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First We Take Brooklyn

First We Take Brooklyn is a movie starring Danny A. Abeckaser, AnnaLynne McCord, and Sasha Feldman. Serving a life sentence in one of Israel's toughest prisons, Mikki Levy never thought he'd ever see the light of day. But when's...

Other Titles
Brooklyn a miénk lesz, La loi de Brooklyn, Zealous, Brooklyn Guns
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
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Drama, Thriller, Crime
Danny A. Abeckaser
Danny A. Abeckaser, Jon Carlo
Danny A. Abeckaser, Guri Weinberg, Sasha Feldman, AnnaLynne McCord
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Serving a life sentence in one of Israel's toughest prisons, Mikki Levy never thought he'd ever see the light of day. But when's he's released early on a technicality, Mikki moves to New York hoping for a fresh start. Living with his uncle in Brooklyn, the harsh reality of life as an ex-con sets in and he gets dragged into a brutal turf war with the Russian mob, forcing him to revisit his dark past, and the survival skills he learned in prison. Mikki aggressively ascends the ranks of the underworld, but his tenacious drive may be the cause of his demise.

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Michael photo

Vivek Oberoi's "The Turn of the Screw" is a very tense thriller, about an American cop who is forced to head a group of Romanian gangsters on his way to shoot them, while they are trying to get themselves out of jail. It's also a quite violent one, as it has the pleasure of showing the deaths of a few members of the gang. This film also includes some rather explicit sex scenes and nudity. The story is quite good, as it is based on a true story of one of the gangsters involved. The acting is good all round and there are some good twists and turns to this film. I recommend this film to any true film buff and definitely a must-see for anyone who wants to get a good look at some great East-European street movies.

Stephen photo

Cuba Gooding Jr is a natural born actor, and this movie is no exception. If you like movies that will stick with you, you will love this film. It's a slow burn, but it's not boring at all. And if you like to watch a movie that will leave you with a "feel good" ending, this is the movie for you. It has some of the best acting you will see this year. This movie is hard to explain, but trust me, you will want to see it again and again.

Kathryn R. photo
Kathryn R.

I was really surprised by this film, because I had always been a fan of Michael Caine, but I had never heard of this movie. This movie should be rated R. It is not about guns, and no blood. It is about losing your heart, and who will you believe is your friend. People can be cruel to each other. Sometimes I think we need more movies like this, because sometimes we are shocked to see this level of violence in our society. It is okay to see a movie like this and not see all the bad stuff, it is ok to feel sad, it is OK to lose your heart, and have a really bad day. I love Michael Caine. I love his acting. He is a great actor and he is a great person. He really showed his best side, and that is what the character did. I love how this movie showed that losing your heart can be really, really hard, and you have to get over it and you can't. I really love how the movie show that it is very easy to hurt someone you love, and it can happen even when you have nothing to do with the person that you are hurt by. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. This movie is a must see.

Donna photo

This film has to be one of the best of the year. I'm a fan of The Wire and all the other TV shows it is based on. This is an excellent film and shows the true essence of what's wrong with the society. If you like TV Shows, films, and the whole concept of the human condition, you'll love this movie. In short, if you don't have a clue as to what's going on in the world, don't see this film, but if you do see it, you will be surprised. 10/10.

Marilyn W. photo
Marilyn W.

The movie is one of the best films I have ever seen. The script and the direction was just perfect. The film is a must see, and it is not as violent as some people say. I highly recommend this film for everyone, and everyone should watch this movie. The movie takes place in NYC, which is what you will find out in the movie. The acting was just perfect, and the direction of the film was just perfect. I hope everyone loves this movie, and all the actors and actresses were amazing.

Joan Davis photo
Joan Davis

I have never heard of this movie but I saw the poster and it had the big name of OJ Simpson. I couldn't wait to see this movie. It is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. The plot was good, the characters were great, and the ending was great. OJ Simpson was perfect in his role, he was so believable as a thug. The director and screenwriter did a great job. It was a great movie and I am going to buy it on DVD. I think that everyone should see this movie because it is so well made.

Ashley Schneider photo
Ashley Schneider

I have watched this movie a few times and its still as good as it was in the first time i watched it. Its a wonderful movie, full of drama, wit and laughs. It has the cast of Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas, Wesley Snipes and a huge cast of well known actors. Its a movie that you can watch over and over again and never get bored of. Its a movie that leaves you in stitches, its a movie that makes you think about the world we live in and how the rich and the poor are treated by the big corporations that own and run everything. Its a movie that shows how greed and violence have ruined the world and we need to stand up and fight back.

Ann photo

This is the greatest movie I have ever seen. I think everyone should watch it and everyone should watch it at least once. If you have never seen this movie, you will be surprised at how much you will love it. It is a classic movie that I will always watch.

Lisa Martin photo
Lisa Martin

This is a film I would recommend to anyone with a real interest in terrorism, or if you just like a good film. In the end, it is the story of a group of young professionals in New York City, who seek to create a more democratic city where all citizens have a say in what is going on. They have a love of the struggle, and the future of the world, and they want to help the world survive. They are driven by the need to create a better future, and to stop the next crisis from happening. This film is intelligent, and honest, and the actors are excellent. The music is great, and the message is very clear. It is the story of how our planet will be destroyed if we don't act now, and stop making it worse. This is a film that you will love and you will want to see again and again.

Theresa photo

After the first anti-Bush movie was so compelling and I had been waiting for this movie for so long, I thought I'd have to see it. The first hour or so of the film was just great. The ending was completely unexpected and the protagonist was perfectly cast. The only reason I rated this one below 9 is because there are some extraneous parts that the story was mostly lacking. The whole "drug cartel" part was a little bit over the top. But that was in the beginning of the film and it got worse as the movie went on. The movie was totally worth seeing and I would definitely see it again.

Laura M. photo
Laura M.

This is a must see. It has a great cast and is well written. The acting is superb and the violence is very realistic. Not many films in the genre have such realism. If you like crime films, this is a must see.

Nicole Stanley photo
Nicole Stanley

It's amazing to see how this movie made it to the big screen. Everything that I know about the Iraq war is shown in this film. While I would not consider this to be a political movie, I believe that if this film was ever made it would portray the conflict better. I believe that a film like this would be much more effective if it was made on a smaller budget. The acting was amazing, and the plot was interesting. The film was almost perfect in its presentation, and it didn't feel like it was being made to be a film, but to be a movie. I believe that this film would be much more effective if it was made on a much smaller budget. I was disappointed that I was not able to see a real scene from the film at the end. I believe that this movie is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes political films and movies about politics.

Crystal F. photo
Crystal F.

Went into this movie expecting a snore fest, but was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year. Definitely not for the squeamish. The cinematography is great, the direction is brilliant, the acting is superb and the writing is really well done. The performances really show that John Malkovich and Russell Crowe are truly some of the best actors of their generation. The direction, I think, is why the movie is so good. It's so good at setting up the characters and really telling their story. It gives you the feeling that the director knows exactly what he is doing and doesn't waste time on anything but the big picture. A really good job by all involved. It was a really great experience.

Denise K. photo
Denise K.

First We Take Brooklyn is a movie that I really enjoyed watching, and not only that but I got really absorbed into the characters. The story is not very straightforward, and the acting is great. I did think the plot could have been a little tighter, but that doesn't matter. I think that this film is a winner and is a perfect example of how to make a film. Not only do you get into the characters but you also get into the film. The plot is brilliant, the story is intelligent, and the acting is very good. If you are a fan of the genre then I think you'll love this movie. I give this film 9 out of 10.

Nancy photo

In an earlier post I reviewed "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo", and the movie had me gripped. It is, in my opinion, the most stylishly made, produced and acted film I have ever seen. This movie has it all: an action packed story line, excellent character development, beautifully shot scenes and a genuinely likable lead character. "A violent, gut wrenching, and very sexy police corruption documentary" was how I described it to someone who didn't get it, and my mind was racing from scene to scene. The direction, acting and editing is the best I have seen in a while. I loved this movie and the fact that it didn't suffer from the usual problems that plague so many "street" movies. In short, if you are looking for an entertaining film, then this is the one for you.

Michael Austin photo
Michael Austin

I was skeptical when I first heard of this film, having seen the trailer, but was prepared to just see the trailer to be able to compare it to other films that had already been made. I was wrong. If you haven't seen this film, I suggest you do, it's one of the best films of the year and deserves its 10 star rating on IMDb.

Emma photo

I saw this film in a preview screening in late February 2005 at the San Francisco International Film Festival. I saw it and appreciated it immediately. It's a story about a girl in a Brooklyn housing project, but what's more important is the subject matter. The film has been compared to HBO's "Band of Brothers," but the film feels more like a "Band of Brothers" with the teen angst, which is part of the story. The plot is kind of hokey, but that doesn't diminish the movie's impact. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Karen Shaw photo
Karen Shaw

I saw this film a while ago at the River City Film Festival in Baltimore, and it is an impressive piece of work. Director Nicholas Mamet does a remarkable job of pulling you into the city. The cinematography is stunning and the performances are first-rate. George Clooney gives one of the best performances I have ever seen. The film has been gaining some notoriety over the past year, and I think the reason is that it's so real that it's almost painful to watch. For this reason, I feel the film is good for non-fans of the genre. I don't want to say it's the best film I have ever seen, but it is definitely a solid effort. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Jessica photo

Despite having only a few scenes and having only one major star, it is a riveting and memorable story. The best part is the performances and the story unfolds in a way that is truly awesome. The music is fabulous and the theme song by Van Halen is a fantastic and epic version of the song. The scenes of violence and criminal activity are well done, as well as the role of the FBI. Overall, a very entertaining film and one that I plan on adding to my DVD collection.

Joshua Howell photo
Joshua Howell

After watching this film I was really moved by the director's strong focus on the conflict of the relationship between a criminal family and the street kids that surround them. That conflict plays a very important role in the film's entire narrative, and it is one of the film's strongest aspects. It is also a real eye-opener on the New York City housing market, and the way in which the people who own and run it are able to make a profit at the expense of all the others. It is a film about a family and the breakdown of their home and how it affects them, and I hope that more films of this caliber will be made about a similar issue. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about a political issue that is relevant in the current political climate. The characters in this film are all great, and you are given so much background to their life that you are left with a feeling of being part of it. I believe that we have an opportunity to take the time to talk to people in different situations, and that is what this film is all about.

Carol Miller photo
Carol Miller

Sidney Lumet has crafted a tense, realistic, and ultimately gripping thriller about a corrupt corporation, and the staff of a government agency. "We take Brooklyn" is the first of four books in his "Five Finger Death Punch" series, which centers on the characters of "Sidney Lumet's Five Finger Death Punch" (aka "The Death of Five Finger" trilogy), all of whom play an integral role in the rise of the company. This film, based on the novel "Five Finger Death Punch" by John Grisham, is a fantastic and thoroughly entertaining film, full of excellent and poignant performances. Among the performances are those of Amy Adams as a struggling actress who tries to leave the island she has been in for years and finds refuge in the company that the island used to be run by, and the film's star, Brad Pitt, who also stars as the corrupt corporation's executive. Their relationship, as the company continues to expand, is compelling and realistic. Even though the characters are obviously real people, the film is highly convincing and effective in conveying the film's message. At its core, "We Take Brooklyn" is about how corrupt corporations operate and how corrupt individuals can end up in the position of power. Overall, the film is highly entertaining and highly recommended.

Katherine Castro photo
Katherine Castro

I love this movie, it's really cool and refreshing to see a film that is based on true events. We don't see the attacks and the attacks don't happen, but instead we are presented with the reality of the attacks and how the victims experienced it. The characters are really interesting and they portray a lot of emotions. The cinematography was very good, the film kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole film. All in all I think this is a very good film. It's very well-made, the characters are really engaging, the plot is well-written, and the story is actually interesting. If you want to see a good film with a realistic approach to the subject matter, see this film.

Matthew M. photo
Matthew M.

A lot of people are bashing this movie. I've only ever seen it once. It's worth it. The story is strong. It has a lot of great characters and there are a lot of interesting ideas that they brought up. I would recommend watching it.

Jason photo

One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Never a dull moment. Excellent direction and editing. The performances are outstanding. The story, not as exciting as in other movies of the same genre, but still very interesting and can be watched multiple times. If you like movies that makes you think and feel about what is happening in the world, this one is for you. A real treat for the whole family.

Frank photo

This is one of those movies you see every day, and you never get tired of it. It has everything: action, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, and the list goes on and on. It is not a movie you see every day, but it will be a favorite for a long time. The acting was outstanding, with great performances by Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Wilkinson. This movie also has a great plot, as it is filled with action and intrigue. This is definitely not your typical action/drama movie, but it is still very entertaining and one of the best movies you'll ever see. I give it a 10/10.

Patricia photo

The concept of "Forgetting Harvey" was inspired by the article of the movie. One can not forget the events that happened in the movie and the problems that occur. The idea of giving the background to the murder case, the name of the judge, the detective, the witnesses and the jury, was very well done. My opinion is that "Forgetting Harvey" should have been the best movie of the year.

Theresa Patel photo
Theresa Patel

This movie was on TV yesterday, and I immediately thought about it. I actually like it. I actually like the movie, and I'm going to get it for my parents. I would never have watched it on the TV. The movie is very well made. I know a lot of people will compare it to "Schindler's List" but I think it's very different. It's got that movie feel to it. It's like an English movie made in America. This movie is a great movie. It has an interesting story to it. It's about a white guy who's in trouble and ends up in jail. I think it's very interesting how everything goes wrong in his life. He has a wife who has an affair with a black guy and has a daughter. He's a successful businessman and everything is fine. Then he is released from jail and he meets a guy he knows from work and he starts to fall in love with him. It's interesting how everything goes wrong in his life. They fall in love, he gets in trouble, and everything is fine. I think that's how you get a movie like this. The movie is a little slow, and there's a lot of scenes where I didn't know what was going on. It's a little slow, but the main characters are very interesting and the story is very interesting. I would say this movie is very good, but I wouldn't say it's great. I think people are going to hate it, but I don't think that's the case. I think this is a good movie. It's interesting and you should watch it. 9/10

Roger Palmer photo
Roger Palmer

You know what? I saw the same movie the other night and I thought that the director, Ron Howard, has a lot of flair, not to mention some brilliant acting, even though it was in English and the main character was American. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Howard's directing style has been criticized by some, but I feel like he got the gist of it right. He can still do this. And the movie, while at times it's melodramatic and not very entertaining, is still a very enjoyable and well made movie. The plot is fascinating. The acting is really good. And the photography is very stylish and effective. I think that it's one of the best movies I've seen this year, not counting the new ones that came out. I hope that Howard makes more movies like this.

Bruce B. photo
Bruce B.

I thought this film was brilliant. It took a controversial subject and told a compelling story that was both emotionally and intellectually gripping. I have to admit, though, I didn't see the first few minutes. So I came in with low expectations. And was amazed that this film was so much better than I thought it would be. This film is very much a character piece. You're not supposed to know anything about the character, so it's interesting to watch how he goes from the confused, violent man to the confident, caring, empathetic man. It is really interesting to see how his life has been impacted by the events in the film, both good and bad. Also, I think it's great that the film has both a US and a foreign film. You get to see the first few minutes of the film in English, and then the other sequences are shown in a foreign language. It is very hard to make a film that is as American as it is in the film. I feel that the ending of the film is pretty strong. It's powerful. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the lives of migrant workers, and to those who want to see a movie that makes you think.

Julia Fernandez photo
Julia Fernandez

the film is a perfect balance of action, drama and social commentary. the film had some characters I really liked, but overall the film was excellent. the cast was great. the film kept me on the edge of my seat, the film made me think and got me to care about what was going to happen. I also have to give kjones a lot of credit for the cinematography in the film. the camera work was beautiful, as was the editing and the plot. I really recommend this film, you will not be disappointed.

Craig Long photo
Craig Long

I loved this movie. It was more than I expected and was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. If you can get past the ridiculous level of mainstream movie hype, this is a great movie. The actors were great, the plot was intriguing and the direction was very entertaining. I hope to see more of these kinds of movies in the future. All I can say is: GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You will not be disappointed.

Daniel K. photo
Daniel K.

The title of this movie, and the title of the book, are completely different. This movie was very impressive, and very well done. Although the acting was very good, the story line was also very good. The movie was very violent, and the story line had a lot of violent action. I was a little shocked by the amount of violence in the movie, but that is because it is based on the book. In the book, it is very detailed, and very well done. I was very impressed with this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie, or someone who wants to learn more about the history of New York City.

Melissa Andrews photo
Melissa Andrews

What a great film, a must watch for any liberal. The only downside I have found is that it will probably make you feel alienated if you are not from NYC. I watched the film and felt like I could have lived in Brooklyn in the 1970s, and I had to be there. That said, it is still one of the best films I have ever seen. It shows a side of New York that most people are not able to see, and it's a great way to see the city in its most recent glory. My biggest takeaway from the film is that you will see the corruption of the police department and the system, and it will shock you. I also thought the ending was very real and real, and I thought the film was amazing, and if you get the chance, go see it!

Walter photo

The movie reminded me of Reservoir Dogs when I saw it for the first time and it had some of the same elements. It is interesting to see how one single person can take over a gang and make it a household name. This is not an action movie, but a psychological study. I did like the characters and their personalities and the locations were well captured. I also thought the ending was awesome and the movie was a well-paced movie that should be watched.

Kathy Nguyen photo
Kathy Nguyen

You will see why I give it a 10. I will say it's an intelligent movie with a solid storyline. I found myself not knowing what was going to happen next. The writing is sharp and it's clear that the actors had a lot of fun with it. I loved the way it was written. It has a message, and it's clear to see that the message is about us and how we treat each other. I am going to see this movie again because I am going to love it again. I have seen a lot of movies lately that I have never gotten around to watching again because they are so expensive. But, this movie is the reason why I'm doing it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Albert photo

I found this movie so moving. I have seen it a few times since. It is about the murders of 12 people in the 1950's. The movie tells you everything you need to know about these murders. The acting is top notch and I was able to see some of the details about the murders that I missed the first time. It is so realistic and it really made me think about what could have happened if the same things had happened in the same places over the same time. The movie is really touching and you feel like you are there and that it is real. It makes you feel like you are there. It makes you wonder what would have happened if there were more murders in the same place. It is an amazing movie.

Anthony photo

I'm usually not one to really appreciate movies that are true to life, or at least in the tradition of the good old Hollywood films of the 30s and 40s, but this one was one of the few true to life movies that I've seen in the last several years. This movie is about two teenage friends, one black and one white, who are put together at the end of school by their parents, who have been divorced. The parents have been separated for some time, and the kids are sent off to separate schools. The black boy is in school for a while, then gets in trouble, and has to spend some time in jail, but is quickly released. He then goes to his white school, and starts getting in trouble again. The white boy stays with his mother, who is a pretty decent middle class woman, and doesn't really understand the importance of his black friends, so he takes care of his older brother. The black boy ends up going to a small town on the outskirts of New York City, and ends up getting into trouble with the local gang, and ends up hanging out with some local kids. He ends up running off and joining the local gangs, but ends up getting back into trouble again, this time with the local gang. The movie follows this situation for several years, as the white boy gets to know the black boy, and falls in love with him, and falls in love with the local gang leader, who is also black. The movie is a realistic portrayal of what happens to teens in urban communities, especially in small towns like this. The movie was extremely well made, and was well acted, and the main character was so real that I couldn't help but feel for him. The movie has a very realistic, very dark feel to it, and the movie did have a very gritty look to it, and the movie is very realistic. The acting was good all around, with Sean Penn in the lead, and the supporting cast being very good. I didn't really like the ending, but I think it was okay, I thought it was very appropriate, I'm sure some people will like it better than I did. The movie is a great realistic portrayal of what happens to young people in urban communities. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes realistic movies, or anyone who can stand a movie about teenagers. This is a good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes realistic movies.

Arthur Douglas photo
Arthur Douglas

It is a fact that most of the action films nowadays are just about the violence. But when i want to see something a bit different, i always turn to this film. It shows a woman living in Brooklyn and being stuck in a hard life. On the other hand, this film show a girl who wants to escape her life, but there are two main problems. One is that she is a bit of a slut. And secondly, she is a cop. In this movie she just refuses to fight, but she does some really bad things. You will see a lot of really powerful scenes. This film is a real indictment of the situation in this city. I recommend it to all people who like violence and can relate to the main character. I give this film an 9/10.

Kathy Little photo
Kathy Little

As a political activist, I would have hoped that this film would have been better. As a film it's great, though. As a political statement it has to be better than most. It's a great statement about how we view the rich and the poor in the United States. The message is simple: The rich don't do what they are supposed to do, and the poor don't do what they are supposed to do. No matter how big the wealth is, the poor are treated as dirt, no matter what their situation is. The documentary spends most of the time on a factory floor, where the poor workers are working. It is very depressing to see that the poor have no respect for the rich. The director did a great job making the film look realistic. The work is depressing and depressing, but the director did an excellent job making the atmosphere of the film realistic. I think he succeeded in showing how the rich are treated in the United States. Overall I give this a 9/10, but I think the director should have included more footage of the factory. It would have been better if he showed how the workers are treated, rather than just showing the factory.

Austin Harris photo
Austin Harris

The first movie I ever saw was "Battlefield Earth" on the Jaws Network in 1975. I was about 10 years old and I thought it was really cool. Back then I was pretty much a child of the 80's. I can remember that movie as being one of the first movies I ever really liked. The two hour plus running time of "The Matrix" last year made me wonder how that movie would have turned out if it had been released in 1991. Then I saw "Contagion" last night. I was hoping it would be just as good. It was, and so is "Battlefield Earth." The whole movie is a slow build up to the action. I love the action sequences. It's really good. In fact, I am thinking about seeing it again and I'll be sure to watch it twice. I think the biggest thing that makes this movie great is the characters. There are so many great characters in this movie that you'll find yourself liking each and every one of them. There are no real bad characters. I was impressed with the acting. The acting is really good. Even with all the special effects you'll find yourself liking these characters. I particularly liked the chemistry between the characters. The story itself is really good and really keeps you interested and guessing until the very end. This movie is good for any sci-fi fan. I think this is one of the best of the summer, and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's also a very exciting movie to watch with your friends. Just like "War Of The Worlds" and "Planet Of The Apes" movies, you can be on the edge of your seat and even cry at some parts. I really do like this movie. You'll really have to watch this movie two or three times to get all of the fun parts, but it's worth the price of the ticket. I give it 9 out of 10.

Johnny Jenkins photo
Johnny Jenkins

There is so much to say about this film. It's a must see for all films. I would highly recommend this movie for any fan of mystery thrillers. Every time I watch it I get a new experience. The way the characters react to their situations is really entertaining. I can't wait for the DVD. As far as the story goes I would definitely say it's a good film. But I have to give props to Michael Shannon. His acting was amazing. The way he carried out the character was also amazing. I really enjoyed this film and I would recommend it to anyone. The story is good and the way it's told is so real. It has a lot of emotion in it and it was very well done. I think you should definitely watch it.

Theresa B. photo
Theresa B.

A must see. Completely different than any movie I have ever seen. It was a little slow, but was well worth the wait. The acting was great, and there was no unnecessary violence, or nudity. This movie was really intense. I am glad I watched it. The only thing I would have changed is that the girl was a little too hot for me. Overall, this was a great movie. I highly recommend it.

Ethan photo

This movie is great. It has a very good cast and story line. It is very exciting and a bit violent. It has a good pace. Some of the scenes are very realistic and funny. This is the type of movie you should watch if you want to be entertained and interested.

Thomas S. photo
Thomas S.

After the brilliant first movie, I went to see the second one. This is a film that doesn't really have a villain. The movie itself is a character piece. It's about what would happen if a lawless crime group gets its hands on a powerful weapon. The final showdown is a hard one. But that's what makes the movie great. The director Steven Soderbergh really pulls out all the stops. The acting is very good. The characters are really developed. The photography is very good. The color schemes and camerawork really do make you feel like you are there. I think that this is a very good film. It's not a masterpiece but it's really good. Go see it.

Russell photo

As a long-time fan of the independent cinema, and a film fanatic who has seen every major film in the last twenty years, I was hesitant to go see this movie. To my surprise, this film was not a "disappointment". I do not usually comment on movies that I do not see, but I felt compelled to voice my opinion. I was impressed with how the story flowed, and the amount of time and effort went into making it believable. The movie could have been a little more realistic, but I can not judge the movie without seeing it, and I am extremely satisfied with the story and characters. I applaud the Director, Producer, and Casting Director for their work, especially the acting, which was extremely well done. My only complaints would be that the "Hollywood" scenes were too "flashy", and the dialog was a bit too sappy for my taste. I am highly impressed with how well the story and characters were conveyed. They portrayed the characters very well, especially with the son and mother, and I do not think that they overdid their roles. Overall, I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys independent cinema. The story, acting, and characters made me feel so much for the characters. It was also interesting to see how some of the actors were selected for the roles. It is a very under-appreciated film.

Ryan Valdez photo
Ryan Valdez

When I first heard of this film I thought it was too good to be true, however I was so impressed with the first 45 minutes that I wanted to see it again and again and again. If you are into thrillers or crime dramas, this is definitely a must see. I really enjoyed the film, it is well directed and interesting. The characters are believable and you want to know the outcome of the movie. When I first saw the trailer I thought that the film would be very predictable, however I was totally wrong. The first half of the film is very engaging and enjoyable and gives you the suspense. There is a lot of suspense in the film and it is well directed. There are so many plot twists that you are constantly wondering what is going to happen next. The second half of the film, when everything is revealed, is just amazing. You are just totally blown away by how good the director is. The director knows how to make an interesting movie, how to make you think and feel like you are right there in the movie, which I also loved. The director does a great job of directing the actors and gives them an amazing performance. This is definitely a film that you have to see. I think it is the best crime drama I have seen and I definitely recommend it.

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I am a huge fan of hard core crime thrillers. Not an action movie, or anything similar. I'm also a huge fan of great actors, in the sense that the ones who are able to pull off a hard core crime thriller, regardless of genre, usually turn out to be top notch actors. I'm glad that I was able to find this movie. Although it was advertised as a drama, there was no drama at all, it was a hard core crime thriller that was very believable and very intense. It is no secret that I am a big fan of John Singleton. He is one of the best action film directors ever, I think that's the only true way to rate the rest of his movies. He is a true master of filmmaking, I have no doubt about it. The movie is about a young cop, his partner who's been injured in the line of duty, and his partner's daughter who has been raped. These three people are forced to work together in order to save their daughter. When you start seeing the threats of the gangsters, it's hard to know where to go, but they do know the names of the gangs and their locations, so the gangsters take the threat of them taking their daughter into consideration. The movie shows the great tension of the relationship between these two. It's very realistic, not the most exciting type of tension, but the tension between the two is very believable. I was very impressed with the performances of the two main actors. Not much of a surprise, they both did very well, especially John Singleton, he showed me his versatility. Both actors were very good in their respective roles, but it was especially great to see Jared Leto, a very underrated actor, perform in this movie, his performance in this movie was absolutely great. My only complaint is that there are parts in the movie that were a little too long, but in my opinion, the film did a good job of showing all the danger of the gangsters and also showing how they are working together to save their daughter. I was very impressed with the movie and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to see a great hard core crime thriller, I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Laura W.

Frankly speaking, I am a fan of the Bond movies, but they have been fading away in my memory for sometime now. Since I have decided to change that, I am very happy to see this movie is finally here, but I am so far impressed with it, it's almost impossible to classify it in one genre. It's much better than Casino Royale, but it's not as good as Quantum of Solace or Skyfall. The action sequences are great, the story is not too complex, but it's the most interesting of the series. And of course, the chemistry between Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench is incredible. I do hope that the next movie will be as good as this one. 9 out of 10

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I don't usually comment on films I've seen, but I felt compelled to after seeing this film. The subject matter of black people being victims and the police being the saviors of the community has been a touchy subject, but this film is an eye opener. There is no way a viewer could ever forget the term "policeman" or any other racist term, but there are several examples of instances where the police (or any other authority figure) have shown a willingness to take action when called upon to do so. That doesn't happen often enough, and in this case it is very impressive. In addition to the extremely powerful themes this film presents, there are several scenes that are absolutely harrowing. I felt a sense of urgency as the movie was ending, and I kept waiting for the last few minutes to come. One of the most haunting scenes of all was when a black man had his head caved in by the black man's bat. This was so horrible that I couldn't help but laugh. Another scene that really sticks out in my mind is when a black man is lying in a pool of blood with his head stuck in the water. The scene was so realistic and very disturbing, I don't know how I can even begin to describe it. It was a scene that I won't forget for a very long time. The film is not without it's faults. One of the most glaring problems is the editing. Sometimes it is very obvious, sometimes it is not. The film has the look and feel of a documentary, but it is confusing at times. For example, the sequence where Mr. Rogers is talking to the black man about the dangers of racism, and the dialogue that he has with the black man is superimposed on the ground and on top of the black man's body. The editing is so bad that the lines are unintelligible and the film just feels like a bad documentary. The only thing that saves this film is the acting of the two lead actors, but they are not strong enough to carry this film. Still, despite the flaws, this film is an eye opener and one that I highly recommend. The first two minutes of the film is very powerful, and I was surprised that I felt compelled to write a review about it. Even if it's the only thing I ever write about a film.

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Terry Graham

Daryl Hannah, known to many as the child actress of "Charlie's Angels" is, in this movie, quite possibly the most powerful role she's played in any movie ever. Not only is she seen as a character who gets to do what she wants, she plays a character who is also intelligent, self-reliant, and capable of doing anything. In short, her character is a human being. Watching this movie, I thought that there were going to be many parallels to "Charlie's Angels" and the '90's-drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs, drug-induced insanity. But it didn't take long before I realized that this was really a movie about what being a young woman should look like: trying to get an education, be independent and make a life for herself. In this movie, the movie becomes about a girl who decides to try to make a name for herself by doing whatever she wants. And, in the end, it becomes about how important a good education is for a woman's future. When I watched this movie, I didn't realize what the movie was really about. But I was completely surprised. I liked this movie because it didn't seem like "Charlie's Angels". But it had some similarities to "Charlie's Angels". Like the scenes that were so unique and different in this movie, but also because it was so beautifully shot and had such a great script. I really recommend this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Raymond Valdez

This is the most realistic story about the need for freedom, justice, equality, and the need for a personal ethos. This movie can show us how to develop a philosophy that is independent of the ideology of any specific political party. I would recommend this movie to anyone with an open mind and a passion for justice.

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Timothy W.

This movie is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I'm still processing what I just watched. I love it! Great story and some great acting. The visuals are incredible. It is kind of a homage to films like "V for Vendetta" and "Le Transpercene".

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Donald C.

This is the kind of movie that makes you feel that it is really happening, which is what you really want to see. That's the movie in a nutshell. The movie takes a look at the 'underbelly' of New York City and its community that consists of petty thieves, petty criminals and various other people. When the NYPD decides to put a stop to this activity, the community begins to unite and fight back. The movie follows the exploits of the cops from the police station all the way to the street and the results are interesting and informative. I have to say that, in my opinion, it is the best movie on the subject of these so-called 'underbelly' people. I also have to mention that the acting is very good and believable. The way the characters react is very realistic and makes it very believable. I also really liked the fact that the movie didn't show the crimes in the community as being anything wrong and didn't glamorize the people involved. I was surprised by this since in most movies, in the last few years, the movie has really become a main focus of the viewer. The movie was very refreshing and an excellent example of how to make a movie. I'm hoping that this movie will be nominated for some awards and also the crowd will definitely get into this movie.

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Since I have seen this movie a couple of times I have to comment on it and think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Not only that but it is so accurate. The storyline is so realistic and the characters so well thought of. It is just the way it is. I do not know how anyone can not relate to the characters in this film. This is definitely a movie that will appeal to anyone and anyone who likes a good story.

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I think this movie is so good that I could watch it 3 times in one day.I really hope that all the critics will give this movie 9 out of 10. And I think that it is so good because it shows us how a war of this magnitude is going on in Afghanistan, in this case a brotherly war between the Afghani people and the foreigners who are working in their country. The acting is amazing and the direction is perfect. My vote is 9/10. As a fan of the two actors I would say that they were great. This movie is just like "Saving Private Ryan" but with a darker feel and this is my favorite movie of all time.

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I remember my father telling me that he had a friend that lived in Brooklyn. Well, I had no idea who he was. This movie is great! Great acting. Great story. And so good to see a movie that is not tied to reality. My girlfriend and I just re-watched this movie tonight. The only thing that made it even better was the fact that it was not tied to reality at all. It is true that this movie was a little different than I had remembered it, but it is a very good movie that is worth watching.

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Jane Nichols

I can not believe how a movie can not get a perfect rating. "In the Line of Fire" was the first, but "In the Line of Fire 2" was better. I believe in a movie where everything is better, you can expect a much better movie. This is the best. First time I watched it I was lost for words. I felt I knew this story, and I was wrong. It is that powerful. For me, the acting was good. I never felt that bad. I felt very, very good. I think that everyone should watch it. I will probably watch it again.

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After seeing the preview for this movie I wasn't really sure what to expect. This was an interesting movie to say the least, but I was pretty much left with the impression that the movie was going to be a black comedy or something along those lines. After viewing the film I can say that this is definitely not the case. This is a gripping, gritty, and very intelligent movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and not once feel like the movie is too slow or boring. The story moves along at a good pace, with plenty of tension, but also an appropriate amount of humor, which helps keep the movie interesting. The acting was very good. The entire cast did a very good job of showing a lot of emotion, but with a very realistic side to it. I thought the actors did an excellent job of showing the emotions of each character. Also, the director did a good job of creating some really great set pieces, from the very beginning of the movie all the way through the ending. Overall, this is definitely a movie to watch. It's not a very common type of movie, but if you get a chance to watch it, it will definitely be worth it.

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Richard Romero

Having been a longtime loyal fan of Steven Soderbergh's work, I found this to be an extraordinary film. There are two very different styles of film-making that both should be commended for. The first is how Soderbergh allows the viewer to make their own interpretation of the events in the film. It seems as though the writer would have said something different from what the director wrote and the viewer would have been free to see this interpretation through the eyes of the characters themselves. By doing this, the viewer is able to delve deeper into the characters and their motivations. The second is how Soderbergh chooses to edit his films. Sometimes he uses time lapse editing to show the events in a way that allows the audience to gain insight into the characters. In some cases, however, he may have a more visual approach and let the viewer draw their own conclusions. In this instance, the first two techniques are used to tell a story but the viewer is able to make their own interpretation. This gives the film a very visceral feel that is very hard to find in mainstream cinema. The viewer's own interpretation is very influential, and I would recommend the film to anyone who has a strong interest in the politics of police brutality and racial profiling. It is extremely difficult to make a film that is effective on both an artistic and political level. If you see this film, do not be surprised if you see it again! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the politics of race and police brutality.

Willie G. photo
Willie G.

I am a big fan of Mike Nichols, I think he is an underrated actor and has amazing screen presence. I had some doubts going into this movie, but I am glad I decided to give it a shot. This movie is actually a lot more than what one would expect from a Nicholas Sparks movie. It's a psychological thriller, with a dark political undercurrent that only lends itself to the real-life events that lead up to the shooting of Martin Luther King Jr. What was shocking to me was the depth of emotion and the depth of thought that Nichols throws at the viewer. I didn't realize just how dark and disturbing the film was until it was over. I thought that the entire political subplot was an unnecessary distraction from the movie, but the intensity and complexity of the subplot added to the overall effect of the film. It is difficult to explain what Nichols is going for with this film, but that's not what this is about. Instead, I think it is what makes this film so successful. I won't give away the twist, but I will say that I had to re-watch it several times to understand it fully. All I can say is that Nichols is a genius when it comes to writing and directing. I would not recommend this movie to anyone except for Nichols fans. This is a rare film that has made me want to watch it more than once, but it is so good that it will be difficult for me to ever go back and watch it again. Recommended for fans of Nichols, or anyone that wants to get a good look at how a political thriller should be done.

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Douglas P.

I enjoyed the movie and really liked the acting. It was very entertaining. I know that the movie is rated R, but I think that the actors were great and I'm surprised that they were really young. The mom was great and you would have never guessed that the father was her husband. I think that the actor who played the father was good as well. I think that the movie would have been a lot better if the mom would have been the hero of the story. The father should have been her husband. It would have made a better story for the movie. It would have been much better if the mother would have died at the end. It would have been a very different story and that is what I really enjoyed.

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Randy Martin

For those who think "Cobain's Never Say Never" was an example of "we are all on drugs," i.e. a show about drug abuse, this movie will prove otherwise. In "Cobain's Never Say Never," the performance by the actor portraying Mr. Cobain was the only redeeming element. (For those who say "this isn't as good as the real thing," I have to disagree.) This film is an extreme example of how drugs can have the opposite effect on the mind of the mind. People will view this film with an "acceptance" of the fact that a person is a slave to drugs, which is fine. It does not make this film less true, or less awesome, as we all know. However, the film does draw attention to some "loose ends" in the writing of the story. What do they mean? Why would the character of Mr. Bell still be friends with the character portrayed in "Cobain's Never Say Never?" The characters of Steve (Mackenzie Astin) and his girlfriend (Lindsay Lohan) have a sexual relationship in the movie that was not shown in the movie. It was very light, and not enough to make the characters seem as if they had a sexual relationship. As for the romantic aspect of the film, it is great, and very realistic, so if you want to be swept away, go see this film. As for the film itself, it is a good one. The story is interesting, the actors do a good job, and the music is great. Just be aware that it's not the "real" Cobain. "We are all on drugs!"

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Samuel A.

Although "A Long Way Down" is a very serious film, I thought it was also a very good movie. The themes in this movie are very meaningful and relevant to us as Americans. These themes include: In the past, when I was a little kid I used to watch that movie called "The Monster Squad". I think that movie is a great movie because it is about something that can make America great again. People that want to become better people, to become better Americans. If you want to see this movie, see it because it is a great movie. We have to become better. We have to become more honest and more tolerant. The movie's theme of "do not mix your races" is very relevant to us as Americans. It is like the movie "The Road Home", which was about a friendship between two boys that grew up together in different groups and in different areas. It is about a friendship that will eventually change the way we see each other. The movie "A Long Way Down" also reminds me of "Children of the Corn" and "The Sudden Impact". It also reminds me of "I Am Sam" and "The Help", which also had a great message about race in America. This movie is a great movie. I have rated it a 9 out of 10. But the only reason I rated it this high is because the message is so strong that it's hard not to feel like this movie has something to say.

Phillip B. photo
Phillip B.

I am not going to talk much about the plot, because I think it will be a spoiler to tell the plot. But I will say that this movie had a lot of moving parts. The interactions between the two principals were superb, the situations that unfolded were really well thought out, and the only thing that was really missing was a really big climactic scene. It's really tough to make a movie that is both intelligent and interesting in the same time. But I am happy to say that this movie delivered, it was both. If you are looking for a film that is both intelligent and interesting, then I recommend you this one. If you are looking for a film that will keep you guessing and looking for clues as to what is going to happen, then I would suggest you look elsewhere.

Christina G. photo
Christina G.

The film is loosely based on the real-life events that happened in New York in 1971. There are plenty of dramatized shots of the graffiti that appeared on buildings and buildings that were taken over by the people that the police couldn't find. I was really happy that the director did not make the police and the army look stupid. It would have been easier to write about the '50's era, which was probably the worst period of the American civil rights movement. I think that the film did a good job portraying the people who were on the streets on that day and the effects of that night. I was hoping that they would have made a reference to the subject of the film, that police brutality had been the law of the land in the city in the 1970's, but the film didn't do that. I liked the depiction of the police as being in the dark about what was going on and not being able to do much to stop it. It was hard to figure out who was who and who was doing what, but it was understandable since there were only two police officers on the street at the time. I liked the fact that the film was not too preachy and was a film that you could just go with and enjoy it for what it was. My only real problem with the film was that it was not a big budget film. In the 1970's when I was growing up in New York, no one ever used their cell phones. A big screen TV would have been more practical. The city streets were completely devoid of a screen and the streets were well lit, making it difficult to see what was going on. This was the era where the urban riots were occurring. If there had been a screen, the people in the streets would have had a better picture of what was going on. They would have had to keep their eyes open for some of the actions they were seeing in the film. But the film was also very graphic. I am glad that it wasn't Hollywood in the 70's. It was better to have the police officers just stand there in the dark, watching people in the street and the police officers would have been in the dark. I also really liked the use of the term 'Reverse 'Reverse' when the police officers say the words 'I'm going to reverse' when they find a person who has been taken over by the people. This was my only problem with the film.

Stephen Young photo
Stephen Young

This is a pretty good film, but I feel that the ending could have been better, and the 'plot' could have been a lot better. As I am not a fan of the punk scene at the time, and don't really know how the police had to be so willing to use this method to catch them, I would have preferred something a bit more politically correct, especially since the police had a lot of issues with the music scene at the time. If you're into this type of film then I highly recommend it, but it is not as good as it could have been. There's also a bit too much action and violence, it is hard to take a film this seriously.