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Munna Michael

Munna Michael is a movie starring Tiger Shroff, Nidhhi Agerwal, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. A young man, tries to follow the footsteps of his idol, The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

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Tanze für dein Leben
Running Time
2 hours 20 minutes
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Romance, Music, Action, Drama
Sabir Khan
Vimi Datta
Sahil Anand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tiger Shroff, Nidhhi Agerwal
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Michael is an aging dancer in films is fired from his job as he looks older in between the young lot of dancers. Michael finds an abandoned baby on streets and names him Munna while Munna is growing up he to loves dancing likes his father and adores Michael Jackson. Munna dances on streets for living and is known as Munna Michael.Munna and his group is suddenly banned from entering night clubs in Mumbai following which he tries his luck in Delhi and comes across a gangster Mahendra Fauji who wants to learn dancing to impress club dancer Dolly he offers her a dancer's job in his hotel, but she suddenly disappears and Mahendra wants her any how. Munna promises Mahendra to find her but is in two minds as Mahendra has considered him as a brother while he has cold feeling towards Dolly.

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Kelly photo

I have read the comments regarding this movie. I really enjoyed the movie and I think that the directors did a very good job in telling a story and giving the audience an insight into this story. This movie is not your typical romance/romance. The movie has an atmosphere of an ancient city, in the middle of the desert. The story is about Munna Michael, a kid who loves his sister and is extremely young. He has the character of a lost soul. His dream is to be a great musician. He is a very smart child, and understands the truth about music. His father is a very wealthy man and very rich, and his mother is always sad. The story is very interesting and intriguing. I loved this movie and I think that the story is good. It's a very good story, but the characters are very interesting and the storyline is very interesting. This is a movie that will have you thinking about the movie for a long time after you see it. It's a good movie, and I recommend it to everybody who wants to be entertained.

Samuel photo

I don't understand why the critics have panned this film. It's the most beautiful movie ever made. I don't understand the bad reviews. I saw the film with a friend and we both LOVED it. I don't know why the critics are always complaining. It's one of the best films ever made. If you don't like it, go and see the Goodfellas and it's sequel. If you like it, you should go and see Atonement. I think it's the best film ever made. The acting is superb, the story is amazing and the music is a perfect touch. It is an epic film with a perfect blend of tragedy and comedy. Watch it and see for yourself. The only reason it hasn't been nominated for an Oscar is because of the bad reviews. This is a MUST SEE.

Richard photo

After reading reviews I have to say this film was a pleasant surprise for me. I am a big fan of musicals and I have seen many of them and thought this was a good film. The story is very well written and well told, the acting was fine, the direction was good. The cinematography was excellent. This film reminded me of the film Schindler's List. The soundtrack was great and the dancing was amazing. The whole film was well done and had a great message. I have to say I am looking forward to the second one and I have recommended this film to many friends and family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Joan N. photo
Joan N.

The story of the film revolves around a couple of hapless suburban housewives, whose life is full of problems: they are divorced and their daughters are not happy in the neighbourhood. As the plot is told from the point of view of two of them, the viewer has a sense of hope for their futures, even though they are given a plot line that is unrealistic. But, the film is still an uplifting, enjoyable movie, with a beautiful cinematography, with beautiful locations, beautifully designed and edited, and a strong cast. The plot is done with such skill that it is impossible not to be drawn into the story, and it is easy to understand why this film was so highly praised. One must remember that this is a story from the perspective of the two main characters. This is a story that the majority of people would never have heard of, and a story that is very important to so many people, both inside and outside the country. One cannot help but to think about the world in which they live, and the message the film sends. This is a film that we need to watch. We need to see it again and again. I hope that others will enjoy it as much as I did. It's a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you have not seen it, you should do so as soon as possible.

Jessica Robinson photo
Jessica Robinson

A problem with Indian film is that one of the biggest names, Khans, has shown his age a few times in this film. It may have been good and subtle in some of the shots. But Khans age was just wrong in most of the scenes. Now, the film was very different from the usual. A big twist towards the end was just stupid. The story line was not very interesting but still good. The performances were good. The direction was good. But Khans age came out in all the wrong places and Khans character was just a very shallow person. If Khans does not want to be in film then just quit the film. Also, the music was too ordinary. In the end I just like the film a lot. It was entertaining to a certain extent. I think a film can be great when the director lets the actors do their own thing and not have them play some of the characters they played in the film. In the end I like the film a lot and I think it is a good one.

Hannah Hayes photo
Hannah Hayes

As a great movie, this is one of the best I've seen. In this film, a young man, Munna Michael (Hrithik Roshan), who's brother has been killed in a car accident, is planning to escape from his hometown. He is hired by an international company, who wants to find him a place to work in London, but Munna is in a very bad shape. His face is filled with scars from his brother's murder. When the company's chief scientist, Dr. Ravi (Shah Rukh Khan), asks him to work for them, he agrees. But, what Munna doesn't know is that he's about to be kidnapped by a gang of thugs who are looking for someone who knows about their secret project. When they discover that Munna is with them, they decide to rob the company. When they find Munna, they take him to a place in the city called Dubai. There, he meets the chief scientist, Dr. Ravi (Shah Rukh Khan), and learns that he is working on a project that can cure diseases. Munna decides to stay in Dubai, and his brother is still alive, but he has been kidnapped by his own gang. The gangsters tell Munna that he has to go to a place called Bombay, where the chief scientist is living, and then they kill him. Now, Munna's brother, Laxmikant (Kunal Kapoor), wants to find Munna and return him to his village. He is accompanied by the chief scientist, Dr. Ravi, and a tough police officer, Javed Sheikh (Lalu Yadav). As the movie progresses, we see the city in Dubai being transformed from a blue-collar city, into an international city, with plenty of high-end hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of things for the affluent, which is a typical feature of these big cities. There are also lots of American cars, lots of American high-tech equipment, and so on. People in Dubai are a lot more American than they are Indians. One of the most interesting parts of the movie is the way the story is set. Dubai is only a small part of the city, but it is very large. The story takes place in Dubai, Bombay, and Mumbai, and we see Bombay in the background, and Dubai in the foreground. I liked the way the director tells the story. There are many sequences that show Dubai, Bombay, Mumbai, and Dubai, Dubai in the background, Dubai in the foreground. We see all these different parts of the city in a very clear way. We also see the Dubai skyline, and Dubai in the background, and Dubai in the foreground. The director also uses a lot of beautiful shots in the movie. For instance, we see a beautiful scene of Dubai in the background, and a beautiful scene of Bombay in the

Joseph R. photo
Joseph R.

Hilarious, this movie is full of comedy, good acting and very well shot. Great direction, I really enjoyed the locations. A Must see for all Bollywood lovers.

Wayne photo

Aja would have done the same role he did in the 1987 Bollywood film "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham", but he could have made a very different film. Aja takes on the hero of the movie, and he does it well. Every scene of the movie is so well directed, and the cinematography is breathtaking. Unfortunately, the romance that this movie has to offer is too shallow to keep the viewer engaged and it isn't romantic at all. The scenes between Anurag and Bipasha seem to be almost forced. The romance between the two characters is not at all convincing. I don't understand the reason behind this. Aja is a great director and a superb singer. This is his finest film.

Beverly S. photo
Beverly S.

The movie is very enjoyable to watch, even though the storyline is very complicated. The story involves the saga of a young girl who is the love of a man who is unable to forgive his lost love. The story line is fairly predictable, and there is no excitement present at any point of the movie. Also the acting of everyone is mediocre, and is not very memorable. However the character is very likable, and keeps your interest till the end. The movie is full of suspense, and the music and visual effects are excellent. This movie will be remembered by future generations. I would recommend watching this movie, if you are a movie lover.

Russell photo

Being a huge fan of both the iconic punk band NOFX and the music of Billy Corgan, I was very excited when I heard that "Hail To The King" was being made into a film. But unfortunately, I found myself disappointed. While the music was wonderful and was the main point of the movie, the story just wasn't exciting enough. In fact, I felt that the film was a little too long. I felt that the movie had a great storyline and was just lacking in excitement. I will not say that the film is bad, but I felt that it could have been better. It's definitely not a bad film, but it's not as good as I had hoped it to be. Although I would recommend this film to fans of NOFX and Billy Corgan, it is definitely not a film for everyone. It's definitely not perfect, but it's certainly worth the watch.

Jesse Washington photo
Jesse Washington

I must admit that I had no idea what to expect when I went to see this movie. I'd seen the poster and I thought it would be a typical bollywood romantic drama, but I was surprised to find that this movie was actually quite good. I thought that it was going to be a typical love story, but it turned out to be a bit different. The acting was great. I liked that there were no songs in this movie. It made the movie a bit more romantic. The chemistry between the leads was also really good. They both played their roles really well. They didn't have to do much with their voices and all they had to do was to just act. I must say that the movie was really good. I gave it a 9 out of 10, because it wasn't really that great. But the movie was great, so I give it a 9 out of 10.

Angela photo

Look, I have heard a lot of hype for this movie, but for me it was a great movie. I was actually expecting it to be like the Romance of all Romance's but was shocked to see that it was more realistic, though it was like what you would expect from a movie of this type. I thought it was a good movie because of the wonderful cast, especially the love story. I was happy that the character played by Noomi was alive for me. She was my favorite character in the movie and the fact that she was alive for me is a good sign for a movie to be good. The plot was also wonderful, it was soooooooo predictable at some points, but it's always a good sign when the movies is predictable and the way the actors did their roles was great. There was a lot of romance in the movie, and all of the actors were in love with the characters they played, making it a really great love story. There was also a lot of drama and drama in this movie, but it was still a good movie. I definitely recommend this movie. I don't think it deserves a 7 out of 10, but it is a really good movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Juan Warren photo
Juan Warren

Manish Kalanthe and Vikas Bahl's film is a romantic comedy and is filled with moments of humour. It is a story about a man who's life is ruined by a woman, who also has a very small role. The story is very well told in a unique way. The film has a very big cast and it is easy to see why. The film is full of emotions and I am sure it will be a hit. The film is a movie that has many elements that make it one of the best films of the year. The performances are very good and the film is packed with a very big cast. Manish Kalanthe and Vikas Bahl did an excellent job in the film. I think Manish Kalanthe and Vikas Bahl are the best thing in the film and they are the reason I gave this film a 9/10. I give it a 9/10.

Jordan West photo
Jordan West

Well, what can I say about this movie? I am in love with this movie. It is one of the few movies that made me cry from happiness. The acting of the actors is great, the story is full of emotions, and the music is awesome. There is no doubt that this movie is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of the indie cinema, this movie is definitely a must-see. I cannot think of any movie that has made me cry so much as this one. It has been so long since I cried like this in a movie. Now, this is not the best movie I have seen, but it is definitely the best I have ever seen.

Susan R. photo
Susan R.

Good to see a remake of a classic story! A rare gem of a movie with this score. A few times I felt like I was in a dark room and seeing a horror movie for the first time. Definitely recommend.

Linda Ferguson photo
Linda Ferguson

This film was a great surprise to me. It is one of the best films of the year and I highly recommend it to everyone. I can't wait to see the sequel. The story of this film is fantastic and very inspirational. I like that there were no boring scenes in this film. I also like how the director did not take a camera out and show us everything in the same shot. It is always interesting to see different things and different situations and this film does that very well. The acting is fantastic and it is always nice to see John Mahoney in a film. This film is not for the faint hearted. It is an emotional and heart breaking film but it is worth it. If you are looking for a really good movie and don't have anything else to watch. This film is a great choice and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great film.

Doris Garrett photo
Doris Garrett

Malik is one of the most loved actors of Hindi cinema in recent times, because of his portrayal of the mystical Doctor from the Munnabhai series. He plays Malik in his own style, though.He is charming, thoughtful and has a unique voice. His character is a poet, living in a relatively poor background, which seems to be one of his goals. Malik is at once the younger and older brother of a wealthy Londoner who wishes to marry the younger brother. The younger brother rejects his sister, but returns to London. He becomes a prolific writer of poetry and life lessons. As a professional actor, he has, for some time, tried to establish himself in Hollywood. However, after a number of false starts, he has settled for a small role in this Hindi film. He is joined in the story by Gulshan Grover, who also plays the character's younger brother. Both are quite good. There are a few scenes that touch the sentimental but the script is fairly straight forward and the story is told in a straight forward manner. It is also a very nice contrast to the rest of the story. The cinematography is excellent, especially in the key scenes and the score is good. The director is also a good musician. In the end, this film is a pleasant change from the dreary, cliched and predictable stories. It is a pleasant surprise.

Willie photo

Before watching this movie, I read many comments and reviews about it, and I saw how many people didn't like it. So I decided to watch it, not because I have to, but because I want to hear how the critics of this movie thought about it. In the end, I think the critics have been way off. This movie is an epic, and it is really interesting. It is very entertaining, and it is really touching. It also has very good special effects, which is a good thing. I also liked the acting, the direction, and the story. I think this is an epic movie. It's very well done. It's also very emotional. I really liked it, and I really recommend it. This is a very good movie, and I really recommend it to everybody. So watch it, and you will not be disappointed.

Janice Perez photo
Janice Perez

This film was one of the worst I have ever seen. It is a complete waste of time. It had the potential to be something very special but failed miserably. There is absolutely no reason to see this movie, especially if you have not seen any of the actors' previous movies. They are terrible and very boring. The only reason I am giving it a 7 out of 10 is that it was very entertaining and I will definitely be watching it again. I still don't know what the plot was about. There are so many plot holes in this movie. The other actors in this movie were also bad, and you could see that the acting was not the greatest, but that does not mean that they were bad actors. At least the characters were interesting and you could really relate to them. The one star I give this movie is because it was entertaining and that was it. There was no reason to see this movie.

Betty Rivera photo
Betty Rivera

After watching the movie, I am impressed and surprised by the strength of the story and the songs. The songs are not just sweet but uplifting. The songs are so well written, it is easy to feel for all the characters. There is a very simple message in the movie. But the message is not over-emphasized. In the first half, it is just good and uplifting. But the second half is very interesting. The theme of love, the theme of loneliness and the theme of losing your passion are shown in a very special way. I recommend the movie to anyone who is in love or someone who is in love with someone, and is looking for love.

Stephanie D. photo
Stephanie D.

I haven't read the books but I will read them soon. This movie is based on the actual events that happened in the 80's. The story of Nanaimo New Year celebrations where a young couple goes missing. For 2 years, they are locked in a cage on a roof in the middle of the night. The parents do not know if they are dead or alive. If you like dance or adventure, you will love this film. You can watch this movie at home and have a good time.

Hannah King photo
Hannah King

This movie had a certain nostalgic feel to it. The message of this movie could be easily summed up. It really was a show of all the emotions that young adults experience in this film. However, it could have been better. The way the movie was filmed felt very authentic. The character of Munna Michael also seemed a little off and strange. The way he was portrayed was also a bit too dramatic. He seemed a little too proud and a little too sentimental. The cast in this movie was very good. Since most of the actors were known for their previous works, it seemed to take a little time before they were able to connect with the audience. This was a problem in some of the other movies in the trilogy. The actors in this movie did a good job. The fight scenes were also very well done and exciting. Overall, I would say that this movie was good. It was definitely different from the other films. However, this movie was better than I thought it would be.

Ryan C. photo
Ryan C.

The movie is a very nice one and one of the best I've seen. I saw it in a cinema in Netherlands and it was packed. In a way, it reminded me of the movie version of "The Right Stuff" (1953). The movie itself is a good one, a romantic comedy and is entertaining. The story is entertaining, but it's a romance not a war movie. It's not like "Air Force One" or "Navy Seals". It's a movie that you can watch with your friends. You will not get bored watching it. This movie has a good story and actors. The movie is worth watching.

Raymond photo

A guy is getting married and is invited to a remote village by his uncle to help him make the wedding happen. They are away for two days and the next day they meet a beautiful lady who they ask to help them make the wedding work. They find a whole new world to be in, and can't believe what they find. The story is the usual type of happy ending that you would expect from a movie about India and the people around it. But there are some things that aren't right with it. The movie has a lot of flaws, like some scenes that are completely ridiculous. The movie was being set up for something more, but it was a good story that it just wasn't completed and felt rushed. The acting was great in the movie, especially from Prasenjit. He was also in the TV series Saajan. And his brother and mother were also very good. The one thing that stands out is how good the music is. The music was great. It wasn't always interesting, but it was good. I was surprised by how good the music was for a TV movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the story of the famous Gurudev Jigme is a song that goes for it. I'm not going to say anymore about it because this review is already too long.

Bobby Herrera photo
Bobby Herrera

A friend of mine told me to watch this movie when he was leaving Mumbai, a city which I had not been to for quite a while. He recommended this movie for me because it had the most beautiful story line. I had not seen it in the theatres for a long time, but on my way back to Mumbai I decided to check it out. I was blown away. The story is based on a true story and the way it is told is more than just interesting. The story of the film is amazing and tells the story of two brothers, Munna (the elder) and Bala (the younger) who are both on the wrong path in life. The older brother Munna is a high level politician, and the younger brother Bala is a cleaner in a public school. They get separated after a fight. Bala has a one-night stand with a lady, which his older brother disapproves of. They don't reconcile after that, and he remains in his drunken condition. The movie takes you through a variety of different scenes, but it is still a drama. I really enjoyed the way the movie shows the scene where Munna and Bala get married. It is a very emotional scene, and I believe that this is one of the most well filmed movies in the recent years. I loved the way the music was incorporated into the story. I think the movie is great and it will be remembered as one of the greatest movies of the year. I hope that you will watch this movie and enjoy it as much as I did.

Donald S. photo
Donald S.

Tucker is an aspiring musician who was raised by his parents who raised him as an orphan. While pursuing his music career, he ends up with a great mentor named Kaoru. Together they strive to make a comeback and become a big name in the music industry. The main character in this movie is actually very similar to the main character in "The House of Flying Daggers" but here they aren't seen together for the most part. In this movie, the main character is very young and is actually quite cute. He has a rather stupid personality but is quite cute, making you want to see his actions in the movie. Also, his job as a singer is not very glamorous and he gets rather fed up about it. This character also has some rather funny moments. Overall, this movie is quite good. It's not groundbreaking in any way and probably has some flaws in terms of the script but overall it's a good and entertaining movie. It has the appeal of both a teen movie and an older movie. This is also because the director of this movie is actually quite successful at making an entertaining movie. I personally feel this is one of his best work. The animation is also quite good and worth mentioning. Also, there is quite a bit of sexual content in the movie which may be a little disturbing for some people. Overall, this is an entertaining movie with a very good story and a good idea behind it. It's not the best movie in the world but it's definitely enjoyable.

Emma C. photo
Emma C.

In the beginning we hear some music in a village, we see a bare tree (which is in the way) and we see a very beautiful woman. The young actress named Munna Michael is the same actress that plays in this movie and she was actually better in this movie. She doesn't have too much to do in this movie, she just plays the same role as always in the end of the movie, but she is not really bad in this movie. The story in the beginning is not really that good, but it is a very sad story, I don't really like to see all the characters die, so that's why I don't really like this movie, and I just want to see them all live in the end. The climax of the movie is also a very sad one and I can't really understand why I don't like this movie, but then again I don't really like to see all the characters die, so I think that's why I like this movie. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is that it's not really a happy movie, it's a very sad movie, I just think that this movie isn't really a good movie. Anyway, I will watch this movie again once it's on TV, and I can't really understand why I don't like this movie.

Craig photo

The story is about an Italian footballer (the likes of Ricky Sebastian or Juan Carlos Ferrero) who goes to America to play for his hometown team. Along the way he meets the beautiful and the talented (?) Anabelle (Scarlett Johansson) who is about to leave for the States. As they move to New York City, they start to fall in love with each other. Some parts of the story seem to be lifted from a Greek play called "Euphorbia" and some of the events are a bit unclear. Still it is an interesting movie and a great part of the movie. Scarlett Johansson is a great actress and does an excellent job in the movie. It is a nice touch to see her in a more western role. If you are a fan of Scarlett Johansson, go see the movie. 9/10

Mary photo

I must say that I'm really impressed with this movie. I went to see it today, and I just can't understand why the critics and the audience don't like it. I guess I can see that some people don't like it, but I can see that it's a very good movie. I think it's the most ambitious and best movie of its kind I've seen in a long time. This is not just a movie about two people, but a movie about the life of two people, and the two of them living their lives. You can't compare it to any other movie, because it's just too different from any other movie. The movie is great, it's also very funny. I think it's the best comedy I've seen in a long time. The best part of the movie is the music, but it's not the most important part of the movie. The music is really good. The movie is a really good film, and I hope it'll be in the top 250 of IMDb. It's not just a movie about a couple of lovers, it's also a movie about a life, and about the life of two people. It's a really good movie. I really recommend it to anyone. 9/10

Shirley photo

I thought the movie was about an artistic (or anti-artistic) perfectionist who builds a painting on his back porch for his own personal pleasure, and later sees it stolen by the artist's brother. The movie would have been more believable if he had wanted to steal the painting himself, but the writers left that part out. The movie ends on a good note and that is the original name of the painting.

Judy D. photo
Judy D.

The movie was awesome. The music was awesome. And the action was awesome. The movie is about a guy who is very good at basketball. He's the best player in his school. He's also a loser, and has a bad childhood. He's not really popular in school, and is being bullied by his friends. But when his friend has a new girlfriend, he gets a new motivation to become a better person. But the people around him don't like him, and he's not liked by his family. He tries to make up for his past mistakes, and become a better person. And he does that, by learning to love his family and his friends. It was awesome!

Raymond J. photo
Raymond J.

You can make a movie that can be viewed as a contemporary tale of Indian youth today and still retain its integrity and identity as a authentic and authentic piece of Indian film art. And how this movie does in that respect is the biggest let down of the year. To say that it lacks in every other area would be an insult to Indian film artistry. It has great acting, good visuals, fine music, good editing, and I do think that it is a very good work of art. But what it doesn't do is make an overall good effort at blending all these into a coherent story and a coherent story that doesn't become too convoluted. It's just enough for the story to flow and that is not enough. The other thing is that it is actually worse in every other aspect. It is a pure Hindu movie and the portrayal of the Hindu faith is absolutely atrocious. This movie is almost completely devoid of any sense of spirituality. And the Hindu faith has been a very important part of Indian identity since the beginning of Indian history. But this movie does absolutely nothing to advance that story and to make it more interesting. But when you think about it, the whole story is essentially about a couple of Indian youths who decide to take a trip to Mumbai to do some "dirty work" and end up dying in the process. And while the movie goes through all the different paths of grief, it doesn't do anything to explore the significance of the suicide of the two young people in particular. It also spends way too much time on a sex scene that in reality is the only character with any development. And on top of that, it has an unfortunate tendency to also end in a coda that's also unrelated to the main story. This movie is a little bit about two youths and not much about the whole Indian Indian community. The movie is obviously not a mistake, but a failure. The producers and director had the opportunity to make an extremely good movie that would have made the most of its potential but they failed to do so. It's a very bad movie but the audience won't really notice because it is going so smoothly on its way. It is quite an improvement over the Pongam to release later in this year, but still falls short of the original in every department.

Jeremy J. photo
Jeremy J.

Fantastic movie, the story of the story of love, what it is, who it is and the story behind it. Loved the direction and the soundtrack, especially the theme song. Must watch.

Nancy N. photo
Nancy N.

Munna Michael is a pure action, romance, comedy drama movie. This movie starts from the second hour of the movie where Munna Michael was fighting together with his friends and a criminal from The Bronx. Then on the next minute of the movie, the movie changes to a day in the life of a gang member Munna Michael. The film focuses on Munna Michael. You can really feel how he feels from the bottom of his heart, and also how he feels after the death of his best friend. The movie ends with a chapter that shows how Munna Michael's character was an evil and sadistic, which made his career to be very high. After the film ended, the director told us that this is just the beginning of Munna Michael's life and how he will start a life with the rest of his friends. We must give the film a thumbs up. This is definitely the best Hindi film I have ever seen. The story is good and the acting is great. The drama between Munna Michael and his girlfriend is great. Munna Michael's and his friends life together with other gang members is great. This film is amazing, and I strongly recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Melissa photo

I can't help but think that it would have been even better if M.M. had been given the larger part. I was especially impressed with the lead actor's chemistry with Munna. I will admit that I have always been one for the big guy. M.M. had just the right touch to make me interested in his story. I'm glad that a fresh new storyline was given to the story, even though I can't help but feel that some of the original characters were unnecessarily left out. There were a couple of scenes that were just left out that I would have liked to see. I can't help but think that if it had been longer, the plot would have been even better. If you're a M.M. fan, I think you'll enjoy the movie, but I can see why some may find it disappointing. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I don't think it is a waste of time. 7/10

Kimberly McDonald photo
Kimberly McDonald

For me, the movie depicts what I know and what I am experiencing in my life: a family of good, humble, hard working guys and women. The story is quite moving and I got touched at the end. I like the end of the movie, because it's emotional and shows us that all is not bad. Despite the audience that is facing a certain adversity, the plot still continues. The dialogs were very good and the story was good. The soundtracks are also very good. I am really looking forward for the sequel. I really enjoyed this movie and hope that it will be like this one.

Austin M. photo
Austin M.

I loved the acting in this movie and the story line. But I feel this movie could have been made better. I know that this was based on a book, but I feel like it should have had some "real" actors in it. I found the scenes in the movie really boring and made me yawn several times. So many times I was saying to myself "this isn't funny" but it was still funny. And I think that some of the lines that were said in the movie were real, but not acted out. As far as the story line goes, I felt that there were too many things that had no point to them. Like what was the point of the part with the bird? It wasn't really funny, and I don't think it was necessary. There were a lot of things that were just, "why did they do that?" It also made me think that there should have been more of an ending. The ending was great, but it didn't have that big of a punch. But again, I can't remember what exactly happened in the movie. Other than that, it was very funny and a good movie. If you want to watch a good comedy, I recommend this movie.

Amanda Warren photo
Amanda Warren

I had been waiting for a long time to see this film and I can happily say that it was a well-done film and a good movie in general. I really liked the characters. The action is good and it is also exciting as it delivers suspense, thrill and good action. I would say this is a good film and one I would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I am also surprised that there are people who don't like it and don't give it a 10. People like the movie because they can say "what a great movie" and that doesn't happen enough. I would suggest you to watch it and make your own decision. My vote is 7/10.

Martha photo

Songs and dancing are the lifeblood of a Bengali dance routine, and it is this particular repertoire that forms the backdrop for this low-budget fairy tale. Its story is set in a modern day Bengali village of Plumbai, a predominantly Hindu area, but the role of the Hindu community is reduced to that of a villainous enemy. The main protagonist is an interracial lesbian. Her love interest is a pussified Indian thug. The movie features two local dance halls, in which the local residents participate in an annual competition for local entertainment. In the two rooms, a dancing contest is being held by the local Pakistani Muslim gangster family, who are forcing the local Muslim women to participate in their tournament. Meanwhile, the local Hindu neighbors are trying to get their share of the prize money. There is also a local criminal gang who are involved in blackmail and prostitution. The two families are then confronted in a duel for territory, by one of the families threatening to withhold their share of the prize money. The movie is directed and acted very well, by Abhay Deol (he also created the catchy song 'I am from Bengal', which was later used in the movies 'Pratham' and 'Pradyumna') and Darshan Kumar. Its important to mention that Abhay Deol and Darshan Kumar have made a very good job of adapting the original Bengali folk song "Sujangudha Kannu" into an Indian language movie. It was the only instance where a Bengali song has been translated into an Indian language film. This is because the Bengali song "Sujangudha Kannu" is so unique, and the movie does not give the same impact to the song when it is dubbed in English. It is a movie that is not for all tastes, as some may find the story of a Christian couple, interracial lesbian relationship and the traditional Bengali culture offensive or off-putting. For those who like the traditional Bengali culture, they may find this movie entertaining, but the subtext that this is not a Bengali movie is a bit weak for me. However, if one is into Bengali cinema, the movie should not be missed.

Steven photo

My name is Vishal-Harish Kulkarni. I am a regular watch-me-at-school-for-movies-in-the-lunch-box type of guy. Now, this movie didn't turn me into a cinema student. But, the way I reacted to it, it didn't make me angry. I felt a bit apprehensive, but then, after a while, I came to see that this movie was rather enjoyable. The film, perhaps has the worst pacing I have ever seen. It feels like one has to keep on wiggling their eyes in circles to see the background. A lot of background information is left out, not just in the screenplay, but even in the movie itself. Just to give a few examples: The stuff about Jyothika's family, the stuff about the twins. At times, the dialogs felt forced, not to mention the dubbing. The first half, which is supposed to be "deep" and intricate, is poorly delivered by the dialogue writers. A lot of the dialogs are ridiculously clichéd. But when a movie is put on a little, it must have that feeling of completeness and confidence that you cannot believe that they were able to pull it off. But, that is the key. It is so difficult to pull off a movie, which is short and shows the various parts of the movies life without it feeling like a tedious experience. It was a pretty good movie. Just. It is not worth giving a star to. I'm giving it an eight because of the cinematography, the original soundtrack, the screenplay, and the acting. A lot of the characters were either unbelievable or a joke. So, I can't say that it is one of the best films I have seen this year.

Grace photo

The film is a very well-written and acted movie. The story, the songs, the cinematography, the special effects and the performances are all very good. I believe that this film is definitely an "A" for Indian film-making.

Carol R. photo
Carol R.

I have to say, this movie is not what I expected. The music and the music is amazing. I think the song "Shabana Azmi" was the best. I'm not sure why it didn't get nominated, but I think it deserves more. The songs are amazing. The movie is really entertaining and exciting. It's the kind of movie that you can watch over and over again without getting bored. And also, the actors are really good in the movie. You will really enjoy the movie. This is not a movie to watch with your girlfriend, but you can watch it with your friends and it will be fun. It's a must see for every movie lover. You will definitely love this movie.

Amber photo

This movie, on the surface, is about a man who wants to live a simple life. In reality, this is a very emotional story about the loss of a family member and the search for revenge. I found it very moving, very powerful and very entertaining. The story moves at a good pace and the cast does a wonderful job of bringing out the best in their characters. I found the story to be a little slow at times, but I understand why this is. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think the story would have been better if it had been a little more action packed. The ending was very sad, but I understand why the story would have been different if it had ended with a happy ending. Overall, this is a very emotional movie, but it is also a very entertaining movie. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the musical genre, as this is one of the best musicals of all time.

Stephanie Reid photo
Stephanie Reid

You are likely to find this film quite boring and unfunny. There are a few more laughs in this film than in many of the comedy films I have seen, but you won't find many of them. But for all the movie snobs who can't bear to watch a film if it doesn't have a plot, there is a lot of good, funny and clever things going on in this film. The plot is not that great, but it is engaging and well done. It takes its time to develop the characters, but that is forgivable because of the wonderful, smart and witty jokes that pop up throughout the movie. The performances are uniformly excellent. Daniel Kaluuya is a great actor and he gives the best performance of his career in this film. I don't think he will ever be good enough to play a tough-guy, but he has great chemistry with Munna Michael. The other performers are all excellent and their performances stand out. I don't want to give away any of the jokes in the film, so I will just say that the jokes are clever and funny and are not offensive or crude. And I don't know about you, but that is a nice change from the mindless, one-note humor that seems to be the norm these days. It is a shame that this film has been given such a low rating. It is one of those rare movies that I will see again and again and still enjoy. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. You just have to see it. 8/10

Samuel Hunt photo
Samuel Hunt

I have to say that i am not a fan of Hindi movies but this movie has really put me on the same level. I don't know if it was the directors work or the script but this movie has given me a very unique taste of the movies. All the actors did a fantastic job and i think it was worth every cent spent. It is the first movie i have watched with my daughter who was about 3 at the time. I have never seen a movie like this before. It has a lot of emotions and a lot of funny parts that make you laugh out loud. My daughter was amazed. This movie has a great message for the world and i hope it will bring out a lot of viewers and keep them talking about it for the next 10 years. This is one of the best movies i have ever seen. You have to see it. If you don't like it, that is your problem. Go watch something else. You will love it.

Carolyn Armstrong photo
Carolyn Armstrong

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. This movie is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The plot is simple. The acting is great. The music is good. The characters are interesting and there is no one that is not likable. The plot is good and it does not get confusing. It keeps you wondering and makes you want to know what will happen next. The movie does not have any special effects and it is a good movie for people who like to see movies like this. This is a movie that you can watch over and over again.

Karen photo

I'm not a big fan of Hindi cinema, I prefer the English movies, but this one was definitely one of the best movies I've seen. I thought that the story was superb, and the story was really original and exciting. It's a movie that I would recommend to anyone who is into romance movies or people who like the romantic movies.

Howard photo

I've watched this movie a couple of times and I find it to be one of the best Indian movies I have seen.I was very impressed by the performance of Rani Mukherjee and the direction of Rajat Kapoor.The story of the movie is simple, but the execution is very well.The first half is very entertaining and the second half is very touching.I am recommending this movie to everyone.I'm sure everyone will enjoy the movie.I highly recommend this movie.

Joan Dean photo
Joan Dean

This is a film I've wanted to see for a long time, and it was a great success. Although I felt it was a bit slow in places, I really felt the story flowed well. I felt the film wasn't predictable, and I enjoyed it. The acting was brilliant. I have never been so taken by a film in a long time. I loved the costumes, the sets, the props, the dialogue, the music, and the scenery. The story was strong and realistic. I loved the music, the costumes, the setting, the soundtrack, the characters, the direction, and the camera work. I'm glad this film got the recognition it deserved. I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan, and this film shows that Michael was a very talented artist. I can't wait to see what the director does next. I hope they continue the story of the film. I hope they keep it as it was. The costumes, the costumes, the costumes, the costumes. I'm so excited. I hope this film inspires the next Michael Jackson.

Nathan B. photo
Nathan B.

I enjoyed this movie very much. The acting, the music, the plot, the story. It is not the kind of movie that you see for a week, or a month, but this is a movie that you will see again and again. I really loved the ending and the dancing, it was really good. My sister and I saw it on a rainy day and we enjoyed it so much that we bought it on DVD. I don't think that I have ever had a movie that made me cry so much, especially at the end, I was crying in my seat. I don't think that I have ever been to a movie where I cried so much. My family has been going to the movies for years, and this was the best movie we have ever seen.

Nicholas Ruiz photo
Nicholas Ruiz

This movie has so much to offer, with some wonderful surprises. I can't wait for this to be released on DVD. The story is great, and the acting is great. The music is excellent. It is very interesting. You will want to see this movie again and again. It has a lot of great twists and turns. This movie is definitely not for everyone. I think the movie could have been better if they had not had to keep the same cast for the whole movie. I think the acting could have been better, especially by Ranbir Kapoor. I would have liked to see him in a different role. The other actors are very good. The music is very good, and the camera work is very good. It is one of those movies you have to see again and again, and you can't help but love it. I loved this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. I hope that they will release this on DVD soon.

Cheryl photo

Wow, what a story! And what a movie! I was so excited when I heard about this movie. I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I didn't want it to end. I was so excited when it ended. And I was so disappointed when it ended. This movie is great! I didn't expect it to be this great. This movie is a must see! I've seen this movie more than ten times and I'm still waiting for the movie to end. It's so amazing!

Andrea photo

The story is very interesting and something you may not expect. The acting is okay and the romance is fine too. But the director keeps showing her chest too much and the whole thing can be a bit too much.

Brenda C. photo
Brenda C.

I really loved this movie and I really think it's one of the best films of all time. The music, the acting, the story, the script, the setting, the special effects, the cinematography, the lighting, the editing, the direction, the editing, the camera work, the photography, the directing, the sound. All the elements are just perfect. I think this film deserves to be in the top 5 of the most important films of all time. I'm going to see this film again tomorrow, and I'm going to recommend it to everyone I know. I've seen this film 3 times already, and I'm going to see it again tomorrow. If you haven't seen it, then see it, you won't regret it. I loved this film, and I think everyone should see it. The story is a good one, it's a classic, but it's a good one, and it's a classic. I hope you like it, and I hope you'll see it soon. 9/10

Jennifer R. photo
Jennifer R.

This movie did not appeal to me. First of all, I am a fan of Meryl Streep and I didn't like the director. The first half hour of this movie, where the whole story is told, is extremely slow. You are supposed to be an intense movie fan, who wants to see the beautiful Meryl Streep, but you just don't get that. I was expecting a movie that I would watch, as long as it was on TV, that would make me love it more, but the movie was not that. I liked it, I think the director should take some lessons from the first half hour, where I thought he was trying to make a movie that could stand up to the best of Hollywood, but he did not succeed. I guess the director does not understand the different cultures of our world, and also how slow movies like this should be made. I will not ruin the movie for you, but I think it is better to not waste your time, and just wait for it to come to the theatres. Overall, I would recommend watching it on TV, because you will not be disappointed. But don't watch it on the big screen, because it might be a little too slow for you. Thanks,

Debra R. photo
Debra R.

This is one of the best movies i've ever seen. It's a complete love story, but you can't help but fall in love with the characters and the acting. I think the actors did an amazing job. A must watch.

Doris P. photo
Doris P.

This movie is so good and realistic that you'll forget about your problems and your problems will just be gone. It's a very moving story about a man who's life is going wrong. It is very interesting and interesting. I recommend it to everyone.

Beverly P. photo
Beverly P.

I watched this movie on my iPad and was blown away by the story and the music. I love this movie and I've watched it 5 times in the last week. I'm not usually a fan of romantic movies but this is so much better than all the romantic movies I've seen. The movie is about a man named Munna Michael who is in love with a woman named Milly. He doesn't like her and she doesn't like him. He gets in trouble with the cops and is then sent to jail. He is then released and he decides to travel to South America with his friend in order to help his friend get out of jail. He is then reunited with Milly and they become friends again. I loved this movie and I hope that everyone sees it as well.

Johnny Snyder photo
Johnny Snyder

It's always interesting to see movies where the main characters are based on real people and this movie is no exception. As a movie fan, I was excited to see this movie as I am a fan of Munna Michael. I'm also a very big fan of Seann William Scott, who plays Munna Michael. I thought this movie was very well done and it really captures the essence of Munna Michael. The storyline was great, the acting was excellent, the direction was excellent, and the story was excellent. The ending was a little bit unexpected but I thought it was a very well done ending. This movie is a must see for anyone who loves movies, or even just to see the Munna Michael character, Seann William Scott. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did. My Rating: 10/10

Danielle P. photo
Danielle P.

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is a story about a young Indian man named Munna Michael, who has a dream. The dream is to become a pro boxer. This dream is a very tough one to have. I would like to say that this movie is very inspirational. I have to say that the movie was very realistic. This is a movie that everyone can enjoy. The story is very important to see. You will definitely have a good time watching this movie. It is a must watch movie.