Steam West of the Jordan River

West of the Jordan River

West of the Jordan River is a movie starring Bill Clinton, Amos Gitai, and Gideon Levy. Amos Gitai returns to the West Bank to better understand the efforts of the citizens, both Israelis and Palestinians, to try to overcome the...

Other Titles
À l'Ouest du Jourdain, 戰地再訪:約旦河以西, Zachodni brzeg Jordanu, West Of The Jordan River, West of the Jordan River: Field Diary Revisited
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1 hours 24 minutes
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Amos Gitai
Amos Gitai
Gideon Levy, Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, Amos Gitai
Israel, France
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Amos Gitai returns to the West Bank to better understand the efforts of the citizens, both Israelis and Palestinians, to try to overcome the consequences of the 50-year occupation. Interspersing footage of his interviews with Yitzhak Rabin from the 1990s with the contemporary interviews of everyday citizens.

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Nathan photo

I'm a convert. My father was a Baptist pastor in the 1930s. I remember the gospel music and preaching. It was in the movies, of course. I'm not the only one. The movie is well-done and realistic. The book is so moving. I could listen to the music for hours and hours. It's a must-see for any Christian.

Benjamin Murphy photo
Benjamin Murphy

This film is so incredible that it is hard to believe that it was made in 2008. I'm sure many people know that the Holy Land is under occupation by the Israeli Government. The filmmakers are not Israeli, they are Palestinians who have the same rights as anyone else. This film is very well done. The actors do a great job. I'm sure you will enjoy this film. It's a good film, but not as good as the "The Wall".

Ralph Greene photo
Ralph Greene

First off, I feel like this film had potential to be better than it was. It could have been longer. It could have gone into more detail about the American invasion of Iraq. It could have addressed the many claims made by both sides. There are many ways to cover a topic that does not need to be covered in a 2 hour film. But I guess I was expecting to see more action in the film. I was very impressed by how well researched this film was. The art direction, set design, and cinematography were all excellent. Overall, I think it was the only film I've ever seen that even the harshest critics agree was a well made film. It was filled with amazing photography and emotions. The actors, without exception, did a fine job in my opinion. Most of the people who hate this film simply cannot get past the fact that the US is attacking another country on their own and they don't feel like any real emotion was felt by anyone in the film. If you are a fan of war films, then I would recommend this film to you. It is very honest and it covers the full range of the Iraq war and shows how far people went to justify it.

Jean photo

I was very impressed with the accuracy of the documentary. Many of the statements made by the survivors are very accurate and verified. The documentary uses no images of recent trauma, which seems to have been the style of most recent media coverage of the so-called "second Palestinian intifada". The "insider" perspective of the six film makers is what makes the film effective, as the storytellers provide an insight into the inner workings of the movement that is sometimes difficult to find on the internet or in the media. The testimonies of the children are presented without any overt love or devotion to Israel. The testimonies are taken from the perspective of the Israelis, and thus were not pro-Israeli but pro-Israeli. The documentary does not display the victims of the attack and instead focuses on the story of the six filmmakers. The questions that the filmmakers ask are from a truly Israeli perspective. All of the stories are of women and children and the survivors are mostly middle class Israeli women. Many of the survivors are as old as the boys, and many of the children are children of Israeli military or other military personnel.

Jack photo

The film is a complete and balanced presentation of the Jewish life in Palestine in the mid-20th century. I was very surprised that a film like this would be made. It was a very touching film and it is very important to show this side of the story. I was very moved by the scenes with the children, I could not believe that they were so very normal and happy. The film is very well done and has a very good soundtrack. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the Jewish experience in Palestine and the Palestinian people. It is a very well done film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Melissa W. photo
Melissa W.

I was intrigued to see this film when I read the reviews. The film was shot in black and white, with only a few scenes in color. The film was done in a documentary style with narration and the actors were doing their own narration. It seemed like a good way to tell the story. The movie was so slow moving that I had to read subtitles to understand what was going on. The beginning of the film was very interesting, but as the story progressed it became more and more boring. The most boring part of the film was the middle. It felt like the film was being told in a diary style, but it wasn't. The acting was also very good. I enjoyed the actors because they were real and didn't try to fake the emotions. The two main characters were very well acted. The film was a bit boring and it was very long. I think it was a good documentary film, but I wasn't very impressed with it.

Ralph photo

I don't know why I had never heard of this movie until I found it on Netflix. I had been looking for it for a while and finally got around to watching it. I was not disappointed. I thought the film was very well done. The cinematography was wonderful, and I thought the acting was great. I thought the subjects of the film were interesting and had an impact on me. I am glad that I watched it and that I found it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Gloria photo

I saw this in London and I thought it was one of the most moving and thought-provoking documentaries I have ever seen. I have often thought that people were over-reliant on their perceptions of what they perceive to be good and right and wrong. The film brings together many of the main figures from the film. Each one has given us a great insight into the lives of others, and why they are where they are. We can all learn from the film. The humour of the film is in its own way refreshing. If we do not make room in our lives for friends and family, we will never know a life that is richer. The film is also one of the most thought-provoking ever. I have recently read a book on how the film was made. The book outlines the many ways the director was influenced by the Israeli journalist Tovia Katz and her former friend, Moshe Safdie. The book reveals that the director saw this film as being an homage to Tovia's father, who is Jewish and divorced from her mother. She wanted to use a Jewish element to a Christian film, which she says she is a Christian. The film also told us how Tovia was forced to return to Israel after her first marriage, and suffered the discrimination and intolerance of the Israeli society. The final element of the book, which deals with the censorship and intolerance of the Israeli government, has not been reported widely, and I hope that this will change.

Daniel W. photo
Daniel W.

I've been an avid viewer of the Israel-Palestine conflict for many years. I've watched both sides from the Israel perspective. But this documentary is a breath of fresh air. It provides a rare, unbiased perspective on a subject that, in my opinion, is very difficult to approach. I believe that the way this film is presented, the viewer will be able to appreciate the complexity of the conflict and its effects on the Palestinian people. This film is not an indictment of Israel, but of the Palestinian people. I think that the people who have watched this film are very moved by the subject matter and the way it is presented. I feel that this film is an excellent reflection of how the people of the Middle East have been affected by the conflict. The film is not an attack on the Israeli government or the Jewish people. It is an attack on the Palestinian people. If you have ever been to the Middle East, you have seen the devastation that has occurred. This film does a good job of portraying the situation as it is and how it has affected the people of the Middle East.

Bobby W. photo
Bobby W.

I loved this film. It is a very moving and thought provoking film. I was moved by it and I'm so glad I was able to see it. I was also very moved by the response of the people in the audience. It's a film that is not meant to be taken lightly and you can't take your eyes off of it. The people in the audience are very honest and honest in their assessment of the film. The movie is a must see. The people who made this film did a wonderful job and I hope to see more of their work in the future.

Janet Phillips photo
Janet Phillips

I had heard great things about this film, and I was expecting a fairly interesting film about the experiences of the Jewish refugees in the Diaspora. Unfortunately, the film is not that interesting, and is rather slow and boring. The story is told from the perspective of three women. The first, who is a professor, describes the experiences of the women who came from Poland, who were forced to leave behind their children and their traditions, and take up the role of being refugees. The second, who is a Jewish woman from France, describes her own experience as a refugee, and how she met and married a young Jewish man who had never known anything about the Diaspora. The third, who is an Arab woman from Yemen, describes her own experiences as a refugee, and how she was abused by her husband, and forced to leave her children behind. The film is slow and uninteresting, and does not go anywhere. The women are pretty much left alone in the film, and the women are not given much to do. The only interesting part is the last ten minutes of the film, which is the only part that makes any sense. If you are interested in the Jewish experience in Europe during the Nazi period, this is a good film to see. If you are interested in the experiences of the Arab women, this film is a waste of time.

Edward Garza photo
Edward Garza

It's been a long time since I've seen a film that has impacted me so much. I have always been a fan of the show and the movie, but this one has become a real one-of-a-kind experience. I'm not a fan of the music, but I was so moved by the documentary that I wanted to make a poster. I can't wait to see the DVD and I have to admit that I had a blast watching it. I recommend this film to anyone, because it will give you a new perspective on life, and life will give you a new perspective on life.

Gary R. photo
Gary R.

One of the best documentaries of the year. Great insight into how much life is worth and how much it sucks.

Lawrence photo

This documentary explores the complex relationship between the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the United States. It begins by focusing on a simple premise: the US's support for Israel. It then explores the historical background of this support and then delves into the current crisis. It then explores the situation in the Palestinian territories and then the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It then discusses the recent Israeli settlement program and then the current conflict. It then presents the US's response to the situation, and then it offers recommendations. Finally, it ends with a few lessons to be learned. The film is well-made, but I would have preferred a more balanced approach. The main problem I had was with the presentation of the Israeli settlements. Many of the people interviewed are very biased and do not really reflect the views of most people. The film is biased, but I think that this is a very minor issue. Overall, the film is a very good documentary about a very complex issue.

Pamela Contreras photo
Pamela Contreras

I am in my late twenties and this film has changed my life. I think the film was just great. I am not religious, but I was moved and I was touched. It is amazing how much you can do with the power of love. This is a film that should be shown at all schools and community centers. It will make you feel like you can do anything and you are not alone. I was touched by this film and it touched me. I will never forget this film. It is a must see for anyone who is struggling with their faith.

John H. photo
John H.

This documentary covers the rivalry between the J. Walter Thompson company and the Harbinger/Agitator Corporation. It also explores the internal struggles of both companies and the challenges that each faces in trying to achieve their visions. It takes you inside the world of these companies and into their minds and emotions. The film then asks the question of what is the difference between these companies, why do they need each other, and what happens when the two fail to collaborate? The film does not necessarily make a case for either company, but rather focuses on the internal conflicts within them. The story also tells the story of a family that is torn apart by these companies and has to go through some incredible difficulties. These stories are beautifully shot, but this is what makes this documentary stand out. The interviews are real and heartfelt. The subjects are not focused on using the film as an opportunity to bash the other companies, but instead it offers a chance to listen and absorb what they have to say. It has a natural flow to it that allows you to be absorbed into the conversations and understand the inner lives of these people and not just another viewer who will be mesmerized by the explosions. The presentation of the interviews is one of the best I have seen. Each of the interviews is edited in a way that keeps the focus on what is said. I loved how the transitions were done to allow the discussion to take place over time, instead of just the people being asked questions. There were a few parts of the film that were hard to get through, but overall this was a great documentary that I would recommend.

Gloria Harper photo
Gloria Harper

Well done documentary that shows the complexities of many of the conflicts, stresses the humanitarian aspect and highlights the causes and consequences of the current situations. I must add that it is also difficult to locate oneself in an American city at a particular moment of time without being able to recall the exact moment. One thing that resonated in my mind was the lack of foreign embassies and the implication of the destruction caused by war. In a way, the documentary also highlights the conflict and civilian casualties in Syria.

Susan Gonzales photo
Susan Gonzales

I know what you're thinking: "That's a load of BS, the Palestinians will use the rockets to take out Israel and it will be the Israelis who will defend themselves. No way!" If you didn't see this movie, you need to see it. Many of the photos and clips are blatantly manipulative, and nothing can help this movie out of being a slap in the face to the Palestinian people. I also found it interesting that the director, Sharaf, appeared to be heavily influenced by the former director of Al Jazeera. One reason why you might think this is good: the former Al Jazeera journalist appears to be, in some ways, the voice of the Palestinian people. However, I don't think this will help anything with the Palestinian people, the movie is not balanced by his opinions. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a pro-Palestinian movie. The Director's name is Sharaf, he's a liberal leftist, and when I heard about the actual situation in Gaza, I was immediately reminded of his previous movie, "The Uncertain Hour," which has a very similar subject. However, this movie is more pro-Israeli than anti-Palestinian, there is no bias at all. All that is there is that Hamas, and other terrorist organizations are using the rockets to take out Israel, but the Palestinian people will defend themselves, and in the end they win.

Judy Harrison photo
Judy Harrison

This is an excellent film about the life of the young people of Hebron, Israel, who became known for their resistance to the occupation and the brutalizing of Palestinians in the Negev. It is not an uplifting story about overcoming the Israeli occupation, but an intimate look at the lives of young people and their struggle to defy the Israeli occupation. The film is in Hebrew with English subtitles, and the interviews with the people are really interesting. It's definitely a film worth seeing.

Jeremy photo

I watched this film on a Sunday night and I was in shock. I was moved, moved, moved, moved. I think the film did a great job of explaining the background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am a Christian, but I was shocked to see that the film did not take a stance on the religious side of the conflict. The film seemed to be more of a documentary about the people, rather than the conflict. I think the film's portrayal of the situation was very accurate and the movie itself was a great example of how good a documentary can be. The main character, Jocheved, is a woman who grew up in a Christian family and now lives in a Muslim home. Her husband left the family for a better life. Her son is a very religious young man who feels the need to have a Jewish wife. Jocheved's husband was a military man who left the family and she now has to raise the kids alone. She is a great role model for women in the Middle East. I am very proud to have this film as part of my collection and I hope to get it released on DVD. It is a great example of how a film can be powerful, yet be very factual. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the Middle East.

Jennifer photo

As with any good film this one can be pretty subjective, and I'm not an expert in this area. My personal opinion is that this film does a great job of telling the story of two characters that are very similar and yet who are so different. Both we see Jordan in the Jordan as people are talking about it, and as the camera shows us the mountains and valleys of the Jordan, we understand why so many people love the Jordan as the way they see it. After seeing it, I found myself looking at pictures of Jordan and thinking about it from the standpoint of where I grew up. This film was absolutely beautiful. I think that there are people out there who aren't familiar with the Jordan that aren't familiar with this country. People who have never been there will love this film, and people who have been to the Jordan will love the film, as will those who have never been. The Jordan is a place where history, violence, and sheer emotion are all present, but as I said before, it is a very different country from my home, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'd love to visit the Jordan someday, but if I do I'm going to have to go through some pretty crazy and strange experiences and I'll probably be a pretty scared and scared person. I think this film did a really good job of illustrating that and that's why I gave it a 9/10.

Diana R. photo
Diana R.

Based on the book by Elizabeth Herbert, this film tells the story of one Palestinian family and their struggle to stay in their home in Israel. The Palestinian family is an urban Palestinian family from Bethlehem, controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The main protagonist is Rafeq and the daughter, Nour, is an American citizen. The film is an important commentary on the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. The Palestinian struggle for independence is the point of focus in this film. The film will be helpful to people on the Israeli side as well as on the Palestinian side. The story is told from a Palestinian perspective, but it is also a reflection on the struggle of the Palestinian people. Rafeq and Nour are not the only Palestinian people to have to face this type of discrimination. The film highlights the plight of Arab Americans, as well as others. The film is very well made and incredibly moving. This is a film you will remember for a long time.

Ryan S. photo
Ryan S.

Despite the Oscar nomination, this documentary is not an Oscar film. It is the product of a group of people, their experiences and their difficulties. No doubt, a large portion of this film's success has to do with its authenticity. The only way I can imagine a documentary being able to document a vast variety of experiences would be to be as complete as possible. Thankfully, the very courageous and honest but flawed team at The Long Now Foundation decided to get more things right than wrong. And in doing so, they gave the Oscars a wake-up call and strengthened the bedrock of what The Oscars really are: a celebration of creativity, of artistry and of human spirit. So thanks, in large part, to The Long Now Foundation for this honor.

Debra Carpenter photo
Debra Carpenter

The ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been a topic of debate for decades. This movie is a great place to begin that discussion and to begin the process of healing. The movie "Four Days in May" chronicles the events leading up to and throughout the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and describes the changing attitudes and positions of the Israelis and Palestinians as the conflict continued. It is a great film to discuss and learn more about the conflict, and those who are involved in the conflict.

Juan S. photo
Juan S.

This is a nice documentary on the book and its author. The problem is that the film doesn't have any of the insights of the book, it doesn't have any of the emotion of the book, it just seems like a simple story of a man trying to make his dream come true. This is the book that the Academy Award nominated director Oliver Stone decided to make. It is not the book that is the focus of the film. It is the book itself and the director, not the book. I was really disappointed in this film, I have read the book and I was really looking forward to seeing the movie. I really thought the film would be a great insight into the book and the author, but it was a very disappointing film.

Roy Black photo
Roy Black

Since the inception of what is being called the film and documentary movement, a prominent focus has been on the human aspect of the film and that is, of course, at the expense of the artistic side. I think there is so much symbolism and the imagery that the filmmakers are attempting to portray can take hours to watch. To illustrate my point in the cinematography section, I saw a poster of a King David statue in a desert. Then I remembered that another poster was the same as a Moses statue in the middle of a desert. I quickly found that the "Land of Canaan" was the place of conflict for the Israelites and was for a long time the place of conflict for the Israelites and in the Book of Daniel, the place of conflict is what is referred to as the land of the Philistines. Not all the stories have so much of the artistic aspects but, I think, many have the artistic aspects. I can not even imagine how much more fun and exciting the documentary could be. Some of the pieces have been seen to be little more than simple drawings or made up words. I have just a couple of critiques of the documentary. The cameraman who was caught on tape waving a flag in a part of the story does not seem like he was acting out of it. I also saw a line in the documentary that I found interesting. It was at the end and the interview was then recorded and the word "God" was not said. That was confusing to me because the sign in the foreground that it was a "GODS FORGIVENESS" sign. I have just had a similar experience on my drive to work in Colorado and I would be interested in hearing what others think of it.

George B. photo
George B.

I remember watching the T.V. series when it first came out, and I had forgotten about it. It was fun, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. For me, it was all a little too romantic and the tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians didn't really bother me. Until I saw this documentary. It's a must see. For you know who you are, it will resonate with you in ways that few films ever do. This one has a lot of powerful interviews with people in the country and with the real people involved. It also is a reminder of what really happened in the conflict. It will make you reflect on the situation that you live in. If you can see it, you will be aware of the need to remain calm and not let your guard down.

Ann photo

It is a beautiful documentary that makes you want to get up and dance. If you are looking for a great film to watch with your family or friends this is it. This is a must see for everyone. It is a film that needs to be watched!

Deborah R. photo
Deborah R.

I loved this film. Yes, it is a bit strange that the US should make a movie about this, but I thought it was a very interesting piece of work. You don't have to be an expert on the subject to understand it - it is, after all, a film about the Davidian wars. It's an historical account, not a documentary, and this will give you an insight into the character of David and his family and what his people did. It doesn't show you every death, but it does show you the deep feelings of grief, and the anger and sadness that the people in his family are feeling at the death of David and the rest of his people. I loved the slow motion when the David's voice was speaking. It gave me the feeling that I was there, and watching how they were experiencing the final days of David. I thought the transition was interesting, and very well done. I thought the dialog was very authentic, and the acting was also very good. I really liked the editing, and I think it really helped you understand the Davidian country, the place, the people. I liked the two music choices for the film - David's theme, and the film score. They seemed appropriate to the situation and the emotions involved. My favorite was the music of David's family. I thought it was very appropriate, and they did a very good job with the tone of the movie. Overall, I really liked the film. It was an excellent piece of work.

Austin photo

It's very important to understand the context in which the events of the Middle East took place. I can say that I did a lot of reading about the Middle East in my time, and this film was very well made. It's really difficult to know how to convey the complex and interwoven events of the Middle East, and to make it comprehensible to the general public. I am very proud to have seen this film and I hope that everyone else will also see it. It's a story that everyone should know.

Frances Ward photo
Frances Ward

My son and I, both students in a Utah high school, were excited to go see this movie and were saddened by it's lack of religious content. It did a good job of portraying the importance of religious beliefs and the need for those in the faith community to be active, and as a result, interesting. The theater was packed and filled with families and students, and it made me wonder what many people were doing in such an emotionally charged situation. If the movie was able to include religious content, the performance of the actors, production, and other elements, was amazing. I highly recommend it.

Mildred King photo
Mildred King

In this truly powerful documentary, three long-time Palestinian refugee friends of the film - Ali (Zakariya Gholam), Sajida (Goram Zaki) and Lala (Abu Yousef) - share their stories and provide insight into the mindset and behavior of many Palestinian refugees, both civilian and military, as they struggle to find the "joy" and "solace" they seek in the relative safety and security of Israel and its Arab neighbors. They are touched by the struggles of their fellow Palestinians, but also by the relative ease and security that they experience, which allows them to feel the freedom and joy that comes with never having to face the horrors of war. This documentary is an eye-opener about the Palestinian's quest for independence and ultimately their struggle for survival, especially in the face of Israel's occupation and its endless refusal to offer economic opportunity, even for the "deserving" Palestinian refugees. At times the film feels a little slow, but the sense of humor and optimism that is evident throughout, coupled with the remarkable honesty and truth in the reporting, makes this film worth watching. It will certainly make you think, but if you are looking for the typical Palestinian film, this is not it. This is not another film that will put a political stamp on the Palestinian plight, but rather, a film that allows us to see the real struggles of a people who have long been denied the right to hope.

Megan photo

This is a documentary that captures the story of how people were able to survive the violence of the Middle East, and what they were able to do to live out their lives. The film was shot on location in Jordan, but I feel that it should have been shot in the United States, as it captures the country in a different light. The film has a wonderful music score and the documentary does a wonderful job of capturing the country and its people. This is a great film, and it should be shown on cable.

Emma Meyer photo
Emma Meyer

This film is so much more than what I expected. I never really knew what to expect. This is the first time I have ever seen a documentary that was not so much about the story of the people but the people's stories. This is a true story of a woman who has lost her husband and child in a tragic accident. The story of how this woman, named Lila, has moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere, and her struggle to survive, and to find herself, and to get back to her life is truly inspiring. It is one of those films that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The film is an absolute must-see for everyone.

Joan photo

This is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about the story of the birth of the Jewish people. I've been told this movie is a documentary and I can't wait to see it. It shows the history of the Jewish people from the first to the present. It's also a very human story of the struggle to survive in a hostile environment and how those who can have it, struggle to maintain it. The film is well-made, with a great cast. It's a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about the story of the Jewish people.

Peter K. photo
Peter K.

This film is truly one of the greatest human story ever told on film. It is about a man named Daniel Pearl who was falsely accused of spying for the Soviets and was found guilty and sent to a Russian prison camp. In the movie he goes through all of the hardships he endured and the after effects of his incarceration and is able to write a story for his fellow prisoners. In my opinion he gave the best performance of his life. The cinematography and the pictures he took are incredible. The human story he gave was amazing. For this film to make its mark I believe it had to be an extremely powerful story. I think it is one of the most powerful stories ever told on film and it just makes you see that life is not always as you would wish. I believe that it is one of the most incredible and heart-breaking films ever made. I believe that this film should be shown in every high school and college class in the country.

Crystal Perry photo
Crystal Perry

I believe many can relate to the problems in this country, which are often overlooked. What we have here is a story about a man's struggle, even though some of his struggles are real. "My Neighbor" has great music and great people from all over the world, and I was happy to be able to see this great movie. The acting is excellent, even though many Americans are unfamiliar with the story of the play. The documentary gives some background information, but you do not need to know everything to understand what the movie shows. I had a great time, and I highly recommend it.

Dylan M. photo
Dylan M.

My opinion is that any documentary which challenges one's views on the world and upon the present and past should be praised. In this film, I found a documentary which challenges one's views on the world, and upon the present and past, and the lifestyles of many of the same characters. These people, and their views, were challenged by how the world was as they know it, and are still; how they are treated, and treated themselves, and by the actions of certain, seemingly insignificant, and invisible events. I believe that for these reasons, and for others, this documentary will be seen as something unique. The story of the "Post-Apocalyptic, Far Eastern, and Modern China" is presented in a convincing way, while still managing to contain the power of drama and symbolism. I highly recommend this documentary. For those who think that film criticism isn't a complete enterprise, this documentary will leave you wondering.

Frank photo

If this documentary really was what it was about, it would have been interesting. Unfortunately, the documentary seemed to be quite low on credibility and drama. If this is what they were going for, they certainly made it. This documentary would have been better if it was about certain aspects of Iraq, not just the politics. I felt that much of the emphasis on just the Bush family and their relationship was overshadowing other aspects of the Iraq War. I also felt that there were too many political points that were not touched on. I think that it would have been better to have given a more balanced view on all sides of the conflict in Iraq. We all know the problems with Iraqi oil and how we got to this point, but we don't know how many of the decisions that led to this came from the political leaders. I thought that the documentary was way too broad in that it tried to cover everything.

Diana O. photo
Diana O.

In one of the most challenging and compelling documentaries I've ever seen, Evan Thomas and the filmmakers put forth an unflinching and comprehensive examination of the fate of those who lived and worked with the late Israeli leader of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat. A masterpiece in its subject matter, with an unmatched insight into a situation that has remained the subject of heated debate in the United States and throughout the Western world. I think that the best compliment that can be given to this film is that it was produced by several organizations and not by one man. It was produced with an immense amount of love and care, and with an eye toward providing the audience with the information and analysis that would be necessary to fully comprehend the subject. As a result, I believe that the film's best moments are those in which it presents so much information and analysis, that it leaves one in a state of awe and wonderment. That is because it presents a true history of a situation that has been rather closely studied by a very few people. In my opinion, the most outstanding aspect of the film is the use of archival footage. The use of these clips, such as when the film focuses on the former Jordanian minister of state, Yussef Hijazi, who was found murdered in his home and body in the summer of 2000, are exceptionally compelling, and give an accurate picture of the fate of the Palestinians who were persecuted by the former Jordanian government, and by Yasser Arafat himself. These clips, including the footage from interviews with top Jordanian politicians, foreign dignitaries and religious figures, give a very clear picture of a man who was not a nice person, but one who was very determined to keep his people under the yoke of his rule. As a result, the use of archival footage is an incredibly powerful tool that is rarely used in documentaries. In addition, the film makes use of clips of Arafat's speeches and interviews, which provide the viewer with a very close-up view of his words and gestures, as well as the general tone of his address, which is quite far from the soft, laid back, and reflective behavior of the Palestinian people. The way that the film presents the images of the Palestinian prisoners, from the brutality of their imprisonment to the treatment that they receive during the interrogations, and how they are "taught to hate" the Israelis, is the most telling aspect of the film. As a result, the subject is never treated in a way that is lightly, or to the point of being the least bit apologetic for the actions of the government. It is extremely accurate and graphic, with great insight to the psychology of these people. It is amazing that they have not been sued by their captors, or their families, for the conditions that they were subjected to. What is most interesting about the film is the focus that the film puts on the efforts of the Palestinian people, who in many cases are shown to be at war with the occupation of their land. Instead of portraying the Palestinian people as a bunch of loose cannons, who are uncooperative, or not a threat to the Israeli people, we are shown to have some very specific goals that the Palestinians are very determined to achieve. The West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the refugee camps, are all conditions that the Palestinian people have to face, and not only have an impact on their lives, but have an impact on the lives of the people that live in the West Bank. The film includes archival footage, from when the Palestinian students and teachers protest in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the violence that the Palestinians feel from the Israeli occupation. The film does not focus on the exact history of this situation, but rather on the current situation in the West Bank, and how these conditions affect the people. As a result, the film is a very clear and unbiased portrait of the situation, but it is also an extremely important one, and the best film I've ever seen that explores the true conditions of the Palestinian people. It is a sobering and powerful documentary, that has the power to impact the entire world.

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This is a very good film about the international relationship between Israel and Palestine. It is not a perfect film, but it is a good film. The film is interesting and well made, the actors do a good job and the film is compelling. The only problem I have with the film is that it is a bit too long. I think it could have been trimmed by about 5 minutes or so. The film is also not very interesting in its entirety. The film is made up of interviews with people who have different opinions about the situation in Israel and Palestine. The film is not particularly interesting and is about the Israeli and Palestinian positions. It is not a very good film, but it is still a good film. It is interesting and worth seeing. The film is a bit too long, but the interviews are good and worth seeing. The film is worth seeing and worth the time. 7/10

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This is a very unusual and at times confusing documentary, but what it does is attempt to make sense of what happened on 9/11. It is very compelling and fascinating. I can see why it has a very low rating and also why it is not very well-known. The thing is, the film tries to give the viewer a very important and sometimes confusing picture of what happened, but the way it does that is with very confusing interviews and a lot of information that is left out. There is a lot of information in the film that I was not aware of or did not get from the film itself, but it does not ruin the film. The film is very well made and the interviews are very interesting. The film is very well done and is worth seeing. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about 9/11.

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Jennifer S.

The first thing you'll notice about this documentary is that it is very well made. The cinematography, editing, and music are all top-notch. The editing is great, as is the use of the Steadicam and other cameras. However, the best part of the movie is the director's commentary. In it, he talks about the movie, gives the people who didn't see it a reason to watch it, and gives the people who saw it a reason to see it again. The director was very careful in choosing his subjects, as he was the one who was making the film, and he did a very good job. As an example, the first scene of the movie, when the woman is talking to the men, they are all young and beautiful. Then the woman says, "I'm a mother, and I know what it's like to be a mother." They all stare at her, and they all stare at her, and then one of them says, "Well, we're all mothers, and we know what it's like." The director says, "Well, this is not something you can just say to people." In other words, he's giving them a reason to see the film again, and again, and again. The director doesn't seem to be writing the movie to entertain, but to tell a story. If you have a strong stomach, you should give this a try.

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Anna McCoy

I did not know that the movie was going to be about the Jewish Holocaust, until I saw the title of the movie, and then I was afraid it was going to be about the Jewish Holocaust. So I went into the movie not knowing what it was about. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie was about the Jewish Holocaust, and that it was very interesting and very well done. The story was very interesting and the information was very well presented. It was very interesting to see the connection between the Holocaust and the Holocaust itself. I also found the director's commentary very interesting. He said that this is not a movie about the Holocaust, but a movie about the Holocaust. I think that the movie is very well made and worth watching. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust. Also, it is a good movie to watch if you want to learn more about the Jewish Holocaust.

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George T.

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to see this film at the Sundance Film Festival and was impressed by the very well done cinematography, and also the music. It was a pleasure to see the director's wife, Rebecca, on hand to answer questions from the audience, and to take questions from the audience. The first question I had was about the religious references in the film, and the director's wife said, "I don't think you need to know anything about the Bible to understand the story." I found the film to be very educational, and it is definitely a film that will be remembered and enjoyed by all generations to come.