Steam Aus dem Nichts

Aus dem Nichts

Aus dem Nichts is a movie starring Numan Acar, Adam Bousdoukos, and Diane Kruger. Katja's life collapses after the death of her husband and son in a bomb attack. After a time of mourning and injustice, Katja seeks revenge.

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Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Crime, Thriller
Fatih Akin
Hark Bohm, Fatih Akin
Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Adam Bousdoukos, Numan Acar
France, Germany
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Katja's (Diane Kruger) had met Turkish-born Kurdish Nuri Sekerci (Numan Acar) when she bought hashish from him during her student days. They got married when he was still in prison, although their parents were against the marriage. Since her son Rocco (Rafael Santana) is born, Nuri is no longer working as a drug dealer, because he studied business administration in prison and now runs a translation and tax office in Hamburg. One day Rocco and Nuri are killed by a nail bomb, which was deposited in front of the office. This has shredded everything. Because her husband was in prison for drug possession, the police investigated in the red light district. The investigators do not see that the tracks point in a completely different direction. Then they happen to be the real killers on the net. The main suspects are the neo-Nazi spouses André (Ulrich Brandhoff) and Edda Möller (Hanna Hilsdorf). But the trial is developing differently than Katja had hoped. Although her lawyer Danilo (Denis Moschitto) speaks of a watertight evidence, defender Haberbeck (Johannes Krisch) manages to settle the case in favor of the defendants. Humiliated and destroyed by the trial, Katja sees no reason to continue living. If she wants to give meaning to her life again, she has to take the law into her own hands.

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Julia F. photo
Julia F.

It is about a man who gets into a car accident with a few other people and survives only to find that he has been forced to sign a contract that he has to work for a company, and that company is the only one in the world that will pay him. The film is very gripping and interesting and there are many interesting scenes. The acting is very good and the film is very stylish. The music is good, and the cinematography is very good. The film is very good and has a lot of great things. The film is very good, but it is not a good film, it is just a good film.

Alice May photo
Alice May

I have been following this movie since I first heard about it and I was not disappointed. It is an interesting and original movie. The movie has a very unique plot. It is about a small town in Australia that is plagued by a serial killer. The town is under siege and the police department is not able to do anything about it. The police chief is a very cool character and the police department is not very good. The killer is very clever and has a very good plan. The movie is very original and it is not a copy of any other movie. The movie is very original and I recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers and crime movies.

Brian photo

This is a very good thriller about a man who becomes obsessed with a girl. The way he is attracted to her is the main plot, and the way she is attracted to him is a subplot. The main plot is a woman who goes to visit her ex-boyfriend, and the main subplot is about the man who becomes obsessed with her. This is a good movie, but if you have not seen this before, it might be hard to understand what is going on.

Jason W. photo
Jason W.

A German national has to work at a recycling plant where he gets to work with a prostitute. He also gets to have sex with her. There are no rules. All he has to do is follow orders and do what he's told. The film is about the relationship between the worker and the prostitute. It's about a German woman who has a bad childhood, is abused by her father, and is looking for a husband. The director shows this with a beautiful camera, and the music is very well done. There are a lot of interesting questions to be asked, and I think it's worth a look. But I would say that this film is very different from the typical American thriller. It's not so much about sex as it is about the power of the work.

Jose S. photo
Jose S.

I don't know what to say about this film. It's great to watch the film with someone who's not familiar with the actual events and can still enjoy the film. The only reason I gave it a 7 instead of a 6 is because the acting in the film was not that great. It's almost as if the director wanted to make a film that was a bit more realistic. This is actually the case with the acting in the film. It's not very good at all. However, I can't really complain because the film is so good. The plot is so well thought out that you really don't have to be a fan of the events that take place. The film is really a great example of how a movie can be made with such a low budget. The director manages to show that a low budget can be used to make a great film. I can't really recommend this film, but it's definitely worth watching. It's great to see a film that doesn't have a big budget to make a good film.

Lori photo

I had heard about this movie before it came out and was excited to see it. I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is very similar to a film I saw a while ago called "A Haunting" but this film is much more original. The story is very well told and the actors are good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good thriller. The story is very interesting and the movie does keep you guessing until the end. The ending is a bit disappointing but not a big deal. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good thriller. The ending is disappointing but not a big deal.

Joseph Valdez photo
Joseph Valdez

I like this movie. I really liked it. It's definitely one of those movies that you can't put down. It's a little slow, but it's definitely worth watching. This movie is very similar to a lot of other movies, but it's also very different. I thought that the plot was a little unbelievable, but I think that the way it was portrayed was good. I think that the acting was good as well. I think that this movie is definitely worth seeing. I give it a 7 out of 10. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Walter Parker photo
Walter Parker

This is a very well done film, but the script is weak and the characters are flat and uninteresting. The film is also very depressing, which makes it even harder to watch. This is not a film for people who like action films, or those who like to watch a movie just to have a good time. There are too many cliches and uninteresting characters. The movie is based on a true story, so I can understand why it was a little depressing. This is a good film, but it is not for me. I don't recommend it.

Evelyn photo

I went to see this film because I love German films and this film was recommended to me. I didn't know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. The story was very interesting and the film is a lot more than just a thriller. The characters are all well developed and the acting is very good. The film has a very interesting story and a lot of twists and turns. The film has a very good ending and the film is very well done. The film has a lot of action and suspense. The film is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys German films. I would give this film a 7/10.

Hannah photo

Very, very good movie, much better than the other one. It takes place in Germany. The protagonist, who is a serial killer, is getting out of prison and he is getting advice from a lawyer (his lawyer is also his best friend). The lawyer has a son and also his girlfriend. There is also a journalist who has a husband. All of them are getting in touch with each other and they are trying to solve the problem of the serial killer. And, also, there is a police inspector and a priest. There are two things that make this movie very good. First of all, the performances by everyone are excellent. Most of the actors are great. The dialogues are good, the characters are very well developed, the scenarios are great and the endings are great. A real movie, a real thriller, very, very good.

Brandon T. photo
Brandon T.

When I first heard that the movie "Night of the Living Dead" was being remade, I was skeptical. But I am so glad I didn't listen to my gut. This is a very good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the original. The original was a very good movie, and the remake is even better. The remake is a lot more violent, and there is a lot more gore. But it is still a very good movie. It is better than the original, but not better than the original. The remake is very good, but the original is still a great movie. This is a very good remake, and I recommend it to anyone who likes the original. 7/10

Jerry J. photo
Jerry J.

This movie has a unique atmosphere that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You will think that the movie has been made for adults and not for kids. The acting is perfect and the story is strong and interesting. The music score is nice as well. Even though the film is made for adults, it can be enjoyed by kids as well. The film is very well acted and the soundtrack has something to it. The movie is very interesting and the ending is very strong. The movie is not for kids, but a good film for adults to watch.

Joseph Little photo
Joseph Little

The movie is a very interesting and mature movie. Some viewers might find it too much but I found it very satisfying. The movie has a great and interesting plot. The story is very good and understandable. The characters are very interesting and the story makes sense. The movie is very well made and I think it's a movie that everyone should see. The movie has a really good soundtrack and the movie is not boring at all. The movie has good action and the actors do a good job in their roles. The movie is a very good and interesting movie. This is one of the best movies of 2010. It's a good movie and you should see it. I give it 7/10.

Roger Butler photo
Roger Butler

The second of three films of the new film series based on the tragic death of a notorious German serial killer. This film is about an unnamed fugitive who goes to the US for the most part of the film in order to kill his captors. From the very beginning we see him making it a point to not tell who he is and what his goal is. He begins his journey in the desert where he is met by a kindly truck driver who helps him find a road and pass a gas station. From there we see a couple of women, both of them murdered by the killer, and then we learn the name of the killer. The story takes a turn and we see the killer as an amnesiac, who is apparently an ex-convict who was put away for ten years after being convicted of killing a prostitute. However, as we watch he is starting to remember everything. The killer has a son who now knows the truth. Now he has to decide who to trust and who to kill. There are some surprises along the way. The film was directed by German Martin Scorsese. The first film in the series was also directed by Scorsese. He has worked on three films in this series, all of which were based on the death of the infamous German serial killer. The first film was 'The Departed', followed by 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'The Departed 2'. The second film was 'Gangs of New York', followed by 'Gangs of New York 2' and then 'The Departed 3: Destination London'.

Larry S. photo
Larry S.

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that moved me, or scared me. The movie in question is "Argo" starring Ben Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Jason Robards, Jim Caviezel and Judi Dench. I found this movie to be somewhat of a comedy, I admit that. If you enjoyed the movie "Argo" you should definitely give "The Hurt Locker" a watch. The movie is about a team of soldiers that are sent to Afghanistan to stop a terrorist group that is sending troops to kill Americans. These soldiers are played by Jason Clarke, Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Davies, Scott Eastwood and Liam Neeson. The movie was definitely not too good, but it was good. This movie was made by the same people that made the movie "The Hurt Locker". Although I thought that the movie was a little bit too long, it was still good. If you want to see a good movie that is not all about the action and just being entertained, then you should definitely see "The Hurt Locker". "The Hurt Locker" is a movie that is not just about war and military issues, but also about a group of soldiers that are sent to Afghanistan to stop a terrorist group that is sending troops to kill Americans. "The Hurt Locker" is a good movie. I rate this movie a 7/10.

Judith H. photo
Judith H.

This is the kind of movie that would be highly effective if it were really deep and thought-provoking. But it's not. Not even close. Not even close to what you would expect from a movie that has such a high IMDb rating. I don't know what it is about this movie that makes it so universally liked by critics and audiences, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it is essentially a slow-burner. It is slow-burner that ends in a bang and then another bang. If that's all you want, then you will enjoy this movie. If you are looking for more than a cliche and predictable plot, then you will not. If you want to see a movie that is fun and exciting and has a strong moral, then you will not. I have seen worse movies than this, but I have seen a lot worse movies. This movie was overrated. It is not a great movie. But I have seen far worse movies. And I can't imagine this being the kind of movie that would have been much better than it was if it had been overrated.

Elizabeth Lucas photo
Elizabeth Lucas

The best German movie I have seen since Schindler's List (and that's a really big claim!). I love the acting and the directing. But, above all, the story is so compelling that it gets in the way of what the film really needs: a story. The film is pretty much a man's nightmare, but you can't help but feel for him and his predicament. You don't see him as the villain, you see him as a man in pain. I don't think there is a flaw in the film. Even the ending is more dramatic than the story. One of the best German films I have seen.

Russell photo

I saw this movie last night. It was in the theater that I saw it in. And it was very good. My main problem with the movie was the ending. It seemed to me that the movie was going to end with a scene of dialogue about the killers and the girl. The ending was definitely unnecessary. I would have rather seen the movie end with the characters getting out of the car and making their way out of the bar. Overall, I think this is a good movie. The main character had a very strong voice and she made you really feel for her. She had a lot of strength, and I like that she was determined and had the ability to act in the way she did. I think the cast was good, and I liked how it was told. It was told from the point of view of the other characters, and I really liked that. I thought it was a good movie.

Arthur G. photo
Arthur G.

I know it sounds strange, but I think this movie is one of the best German movies I have seen. In this movie, there is a great combination between drama, thriller and action. This movie has great performances from the leads, especially from the "daddy". There are a lot of surprises in this movie. But the main point of this movie is about the man's dilemma. The movie is about a detective who is a father and has a daughter. The father's daughter is a beautiful girl who is an aspiring actress. He is a police officer who is also a father. The father and the daughter are in a dilemma because they want the same thing. They want the same thing, but they do not know what they want. But the mother and the daughter do know what they want, so they both try to get what they want. And then the man realizes that he needs to choose his own path. This movie is great and I recommend it to everyone. In German with English subtitles.

Jane Robinson photo
Jane Robinson

I recently watched this film in its entirety. I had never heard of it before. I am glad I did. I saw it in a film class at my college. It is a great film that has an interesting plot and is very well acted. It is hard to believe that this film is over 2 hours. This film was quite violent and graphic at times, but it was also very intense. There is a great feeling of tension throughout this film. The acting is great, but the film is a little slow at times. It is not a film for everyone, but if you like a good film, you should definitely check this out. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Pamela photo

I can see how many people have seen this movie and how it has captured the attention of many viewers, but for me, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The film starts off really well, a fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing right up until the end, but I found the ending a little disappointing. I understand that the ending was important to the story, but it could have been done in a much better way. Now onto the negatives. The acting was really good. Daniel Bruhl (Daniel Faraday) is a talented and skilled actor. He is the main character, so the actor must do a very good job. The supporting cast does a great job. Eric Bana (Willem Dafoe) is a good choice for a protagonist. He has a good look, and he does a great job with his lines. Now I think the film was good, and I was just disappointed in the ending. The ending left me feeling empty, and I didn't know how it ended. I would definitely recommend this movie to someone, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that doesn't have a strong stomach for some intense violence. 7/10

Joyce Reed photo
Joyce Reed

This is a good film. It's also very good in many ways. It is a German movie. The story is based on a true story. It has been brought to us in a very interesting way. The characters are very well played. You really feel for them. The film is very effective in its portrayal of life in the city of Berlin. The protagonist in the film is a student who is at the beginning of his studies. He is a good student, but he is really not that good at the end of his studies. This is because he has been in the city for a long time. The film is about a student who gets involved in a gang and is sent to prison. The film then shows how he gets out of prison, and how he deals with his problems. The problem is that the student is not able to get a job. The film then shows how he tries to get a job. He is very ambitious, but he is not able to do it. So he tries to get another job. This job is very interesting, because it is very different from the other jobs that he has been offered. In the end, he gets a job that is very different than his other jobs. This film is very interesting and is very effective in its portrayal of life in Berlin.

Raymond Bell photo
Raymond Bell

The only problem I have with this film is the ending. Why not just have the girl leave the country and never return. Then again, she has no problem with the authorities and she could have even been killed for running away. But why leave the country so quickly? What would she have done with the money? Also, I'm not sure what all the commotion is about. I'm sure the girl has made a lot of money. But if she did, why would she go to work in the first place? I'm not sure that it makes much sense. All I know is that this film was interesting and very enjoyable.

Nancy Alvarado photo
Nancy Alvarado

This is a movie that really made me think. It is interesting how the police in the film seem to be behaving. The characters in this film are not perfect, but they are not crazy either. In other words, they are not completely wrong either. They are just dealing with the situation in a very realistic way. This is a film that is different from any other I have seen in a long time. I can't say it is one of the best, but I can say that it is different from other movies I have seen in a long time. The acting in this film is not as good as in other movies, but the acting in this film is very well done. I also like how the police in this film seem to be more like the real police. The plot in this movie is very interesting and realistic. The ending is very good as well. The characters in this movie are very well developed. The story is very good and the ending is very good. Overall, this is a very good film.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

All my life I have been fascinated by movies about the American government. This film was well done, although a bit far fetched. The first one was in the 1950's, the second in the 1970's. This one was made in the 1980's. It starts out as a simple story of a good cop who gets caught up in a web of deception. When he returns home he finds the man who framed him is dead and his wife is dead. The government tells him that the man who framed him is a federal agent. But when he questions the man about the death of his wife, he starts to believe he is in fact being framed. This is a pretty good thriller. It is not the greatest movie ever, but it is a good one. It is a little confusing at times, but I think this was to the writer's advantage, because he wanted the audience to get lost and it was not necessary to explain everything. The acting was very good. This is the first time that I have seen Gary Oldman, and he was very good. I do not know if this is his best performance, but he was excellent. I like how he was very serious all the time. I like how he knew how to play the roles of a man in prison and a man who is out on bail, and his acting was very good. I also liked the style of the film. I love how it is not typical. It is a very different style. This is a very good film. It is good for the whole family. It is a good movie.

William Howard photo
William Howard

The great director Lars von Trier has directed two major films recently, the one in question being Antichrist. The film tells the story of a young man who is called to a hotel in Copenhagen to work as a waiter. There he is welcomed by a nice young man named Christof (Christian Wolff) and the two begin a friendship. While he is in Denmark, he receives a phone call from a man who claims that he has information about the disappearance of his wife and her lover. The man gives Christof a document that reveals that he is the man who claims that he is the missing man. This man is a convicted criminal named Hans (Hendrik Lie) who is trying to get to the bottom of the disappearance. Christof also begins to receive threats from Hans and is in a constant state of fear. He is constantly on the run from Hans and trying to stay one step ahead of the police. This film is a very personal story of a man who is desperate to find his wife and lover. The story is very intense and the characters are very real. It is hard to watch and you can feel the tension in the film. Lars von Trier has never been one to make films for the masses. His films are very personal and he does not want to make the same mistake again. Antichrist is one of the best films of his career. The film is very intense and the story is very interesting. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Lars von Trier. It is a very good film.

Joyce R. photo
Joyce R.

I saw this movie in Germany and it was really interesting to see a movie like this and the final result is quite good. The story is really interesting and the actors are really good. The actors play their roles really well and the director really made it realistic. But the main problem is that the director did not really focus on the main characters. Maybe the director wanted to put more emphasis on the relationships between the characters. I know that it is a good idea to make the main character a young boy who lives in a neighborhood with some problems but the director did not really put a lot of emphasis on the relationships between the characters. The acting is really good but it does not really bring the movie to the next level.

Karen photo

It is so interesting to watch the interaction of a couple of people, one of them being a lawyer. When you watch this movie, you realize that a lot of things in this world are not so clear. This movie is not for those who are against the law. The movie is very violent, but not too much. It is not for those who want to see a murder or a suicide. It is for those who like to see a story, a human drama, with a lot of tension and a lot of suspense. This movie is very interesting to watch. I think that this movie is one of the best in the Netherlands.

Timothy photo

It's not often that you get to see an action thriller about a human trafficking ring, and in that respect this is quite a great film. The story is a little weak at times, but it is well executed and the acting is very good. I especially liked the performance of the lead actress, she is very good in the role. The film is based on a true story, but I don't think that it is the most realistic story ever, so I don't recommend it for those who are not into the topic of human trafficking. The film is very much about the human trafficking, but it is also about the political issues in the country, which are very much related to the film. The film is very good, and I give it a 7/10.

Joe photo

I was expecting to be much more impressed than I actually was. It was not a complete failure of a film, but the ending was somewhat disappointing. I was hoping for a bit more of a mystery to the plot. A few details like this kept me interested. The acting was actually quite good, though. And the plot was quite interesting. The actors are all playing people we all know and love. Which is great! The plot is actually quite good, but the ending wasn't exactly satisfying. There was no closure. But, as I said, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. The movie is definitely worth watching, though. Worth watching.

Virginia Jenkins photo
Virginia Jenkins

I have to say I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I expected it to be a slow-paced drama about a young man who has to make his way in the world. What I got was a real look at what it's like to be a man in the 21st century. I liked the way the director kept the tension high and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. I think the story could have been a bit longer but that's just my opinion. I enjoyed the story and the way it was told and the performances were great. I think this is a movie that will stay with me for a long time.

Victoria Bryant photo
Victoria Bryant

I was not expecting much out of this movie when I watched it. But the director and the cast pulled it off. The movie revolves around an attempt to kill a man in a gun battle. The director really builds tension in this scene by showing how the other guy reacts to the events. I think the movie would have been much better if the director and the actors didn't just play out the scenes with no real tension at all. The film could have been done with more tension. I thought that the actors and the director did a good job of getting the audience involved. I think the director made the movie work on that level. The movie had a good story. The story was interesting and entertaining. I didn't really think about the morality of the movie until I saw the end of the movie. The movie was really worth my money.

Johnny Garrett photo
Johnny Garrett

This is a wonderful film, beautifully directed, wonderfully acted, and brilliantly written. It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The acting by all the main characters is brilliant, and is matched perfectly by the direction. It is a very different film, but one which I strongly recommend. It is a movie which is different from any other film I have ever seen, and I can see why it is so popular with so many people. The story is great, the characters are brilliant, and the plot is very well thought out. The acting is top notch. It is a very moving film. I highly recommend this film, but please do not watch it alone, as it is not for the faint hearted.

Kenneth S. photo
Kenneth S.

This is a slow burner, but with good performances from the leads. There are some beautiful photography, as well as cinematography. It is more of a psychological thriller than anything else. Not a great film, but it has a lot of good elements. In fact, the actors do their best with it.

Victoria R. photo
Victoria R.

It's a good film. A good movie. If you like psychological thriller movies then you will love this movie. It's a bit slow but still it was a good film. It's not the best film but not the worst. The acting was good. There was one scene in the film which i felt was just a bit over done. But, i think that's just because the writer wanted to give a little bit more attention to this scene. But, overall, this film is a good movie. And you should give it a chance. 7/10

Kathryn Webb photo
Kathryn Webb

The actors are good and the story is good, the only thing that I didn't like is that it has a bad ending. It is a good film and it is worth watching if you are a fan of the Psycho films. It is a very nice film and the actors deserve a lot of praise.

Russell S. photo
Russell S.

This is a good film. It is a bit slow in the beginning, but it picks up pace and gets better. The acting is good and the story is interesting. The director has done a good job. The ending is also good. It is worth watching.

Kevin photo

I don't know why it's been rated so low. I think the movie is a lot better than most people give it credit for. I don't know why some people think it's boring. I thought it was great. I didn't think it was boring because it had a good plot. It's not really about the violence or anything. It's about the things that happen in the real world and how the people react to it. I don't know why people say it's boring. It's a good movie.

Nicholas F. photo
Nicholas F.

I'm surprised that so many people are giving this film a bad rating. It was made to be watched. It's not a masterpiece and it doesn't have a lot of action, but it's well worth your time. I found myself wondering about the characters and the film as a whole. I was surprised at how many people were drawn to the film because of its social message. If you're looking for a movie with a message, look elsewhere. This movie is more of a thriller. It has a lot of tension and a lot of action, but it also has a lot of character development and it is very slow. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. It was not perfect, but it is a well done film. The acting was good, and it's not boring. If you're looking for a good thriller, look elsewhere.

Wayne Garcia photo
Wayne Garcia

This is a very strange movie, in the sense that it is very good. The performances are quite good, the script is quite good, and the direction is very good. I would recommend it, as a movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is a bit slow at the beginning, but it picks up and keeps you interested until the end. It is not a great movie, but it is very good. It is worth watching, even if you don't like Lars von Trier. It is a very interesting movie. 7/10

Olivia G. photo
Olivia G.

The film is one of the best made in the last years. I was amazed that the director did not go for the conventional story. The actors are perfect, especially the director, the writer and the editor. The story is a simple one, a couple of people on the run from the police. The film is very well made and the screenplay is a lot better than other similar movies. The story is very interesting and the police chase is perfect. The soundtrack is also very good and I recommend the soundtrack. The direction is very good and the screenplay is good. In conclusion, the film is good, but the story is very interesting and the direction is very good. The cast is perfect and the screenplay is good. The film is worth a watch. I am recommending the film to all, because it is a very good movie. I rate it 7/10.

Ronald J. photo
Ronald J.

Kurt and Michaela are good friends but not the best of friends. They love their families but have to break the family rules. They have a young son but he is a bad influence on their relationship. Michaela is a beautiful woman but she has a boyfriend and she has her own problems. Kurt is a good and honest guy but his life is not good. He has to start to work again and with his sister and her new boyfriend. This movie is a good drama that will bring you tears. I recommend this movie to people who like to see a good movie that will make you cry. If you like to see a good movie then this is the movie for you.

Katherine photo

The story was interesting and the characters were interesting. The part I thought was overrated was the sex scene between Captain DeJesus and Sergeant Hicks. It was never a sexual encounter, but instead, a psychological one. I found the scene to be the most disturbing part of the film. Not only was it disturbing, it was unreal and fake. It's almost like Captain DeJesus wasn't really Captain DeJesus. The scene was done poorly and made the film not believable. It made it more believable that he wasn't the real Captain DeJesus. The rest of the film was just okay. There was no strong points and the film was just okay. The acting was okay, but the script was weak. The ending was very disappointing. I don't think this film was made to be realistic, but more like a realistic movie. I felt the movie lacked something and didn't really hit the right notes. I feel that it could have been much better, but it was still very watchable. I'm not sure what to make of this movie. It was decent, but it could have been better.

Amber S. photo
Amber S.

This is an unusual film. A bit more than typical American-style Hollywood. With its different themes of the relationship between a rich family and its members, the police, the criminals and the country they live in. The director has tried to make a movie that is like a book with an amazing amount of interesting facts. I think it was a great idea. But I cannot say it was a very good movie. There is not enough action. It is not funny enough. It is not bad at all. But it is not one of those films that you have to see twice. It is only a good movie that you can watch a few times. I recommend this film for its great setting and great subjects.

Jennifer photo

The film is a little bit different from the book. But it still works. I was very impressed by the acting by all the actors. The chemistry between the two leads, as well as the chemistry between the actors was very believable. The plot is well written and there are many scenes which are very intriguing and you are really interested in the outcome. It is good to see that some movie have been made after the books and not all have worked out. You are given a lot of time to think about the movie and it was not rushed at all. I really recommend the movie to anyone who has read the book. It is good to see that the main characters are still in the movie after all the years and that the film has kept to the books. If you haven't read the books you will like the movie and you will also have to think a lot about the movie after watching it. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Christian M. photo
Christian M.

I had a great time watching this film. It's a thriller and I thought the story line was clever. The cast is great, the director was great, and the actors all did a good job. The film is really a twist on the usual anti-hero story. I liked the fact that the director got in the heads of the main characters and showed how they really felt. The film is interesting, it is not your usual Hollywood film. It has a great message, and it is hard to put into words how good the film is. The film is a must see. It's one of my favorite films.

Jack P. photo
Jack P.

This is a very intriguing movie. It's about a man who works as a janitor in an upper class area of Berlin. He has a girlfriend who lives in the area and they have a lot of children. He is a very nice guy. He works hard and has a good life. He gets very stressed and angry when his girlfriend leaves him. When he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, he becomes obsessed. He decides to kill her. He tries to do it with a gun but he accidentally kills his girlfriend. This movie is not for everyone. There are a lot of disturbing scenes. It is very intense and sad. The violence is very graphic and disturbing. The movie is very strong. There are some disturbing scenes and it is very violent. If you are easily disturbed you will not like it. The acting is very good. The ending is very depressing. I liked the acting in this movie very much. If you are interested in German crime movies, I recommend this movie. It is a very good movie.

Jerry Richardson photo
Jerry Richardson

The problem with the movie is that the director is trying to do too much and in the end it just ends up being a bit overlong. However, this is definitely a movie that is worth seeing, because it is pretty clever. The idea of a video store with a video with the contents of the employees' personal lives is something that has been done before. What makes this movie different is that the director is trying to make it so that it's not just a video store, but also a social club. The only problem is that the director wants to include too much stuff and the movie just ends up being a bit too long. The movie would have been better if it was a bit shorter, but I still think that the movie is worth watching. The movie is definitely worth seeing, especially if you like video stores. Overall, I would give this movie a 6.5/10, because I would have liked to see a bit more from the director.

Carl photo

It's not a pleasant film to watch, and it's a little slow. But it's a good film. The plot is a little complicated, but it's understandable. The main character, however, is not very interesting. He has to do a lot of talking, which is annoying, and he gets caught up in some complicated situations. The ending is very good. I would recommend this film to those who are interested in German crime movies.

Judy photo

The story is about a serial killer who murders women and then leaves behind his own bloody trail. When the police find him, they are convinced that they have the right man. But things get complicated when a new suspect shows up, and it becomes clear that the serial killer is no ordinary serial killer. This is a very good film. The film begins with a good opening sequence, and there is some very interesting scenes. I think that the film should have been longer, because the film is a bit slow, but the film is a very good thriller, and I think that it is definitely worth seeing.

Jean photo

This is a very realistic movie about a serial killer. The movie is based on the real life events of Hans Moller. His murder spree started in 1989. But the movie is not so much about the killer. It's about the murderer's friends. They are portrayed in an even more realistic way. The movie also shows the limits of police work and the difficulty of investigating a serial killer case. The movie is very realistic, with some dramatic moments. The movie also shows that there are some things that are worth fighting for. The acting is good. The characters are not one dimensional. I also liked the fact that the movie is based on a real life event. The movie also is a bit long. I don't know if this is a problem with the movie, or with the director. I can't say that I like it, because it's very well made. The movie is well made. I give it a 7/10.

Deborah Fisher photo
Deborah Fisher

This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The story is very well done, and the acting is superb. I am not a fan of Matt Damon, but he did a fantastic job in this movie. The supporting cast is also very good. The story, as I said before, is well done. The story is told from the point of view of an ex-con who has been living in a house in a small town. He has a young daughter who he has taken care of. She is now 17, and is now in the custody of her mother. The mother and her boyfriend have a problem, and this is what drives the story. As the movie progresses, you see the events that lead up to the crime and the trial. The movie is a little slow, but that is the only problem I had with this movie. The ending was a little disappointing, but that was the only problem I had with this movie. I am a fan of this type of movie, and I can't wait to see what the director will do with this story.

Amber photo

A veteran German police detective (Klaus Maria Brandauer) is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a young girl in a small German town. He soon becomes involved in the investigation and becomes involved in a situation which is far from his comfort zone. This is a very well made film. It is a film which has a very strong atmosphere, which is very well developed and the acting is very good. The story is very good and the film is very well made. I really liked this film. It is a good film and I recommend it to people who like German films and good action films. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Cheryl M. photo
Cheryl M.

It's hard to believe that "Manderlay" has been around for almost a decade, and yet it is still as fresh and interesting as it was back then. It is a different kind of crime film, one that is realistic and yet plays out like a parody of itself. The most surprising thing about this movie is that it is so fresh and original. It is a story of a guy who is a lawyer, a man who is a street fighter, a man who is a poet, and a man who is an undercover cop. The only thing these characters have in common is that they are all involved in a case involving a drug deal gone wrong. The plot is complex, and yet the movie is simple and simple, a story of a man who is having a difficult time getting out of his own head, and who is trying to make sense of the world around him. The movie is also a satire on the whole "bigger is better" mentality. While the movie is not exactly an "inspirational" movie, it is very much a movie that will make you think about the world around you, and the people you interact with. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a movie that takes you to the edge of your seat and makes you think. I can't wait to see it again, and I will be sure to get the DVD soon.

Jennifer Martin photo
Jennifer Martin

I'm not sure how to explain this movie. It is an interesting, thought provoking movie, but it's difficult to sit through it. The problem is the nature of the story, which I'll try to describe as best as I can. A bunch of people in Germany are forced to travel to the Czech Republic, where they are forced to work for a totalitarian regime. The story is a bit more complex than that, and you need to be familiar with German history to understand it. The main problem is that the movie doesn't have enough information about the people in the movie. They aren't very well developed, and it's hard to relate to the characters. The people in the movie are very well developed, and they are the most interesting part of the movie. The story is told from the point of view of a German man, and the German man is portrayed very well. The other characters, such as the Germans, the Czechs, and the Czech workers are all portrayed in a very superficial way. The movie isn't a very good movie. It's difficult to get into the movie, and the plot is somewhat confusing. There is a lot of information that is very confusing. In the end, I felt that the movie was very unsatisfying.

Jessica D. photo
Jessica D.

This is a very good movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch movies about the mafia. I have been a fan of spaghetti westerns for many years. I have always admired Clint Eastwood's movies. And this is no exception. The acting is wonderful, the plot is good, the action scenes are great. I recommend it to everyone. And if you are a fan of spaghetti westerns you will love it too.

Denise Carpenter photo
Denise Carpenter

It's a bit hard to figure out what to think of this film when I first watched it. The acting is certainly good, but it is a little hard to take in at first. And I didn't know what to make of it, but eventually I got into it and I was thinking about it a lot. The film is a bit slow and the characters are a bit flat, but I think that is part of the story. It is hard to decide what is right and what is wrong. The main character is played by Christian Slater, who is a bit hard to take. He is so hard to take that it is difficult to take him seriously. He seems to have no real motivations for what he is doing and he doesn't seem to have any real goals. And I think this is where the film is at it's best. The film is just a little too slow and the characters are not very interesting, but I think that is part of the point. The film is like watching two people go through a life style. They are both very hard to take and it's difficult to see them both as anything other than that. But the main character is played by Christian Slater, and I think this is why the film works. I don't think he is the best actor in the world, but I think he is a good actor. He has some great moments in the film and it is fun watching him play a character that is so hard to take. I think Christian Slater is good at playing this character. I also think that this film is a little too slow and I think that is what makes it good. The film is also very different to other films I have seen. It is much darker, and I think it works really well. This is one of those films that I will watch again and again and again. The film is slow but I think it is very good. It is very well written and has a good point to make. It is not a great film, but it is a very good film. It is not the best film ever, but it is very good.

Kenneth Tran photo
Kenneth Tran

Kurt Wimmer has had a really good career. He wrote and directed this movie based on his novel 'The Suicide Kings' and it was written by John Sayles. It's a well written and directed film. There is a good story and it's a well told story. It's interesting how the story develops and how the story unfolds. It's a really good film and it's one of the better films I've seen in a long time. I'm glad that this film was made. It's definitely not a film to be missed. It's a good film. It's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I rate this film 7/10.