Steam Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life is a movie starring Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, and DJ Khaled. A compelling and never-before-scene look at Chris Brown's controversial life and career.

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Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life
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Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, DJ Khaled
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This compelling Documentary moves beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines to give pop superstar Chris Brown a chance to tell his own story. New interviews with the international phenomenon reveal long-awaited answers about his passion for making music, his tumultuous and much publicized relationships, and the pitfalls of coming of age in the public eye. Also included is new concert footage, behind-the-scenes access, and special interviews from Usher, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx and others.

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Arthur photo

This is a well-made and well-rounded documentary about a man who was once the most talented rapper in the world. He went from being one of the biggest rappers in the world to being known as the most hated person in the world. The film goes from the early days of his career to his final days, and from there on to his final days. The documentary is very interesting, and I can see that it has touched many people's hearts. The thing that really made me sad was when he talked about his sister, and the way that he said that "If I had a sister like that, I would kill her". It was really sad to see that he had to say that. But the thing that really made me happy was that he said that he was going to make it in the music industry, and that he was going to be remembered as one of the best rappers of all time. And that's really what made me happy. Overall, this is a very interesting and well-made documentary about a man who has been the most talented rapper in the world for the last 15 years. I would recommend it to people who are interested in music, and also to people who are interested in rap. But it's also very interesting to see how this man ended up being the most hated person in the world, and how he managed to keep his ego in check. I would definitely recommend this documentary to people who want to learn more about this man. I would give it an 8/10.

Ralph Ellis photo
Ralph Ellis

I was just wondering what all the hype was about this movie. I was hoping it would be the same as the first one, but it wasn't. I like the fact that the first movie was a bit more "real", but this one is definitely not. It feels like a cheap made-for-TV movie. The main problem I have with the movie is the fact that it felt like the director was just trying to do as much as he could. He made some great music, but there was no real story. I have a feeling that the director was trying to make a documentary, but the movie just felt like a collection of clips and a bunch of pictures. I also felt like the director tried to make a movie that would be popular, but he didn't manage to pull it off. I think the movie is a good example of what a movie should be. It was nice to see a good story told from a different angle, but it just wasn't the best of the year. It was good, but it wasn't great.

Janice T. photo
Janice T.

I was amazed to see how this documentary touched my heart. I have been a fan of Mr. Brown since the days of "Good Morning Vietnam", and this documentary was a huge inspiration for me. This film is about his life and career, and how he has changed the music industry. I loved how he told the story of his life, how he met his wife and how he was raised in a very tough neighborhood in New Jersey. I really felt that he had a lot of passion and dedication to music. He showed us that he could sing, dance and be a successful artist, and I really felt that his music could be the next big thing. I was very impressed with the music he has made, and how he has been able to reach out to the youth in the inner city, and the people of the Bronx. I loved the fact that he was able to get so many people to come together, and to see how he was able to make a difference. The interview with his wife was really great. She was so honest and so down to earth, and it was great to see that she was able to see and see the passion that he had for his music. I also loved the interview with his mother, who was very open and honest with her son. She told the story of how she had to leave her husband, her son, and her daughter in the care of her sister, because she was unable to take care of herself. She had to go to work, and it was so hard on her. She said that her son was very angry with her, and how she felt that she had let him down. I really felt for her. I really loved this movie, and I am so glad that it was made. I really hope that there will be a sequel to this documentary, because I am really looking forward to it.

Roy Franklin photo
Roy Franklin

I can't believe that this was the first film that I've ever watched. The first one was the classic "A Boy Named Sue" and I was disappointed that it was so far from being a documentary. This one is so much more. There is no pre-made plot to follow. It's all about the man himself. The documentary is shot like a documentary. You can't tell what the filmmaker is really going to say or what the footage is actually about. You never know if the footage is actually real or just about a man named Roy Brown. It's really fascinating to watch Brown talk about his life and his opinions about the current world. I'm a big fan of Roy Brown. I've watched his music for many years and even listened to some of his songs. I feel that this film is just the best way to see the man himself. I highly recommend this film. I really enjoyed this documentary and I hope you do too.

Rose W. photo
Rose W.

This is a movie I would watch over and over again. This is an amazing documentary that I am sure will inspire many young black men to become more involved in the community. I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did. I thought it would be a stereotypical portrayal of the black community. But, this movie really touched me. The first time I watched it I was blown away. I watched it several times over the years. I never get tired of it. It really shows the struggle that many black men go through. It also shows the support that is given to these young black men and the families they leave behind. This is a great film for anyone who is interested in the life of a black man in the 70s and 80s. This film is a must see for anyone who wants to see a true portrayal of the struggles of the black community.

Robert Rivera photo
Robert Rivera

I think that Michael Moore's best documentary is Welcome to My Life. It shows how his career got started and how his career changed. It shows how he has made a lot of money from his career and how he has made a lot of money by supporting the black community. The documentary shows the people that he has helped and how they have changed their lives. The movie is so good that I would recommend it to anyone who has watched his movies. It is well worth the time.

Alexander Munoz photo
Alexander Munoz

As I watched this documentary, I was amazed by how much information was conveyed about the life of Michael Jackson, his music, his art, his family, his personal life, his career, and his music. It was incredible to see how much Michael Jackson's personal life, his career, and his music affected his entire family and his entire career. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the life of Michael Jackson, the music, or his music. I would also recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the music of Michael Jackson.

Carl R. photo
Carl R.

I would say that this is a good movie for everyone. If you are into rap music and have been influenced by it, you will enjoy this movie. It is not like other movies that try to show you how the music really is. It is a very interesting movie about one man and his life and his journey. It is a very different movie. It is not just about rap music, but about life and about how we are all connected. It is a very inspirational movie and you can see that it was made for a specific purpose. It is not just about rap music and the people that make it, but about life and about how we are all connected.

Raymond Pierce photo
Raymond Pierce

As a long-time fan of rap, I was very excited to see this documentary. I was very impressed with the footage, and the way the people interviewed came across. The film is excellent. I really wish there was more. I really want to know what the documentary shows us about rap. The interviews with the people who work for Eminem, are very insightful. I felt very close to them, and I felt like they were my friends. The only thing I felt was missing was the background music. There are songs in the film, and they are really good. I don't know how to describe the music. I do know that I can't get them out of my head. I am so glad that there are more documentaries about rap. I feel like there is so much more to it than what we see on the screen. If you like rap, you will enjoy this film.

Charles R. photo
Charles R.

One of the best things about this film is that the director actually goes through the entire process of creating a documentary. He interviews the artists, producers, and directors, who all talk about how the process of making a film is something they all love and want to do. The film also includes interviews with the cast and crew, who give a lot of insight into how they feel about the project. The film is a great look at the process of making a film, and the emotions that come with it.

James R. photo
James R.

I watched the movie "Welcome to My Life" on TV and really liked it. It was a good and realistic portrayal of a very difficult time in his life. His music was a lot of fun and it was a great way to start the movie. He is a very talented singer and his music was very interesting. The thing I liked most about this movie was how it was filmed and how the director focused on the music and not the acting or anything else. It was very interesting to see the different sides of him and how he really changed and changed after this movie was finished. It is a very good movie and I hope to see it again and again. I also think it is a good movie to show the other side of the story, which is the music and how it affected him and the people around him. This movie is also a great way to show the power of music and how it can bring people together.

Joyce Hicks photo
Joyce Hicks

This documentary is an amazing piece of work, it's full of heart and emotion. The story of Jay Z's rise to fame and how he ended up in jail is told with a lot of insight and insight into his life and the many people that were close to him. It was a very emotional film, with many personal stories of his, but I think that most people would have loved it. The film was very moving and the performances were very well done. It was a great documentary and a great film.

Kathryn photo

I was lucky enough to see this at a pre-screening in Seattle. I'm not usually a fan of music videos, but I thought this was a wonderful documentary. It was extremely interesting to see the different people that were involved with the making of the video. It also was a great way to see what happened after the video came out. I think that if you are a fan of rap music, this is a great documentary to see. I'm not really a fan of rap music, but this documentary really helped me understand why people like rap music. There are so many different types of rap music that are out there. I think that it was also very interesting to see how different people reacted to the video. Some people really loved it, some people really hated it. I would definitely recommend seeing this film. It really is a very interesting documentary. It is a great way to learn about music.

Daniel T. photo
Daniel T.

A very powerful and moving documentary. I enjoyed it. I don't know why it took me so long to see it. I think the reason it took so long is because I was so busy with the news and the end of the world and all the other things that go on. It was a good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the story. I think it is a good film to see. It will help you to understand more about this person. I enjoyed the story and the story was well told. I also enjoyed the footage. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the story. It is a good movie.

Adam K. photo
Adam K.

Great doc about a man who has been to hell and back, so you can understand the depth of his depression. If you like R&B music, the film is for you. But if you're a fan of music, don't miss this film. It will give you an understanding of how much music means to him and his family.

Susan Guzman photo
Susan Guzman

This documentary covers the life of artist and singer/songwriter, Robert Plant, who is known for his collaborations with Stevie Wonder. He is also a father and husband to Taylor Swift, and is an advocate for animals, and the environment. He was also an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, and was an advocate for marijuana legalization. He's also a devoted Christian and family man. The film covers all the aspects of his life, from his birth to his death. The film includes many interviews with his friends, family, and fans. It's a very personal film, and is a great way to see how someone who has gone through so much in his life has come out the other side. This documentary is an excellent way to understand what made him who he is. It's also very inspiring and inspirational to see a man who had so much potential and had to go through so much in his life, but he still made it all work. The documentary is very moving and touching, and I recommend it highly to anyone who is a fan of Robert Plant or of the artist himself.

Philip photo

I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I have been listening to the soundtrack for years. I love all of his music, and this documentary was a great way to see some of the history behind one of the most successful artists of all time. While this documentary is geared towards children, it was still quite an interesting insight into his life. The main focus of the documentary is on Michael Jackson and his family. He is interviewed by his mother, his father, his sisters and his wife. The interviews are very informative and bring you closer to Michael Jackson. He shares the stories of his childhood, his struggles, and his struggles in his later years. The documentary is very informative and I highly recommend it.

Nicole Welch photo
Nicole Welch

I'm a fan of R&B music and hip hop in general, so I'm glad to have watched this documentary. This film is about a young man who was raised by his mother and grandmother, and is now the only one of his family to have a full-time job. He is now married and has a child of his own. He is the only black person in his family and is viewed as the "black" one in the family. The film shows his life and how his mother (who is white) reacts to him being the only black in his family. I thought the film was well done, but the ending was a little disappointing. I'm not sure if the director intended for the ending to be a "bitter" ending or if it was supposed to be a happy ending, but it just didn't seem like it was meant to be. I think the director should have left it open-ended. Overall, I think this is a good documentary that shows the struggles of black people in the South. The film does a good job at showing the struggles of the people living in the South, but I think the director should have left it open-ended.

Kelly Walsh photo
Kelly Walsh

I loved this movie. I've been watching it for months, and it is still my favorite film. I don't know why it is called "Welcoming to My Life", but I guess it's because of the style of this movie. I think the style is very fitting for this film, because it is like a documentary. It shows how Brown lives his life, and what he does. I really love how he talks about his experiences, and how he gets the support of his family. The music he does is so beautiful and sweet, and the message he gives is so true. This film is a must see for anyone, because it shows the reality of how a man gets a place in his life. It also shows how he treats his family, and the things that he does to get the support of his family. I recommend this film to everyone, and I hope that it gets a lot of awards, because it deserves it.

Angela R. photo
Angela R.

The man who was once king of rap music has gone through some growing pains and changed his style to create his own. The first two chapters of "Welcome to My Life" are pretty slow, but he does go into more details about his family. The story of how he changed his life from a very "family oriented" upbringing to an angry drug addict is a fascinating one. It does show how he came to be the man he is now. It shows how his love for his family was the major force that propelled his success. There is a lot of family drama in this movie. I enjoyed watching how he came to be his famous self. There are some great interviews with family members that were very inspirational and the music is excellent. There are some funny moments and some great stories. Overall, this is a good movie. It is not a "great" movie but it is a very good one. It is worth a watch.

Craig photo

this is a very important documentary. most people have never heard about the impact that rap music had on the American youth and for that i salute you. I would also like to thank the directors, producers, and actors for their courage to create a film on this subject. some people may find this documentary boring but if you can see it without comparing it to other films, it's a great documentary.

Thomas White photo
Thomas White

As an unabashed "real hip-hop fan" (I'll go on record as stating that the "street-art" of hip-hop isn't "art" per se, but rather the "chill-hop" of a few select songs), I was well-served by this film. I've listened to a lot of great albums and have watched a lot of great movies, but nothing has ever touched me the way "Welcome to My Life" has. It made me appreciate and appreciate what "hip-hop" really means. The documentary had me "shaking with emotion" during the course of the movie. It is rare that you can sit down to watch a film and not be moved by it. From "Two Bikers for the Benefit of Mr. Charlie" to "I Am a God," this is a must-see for all hip-hop fans. It's not meant to be taken to the level of "The Making of", but it has a similar style of storytelling. I believe that everyone should see this film and let the storytelling speak for itself. I can't say enough good things about this film. It was the perfect gift for my husband who has become a fan of hip-hop for many years now. I can't wait to see it again.

Randy Richards photo
Randy Richards

It is an interesting look into the life of an artist and the struggle and personality he must have to create and to stay creative. I thought it was very good and that you could tell that he didn't just want fame and fortune but that he was as passionate about his work as his fans were. I agree with most of the comments posted here about the slow pace and the lack of use of music in the film but I thought that this was a great balance and did not spoil the film for me. I think it was also interesting to hear his friends and family talk about how much they loved him and how they would be shocked if he didn't do well at the box office. It was also nice to hear from a lot of people who had been friends of the singer or who knew him personally. This is a must see film that shows just how big of a star he was and how passionate and dedicated he was to the art he created. It was a very good interview and is worth seeing for the information it brings.

Justin Stone photo
Justin Stone

A documentary that shows the incredible talent of a talented artist and his life with his entire family. I watched this with my parents who have known the family since they were kids and they are very well-educated. I felt it was very emotional for them and for me. I never knew about "The X Factor" and "Tennis Court" which are very important to the X Factor family. I was very excited to know that Michael Brown's mother was a former member of the X Factor and I think it was a very sad thing that Michael's mother did not live to see the X Factor on TV. I have seen him perform live in a few of his concerts and I have been so touched by him. He was my hero growing up, and I would like to think that he would be in the same situation as his mother. He has done a fantastic job on the film and I hope he can continue to inspire and inspire others to do something for themselves. "We Are The Champions" is a story that has many inspirational stories that are connected. I think Michael Brown and his family are a very proud family and they are very proud of Michael Brown and what he is doing. There is a lot of anger and there is a lot of disappointment but I think they can continue to do what they do because of the support they have. I think Michael Brown and his family are extremely happy with the way he is doing and it's something that they have worked for. They don't give up, and they always give their all. It is very inspiring. I hope everyone in the world knows about Michael Brown's family. This film is very well-made and it is an extremely inspiring documentary. I highly recommend that people watch this film.

Ryan C. photo
Ryan C.

The documentary's title is a perfect description for the film. This is one of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen. This is the story of how a kid from Africa named Brown went on to become one of the biggest rappers in the world. This is truly amazing stuff. The film shows how the success and success of a star like Brown is not based on talent alone, but also on the connections that the artist has made with people in their own country. In a time when Hollywood is sending out messages that America is a land of greed, racism and ignorance, it's good to see that there are some who know what it's like to be a successful artist, and who can relate to him. Brown's family and friends also provide a great insight into his life. Most of the people in the film were black. For some, it's a place they have always been or will always be in. I was very moved by this documentary. This is a must see. You will not be disappointed. This is a great documentary, with good music and a great story. Brown's story is so inspiring.

Russell Lawson photo
Russell Lawson

The one point that many reviewers have to agree with is that this is an excellent documentary. If you are a black, single gay, bi-sexual person in this era of Gaytrends and the AIDS epidemic, then you know that we have seen a lot of things come and go, and that we will continue to be treated horribly. There is a lot of talk in this film about how a little bit of love can go a long way. I disagree with this statement, but this documentary really does show the whole spectrum of relationships from casual to long-term. I am a little tired of being downgraded to "on the street" by our gay friends and to other gays. I love my gay friends, but I also don't want to date them, nor would I have sex with them. My parents are proud that I am a straight man. I know that they will not want to hear me say that. They understand that I'm gay. I think that there is a little bit of a rift in the community between some people. However, I also know that most people love and accept me, so there's that little bit of a disconnect. It is very important to see this film. As a gay man, I am not ashamed to say that I have known a lot of gay people, but it's hard to say that I know one who is a closeted gay man. However, I have seen some of the most wonderful relationships, and I have seen a lot of the worst. It is not as hard for me to accept a gay friend as it is for others. I think that the films that show the worst of the worst do not always get enough recognition. As the documentary ends, you are left wondering what was the point. I have a lot of friends who have had relationships with other men and I have had relationships with women, but I don't know any gay men who have had relationships with other women. My guess is that there is a little bit of a wall between the world of gay people and that of the world of straight people. I wish that there were more people like Dan, who really know that they are gay and that they have had relationships with men, but we only know the sad stories of the people who do not know. If you can, see this documentary. You will see that there is a lot of love in the world, and that is not only about dating. If you have to choose between dating a woman or a man, I recommend dating a man.

Douglas O. photo
Douglas O.

I have been a fan of the music since I was young. When I was a child I was always with my family, and a lot of that was listening to the music. I remember my mother having a cassette of "The Love Generation" and listening to it over and over and over again. "Welcome to My Life" is a documentary about the band Blackstreet and their first album. It has a lot of personal stories of the band members and their family members. It also has footage from the band's concert, and interviews with fans, press and bands. There are interviews with members of the band, and some of the people involved with the album. This is a great film for people that are fans of Blackstreet, or for fans of music in general. It is also a great documentary for people that want to know what it's like to be a teenager, and how they see things. It's a great film for people who are fans of hip hop, or music in general.

Shirley Coleman photo
Shirley Coleman

This is a very touching documentary about the life of boxer, musician and actor, Dr. Dre, from his roots in the hood to his successful rise to the top in Hollywood. The whole point of this documentary is to show how people and not fame are the main factors that drive people to make such decisions, and to show how powerful the most basic human desire is to be seen as a hero. After hearing about Dr. Dre's struggles with depression, alcoholism, and his constant struggle with his child and dealing with drug abuse, I thought it was very moving. He is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and I am sure it is one of the most important things in his life. Everyone in the world should watch this and consider themselves a part of his family. I hope this film makes Dr. Dre's music more popular and his film career more successful.

Jane R. photo
Jane R.

From the very beginning of the movie I felt I had no idea what I was going to see. It was just amazing. The acting was incredible, the music was very special, and the cinematography was perfect. It is so hard to find a documentary that you can see that takes you completely out of yourself and into someone else's life. The camera shots are beautiful and the music, if you can listen to it, is very emotional and touching. I thought the story line was the most moving part of the movie. I don't understand why people who have lived a similar lifestyle can't relate to it. It was like they were experiencing it for the first time. I recommend watching this movie to anyone, it is simply amazing. I cannot wait for it to be out on DVD. Thanks to all involved with this documentary.

Kathy F. photo
Kathy F.

I love the album, but it is not really a documentary. As a fan I love the energy and emotions of the music and this film captured those emotions and made it all seem real. It is amazing what happens when you get close to these people, who are the heart and soul of the music industry. It is also the power of love and it can make you do amazing things. I feel like I really connected with each character in the film and what they go through in order to get what they want. For some reason I thought the cast was not well chosen for this film. However, you could really see the talent of the actors, who are the stars of their own show. I am so happy that this film is finally out. I hope people see it and be inspired by it.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

Brown's talents were clearly evident on the cover of the DVD of Welcome to My Life. As a performer he is truly phenomenal, he is on a level of professionalism that is hard to comprehend. But it was interesting to hear his explanation of the show as well as his views on race. Brown admitted to being deeply touched by the actual performances of the show and how they affected him. He said that he's the best person to answer questions about the show, because he was the main performer and he knows that his experiences with the show are really his to be remembered. Brown was able to explain the many behind the scenes events, which will truly come as a real surprise to many people. The reason this documentary was made was to show the impact of the show on many people, and to get a more comprehensive view of the things Brown said he experienced in the show. The answer to this question is that people who were not there in the audience, or who were not around when the show began, will never know what the show was like, as the images were never shown to them. Instead they will be a blank slate on which to create their own, unique and beautiful memories. Many people will never have the chance to experience the events of the show, and if they do, they will probably be in shock. For this reason it's important that the documentaries are produced in a way that they are experienced in a way that people will remember. In the case of Welcome to My Life it was a great opportunity to show the audience the excitement that surrounded the events and the many times Brown was there, and also to show the people who were not there the reaction of the audience and the reactions of Brown. Overall, it's a great documentary, but it will take a lot more time and effort to get the full effect out of the experience.

Bryan Snyder photo
Bryan Snyder

This movie is so compelling because you actually feel like you are a part of the story. Every story we tell, we have seen. The stories we tell are powerful because they move us to want to reach out to someone and tell them something about themselves. Stories like these inspire us to create a meaningful life, which is something we are all meant to do. This is a movie that really shows how to show love and hope. There are parts of the movie that I don't think any of us will ever get tired of watching, but I think that every single person that sees this movie will be inspired to live their life to the fullest. There are parts of the movie that are really inspiring and make you want to do something. I think that it's a must see for anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective on their life. I think that this movie has all the elements of a classic and I'm really excited to see how people react to this movie.

Alice R. photo
Alice R.

This documentary made me feel as though I was watching a documentary, a film. The way it was presented was very good, giving you a sense of what is going on. There are many shots that you see, or hear that will make you think of the color, the material, or the technique that was used to create them. I loved the way that it was not just one shot, but many different shots that add to the story. I also liked the way that it showed the age of the subjects, giving you a feeling of what they were like back then. I think the most important part was that you got to see both sides of the story. I felt that this movie was very honest and it really helped me understand what was going on. I would definitely recommend this movie to people that are interested in color and film.

Sandra photo

There is a moment where a young man walks in on his parents having sex and does something I've never seen before. If you have any doubts about this video, just watch it. It's well worth the time, and the boy who recorded it just might surprise you. It's also well worth watching the audio commentaries by some of the other guys involved in the shoot. The viewer is given insight into the inner workings of each of these men and the tremendous work that goes into making a movie that is meant to be seen on film, not a big screen. The shooting is spectacular and the dialog is surprisingly well written, even though a lot of the dialogue is predictable and full of platitudes. The stories of the actors are also remarkable. The script is certainly not just for the men. It touches on the struggle that many of these men are going through to find their voices. It is a wonderful and touching portrait of a world in which everyone's story is important and in which most of the people you know, like you, are really people too.

Nicholas photo

This film is a wonderful portrait of one of the most misunderstood artists of the 20th century. In many ways he was misunderstood by his peers, but he was misunderstood by his fans. He was a genius who is probably still misunderstood by many of his fans. While it is not a documentary of his life, it is a great tribute to his music. I was very impressed with the amount of footage that was used to tell the story. The movie is also beautifully photographed and edited. I would highly recommend this movie for all the fans of '70s pop culture.

Lori photo

The documentary focuses on the relationship between Michael Brown Sr and his daughter in prison. It is one of the most shocking and fascinating pieces of film I have seen in a long time. The films was filmed in close and intimate detail and it's a very powerful look at the emotional and physical toll that prison can have on people. The film also focuses on the people in prison and the rehabilitation process that goes on for them. It is a very moving and heart-wrenching piece of film. The director of the film is Michael Brown Sr who is also the head of the organization that is helping the people in prison. It is an incredibly powerful documentary that is worth seeing.

Donald photo

Cult Comedian, MC, Rap artist, MC, producer, and very good friend of R. Kelly. I love how this movie ends. Everything is out in the open and pretty damn clear. After all of this time, R. Kelly's legacy is still being digested and it's being done in an incredibly honest way. What the hell does R. Kelly have to do with the music industry? "If you put a dog on the moon, you'll only get a dog on the moon" I've been hearing this one for ages. Nothing really solid in this movie and I can't even blame the filmmaker for it. R. Kelly was obviously just doing his job. He is the master of the copycat and he was happy to have been doing this so he could keep doing it. It is very disturbing and heartbreaking that the people that are in the entertainment industry are making money off of R. Kelly. The kids who watch him on the music video circuit are going to be confused and confused. What this movie really is is a kick-ass look at a guy that was in the business way before the industry became so flooded with hits and clones. I will always love R. Kelly and have watched everything he did, but the industry is screwed up and it needs to be changed. From a production standpoint, this movie is absolutely phenomenal. It was beautifully shot and edited. The acting was extremely believable and the cinematography was also very impressive. The music was well produced and just as realistic as it was at the time. If you are a fan of rap music, you have to see this film. The music in the movie was not just recycled, it was the music of the time, from the big time. The people who produce rap music and rap artists in particular have completely betrayed the culture and tried to make money off of it. The big and big names of rap music have taken advantage of the fans and even tried to control them. R. Kelly has done a lot of great things for the music industry, but the industry has completely betrayed him and has not forgiven him. The film is a celebration of R. Kelly and his legacy and a warning to the industry. A special shout out to Paul Shaffiro who played R. Kelly in the movie and gave such a fantastic performance. The supporting cast is phenomenal, the chemistry between them was so powerful and I really didn't expect it to be that great. R. Kelly's family did a great job playing in this movie. I really think they did a great job and they did such a great job at keeping the character to the film's core. R. Kelly's manager also did a great job playing a great role. They were all very different but all great and they all did an awesome job. I really liked how this movie ended. It had a lot of raw emotion and not much realism. I was hoping for a much more detailed documentary, but this film is really the most honest portrayal of R. Kelly that I have ever seen. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of R. Kelly or is a fan of music. This is a really great documentary and I can't wait for the DVD release. I think this film is just as good as R. Kelly's last official album, "In My Mind" and I think he is so damn good at music and has proven himself to be a very talented artist. This is a great follow up to his official albums and I can't wait to see what he has to do next.

Alan photo

It's like a "bully" documentary. And what makes the "bully" documentary's different is that it doesn't include anyone's name. In other words, it's not intended to be a "news" item. But it's all about the person and their life and their journey. And it's truly inspiring. You don't have to be a fan of the singer. You don't have to know who they are. It just shows you what it's like to be in the spotlight. This documentary is a must-see. If you are a fan, you won't regret watching this. I'll definitely be recommending it to my friends. I think that's what the whole point was, because it doesn't matter who you are or who you like. It's all about the journey.

Jeremy Jimenez photo
Jeremy Jimenez

This documentary is a brilliant and insightful look at one of the world's most fascinating artists, musician, and athlete. The acting, photography, and editing are top notch. The film shows a lot of the struggles and highs of Brown's career, and the bittersweet feelings that he must have had when his career ended. Brown shows us his passion for music, his obsession with fashion, his sense of humor, and his need to be recognized for his accomplishments. It also shows his struggles with his addiction to alcohol, and his friendship with the late and great Tupac Shakur. The film is a real eye opener for the viewer, and a must see for any fan of hip-hop. You will be surprised and inspired. A must see for any fan of music or any fan of art.

Anna M. photo
Anna M.

Brown's R&B career has always been controversial, but the power and the control he wields is undeniable. His music is sexy, and he knows how to show it. With his personal life, he's somewhat on the cusp of being famous, but still not quite there. We meet him, then, with a letter from his mother, who is pregnant with his child. His mother is very upset about this, but she has to go back to her job and deal with her husband, who is having an affair with a beautiful woman. She gets a call from Brown asking if she wants to come stay with him. She accepts, but realizes that he's not exactly the same person she met in the hospital, and the family she had known just a few days earlier. They get to know each other. The film goes back and forth between his childhood and his adult life. Brown, in his own words, shows how he handles his daughter's problems, and how he handles his mother's problems. He tells stories, but it's not always easy to watch. Sometimes you feel like you're listening to his mother, and sometimes you feel like you're watching his daughter. The film is very realistic, and I think it will be a good introduction for people who aren't familiar with the life of an R&B singer. I think this film has a lot of heart and soul, and I recommend it highly. 9/10

Maria photo

This documentary focuses on one of rap's best known and most controversial artists. It talks about the things that he is doing for the community, his relationship with his parents and how the whole situation started. In the beginning of the film, he talks about how he was born in a foster home. He had been raised by his biological mother and adopted by his biological father. His father is a known thug. When he was little he was in a custody battle with his mother and he went on to abuse drugs and alcohol. His father was released from jail when he was 17 years old and when he was 19, he killed a man who robbed him. He was sent to a residential drug treatment center and his mother became upset when he didn't have a job. He became more violent and started killing people. He had to have a restraining order on him and kept calling the police when he had people come to his door. He has been in prison since 1991 and he has been released but he has gone through all the legal and social processes of getting his name cleared. The documentary talks about how people started following him and how the public really responded to him. People came to his house and people were always trying to get their picture taken with him. When he was released from prison, he was given a very hard time. Some people started to kill him and even though he had to go through all the legal and social processes to get his name cleared, he still hasn't been cleared. So people started to hate him and his music. He was a young man who was trying to go out on his own and he was someone who had to do a lot of things for himself. But he wanted to be accepted by the people and he was trying to make a change. He wasn't going to do what other people wanted him to do. He had to change his ways and that is what his documentary is about. I loved this documentary. The people who are calling this a biopic just want to look at a different side of rap. This is not a biopic. It is a love story. It is a documentary that takes a look at a man who just wants to be accepted and have a chance to be successful. He didn't want to make money or be famous or do drugs. He just wanted to be accepted by the people who raised him and had a chance to be a part of the world. I am not one of the people who hates rap or like rap. I really love rap. I like everything about it, but this is not rap. This is a love story and I think that is what makes this film so great. I think that rap should not be about selling drugs and killing people. This is a love story that is so touching and touching. It is a film that is worth seeing.

Larry Cunningham photo
Larry Cunningham

I am so glad I chose to see this movie. This movie truly put the ideas of manipulation and lies into the world, and showed that they were easy to create, and that it was not the right choice. The director used facts to show the lies, and the power of lies, and the many ways that they are used, and why they are used. I was completely shocked by this film, and completely shocked by myself. I saw this movie two days ago and I feel like crying. This movie will be something I will remember, for a long time to come. I highly recommend this film, it is absolutely amazing.

Catherine W. photo
Catherine W.

I have always had a soft spot for rap music, from Drake to J. Cole to Kendrick Lamar. I found this documentary to be fascinating, funny and moving. The story of this documentary is based on a real person named Eric. Eric, a 23 year old rapper, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 15, with a maximum of 300 milligrams of insulin. As an adult, he is a medical student and does everything he can to make it through the school year. But after years of trying to get accepted into a medical school, Eric became a discouraged man. He never managed to do anything to lose his diabetes, but did make a conscious decision to quit. This was a very personal film and as a listener I found myself feeling connected to Eric, feeling empathy for the challenges he faces as a student and a father. His story is amazing and a reminder of what life is all about, despite the problems that we face. The use of music, the dance routines and the opening credits are excellent. I am so happy to have had the chance to see this film. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in music, diabetes or life.

Alice Ruiz photo
Alice Ruiz

I went to see this movie with no expectations. I didn't even know that it was supposed to be about hip-hop. When the credits started rolling, I felt the same disappointment I felt at the last movie of the "My Name Is Earl" series: "Yes! This is the movie about hip-hop!" I sat in the theater for the next hour and a half waiting for the final scenes. I don't know why the writers were so impatient. The only thing that kept me awake was my dream about how much better this movie would have been if the final credits were running at full speed. I can't say that it was a bad movie, but it was not as good as the last movie. The production of this movie was amazing. The story is interesting and it is always a pleasure to watch the group. You can't ask for more than that. I recommend the movie for anybody who is interested in hip-hop, especially for those who are fans of the people involved. The people involved were very talented and it is a shame that this movie is not on DVD. As far as the final credits, I think they were too short. As the credits started to roll, I was wondering why I was still waiting. It wasn't the music, but the missing credits.

Russell H. photo
Russell H.

This is a great docu-drama about the life of R. Kelly and how he has become a controversial figure and received so much criticism. He is obviously talented and that's what made his downfall so traumatic. He wanted to be a star and make money but his life wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. He was a drug addict, a physical and sexual abuser and he went into this mess with a clear conscience and he got out and he didn't have to pay for his crimes. This docu-drama was truly gripping and very moving. It doesn't pretend to be a documentary but it is a very factual and balanced piece that never takes sides and it really brings the facts into question and it's a real testament to R. Kelly's positive and important life and that he still has a bright future.

Emily Boyd photo
Emily Boyd

Just came out of watching this movie and was amazed at the depth of the film and the characters it portrayed. After seeing it I want to see the director's next project. It was very touching and believable. The film was very entertaining, exciting, and a good story. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys great stories, great acting, and a good story. I also recommend watching the film a second time. You may be surprised at what you learn about the characters and how they relate to each other.

Raymond H. photo
Raymond H.

This is a good documentary that is very well done. I have never been so moved in my life watching a documentary. It brings back a lot of the memories and the turmoil that was involved with the death of a child. I was not aware of the existence of this documentary before I watched it. I felt as if I was a witness to this movie. I was very moved by the heart breaking story of this child and I can't help but be emotional. The film is well done and tells a lot of the story without the need to be overly emotional. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a need to see a documentary that can truly inspire and make you feel that you were a part of this story.

Thomas H. photo
Thomas H.

I'm a huge fan of "R&B" artist, R. Kelly. I've been following his career for quite a while now. When I first heard of his arrest, I was skeptical. The guy had had a very successful music career, with hits like "Bang Bang" and "Hot Boyz". However, I still thought he would go through with his arrest. The documentary does a pretty good job of showing how quickly and how completely he was brought down by the media. I think it's important to get a good feel for just how fast the charges were brought. He was arrested on charges of sexual assault and drug use. He was charged with rape, and he was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. The charges against him included being a gang member and using drugs. One of the charges was for statutory rape. I would have liked to see more of the original charges brought against him, which were the sexual assault charges. I'm not sure if I would have liked to have seen the rape charge, or just the sexual assault charges. The only way I can describe the video is as "emotional". It's not just "R&B" music, it's really about his life and his time in prison. The video is pretty hard to watch, and it's definitely not for the squeamish. I highly recommend watching this video.

Jack King photo
Jack King

This is a very good documentary about a musician from Jamaica who was in the music industry in the late 90s. It tells the story of him as he grew up in Jamaica, and how he was in a band, and made music and started his own business. The way he tells the story is very interesting. He was actually a very quiet guy and a very humble person. I also liked that he said a lot of things that you never heard before in the film. This was an interesting film that I recommend to anyone who wants to know more about him.