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Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhania is a movie starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, and Sahil Vaid. Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads...

Other Titles
The Bride of Badrinath, The Bride Of Badrinath
Running Time
2 hours 19 minutes
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Romance, Drama, Comedy
Shashank Khaitan
Shashank Khaitan
Swanand Kirkire, Varun Dhawan, Sahil Vaid, Alia Bhatt
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads to a clash of ideologies, despite both of them recognizing the goodness in each other.

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Kelly photo

The movie is just great! And its really well casted, especially SRK and Gulshan Grover. The movie is different from usual story like this, but it's very unique. The movie is very touching and the emotions run in one way, and all through the movie. Gulshan Grover and SRK are great. The dialogs are just great and worth watching this movie. If you have time, watch this movie. You wont regret it.

Doris Banks photo
Doris Banks

No one is a good actor no matter how old he or she is. This movie is amazing in every way. A must watch. (It's a fact that I am a big fan of Aishwarya, but her acting is perfect. M R Mani played a role as usual. As the guy who gets betrayed by his wife. He is as good as always).

Jordan P. photo
Jordan P.

It is not a movie that can be easily recognized as a "Bollywood Movie". But at some point of time, if you just can't find something to do in the city, or you want to watch something that is meaningful for you, you should go for this movie. And this is the first time I have ever seen a movie that makes me feel like I want to spend the whole day in a trance. Brilliant film!

Kathleen T. photo
Kathleen T.

Since she was good in "Love at First Sight" & "You're Beautiful" her performance here was a success. When she's on screen her accent can sometimes be a bit goofy, but she doesn't go too far over the top. Most of her dialog is very well done & she does do a good job in some scenes. Her first kiss scene with Amitabh was particularly sweet. I really liked the interaction between her & her parents in their trailer home, which is nice for the plot. The plot of this film is pretty light & at the end of the day I think it's all about characters & their problems. The best character in the film is Priya, she is the main reason this film is so much fun. The part where she goes to Mumbai to meet her parents & her grandparents, you can just tell she has a soft spot for them. Her part in the film is rather brief, but the way she interacts with her parents, her grandparents, is very well done. I really enjoyed her scenes in the trailer house, which were very cute. But the other characters in this film are very under-used. I think they could have used a lot more of them. The best part about this film is its dialogue. It's a one-sided & fun movie. A special mention to Irrfan Khan, I'm a big fan of his but he really proves his talent with this film. He plays a slightly awkward role, but it works for the film. I loved the way he carried his accent through the film. I also liked the way he handled his romance with Amitabh. The part where he's being wooed by Priya, I think he has done a great job, he's really giving us a feel of the old Rajesh Khanna era of Bollywood. I also liked the way he handled the romantic scenes with Priya & Amitabh, I really liked the way they were presented. Overall this film is pretty fun, it has a lot of action in it & it's full of laughs, it's a one-sided film. It's not the best of the year, but I enjoyed it. I give this film 8/10. *

Dylan Fowler photo
Dylan Fowler

Being a Bengali person, I was excited to see this movie but after watching it I was disappointed to say the least. The songs were a disappointment and the movies plot was not much better. The heroines were not really cute in this movie. I don't know how many of the actresses were the stars in this movie, but I believe that they were all pretty and the love scenes were very good. But this movie has nothing to do with romance or it's trying to portray that, it is a classic Bollywood movie and I don't understand why everyone has such a negative opinion of it. I hope that the director will be brought back and he will make another movie in the style of this movie. I can say that this movie is very very good, but it doesn't stand on its own and I can only rate it as a mediocre movie.

Eric photo

Shivaramaiah proves that it is possible to make a movie with no budget and still do a lot with it. After making Swades, I had expected to watch a lame and forced comedy. But, this movie is a little different. It is realistic, realistic as in not funny but genuine. It does not have the usual formula of most comedies, where they would start in a funny situation and end in a funny situation. The director has taken the risks of giving the movie a realistic and real feeling to it, and the result is spectacular. The movie is about a poor man called Shivaramaiah (played by Mr. John Abraham) who wants to join a private school. After he gets rejected, he returns to the town to his aunt's house where he is greeted by his aunt's cousin Anjan Kumar (played by Mr. Mrinalini). Anjan, who is a good-looking man, has a twin brother, an ill mother and a messy house. His aunt's cousin and her husband are the only ones who can support him, and they are looking for a better job to help Anjan. Anjan tells Shivaramaiah that he is in love with the beautiful Piyush Mishra (played by Mr. Asha Mittal). But, he has a problem in his mind, and he wants to go to the doctor to get his condition fixed. He then falls for the doctor, but he is hesitant, and he decides to accept the job offer of the doctor's wife, Jyoti (played by Ms. Swara Bhaskar). However, Anjan wants to get the better job in his job, and so he goes to the doctor's wife, and she accepts his proposal. But, Anjan returns to the village, and the townspeople mock him, and he is told by the woman's son, Tushar (played by Mr. Rajpal Yadav), that he does not know how to give love to a woman. Anjan then decides to take a lesson from Tushar and tells him that it is wrong to have sex with a woman while she is menstruating. Tushar then goes back to his family, and the townspeople mock him again, and he is told to leave. But, he is brought back by Jyoti's husband, Rajesh (played by Mr. Ananth Mishra). Rajesh then tells Anjan that he will not give up his job, and he has to give up his passion. Rajesh tells Anjan that he is good, but he is not good at all. This is when the movie ends. The movie is about the struggles of a poor man and the difficulties of being a man in a society which does not appreciate him. The movie is full of great dialogs. A.R.Rahman's screenplay is amazing. The dialogs are humorous, and the dialogs are well written. It is a movie which is not for everyone. I am not saying that you should not watch this movie, but I am saying that you should not expect anything from it. It is a movie which will definitely make you feel good. The movie does not have any bad point, and it is a great movie.

Julia Harvey photo
Julia Harvey

Every one of us has faced one or the other of the above mentioned issues. After watching all the Marathi movies, you will come to realize that the other actors are so natural that you don't even notice their actions and expressions. I agree that one of the biggest strengths of Akshay Kumar is his presence and his charm, and Shobhana Singh proves that this is also true of her character. The movie was interesting to watch and I got very much of the feeling that it was not supposed to be a typical Marathi movie. The story of the movie was a little different, but still it was interesting to watch. Shobhana Singh is superb in her role as both the characters are complex. The second half of the movie was somewhat boring, and sometimes it could be a little confusing. It was not too bad though. The music of the movie was great, and the scenes were beautifully shot. Overall a good movie.

Thomas L. photo
Thomas L.

Last week, I went to the cinema with a friend of mine who is in love with Amitabh's movies. I loved 'Kahaani', 'Sarfarosh', 'Raam Rang De Basanti', 'Baba Yashop Di' and 'Dilwale'. I was extremely disappointed with 'Raam Rang De Basanti' after 'Kahaani' and 'Sarfarosh'. 'Raam Rang De Basanti' is a mess of a movie. The director and the actors made a complete mess of the movie. Amitabh did his best with a well known movie like 'Kahaani'. But he couldn't complete the movie because he wasted the entire time. He wasted the entire time with some unnecessary songs. The movie was just too long. A better script and better acting could have made it a good movie. The two stars and all the hype of 'Raam Rang De Basanti' has ruined the movie. This is the last good movie of Amitabh. He made a great movie but it was ruined by the hype. All the awards and Best Movie nominations were a big joke to the fans of the movie. Please don't watch 'Raam Rang De Basanti'. I hope Amitabh will learn from his mistakes.

Stephen H. photo
Stephen H.

This is the best movie i have seen in the past years. It's really heart-warming and make you feel happy for every day. This is the type of movies you should watch and it's definitely not the type of movies that you can take to a children's cinema. This is a must-see movie and if you are like me you will love it.

Kathryn M. photo
Kathryn M.

After reading the negative reviews here, I was expecting another un-serious comedy, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. While the jokes and dialogue are not original (they are parodied from some of the greatest Indian films, and spoofed in a lesser extent from some well known Hollywood comedies), the plot is a joy to watch, the characters are great, the cast is great, and the direction is excellent. The film is not a celebration of the mainstream Indian Cinema, and that may be a bit of a letdown for some, but I don't think that's the case. I liked this film more than the next two I saw in the theatres that I went to, and I think that's because it is more of a view into the sub-culture of Indian cinema, and the jokes, and the scene setting are more about that than a celebration of what the mainstream Indian Cinema is. I am not a big fan of Bollywood, but I do appreciate the nuances of a film and of a filmmaker. This film is one of the best films I've seen this year, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Tiffany photo

Astonishing story of a woman who faced a lot of problems because of her husband's corruption. And how she saved the family's life. Imtiaz Ali did a remarkable job in the lead role. As usual he has proved his skills as a director. He has made a wonderful movie. The best part of the movie is the music. Its so good. I just can't say any bad things about it. I am going to recommend this movie to everyone. Watch it.

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

For me, the movie was very much like a love story. The love story is so realistic, that I felt like I was there with both of them. Each time I watch this movie, I realize how hard it is to live in India and live a normal life and I have seen that the characters in this movie have been similar to me, or at least I have seen that they have been the same. The characters are good natured and have a good heart, but it does not always come across on screen. But this is the most important part of the movie. The love story is so real, that is really the best part. The movie is very realistic, and the characters are so realistic. The humor in the movie is so funny, you will laugh out loud when you watch this movie. I highly recommend this movie, because it is very good for every age, and especially for families to watch together.

Jordan photo

This is a very interesting movie and was very entertaining. I agree with most of the reviews. The movie was shot in Kalakonda, Kerala. The village is very small and I could not make out any streets. I had to work at a school and have a small apartment. But I can't understand why the village has the name of Kalakonda. If it was not for the movie this village would be a total slum. The story is quite good and the cast is excellent. The story of the movie is very interesting. It was very entertaining and I would definitely recommend it to all. The movie is very different from the movie that everybody has seen. I would have liked more of the drama, but it is a movie about love. I liked the fact that the main character is a young girl and she is the only one who has to suffer the life of her parents. It is a different story, but it is still very good and I would definitely recommend this movie to people who like Indian movies.

Jesse J. photo
Jesse J.

Don't get me wrong, the movie was great but my problem is that it was only released in Europe.I was waiting for it to come out in my country.And once it came out, I tried to watch it again.But i didn't get a single good part of it.It seemed like it was a complete waste of time.After I tried to watch the movie again, I realized that the director was trying to make a movie out of every lyric.The movie was so vague,the story was very poor.But the visuals were very good.The song was very good too.But i don't recommend this movie to anyone.It was very disappointing.Don't waste your time on it.The only reason I gave 10/10 is because of the music.I mean the songs were good and there was a good plot.But the movie was disappointing and its just a waste of time.

Diane W. photo
Diane W.

The life of a beautiful young woman is complex, challenging and glamorous in a unique way. It is a very powerful, romantic and funny movie which deals with love, sex and relationships. The actors, script and the music are superb. It is a good movie to watch with your friends after you have eaten.

Andrea Barnett photo
Andrea Barnett

Every once in a while, you come across a film that is so unique, that you don't know what to expect. A movie that is as good as it's predecessor. Anamika Kher has done it again, in Rajasthan, with this very simple story. There are no explosions, no even a crash of a plane, no Hollywood style plot, only an honest, gentle movie. It is a movie about life. How one man, a common man, can change the lives of people he meets and how he can make them happy. You will understand it as you watch it. Some people might find it a bit slow, but that is because they don't understand the story. This is one of the best stories I have ever seen. Anamika Kher and Vikramaditya Motwani have shown that a simple story can be the best. They have taken the simple story and made it the best. I have watched many films but Rajasthan is one of the best that I have ever watched. I would like to congratulate Vikramaditya Motwani, Anamika Kher and Aishwarya Rai. Thank you. Good Luck.

Joan Roberts photo
Joan Roberts

A lot of people have been thinking about this movie and comparing it to "Sholay". What this movie is and what it really is is a movie on the life of a modern family. On the story, it's really simple. A mom takes her young son, who had a mental illness, out of jail and takes him back. She decides to run his life by herself, without a family or friends. The son, who was a wreck and had no sense of responsibility, knows this and decides to help his mom, by writing the first page of a book. When she writes a book, she brings in the right people for it. The movie is well-made, the acting is good, but the story isn't the most important thing. In most movies, the story is not the focus. And this movie has a simple story, but it's beautifully put together. The movie is about modern family life, from the beginning, and it is also about relationships. This is a good movie to watch if you like movies about modern family life.

Emily photo

My favorite movie of all times. Amitabh, does not disappoint me. No doubt that this movie is going to be watched by all movie goers. This movie has a lot of good points. You will love this movie. Like so many other movies, you will enjoy the good thing. I am amazed by Amitabh's acting. He has done a good job. This is his second best movie after Jaane Bhejaan. Rajni Kapoor is good. She has done an excellent job. You will love to watch this movie.

Frances Silva photo
Frances Silva

Best movie of 2015 so far. I can watch it over and over again. The movie itself is in love with itself. A lot of scenes are completely unreal but in the movie it looks like that is how the story will turn out. For instance a character which we are expecting to see dies.and the entire country is expecting a surprise when we actually see that character alive. Also the people who do not like to see our hero dance like he is a superstar like Dabangg or Big B are wrong. He is not that sort of person who is going to make an entry in the charts. He is a humble and hard working guy who is just like everyone else. A nice movie that will inspire you to live life and love life. Best thing about this movie is the performances.It is a little bit exaggerated but in the end, I did not regret to watch this movie. It is not a action movie and that is also the reason why I give it 8 out of 10.

Jeffrey photo

A bit tired of the exact same old recycled stuff. Jeezaaz Naina and Jahangir has been so much better. Sunil Grover and Anupam Kher are both outstanding. Rohit Shetty was very good. But Shahrukh Khan did very well. He should have done it in a more sophisticated manner. And the visuals in the movie were great. But the music was okay. It was very bland. It was different from the usual Bollywood music. But I love that music. The songs were excellent. Akshay Kumar and Rishi Kapoor had a very good chemistry. They were very believable. And Anushka Sharma was very convincing in her role. I was very surprised with the way she acted in this movie. Some of the songs were really good. The only problem was the lack of any background music. The movie was not loud. But I loved the music. As soon as the music started, I had a little smile on my face. And when the movie was over, I was not bored. So overall, I thought this movie was very good. The screenplay was very good. The characters were well developed. And the story was good. Overall, a good movie. I give it a 10/10. I do not want to read the bad reviews of this movie.

James E. photo
James E.

I have been reading reviews of this movie and i would say that its been mentioned as a typical Bollywood movie. However, i have just watched it for the first time and it is truly a masterpiece. It has been compared to many of Bollywood movies like Karan Johar's films like Swades, Kahaani, Premam etc. However, this movie has nothing to do with any of those. It has been said that the story is a kind of story of 5 men who find love and from that they can't take it off. This is not true. This is a story of a man who found a soulmate and has to stop the turmoil of his life. It also shows how you should not get caught up with your own life and emotions. It is not about any politics, religion or anything else. I can go on and on about this movie, but i will not. Go watch it and decide for yourself. P.S: Must watch for those who have a love for Bollywood.

Emma C. photo
Emma C.

Well I have watched this movie more than 10 times. And I don't feel old. Overall I really like the story and characters, and the story is very original. I would recommend this movie for everyone, but especially for girls who are into comedy.

Carl photo

I really liked this movie because it had a good storyline and characters and they were all very likable. At times the film was quite slow but it was very entertaining and a good mix of drama, comedy, and romance. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters. The second half of the film is the best part. The movie was actually quite sad because we did not know the real ending and the ending was very happy. The acting was great. Saif Ali Khan, Udita, Anushka Sharma, and Gulshan Grover were all great in their roles. The first half of the movie was slow but then it got better and the second half was very well-made and very emotional. I thought the film was a real feel good movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Judith R. photo
Judith R.

An excellent film. It is about love, family, the ultimate ideal and what is beyond the dream. A very nice film. And I have a lot of questions for the script writer. It is very beautiful. The story is very entertaining and well written. The songs are lovely and well chosen. For me, the best one is 'Shaadi'. But the songs are just beautiful. As we are so used to hear Hindi music in Hindi movies, you can't expect much of those songs. They have some subtleties and are so enjoyable. They just fit in the story very well. Apart from the songs, the characters are very well played. There are some funny moments, and some kind of deep ones. The story is told in a very interesting way. It is so beautiful and the end was quite unexpected. So, for me, the best part is 'Shaadi'. I give this film a rating of 8. It is a lovely film. I hope the writer of the screenplay will also give us a sequel. I think that would be very good.

Bryan Washington photo
Bryan Washington

It's an awesome movie. First of all, don't go to this movie if you are looking for a serious drama. It is not that kind of movie. I think it was a kind of entertainment movie that makes you feel good even if you can't understand Hindi. And, this is a pure pleasure to watch. The actor Boman Irani is very funny in the movie. This is the best movie that i have seen in my life. I loved the first part of the movie. It was very good. And, it got more interesting the second part. It's just too amazing. I was very happy with the movie. I am looking forward to the movie. Well, i would like to say that if you don't like this movie, don't go to the cinema. It will be a waste of your money. You should go to the restaurant and watch it at home. You can get more fun with this movie than you can with this movie.

Charles W. photo
Charles W.

I am a fan of Bollywood cinema. I had never seen KKD before, I never thought that it would be so good. And, I think the movie is about love, friendship and relationships. I am not a fan of music. But the songs are pretty good. The movie is a great story about a man who doesn't like his job but still finds a way to get the job done. The story is not bad. The movie has good songs. It is a good movie to watch with family and friends.

Carl photo

A rare feat. A great movie. Beautiful scenery, great screenplay, a magnificent ensemble cast, wonderful song-choreography. A wonderful movie. A movie you will love. This is the best movie I have ever watched. Thank you, Director Vidyarthi. Thank you for the love and admiration you have given to my life. This movie is the real masterpiece, and a must watch for all. My favorite scene is when it is being played in the Juhu da. Thank you for giving this movie a chance to shine in the silver screen.

Judith photo

I have seen many reviews that say that SRK has no direction in his movies. It's true. He has to show a different character every time. But after all he always sticks to his original values. This movie has excellent direction, good script and good music. Just watch the movie, I believe that you will love it.

Mildred M. photo
Mildred M.

A very good film. I don't know how else to express my feelings for it. It is a film that changes our view on life in general and the things that we do in life. One of the best things about the film is the acting of Hrithik Roshan. I don't think that he was chosen for the role of Golwalkar because he was in the movie for 10 minutes. But he did a very good job, and it shows how a good actor really is. The supporting cast was good also. The songs were also good, and the cinematography was good. The way the movie is shown, the time spent in the movie is not wasted. It was quite funny at some points and I laughed at other times. I would definitely recommend this movie to anybody. It is definitely one of the best films of 2009.

Thomas S. photo
Thomas S.

Hats off to Karan Johar for creating such a superb movie. His genius of his cinema is unique. But what I love most about this movie is the chemistry between the characters. And this is the reason why the movie is so great. Karan Johar is such a unique person. And everyone of the characters in this movie have their own characters. I personally feel that this is the only movie that I can watch over and over again. This is a movie that you should watch over and over again because you just cannot miss anything. And you should watch it in one go because it's like watching a movie. You will laugh, you will cry and you will be left with a smile on your face.

Theresa photo

Golgo 13 is a film that's supposed to be so deep, so deep, and yet so funny. To make a longer story, the film goes on. Although, the plot is simple, it is so simple that it is simple. It is what you would expect from a typical Malayalam film, there is some nudity, and there are some moments of emotional drama. The film doesn't stick to any standard of film making, but it isn't too silly, either. It is a one shot, but it has enough tension to keep you engaged. The dialogue, although a little bit stilted, is actually quite hilarious. The film is well written. The characters are well defined. The story is well told. The acting is decent. The film moves at a steady pace. I would recommend this film for anyone, if you don't like Malayalam films, then don't watch this film, otherwise you will enjoy it.

Amy B. photo
Amy B.

I liked the movie because of the storyline, the comedy and the acting. I loved the music too. The music in the movie is very memorable, with the songs being sung in full glory. I loved the role of Anu Kapoor in the movie. He is an actor of pure talent. The role of Boman Irani was one of the best parts of the movie. I loved the way Boman Irani acts in this movie. The roles of Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan are another great part of this movie. The roles of Anand Menon and the rest of the cast are very good and they are a part of the movie. All in all, the storyline of the movie is great and it is a true love story of a couple who have lived a love story of a life time. The entire cast in the movie is very good. The whole cast is amazing. I enjoyed this movie so much that I am watching it again and again.

Rachel photo

First, let me say that the first two hours of the movie I felt as if I was watching an Indian re-enactment of the Battle of Borobudur. The music, the costumes, the costumes, the music.everything was great. The other thing is that the story kept me interested throughout the entire movie, and I really did not care about the characters. It was like a three-ring circus. I wish the movie was longer. However, it was worth it. I give it 10 out of 10.

Russell photo

I am a fan of Kapoor since the time I was a kid. He is a genuine and down to earth actor. At last year, when he made a one-man show, I was glued to the screen. The man's gifts are extensive. I've watched this film at least 10 times and I have still not forgotten it. It's simple to say that he is our all time favorite actor. A must watch.

Aaron photo

Watched this movie with a friend, I can't believe i got something out of it! I couldn't find a better movie to watch. I love to watch comedies with my friends and it was the perfect one. A lot of jokes were also kept in the movie and didn't get boring. Anyways, the movie is about a guy who feels like he has nothing in life, then he meets a girl, which made him feel happy, but he also felt empty inside, which eventually gets out of control, when the girl died in a car accident, he meets a guy who has the same problem and they start to fall in love. The movie is funny, it has so many jokes, I can't believe they chose for this movie. I love every character in the movie, especially Sonu, who was so cute! I highly recommend this movie, it's really something. Every character in the movie was so fun and entertaining, I can't believe they chose such a funny and funny movie. For me, it's a must watch.

Sean Hansen photo
Sean Hansen

With a picture like this one, a lot of expectations were put on it. At first the movie looked boring but the story started to build up a level. The characters were excellent. The movie showed some positive values. The movie is very nice for those who love to watch a good story.

Sandra S. photo
Sandra S.

The film is just an ordinary romance that really impressed me. The director and the writer can't make the film a masterpiece but a good comedy. The script is clever and has a great cast. The character development is also a plus. For me, the best performance is by Priyanka Chopra. She's terrific as a streetwise woman. She has a great chemistry with Rishi Kapoor. She is so talented in acting. In this film, the best character is Rishi Kapoor. I like the way the two characters develop in the film. I have to say the climax is good. I think the director has done a good job. I think the first half is the best part of the film. My personal favorite of the film is Priyanka Chopra. If you like romantic films, I recommend you to watch this film. I have seen this film twice.

Rebecca T. photo
Rebecca T.

Most people have probably watched movies like the recent mumbai movie or the movie of Pankaj Kapur or Boman Irani and had expected something very different from these types of movies. This movie will keep you captivated from beginning to the end. The story starts out as a typical family-sport type story where the father tries to do what he can to encourage his son to do something other than a job he hates, but he doesn't have a clue. But, after a certain point, the story starts getting interesting. It gets very interesting and we get hooked on the story. A love story starts to unfold between a father and his son. After the father sees his son do something other than a job he hates, he tries his best to encourage his son. After that, the movie starts getting more and more interesting and gets very interesting. And, the whole movie is watched by a family. A person like me is not able to watch the movie with a family but, this movie is watchable with family. I would give it a 8 out of 10.

Nicholas Montgomery photo
Nicholas Montgomery

Since it is the Hindi version of the hit British film The Lake House, I had no idea what to expect from an Indian adaptation of this film. But I came out of the cinema with a grin on my face. The idea of the film was fantastic. It was shot beautifully, with a ton of intricate lighting, and a very creative screenplay. The characters were all very well done and fleshed out. The female lead was so different from the original, that I would have never guessed she was from London. I was especially impressed with the casting. Even though I have seen Tati Shah a couple of times before, he really did his character justice. The Indian people really need to watch more Indian movies, and be open-minded to different cultures. I loved the music and the music in general. The original Lake House, while excellent, did not have the originality of this movie. It was too predictable. This movie is not like Lake House, it is much more original and fresh. You can really feel the story being told here. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a must see.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

This movie is not just a drama but a love story and it is really touching. The way Rohit Shetty presents the characters is perfect. Rajkumar Hirani does a superb job in directing the movie and in creating the backdrop of the story. It is a very touching movie that will touch you. You will love the movie. Not everyone can relate with these characters and some of them will be disappointed but this movie will make you laugh and cry and think. You will love it. The only thing that could be better is the ending which is a bit too long but the story is amazing. I really do hope that more directors can learn from this movie.

Jesse Andrews photo
Jesse Andrews

Everything about this movie is amazing. A masterpiece by every single person involved in the making of the movie. I just cant believe how they managed to make such a great movie. It has everything a story needs and more. A lot of things are left unexplained which makes it even better. The music by Ravi Shankar is outstanding. It is so good that it is amazing how the actors make it so. Loved the movie. I can't wait for the second part. It will definitely be great. Its a movie I will definitely buy for my collection.