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Apparition is a movie starring Mena Suvari, Kevin Pollak, and Jon Abrahams. A group of young people, guided by an app which connects living with the dead, find themselves at an abandoned castle. A place with a horrific history tied...

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Preston School of Industry
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Mark S. Allen, Mark S. Allen, Waymon Boone, Howard Burd, Rob Rose, Rob Rose
Grayson Russell, Jon Abrahams, Kevin Pollak, Mena Suvari
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A group of young people, guided by an app which connects living with the dead, find themselves at an abandoned castle. A place with a horrific history tied to each of them, for reasons they'll soon discover.

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Zachary Rice photo
Zachary Rice

I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in this film, it's nothing new in the world of "ghost stories" that's what I thought. This is not to say the story isn't interesting and intriguing, it is. It's not great, but not bad. But you can do much better. The plot is simple, the same old haunted house story, but for the most part it doesn't have a cohesive plot line. And the twist ending, it was not bad, it was really creative and interesting. But overall, the film was a complete let down. (Can't say it's a let down to the end of the world either.) I recommend this movie for those that want to see a "traditional" ghost story, but you can do much, much better. (I can't say that for Ghost House, it's all I have to say for the movie.)

Kimberly W. photo
Kimberly W.

This is actually one of the best horror movies I've seen in a long time. The story is definitely the big draw for me. But I have to admit, I'm really drawn to the characters. The father is, in my opinion, really weird and the daughter is pretty much evil. At times, the father actually appears to be the victim of a beautiful spell or what? This movie can be divided into three parts. The first one is the actual story, and is about a psychic woman named Jane(who really does have a super psychic power, and she's been hiding that for years, by the way) who is accused of killing a young girl in order to bring her back to life. The second part is the supernatural horror parts. These are pretty intense and creepy. This is the most disturbing part. This is where Jane's powers come in. The third part is a pretty good supernatural horror film, I actually like it a lot, and it's a little different from the second part. The final part is just straight horror. It's almost too real for me, which was nice. So, Overall, I liked this movie. It's very realistic and the plot is great. I especially liked the beginning, the mystery, and the action scenes. The main problem with this movie is it's not for everyone. I am a big horror fan, and I am actually offended by people saying that it's not for them. Maybe you're the only one who's like that. Maybe you hate it. This is a really underrated movie. If you are like that, I suggest you watch it. I certainly hope that people will understand why it is good, but if you're not, I'm sorry. Go for a walk, take a shower, or whatever, because this is definitely not for you.

Gary Price photo
Gary Price

The title is apt, for this is a movie set in a mansion, complete with a family of equally creepy ghosts, and very nice looking props to be sure. The movie is great. I've always been a fan of The Blair Witch Project, but it didn't have the same effect on me as I felt with The Conjuring, but as a horror fan, I definitely recommend this film. The movie starts off with a couple of clues leading up to the one that shows that this is definitely not a normal case of a haunting, and that it is in fact a demonic possession. The film is long, but that is one of its main strengths. It's not one of those ghost films that has a lot of filler, like Paranormal Activity. This one actually has a small amount of filler in it, and it is never really boring. The plot is decent, although I think that there was a lot of room for improvement, as the story is a bit predictable at times. The story of the possessed doll was really good, and really adds some suspense. This film definitely doesn't have the gore of some of the other ones, which is a good thing, because if it was, I would probably have turned it off after about an hour. The special effects are nice, but again, not exactly standard in the horror genre. The movie has an eerie atmosphere throughout, and it really works. This movie will keep you interested the entire time, and the way that it blends supernatural horror with horror, is really well done. As far as special effects go, they really are the key to the entire film, and they do this movie good. The look of the film is just beautiful. If you are a horror fan, then this is a great movie to watch. It has a lot of potential, and should have gone further, but it's still an above average movie. I do have a few problems with the movie, but they aren't bad enough to take away from the film. This movie is definitely a 7.8/10, and it is a real shame that the movie wasn't bigger, because it should have been, because it deserves it.

Kathy photo

When I first saw this film I thought it was a movie about vampires, but it turned out to be more than that. It is a story about a girl who is possessed by a demon, and the demon tries to help her overcome her fear. This film was made by the same people who did the "Naked Gun" series. The dialogue is very good and the special effects are good too. But what I like most about this film is that it takes place in the past and not in the present. It is very interesting to watch the relationship between the demon and the girl, because she is so much more powerful than she was in the film. I also like how the demon's power is seen in the past, like when the demon creates a mirror and when the demon is fighting the girl. I think it is very interesting to watch the relationship between these two women. The story is very scary, but it is not scary just because of the demons, it is scary because the demon has a crush on the girl. She was more powerful than she was in the film, and I think that she is still powerful, because she does not want to kill anyone, she just wants to be with her. I think that this film is worth watching if you like the "Naked Gun" series. The story is very scary and the special effects are also good, but I think this is the best in the series.

Brian Bryant photo
Brian Bryant

The best of the better. Great acting, great script, great directing. It's the only one I can't figure out. If you want to see a great horror movie, rent it, buy it, rent it again. It's an easy 10. You don't have to be a horror fan to enjoy it.

Christopher Carroll photo
Christopher Carroll

Oh, how I love this movie. I saw it when I was like ten years old, and I was scared. That scared me so much, that I saw it again (and again and again) and I had nightmares. It is also one of my favorite horror movies. It was the first horror movie I really liked, and the one I grew up with. I didn't like the way it ended. I think it could have ended better. I guess I don't want to spoil anything, but the last scene is really nice. The movie is about a serial killer, who has found an occult diary (at the end of the movie, all the characters seem to be living in the town of Salem. For me, that's a real major problem, because I feel like I don't understand the town. In the first movie, that was my favorite part. You could see it everywhere. It's not the same for this one, where there are very few people here and everything is not as well organized, and everything is kind of weird. But the ending was really nice, and it really reminded me of the movie. It's not a movie you can watch often, but it is a movie that you can watch every once in a while. It's really good, and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a scary movie. Just watch it with your mommy, or somebody who you trust. It's really good!

Peter B. photo
Peter B.

Once again, my name is in the title. So I will get this out of the way early: this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In fact, I am not sure I would even watch it again. You know what that means. Any movie that involves a ten-year-old's imagination should be avoided at all costs. And yet, I could watch this movie, and it still haunts me. I've seen it maybe 100 times, and every time I do, it gives me an idea. "Why would this happen?" That was my thought the first time I watched it, and I still have it today. And then.The Fates."It happened again"

Robert L. photo
Robert L.

This movie is really creepy, but some scenes are really hard to watch, but it's not scary. but if u like to watch scary horror movies. I suggest you to watch this movie, but u should watch it in a lot of dark rooms, and don't look at the screen too much. Because it may make you run away and jump out of the screen. Don't watch it in a theater! i really enjoyed this movie! I'm really amazed to see a movie like this on the whole Internet. I think this movie is really scary.