He has epilepsy, and i was a patient at a clinic in the city. I found out about all of these problems that the city had to deal with, and it made me so angry that they were not doing anything about it. So this movie was so good, i had to see it at the theater. I am a 40 year old man, and i can honestly say that this is the best documentary i have ever seen. I can go back and see this movie over and over again and not ever get sick of it. My son is 5 years old, and he watches this movie all the time, and i am afraid that he might have seizures. He is not much of a movie critic, but i was very surprised. I am glad that i was not the only person in the world to have a bad experience with the police and the hospital, and now I know that they need to do a better job, and i want to help. I am actually working on making a better video.

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Anna Hamilton

A must see for anyone who is interested in the human psyche. The most remarkable aspect of this documentary is its authenticity. You can tell that it was done by real people, and the subjects were interviewed in a manner that would have been expected in any real documentary. This is no documentary, and it is not intended to be. The subject matter is merely an experiment in the human mind. The whole documentary is a meditation on how the human mind is capable of producing amazing feats of art, and the remarkable phenomenon of memory. The name "Chellis Adjuntum" translates roughly to "I am happy", and to find out why this is so, you must watch this documentary. The credits contain a brief introduction to the research behind this documentary, and a full description of the subjects. The results of the experiments are described in great detail. I found it both fascinating and heart-wrenching to watch the effect the subjects' memories had on them. They were so highly skilled in their tasks that one wonders if they were playing a role, or simply being themselves. There is also a section on their families, which is very moving. The subjects are interviewed in their homes, living rooms, and offices. This documentary is not a documentary, but it is an experience of incredible wonderment.

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Jennifer J.

My first thought was that this was a film for adults, I was wrong. I think children should be watching it. I thought it was a wonderful film, but for adults it was more about educating. I was afraid to ask the director why this was necessary. I think it is important to learn to be responsible for yourself. Kids have the right to express their opinions about anything. If someone does not want their opinions to be heard, they should not be allowed to express them. If you are a parent and want to discuss what you think, then do it. You need to be involved in your child's life.

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A MUST SEE. I have seen it at least 10 times in the past few months. I am going to have to see it again in the near future. I don't know why so many people hate it. It was funny and well done. And it also had some great messages. The movie was not overly political and it was very entertaining. Not to mention the graphics were excellent. I also thought that it was not too violent, in fact it was a little bit light and fun. I think that it was not too political but a lot of people had problems with it because it was a little too light. The people who had problems with it are either liberal or they were against the government. The people who liked it were mostly not liberal. I think that the people who disliked it were either too young or not educated. I think that it is a great movie and a must see.

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Amber M.

I have been researching this topic for a year and a half and I have to say that the documentary "The First Monday in May" was the best documentary that I have ever seen. It is truly an amazing story that will not only make you laugh but will inspire you to study all the basics of the bible and the life of Jesus, and you will learn that there are many different interpretations of the bible and we must recognize that. It is not about how Jesus lived, but what he did and how he lived. For those who claim that Jesus did not practice any of the religions that are mentioned in the bible. This is a wrong claim and I can assure you that the "Jesus of Nazareth" did practice many different religions. It is a mistake to think that the bible is the word of God. It is the word of God that inspired this film and I do believe that the film has influenced me greatly on my personal beliefs and philosophies on the bible. If you are one of those people who believes that Jesus never practiced any of the religion that is mentioned in the bible. Watch the film and find out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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Denise Berry

I saw this film on a t.v. and I thought it was amazing. I have a few pictures of it in my room and I always thought it was a great film. I also read some of the comments by the director and I thought he was very clear in what he wanted his film to be. I like the idea of having a documentary about a person that you don't know who he is. It's like the people in the film are the real people who are behind the camera. I don't think the director and producer were trying to make a commercial for the maker of the film. They were trying to make a film that was about real people and not a documentary. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a more behind the scenes look at how it is made. I can't wait to see it again.

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Roy G.

The First Monday in May (2012) is a documentary about the events that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1968 and how that event became a watershed in American history. At the center of this documentary is writer/director Anna Kournikova, who documents the massive march in Charlotte, which occurred during the height of the anti-war movement and was a precursor of what was to come. The author of the book, THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, describes how it became a social event, with over 100,000 participants, and how it ultimately made major changes in the country. The events in Charlotte also lead to the major debates that were occurring at the time. The film offers a great look at what happened and how, in the end, a national backlash was made to the initial marches. Overall, the documentary is very interesting and provides a valuable look at the events that occurred in Charlotte. Overall, I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone interested in this event. Also, if you are a fan of history or the modern-day, I highly recommend this documentary. It is well worth watching.

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I would recommend watching this film with an open mind. It's really not very controversial, but it's about human rights. I found the film quite refreshing and very interesting. Although I think it is highly political, it is not too disturbing. It's not a documentary that will make you want to flee the country. It is more of a reminder of what we can do to help protect our planet and keep it for future generations. I think the message of the film is one we should all take into consideration. I highly recommend this film to everyone.