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Facing Darkness

Facing Darkness is a movie starring Franklin Graham, Kent Brantly, and Amber Brantly. A Christian relief organization is met with the challenge of fighting the Ebola epidemic in west Africa, through this enormous challenge their...

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Samaritan's Purse presents Facing Darkness
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Documentary, Drama
Arthur Rasco
Writebol Nancy, Franklin Graham, Amber Brantly, Kent Brantly
Liberia, USA
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A Christian relief organization is met with the challenge of fighting the Ebola epidemic in west Africa, through this enormous challenge their faith grew.

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Cynthia F. photo
Cynthia F.

I was in college, and I had an interest in those who were taken from the land and the film is about my life and the struggles I have to be in. This film is a great account of the fact that many of the refugees were Jews and the question of whether they were truly refugees. The refugees were a part of the Holocaust and were not recognized as such, but the documentary examines the background of the people who were not recognized as refugees. The film is excellent, the photography and locations are very beautiful, and the actors are all excellent. I just loved the way the story was told and the fact that they are refugees. It is a great film to see.

Robert M. photo
Robert M.

I watched this on TV recently. It was very important and worth watching. It is an amazing story of a young man and his family. This is a rare story and a true story. The director was very good, and I was interested in the story and how the family survived. I am glad I watched it. It is a very interesting movie.

Lauren Porter photo
Lauren Porter

The film was also a wonderful look into the lives of many of the workers who helped create the "Golden Age of Coal Mining". The film follows their lives in detail and gives a realistic perspective on the lives of many of the people involved. It is great to see how many of them are still working, even after their lives have gone from them. This film is also a great opportunity to hear from many of them about their experiences and what their lives have been like after the film. The film's audio is very well done, and the backgrounds are very authentic, as is the lighting. I'm especially happy to see that the film was made possible by a few small donations from the people involved in the film. I hope that this film helps to spread the word about the life of the American Coal Miners. I hope this film inspires many people to see the incredible life of their ancestors and the fact that there is no "American Dream" in America.

Amanda photo

I knew this movie was going to be a great one, I've been watching it for months now, and I'm so glad I did! I've never seen a documentary like this one. I've always heard that documentary is boring, but this one actually has some good things to say about the Holocaust, about the terrible consequences it had on the people, and even on the Jews. If you're like me, and you've never seen a documentary about the Holocaust, then this one is for you! I feel bad for the people that suffered in the Holocaust, so I felt that the director was doing his job as much as he could. This is a true story, it's based on the experiences of two Jewish families, both of whom lost their children. The one of them was a very small town, they lived in an old house, it's very rural, and it's full of memories. The second family is in the big city, they were mostly poor, they lived in an old apartment, and the two of them lived in a nice house. The director talked about how they both suffered from the Holocaust, and how they lost their children, but that was not the main focus. He also talked about the physical and emotional aspects of the Holocaust, and how people were too afraid to speak out against the injustices, because they thought they were "overreacting". The director made us watch the events and he used a lot of clips from the movie, so you can get the idea of the events from watching the movie. It's an amazing movie, I would recommend it to anyone, and it will make you think about the Holocaust.

Carl H. photo
Carl H.

I've been an aspiring film maker for years, and this is the best documentary I've seen. It is a great example of how people can do great things when given the chance. I just loved how they showed the life of the person who is battling ALS, and it's wonderful to see how much of her life is spent in her wheelchair and how she has to struggle to live her life. The guy who played her brother was very convincing and his reaction to the deterioration of his brother was absolutely heartbreaking. I thought the entire family was very well portrayed, and the story was presented in a very effective way. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in film making, or anyone with a child battling a disability. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see what life is like for a person with a disability. I also highly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about the whole ALS movement.

Rachel B. photo
Rachel B.

The film is very well done, it's much more than a documentary. It tells the story of how the discovery of DNA changed the course of human history. It doesn't leave a lot of room for speculation, it does not give the whole story, just the important parts. The film is very well made, with very good lighting, good actors, good camera angles, good editing, good pacing. There is only one criticism, it is too long. I think the film would be more effective if it was longer, because the director doesn't give enough time for the viewer to get to know the character and the people in it. The film is a great story about the future of humanity and evolution, not an easy film to watch, but one of the best documentaries I have seen. It is highly recommended, and it should have been released on DVD.

Betty photo

It's sad to see a group of people who support the oil industry go out of their way to attack this movie. I don't see how it could be so misrepresented. If you've never heard of the story, go out and find the book. It's just as amazing and compelling. The book gives you a very clear picture of what happened to these people in the film, and what happened to the towns they lived in. It's really fascinating to know what was going on in the towns at the time, and how the oil companies and the government decided to respond to the situation. In short, I highly recommend this film.

David M. photo
David M.

I'm really surprised that this movie is only made available on DVD. It's a very serious subject matter and has a very strong message. I'm glad it's made available to viewers around the world. I think this movie is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The footage is well done and the viewer is completely immersed in the story. This movie is more about courage and honesty than anything else. The filmmakers do an excellent job of not just presenting the evidence but also standing up for it and educating others. I recommend this movie to everyone who is interested in political corruption and how it affects people. I hope this movie makes it into the public domain so that people who aren't sure whether or not to buy it can decide for themselves. I think everyone should watch this movie.

Phillip Walters photo
Phillip Walters

This is a documentary that has been released to the public for a short period. However, it is really important for people to see. The evidence is overwhelming. The filmmakers have done an amazing job of putting together a film that is so compelling that it truly has a profound impact. As this documentary is released to the public, it will be a film that will be watched and re-watched. This film has a great message that deserves to be heard. The documentary is a must see. Even if you do not believe in evolution, you should not hesitate to see this film. You will not be disappointed.

Emily photo

As a student of religious history, I was very impressed with this film. This film makes me think about how religious history is done. Religion has always been a way for people to express themselves. Some religions do it better than others, but I think that the most important things that are learned from this film are the importance of family, the importance of the church, and the importance of staying close to the ones that you love. We are taught from a very young age that we need to protect the ones that we love, but this film makes you realize that this is a very important thing that we need to learn about. I also think that this film shows that there is a balance between being religious and being open minded and willing to learn about different religions. This film also shows that when you are open minded, you will be open to new ideas and new ideas can make you believe what you want to believe. The film does a good job showing the truth about a lot of religions, but it also shows that there is a lot of misconceptions about different religions. This is a great film that I recommend to everyone.

Jesse photo

This is the documentary I've been waiting to see for years. What a wonderful film. There are so many things that you can see in the film that are true. It was very touching to see the mom of the two girls. She has been through so much. And it was very moving to see how the father treated his daughter. The father in the film was so great. His girlfriend was so wonderful. And this documentary has been incredibly powerful in bringing to light the problem of sexual abuse in this world. I saw this film, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was crying when I saw it. I think it is a very important film to share. This is a must see documentary, and I'm glad to be able to see it again.

Stephanie photo

This documentary is amazing. It goes into great depth about the whole case. The movie shows how they found out about this case from a local reporter. It shows how they dug up the dirt on this case and how they researched it and found out about it. It also shows how they went to the original trial and interviewed the lawyer. The documentary goes into detail on the story and what the reporters did. It is a great documentary that anyone should watch. It was very well done and makes you feel like you are a part of the story.

Kathryn photo

Having seen the previous films of the series, I was concerned that they were going to be too far apart. However, they are now within a few days of each other. One is more of a documentary style, while the other is more of a "film" style. But both are so much better than the previous films, I can't even really say which one was the best of the bunch. Although they were more of a documentary style, they were also much more intense. I have to say that if you liked the previous films, you will absolutely love this one. This is the one of the best films of all time, and it's probably even better than the first one. Go see it!

Donald Baker photo
Donald Baker

I am surprised that this movie has such a low rating. I found it to be both refreshing and well worth seeing. I was impressed with the range of views the movie gave on topics like: Abortion, Religion, and even the topic of Human Trafficking. This movie made me think about my own family, my own beliefs, and how they can be twisted to fit my situation. I found this movie to be both respectful and entertaining. It is a must see. I am also curious to know how this movie was received by the public. I believe that if people would see this movie and try to share their opinions and experiences with others, they would find that there are many differing opinions as to what is a good or bad movie.

Alice Daniels photo
Alice Daniels

It is a great shame that the film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" was a huge disappointment. With all the controversy surrounding it and the film running at only two weeks in the theaters, it must have been a pretty big hit, but it is the sort of movie that makes you feel like you've seen something like this before. It's just about a wannabe writer who is living in a remote cabin in the woods, surrounded by the woods, because his wife has left him. But he has no place to go. He turns to an old friend named Tommy, and after a long day of hunting, they get to know each other better, and they find a new friend in the town of Macon. It's not a deep story, but it's interesting to watch a character grow and learn. I just wish that this film was released in theaters so that more people could see it, but I think it's a great film that is worth seeing.

Bobby G. photo
Bobby G.

I really enjoyed this documentary. I am an evangelical Christian and very critical of what I see as religious bigotry in the media. I believe that it is the job of media to bring the truth and that Christians should be treated with kindness and dignity. I was very pleased with the way this film was presented. I was very happy with the way it was edited and the way the interviews were presented. I was surprised at the overall message that was presented to me. I believe it is important that we see the truth without fear of being judged. I am glad that this documentary has been put together in a way that was both entertaining and informative. I would recommend that everyone who is able to see it should do so.

Carolyn photo

I was a bit skeptical about the "Battle of Santa Fe" because I've heard it's about a battle between Native Americans and a bunch of settlers. But, I am not one of those anti-Native Americans folks who think all the Native Americans are bad and the settlers are good. I know all the Native Americans were trying to survive in the new American frontier, and as much as I'm a big fan of the American Indians, I don't think they deserve all the hate and the stereotypes. The new American frontier was like a place where tribes of people could live, and they were also living with European culture. I agree with the filmmakers that the settlers who came into this country did not come into it with the same mindset as the Native Americans, but I don't know that they came to this country with the same mindset of the Native Americans. They were looking for land to settle and to make a living. The Native Americans also came in a different fashion than the Europeans who came here. I don't know why they have all these stereotypes about them. Maybe they came here with different ideas about how life should be. I think the Native Americans came to this country in a different way than the Europeans who came here. They didn't come here as slaves. They came here with the idea of living a "free" life and doing what they liked. I don't know why all these stereotypes have been put on the Native Americans. I thought they were coming in to live as free people and have a lot of independence, which is what they did. They were free, and they took what they wanted. The Native Americans were just as free and independent as any other European or American. I think the Americans are a bit too kind to them because they were doing the same things they were doing in Europe. I think the Americans should have treated the Native Americans just as they treated the Native Americans. I think it's a shame that the filmmakers didn't get the chance to do that.

Christina Perez photo
Christina Perez

A landmark documentary on one of the most frightening atrocities committed in human history, the Holocaust, "Facing Darkness" documents the harrowing experiences of both Jewish and non-Jewish refugees, and the efforts of the international community to rescue them. It is a riveting, gripping journey through the insanity and horror of the Nazi regime. The movie begins with the brutal murder of several hundred thousand Jews, by the SS, in a camp in Poland. The SS officers were looking for Jews to bring to the killing site. A Jewish woman named Eva Braun, who had escaped her camp and was hiding in a bunker, takes her five year old son, and ten year old daughter, to the gas chamber. She refuses to let them out, and is turned into a "disappearing object." She is not allowed to leave the bunker until she is given food and water. After she is dead, the gas chamber is sealed off, and the camp is destroyed. But Eva Braun was never safe in a Jewish ghetto, so she hid in the forest, until she was discovered by a Russian soldier. He sent her to Auschwitz-Birkenau, and she was sent to a concentration camp in Poland, where she met her end by the SS. A small film, this is a riveting documentary, which makes you think, and raises questions about the nature of the human spirit. At one point, Eva Braun gives a speech, in which she recalls her son, and her hopes for the future, when she was alive. In an eerie voice, she states that they may not have been able to save him, but she will be saved from him, by the people of her country. The film is excellent.

Lori McDonald photo
Lori McDonald

Wow, what a huge load of rubbish this film is. I am not going to give the film any away, but there is no way that this film should have been nominated for best documentary. It does not present any new facts or information, just repeats the same old negative propaganda from the same old people, who have done this kind of film before, in the same old way. It is extremely biased, and tries to convince you that the US was behind 9/11, when in reality it was a small number of Saudis who did it. And why does everyone think that Osama bin Laden is such a great person? There is no evidence that he was a 'good guy'. If you want to watch a film, just watch the documentary 'The Terrorists' or 'The 9/11 Commission'. It is far more informative than this one.

Sharon J. photo
Sharon J.

This is a very good documentary on the power of film to change lives. A message about the people who make it to the Academy Awards and the ability of films to affect lives. It has some great interviews with the people involved in the making of the film. It also contains very poignant footage of actual films and the reactions to them. I would recommend this to anyone who likes documentaries or is interested in the cinema. It is definitely one to watch again and again.