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The China Hustle

The China Hustle is a movie starring Soren Aandahl, Carson Block, and Dan David. An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the...

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Jed Rothstein
Jed Rothstein
Soren Aandahl, Matthew Wiechert, Carson Block, Dan David
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An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you've never heard of.

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Melissa N. photo
Melissa N.

The China Hustle is a movie about the infamous China arms deal. It focuses on a small group of reporters that did not have the time or the ability to do full investigations into the events that occurred in the early 90's. It is a movie that is based on the truth, it is not an entertainment movie, nor is it a documentary. It is a story that should be told and shared with the world, and it is a great story that should be shared with the world. The movie is really interesting and worth the time to watch.

Raymond photo

This documentary is definitely worth your time and attention. The interviewees are not only from China, but from all over the world. They are passionate about their country, and they share their thoughts and opinions on life, love, the Chinese economy, and how it affects their lives. This documentary is a must-see for everyone. It's funny, inspiring, and well-made. This is a film I will be watching again and again.

Randy photo

This is a great documentary, that shows how this movie is about an illegal trade in stolen intellectual property. The producers and filmmakers have done a great job of showing how this movie was going to be about this. This movie shows that the Chinese are the only ones that have the money and knowledge to buy intellectual property from other countries. The movie shows the whole movie about how this movie was going to be about this. I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Patrick B. photo
Patrick B.

I've been a fan of Channing Tatum since I was a child. I've been lucky enough to see him in a number of movies and he's always been one of my favorite actors. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this film. I thought the movie would have been more powerful if it had been edited to include some of his favorite scenes. The way the movie was edited made the movie feel very rushed. I have to say that I think that the movie would have been much better if it had been edited out of the way, it would have been more powerful and you wouldn't have been left with such a bad taste in your mouth about the movie. Overall, the movie was amazing. I recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to see Channing Tatum in a movie. Channing Tatum has been on my top 5 list for the last 4 years, so I'm not disappointed with the movie.

Jane photo

This is the first and last documentary that I have seen in my life that is truly an eye-opener. There is no filler of information in this film. It is the purest form of a documentary, and I have seen many. This film takes the viewer through the process of what it takes to make a documentary and what it takes to do it well. It shows the complete process from script to completion and back again. I wish I could rate this film higher. I will never forget this film. I would like to say more about this film but it would be unfair. This is the best documentary that I have ever seen and I have seen many. I would recommend this film to anyone that has an interest in documentaries.

Judith Stevens photo
Judith Stevens

When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought it would be a great documentary on the black market in the UK. I was wrong. This film really brings out the dark side of the UK economy. It shows how the UK's leading corporations have corrupted the system and used the public purse to hide the truth. This is a documentary that you must watch. It will make you feel ashamed for the UK and how the politicians have let them down. I think that this film is a must watch for the people in the UK who have been conned by the banks, and the politicians. I would also like to say that this documentary is a must watch for everyone else who has been conned by the banks and politicians. This film shows how corrupt the system has become and how it is ruining the economy and putting people out of work. The government is powerless to stop this corruption. This film will change your view of the UK economy. I would recommend this documentary to everyone.

Alice Ferguson photo
Alice Ferguson

This is a very unique film. It is the story of how a small group of highly skilled Chinese fraudsters were able to achieve massive international success using a Chinese government program. It's a very fascinating film and one that will be talked about for a long time. I really don't know how to describe it, but it's a very unique and interesting film that I think is a must see. The film was very well put together and it's quite interesting to see how the film was made and how it was edited. It's very well put together and I think this is one of the best films that I have seen in a long time. I think it's very unique and it's very interesting to see the movie in it's entirety. I think this film is an interesting story about how a group of highly skilled Chinese fraudsters were able to achieve massive international success using a Chinese government program. It's a very interesting film and it's a must see.

Alice Torres photo
Alice Torres

This movie is a must see for anyone who is interested in how the government works and how it operates. It gives a very clear and detailed look at how the system works, and how corrupt it is. The movie is entertaining and interesting to watch. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in how government works, how it operates, or anything else related to government and government operations. It is a great movie, I would recommend it to anyone.

Richard photo

I am not sure why I am giving this film a 10 out of 10. I feel it should have been higher, but it is only because the movie did not dwell on the past. It was focused on the present and the future. It made me question the people involved in the scandal, and it also made me question the ethical questions that surrounded the movie. I can understand the movie being controversial. There were definitely people in the audience who were not happy with the movie. But, I felt that they had no way of knowing what was going on. I am still thinking about what I have seen in the movie, and I will continue to think about it for days to come. I would recommend this movie to everyone, as long as they have a sense of curiosity. I did, and I enjoyed it very much.

Heather photo

The film itself is so realistic and gives you the opportunity to see how people have to work to make a living. The film shows how the Chinese people who have not been involved in politics all their life can be involved in politics. The film shows the struggles of the Chinese people to get involved in politics, and how the Chinese government is able to manipulate the Chinese people to make them do things which they would not do otherwise. It is very well done, and I recommend it to everyone.

Philip photo

This is a really well done documentary about a very unique and brilliant artist. It is very revealing about the people and the things they believe and the other's who don't. It is also very entertaining. It is a very powerful documentary. It shows the artist's perspective on life and how he gets inspired by his art. He also talks about his passion for art. There is also a lot of humor. I think it is a very powerful documentary that has a lot to offer. It also has a very strong message about art and spirituality. It is very enlightening. It is a very good documentary that is well worth watching. It is a must watch.

Donald Holmes photo
Donald Holmes

After watching the film I have been toying with the idea of going to China to help out. So I have been putting the idea on my list of things to do. I am very happy to say that I have decided to go to China and do it. This film has got everything from the inspiring story of a Chinese immigrant to the reality of what happens to the people when they get there. This film is very inspiring, very moving, and it makes you feel as if you have experienced all of the things they had to go through. I will be going to China and I am going to do everything I can to help out. I have decided to write a blog so I can share my experience in China. I will be sharing my experiences, thoughts, and experiences with the world. So go to my blog and I will share my experience. Thank you for reading.

Samuel D. photo
Samuel D.

This movie was an eye opener for me about the illegal trade of wildlife. The film was interesting, informative and well done. Although there are some potentially negative impacts of the illegal trade on wildlife, the film shows how a few people can have a huge impact on the planet. It is a difficult subject, but I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the subject.

Jennifer H. photo
Jennifer H.

After watching this film, it took me a while to process what the film had to offer. But once I got through that, I began to get the idea that this film had a lot to offer. Some of the things that I found really interesting was the people who had access to these data. I saw how little they had access to information about themselves and how they were basically turning it over to the government in order to help them. I saw that the little oversight the government had had into what was going on was just a lot of shouting at the screen. The information they had to give out was actually very limited. I found this one very interesting because it was sort of like a glimpse into the world that we, as a society, have to deal with. I found it interesting that most of the information that was coming out about this film was released in a very positive way. So it was good that the government, a lot of what they had to say was being released in a positive way. The only thing that really stood out was that we all knew that the government was involved in what they were saying. We all knew that they were spending millions of dollars on this project. It was something we all knew. However, I found it pretty interesting to see how many people were just so happy to talk about it. Most of the people were very willing to share this information with people in the media and even with the law enforcement. One of the things I found to be interesting was the information that was coming out of the government. It was very interesting to see all the different ways that this information was being given to the people. I really thought that it was interesting that this information was released as a war is going on in the world. In terms of how many people were dying in this war, I thought that it was pretty accurate. I really thought that we were going to see more reports coming out of this thing, but I found that a bit disturbing. It was really a good story, a good film, and I would recommend it to everyone. It was also interesting to see what that information was actually used for. I think that it was a really good movie, a good way to see the world that we live in and to learn about what is going on in the world. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to see something that is quite different from what we are used to. It is a film that I would really recommend.

William Chapman photo
William Chapman

Although I disagree with the general sentiment about "Tian Xian", this film really does shine a light on the darker side of the Chinese movie industry. If it's not for Hollywood, Chinese producers would have no reason to produce films that reflect the mainstream of China, nor would they have the financial support to invest in the production of "Tian Xian". As the film shows, the Chinese government is very generous in giving "Tian Xian" a release date. This, however, should have been the final straw for the Chinese government, and thus the Chinese government should not have let it be released. We must wait until Hollywood will release "Tian Xian" before we can see this film in its entirety, which will allow us to understand the underlying reality of the Chinese movie industry.

Roger H. photo
Roger H.

There are many documentaries that are good, but this is one of the best. From a comedic and dramatic point of view, this documentary shows the dark side of what we often see in the world. There is a huge range of emotions that the viewer can feel during the movie, from laughter and sadness, to anger and frustration. It has its dramatic moments as well, and it goes very deep into the aspects of the industry that people don't really think about. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to see a more comprehensive and in-depth look into the music industry and the Chinese entertainment industry in particular.

Philip R. photo
Philip R.

I know this film will be different from any other I have seen. I found the experience to be quite entertaining. I am really surprised that this film has not been nominated for any awards. I thought it was an excellent film. I also appreciated the decision of the producer to keep the film relatively short. I felt that this was a good decision. It could have easily been a two hour film. I think the "hack" was made with the intention of getting the Oscar. I felt that the film was good, but that the nomination was certainly deserved. I would also like to mention that I felt that the acting was good. I think that they did a good job at portraying the emotions that the characters were going through. I also feel that the use of music was appropriate. I think that this film was well done and it was a good movie. I think that this film deserves a lot of credit.

Brandon photo

Watched the China Hustle at Sundance. It is very engaging, and really provides a pretty clear picture of what is going on in China today. The stories of the actual people were interesting, and I hope that this is the first of many more to come.

Sandra Myers photo
Sandra Myers

I saw the film as part of a conference for China Film Festival in London, and it was a very good experience. In particular, the Director's and Producer's personal stories, the many famous actors and actresses, the costuming and the very strong message about how "the business of the film is absolutely crucial" made it very inspiring. It is a long film, but worth watching.

Joyce D. photo
Joyce D.

I believe that the movie was given a very good review by many people, including myself. However, in my opinion, the movie was not as good as the other movies which received the same level of recognition. First of all, it seems that this movie's main goal was to show that "Chinese people and the Chinese mafia are like any other group, they have their own ideologies, beliefs and desires. The truth is not different." When a movie like the one depicted in this movie is given a lot of praise, it is really hard to understand why. I have no problem with people criticizing other movies based on their own personal feelings and opinions, however, there are a few things I really don't understand. The Chinese mafia's goal was clearly shown. They were not involved in politics, and they were not involved in religion. I didn't understand how they had the power and the influence to do what they did. Secondly, it seemed like the film didn't cover enough material. One of the problems with the movie is that it is a complete fiction. I understand that if you are going to make a movie, you need to portray the reality of the situation. However, I don't understand why they went into so much detail on how everything was organized. It was almost like the movie was written by the people who made it. I understand that the movie will be criticized, but it really did not have the substance to make a big impact. However, the people who made the movie are definitely good people. I am not sure if they were trying to make the movie so accurate that it will make the movie look bad, or so accurate that it will make it look like they don't know what they are doing. I think that most people who are reading this review will not understand the movie and will find it to be confusing. I do not think that this is the reason why the movie did not get the recognition it deserved. It just seems like people were not pleased with the movie because of its inaccuracy.

Joyce McCoy photo
Joyce McCoy

The China Hustle tells the story of the greatest human trafficker ever. He operated from China and the United States, from a heartbroken, broken and terribly lonely life. In fact he was given the nickname 'the China hustler' because he was so bad at what he did. This documentary does not pretend to be a documentary in the sense of the practice of interviewing the people, but rather tells the story of how one man went to great lengths to expose the secret world of child trafficking. An extremely brave man who made a small fortune of 10 million dollars, had a heart full of pain, and took on this criminal task. This story takes us into the heart of this man and the world of child exploitation. In short, this is an extremely moving story that is unlikely to be told a few more times. People who know what goes on in the world of child exploitation are well aware of this man's plight. We had to travel to a place we did not know to be able to hear from him, and he told us his story of self sacrifice, frustration, and anguish. He gave us insight into what happens to children in a world that is not built for them. His story is full of insight and empathy. As a filmmaker, I have found this story of one man to be particularly poignant because his story is one that cannot be told again and again. He tells us that his story is not about what he did, but who he was and what he did, and his journey to tell it. He never went into it as a performance piece, and gave it to us as a human being. I hope that the story is told more, because it is important to the world. This is a true story. And that is what matters.

Sarah B. photo
Sarah B.

So, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first saw this movie. Sure, it's an interesting film, but it just didn't grab me. That was a little disappointing. The way the film was made and edited is really interesting. The interviews with the actors and directors were really interesting. They talk about the struggles they had to deal with as filmmakers. This is a great film that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys documentaries about filmmakers. The interviews with the actors and directors really brought this film to life. I loved this film.

Carl photo

The China Hustle is a must see documentary for all film students, and anyone interested in economics and finance. This film goes well beyond economic issues and deals with the more sociological. It also goes into more technical details on the Chinese corruption. The title is based on the Chinese definition of morality, which is so powerful and worthy that no one can break it. The Chinese government is unable to challenge or control the values in this film, but the Chinese students in the film are empowered enough to realize that morality is much more than just economics. The China Hustle will force many to think, and to take responsibility for their actions. This documentary also teaches us about the Chinese Communist Party and their goal of taking over the entire world. As in the US, there is a significant discrepancy in class and wealth. This film has a great message and will challenge the western countries to rethink their economic policies. China will be able to take over the world, and this will change the way the world will be for all countries. The China Hustle also exposes the need for more jobs and more educational opportunities, which are no longer available in China. This film will also make you question your own economic decisions.

Christine Hicks photo
Christine Hicks

I love this film. I was born in Taiwan and was born and raised there. I have spent my whole life in Taiwan. In my opinion, it is a very good movie about a growing number of Chinese who want to be "American." The Chinese who emigrated to the US are experiencing their own version of the economic downturn as the Chinese who emigrated to Europe are experiencing their own economic downturn. When the young man named Wang Ching Ya was asked to leave the family house, he was asking for help. Wang Ching Ya was not wanting to leave the family. The young man wanted to move to the United States to become a doctor. The young man's father and the older woman's family were thinking the same. Wang Ching Ya was their dream. When he moved to the United States, he was living in a bad neighborhood. When the family asked him to move, they had to pay for the drive and all the expenses. Wang Ching Ya would not budge. The family would go out to dinner and eat the same meal every night. At that time, this Chinese family was faced with their own crisis. Wang Ching Ya was no longer with them and was living on the streets. The family was struggling to make ends meet and would go out to dinner and eat the same meal every night. This was the perfect example of a family struggling to make ends meet. The Chinese immigrant experiences what most immigrants experience. They are moving from one bad neighborhood to another. They are living on the streets. Their house is about to be torn down and they do not have any place to live. They are not able to move because they cannot pay the moving fee. Wang Ching Ya is an example of someone who was able to live on the streets and still wanted to move to the United States. In this movie, Wang Ching Ya was living in a bad neighborhood. He was not able to move. He did not want to move. Wang Ching Ya was forced out of the house and into a bad neighborhood. I think the Asian immigrants in this movie are experiencing a similar situation as Wang Ching Ya. The other immigrants in the movie are experiencing a crisis in their own life. They are moving to the United States. They have problems with their parents and trying to support themselves and their kids. Their families are faced with the same dilemma. It is a great movie. It is a documentary. It is a very good documentary about what is happening in the Asian immigrant community. I recommend it to everyone. I love it. I think it is a great movie about a great problem that has hit the Asian community in the United States.

Craig C. photo
Craig C.

The China Hustle is a stunning film about a true story. It presents the case of the EIT Corp who have hired an Israeli to destroy a Palestinian museum. It also presents the case of the EIT Corp which is a U.S. based company that operates offshore. This film is an instant classic and is a must watch.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

It is so sad to see so many people in China making money on their lives by peddling lies. I was stunned to see that these people had millions of dollars in their bank accounts. That was the biggest lie of all. The police and prosecutors in China would not be able to take a case like this to court because they would not be able to prove that this man had not been doing the things he was accused of. It is really, really sad. In this day and age, with the advances in technology, it would be extremely difficult to prove that this man had not been doing these things. These people had millions of dollars, and the Chinese government was able to lie about them. It is really sad. The government can't prove that these people were doing these things. I think that the government, in fact, were not able to prove that these people had not been doing these things. It was really, really sad.

Aaron photo

I was not expecting much from this film, as I am a relatively new blogger here on IMDb, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it well done, but it is really well-organized and thought-out. From the very beginning I was astounded by the way the story was told. I had to rewind the whole thing a couple of times to get the details I missed, which I did, and it was a beautiful experience. The action of the movie was paced out well, with no wasted action, and there was never a moment that I felt I was being cheated out of any information. The second thing that I enjoyed was the dedication shown by the filmmakers in how they presented the information. They got the information right from the start, so the information flowed naturally, and the movie never felt it was being forced, although the documentary style of it was similar to that of one of Michael Moore's movies. Finally, I was really impressed by the character development, which is something I thought the real story would be lacking. Now, to the negative aspects of the movie. I think the biggest issue was the acting. The acting in the film was not really there, and was not the highest quality, but at the same time, I didn't feel I was watching some great acting. I don't know how it was supposed to be, but I felt that the acting was lacking. When I first saw the movie, I thought maybe it was just the acting, but when I rewound the film, I realized that the acting was not the biggest problem with the movie, but the editing. The editing wasn't the best, but I think that was more of an issue with the directing of the movie. Overall, I liked the movie. I thought it was well-done, and it was great to see two very interesting and interesting people, so for that reason, I'm giving it a 9.5 out of 10. If you can watch it with an open mind, you will definitely enjoy it.

Sean P. photo
Sean P.

This film gives an account of the movie moguls of the 1960's and 70's and how they sold themselves for an average of $100,000.00. They all wanted to be famous. It was all about the money. This film made me realize how little is really known about Hollywood back in the 60's. This documentary made me want to go back and see the movies that these people were in. The movie moguls were just regular people with dreams, even though they were just millionaires. One of the most interesting parts of the movie is when they were introducing themselves to each other. They were just like any other people you would know. There was no grandiose self-praising. It just shows how they lived, how they loved to make money and how they loved the movie business. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Cheryl G. photo
Cheryl G.

And, what more can I say, I love this movie! I love it because of the way it is filmed. And, it shows the true face of modern China. The movie shows us that China's corruption is growing and will reach a new high when the people discover that the corruption is not just the Chinese government, it is a result of a nation built on self interest. The movie shows that the corruption of China has spread beyond the government. It is spreading to all areas of society. People are now becoming criminals because they no longer have the pride to be a citizen. As the Chinese people become criminals, the Chinese government becomes a laughing stock. The Chinese government, which is supposed to be the protector of the people, becomes an accomplice in crimes. The Chinese government has lost its influence. It no longer can provide the kind of leadership that it once provided. The corruption is spreading to other areas of society. There are many examples of people who were once proud of being Chinese, but have now turned to a corrupt nation. The film shows this. I also like the fact that it shows the real face of Chinese people, who are really good and really bad, which are very similar. The film was great because it took care to show the true face of China. The movie shows the dark side of China, which is completely covered by the government. The movie is also very entertaining because it shows the true face of China. I recommend this movie to everyone. Anyone who is interested in understanding the real nature of China will enjoy this movie. Everyone should see this movie because it is very well done. Everyone should watch the movie, because it is very good. Everyone should see the movie because it shows the real face of China.

Katherine Dean photo
Katherine Dean

I found this documentary to be completely entertaining. It was a great first step in our knowing what the story was about. We were given the background of how this man came to be the leader of the world, who led China to be a great power, and how he ended up in prison and basically in a life sentence. The interview with Frank Nitti is incredible. I have not seen such a thoughtful and passionate interview with someone like Frank. The ending is just great. I love it. I am a sucker for a good documentary that is fun, but at the same time has a message. I am a sucker for a movie that is not just about the movie, but is also about the story that is told. It is one of those movies that you see twice. And, because it is such a great movie, you can't help but love it. Like this movie is great because it is true. It is one of those films that is just great in all its glory. The music is amazing, the story is just perfect, and the acting is perfect. Ben Affleck is one of my favorite actors. I like his style of acting. I feel like this movie has a message. I hope that people all over the world can understand that we all are in this world to make a living. To earn our living. And this movie tells that story beautifully.

Austin photo

This is a great film. As the title suggests, "The China Hustle" is about how the Chinese government cheated American taxpayers out of billions of dollars. The film starts off right away, showing how the American government needs to make every effort to catch the Chinese government in this scandal. Most of the film revolves around the Nixon administration and the Watergate scandal. While this film may not be for everyone, it is worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put a little bit of time and effort into this film. The film touches on many topics that are relevant to many Americans and their lives today. I think the biggest message in the film is to always put your time and effort into something that you are passionate about.

Donna R. photo
Donna R.

What I love about this documentary is the history and the people that were involved in the production of the film. What I found most interesting was the way that they are now using the history to show the real problems facing our country today. It really is a very educational film. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of our country and the problems we face. Great job!

Edward R. photo
Edward R.

Wow. The people who watched this film with me were utterly confused by the complexity of the plot and the facts. It took some time for me to get used to the English subtitles, and it took me a while to actually connect to the characters. The "Sex" scene was highly disturbing and disturbing in its own right. My husband walked out of the movie and said, "Are you sure? I can't understand a word they're saying." I sat there watching the whole movie and saying, "I'm sure this is gonna blow up." And it did. You really, really need to watch it to understand it, because you're missing the big picture. The black and white film quality really helped to put me at ease. This film is brilliant and worth every bit of the hype.

Brandon B. photo
Brandon B.

I don't know what else to say, but I love this documentary. It is a great insight into what the movie industry is really like. I've never been to a movie theatre, but I do believe that's the way it should be. It's about how you go into a theatre and there are no seats, just rows of seats. The people sit on the front rows, there are no seats in the back. You have to stand up to use the bathroom, or to get a drink. People are forced to do this, because they are starving to have a good seat. I'm a musician, so it's very interesting to see how it's like. I've never been to a concert, but I've seen a lot of concerts. And this documentary made me think about how musicians are forced to do these things to make money. There are people who have their own band, and the whole concept of being a band is not something that they can do without. It's a tough industry to be in. I think it's also important to show the people who make the movies, because you can tell them how it's really like. But the thing that I love about this documentary is that they show you these people, who are in their 40's and 50's, and they can't do it without. You can tell they have to do this for the money, and it's hard work. There are also scenes of children, who have to make up their own music. And the music is really hard work, because you have to get up at 6am and make up your own songs. I really enjoyed this documentary. I thought it was really well done, and the acting was good. I don't know if I would recommend it to people, because it's really hard to get into a theatre, but it's a great documentary.

Teresa Cole photo
Teresa Cole

I am usually not very impressed with documentaries on our "leaders", especially when they're so-called "journalists". I am, however, impressed with this documentary, especially because it takes on one of the most important issues of our time: the "greed is good" philosophy of Wall Street. This documentary is very well-done, as well as well-directed. It's not too preachy, and does not try to be controversial. The style of the film is consistent and concise, with a single-minded focus on the message of the documentary. It is, however, a very well-made documentary. It is not perfect, but is much more than that. It is well-written, well-directed, well-edited, and has great cinematography. It is a great documentary.

Grace Kelly photo
Grace Kelly

The China Hustle is a great documentary that goes beyond the mere portrayal of the Chinese industry in the United States. It's about how a mere set of rules can be broken and how a bunch of people can be manipulated and exploited. It's a very effective film and one that I highly recommend.

Elizabeth photo

The China Hustle is the best documentary I have seen in years. It makes you think and asks some important questions. Of course, the question is "What is good and what is bad?" "What is legal and illegal?" "What is good for what and what is bad for what?" It answers all of these questions and more. If I were you I would sign up with an account on the website and watch this film. The time it takes to watch this film is insignificant compared to the time it takes to question and discuss this film.

Daniel D. photo
Daniel D.

I watched this documentary and was riveted from beginning to end. I agree with many people in that this is one of the best documentaries I've seen. The cinematography, editing, and sound effects were great. I'm a very big fan of Chinese film. I'm also a huge fan of documentary. This documentary is very well done. The things that I didn't like about it are the length of the documentary. If you don't like documentaries then you should wait for it to come out on DVD or buy the DVD of it. I'd definitely recommend it.

Joan Stephens photo
Joan Stephens

A great film about a big picture. I remember the drug war in my country at that time. That is why I appreciate this film a lot. Of course the depiction of the great journalist is boring. But it is not about the drug story, it is about the media. He is only making an image for himself and not for the public. It is a film about journalism. After a short discussion with the director, I was convinced to see it. I liked it a lot. I wish there would be more films like this. I am sure it is not easy for the directors. This film makes me think about the great journalism of The Washington Post. I am sure it is the most important media. It is a great test case to prove the point that the power of the media is great.

Maria photo

This documentary is a tour-de-force from Morgan Spurlock. The majority of the film consists of interviews with high-level government officials and business executives about the China-gate scandal and how the investigation was handled. However, Spurlock also speaks to the world's leading expert on the China-gate scandal, Dr. Chen Jining, who spent almost three decades on the investigation. The film also includes extensive footage of the real-life scandal and provides insight into the investigators' efforts and thoughts. Spurlock's treatment is rigorous, and the whole documentary is a great explanation of what went wrong and how a simple mistake could have cost an innocent man his career. The whole thing is somewhat of a "who-dunnit" with the background footage and interviews, but Spurlock does a great job of throwing in plenty of additional information to keep the film going. A great documentary for the uninitiated.

Jesse Sanders photo
Jesse Sanders

The first thing I would like to say is that this movie is not about the Chinese trade deals. The movie focuses on the history of the relationship between the USA and the Chinese. I was told by my professor in college that he saw this movie twice, I think he was right, because he said that this movie was not about the trade deals. It was about the history of the relationship between the USA and the Chinese. This film is well done. I would recommend it to anybody who likes history.

Russell Castillo photo
Russell Castillo

I love the film and have watched it many times. The story line is simple and does not deviate from the actual events. In my opinion, the film does not have an agenda. The film does not try to provide an objective view on the events and instead focuses on the people who were affected. The people in the movie are very real and I am so thankful to see this story now. The only thing that bothered me was that some of the characters were very shallow. One example is the young woman who lives in the first apartment. She is actually not the first girl in the apartment, but she is the only one with a boyfriend. This is just a superficial point. The film is very touching and brings back memories of my childhood and the many times I would watch the film and watch a movie with my friends. This is truly an amazing film and I hope more people watch it.

Tammy photo

This is a wonderful documentary that exposes the economic greed of the Chinese elite and the power they have in the USA. The Chinese economy has collapsed and the wealthy Chinese are fleeing to the USA. The wealthy Chinese are turning their money into their own companies that are now dominated by Chinese capital. The Chinese government is taking the money and giving it to the Chinese corporations. These companies are then forced to pay massive bribes to get US government contracts. The Chinese are also hiring US corporate executives to work for them. This is how the Chinese government is getting US government contracts in the first place. This documentary has a great story and it gives a good perspective on the Chinese business elite and their greed for money. It also shows the US government and the American people getting so concerned with the "scandals" of the Chinese business elite that they forget to investigate the corruption of the American government. It's a great documentary that anyone can watch. It's well worth your time.

Pamela photo

It's been a year since I've seen this film and it was a very good year. I can't wait for the next year to come. If you liked this movie, you should also check out "The King of Kong: Or the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness", "The Matrix" and "The Social Network" and other great movies. I highly recommend watching all these films.

Rose Guerrero photo
Rose Guerrero

This is a great documentary about the China business. It's like a great biography of the people involved. It covers the 'land grab' stories of the companies and their involvement in the scandals that surrounded the companies, with the hopes of the companies to make money. However, there are other stories that are not covered, like the plight of Chinese workers who have to work in sweatshops because they can't find jobs in their home country. And of course there are the stories about the people who help out the companies. This documentary is very well done and you really feel for the people who are working in the factories. Overall, the film does a good job of showing us what is happening to the workers and the companies. I recommend it.

Heather Vargas photo
Heather Vargas

I was impressed by this documentary and the idea of the project, which is an attempt to establish a database of contacts from all levels of society, from the professional to the grassroots. The project is based on the premise that relationships among the global elite must be understood and studied. The documentary is directed by Peter Maas, who is a highly regarded international documentary director and producer. This film was shown in New York, Washington, D.C. and Mexico. I found it interesting to see that Maas had interviews from the political, business, religious, and other elites. While some of the interviews were not as well produced as the interviews with the global elites, others were very well produced and quite insightful. I was surprised to see the lack of corporate executives and directors in the interviews. The bottom line is that there are many different types of relationships and the relationships among the elite are diverse. The filmmakers explore this by showing clips from interviews with a variety of different people. The question that the film raises is how do you make the connection between the different kinds of relationships? This is a very interesting question, because there is no single answer. This is a very interesting film, but it's not a very scientific or scientific study. It's based on what people tell us, but it's not scientific. I would recommend this film to those who want to see how the relationships among the global elite have changed over the past years. I recommend that you go to the websites of the global elites and read their profiles and you'll be able to see that the picture is very different from what we see in the documentary.

Rose A. photo
Rose A.

What a superb film. As an experienced person, this film is an eye opener. I don't know if this film will be a success on the big screen, but the DVD will be an eye opener to many. The film is a classic that will be remembered for years to come. I can't wait to see it again.

Stephanie photo

By the end of the movie I felt like I knew a lot more about what was going on in the real world than I did before watching it. I think this is a testament to the message it is trying to get across. Even if you think the movie is stupid, it is still a powerful reminder of the truth and that this world is not fair. There are still a lot of people out there who aren't getting the message.

Nancy J. photo
Nancy J.

The China Hustle is a truly amazing documentary which explores the machinations behind the titular endeavour. This film is a unique slice of American life and the effect it has on every community. It begins with the brutal suppression of the Ming Dynasty (1527-1644), the killing of several hundred citizens of the west coast, the enslavement of many others, the British and French coming in with the Americans, the forced relocation of many to the remote desert settlements of Arizona. The lands and the people have come a long way since then, and in many cases the long lost civility that has long been held, but has now been slowly and rather treacherously wrested back. The Americans are said to have had a grudging respect for the British, for the British for the Americans, and for both for their mutual interests in trade. The Americans are well represented by the likes of Charles Lindbergh, William Randolph, Peter Gale, and other Americans (especially the poet Walt Whitman, who has been portrayed in different ways over time). The Chinese are presented with much more depth, and many are portrayed in a more sympathetic light, and are more clearly developed. The subplot concerning the Chinese American community is all too often ignored, though there is much to be gained by being informed about it. The documentary has been tightly edited and structured, with plenty of clips of news clips and newsreel footage from around the world. The scenes that were cut out (for obvious reasons) were so well taken in, and it is not until the very end that we see the full extent of the brutality inflicted on the Chinese people. The documentary is incredibly well made, with the flow of it being very well matched to the sheer quantity of information. The Chinese Americans are given a voice in their own right, and are treated with respect. The show never patronises the Chinese people, and is never condescending or disrespectful towards the Chinese people. The Chinese Americans are portrayed as heroes who have suffered, and have been victims of their own government. The film is ultimately an attempt to counter the idea that America has a culture of violence and repression. It is the greatest example of the human condition that has ever been seen in human history. It portrays the Chinese Americans as part of a community, not an alien people. The producers could not possibly have shown us a scene with the Chinese speaking English, and shown us a scene with the Chinese speaking Cantonese. The scenes shown were selected precisely to convey the images, in the best possible way. The first few minutes were heavily criticised, but the rest of the film is well worth seeing. It should be studied and understood in order to improve our understanding of the region, our relationships with each other and with the nations that surround us. It is a powerful message, and I can only commend it to everyone who is interested in foreign relations. A must see.

Nancy Austin photo
Nancy Austin

This documentary is an inspirational one, and I believe it should be required viewing for anyone who is curious about money laundering. The main thing that I liked in this film was the effort put in by the filmmakers and those involved in the film. There were several scenes where I wanted to shout, "I'm a journalist and I was there, and I've got this footage for you" because the scenes were actually really good. The film is a real story, and it is narrated very well. The actors are excellent, and you really believe in the story. Overall, this film is an excellent one that I recommend. It is so well done that I believe it will be viewed by many people and that I will be able to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about the topic.

Mildred Ramirez photo
Mildred Ramirez

Based on a true story, "The China Hustle" tells the tale of a Chinese man who used a large portion of his inheritance to buy up stocks and bonds and then sell them at a profit. For the most part, the story is told through the lens of his American wife. While the story may have the air of a typical Hollywood film, it's a far cry from a typical "investment" film. The result is an intelligent and well-crafted documentary. One of the highlights of the film is the audio commentary of Mark Kornblau, who, like the man, has a large portion of his inheritance being turned into cash. The quality of the audio is remarkable, and the style is highly effective. The film may not be for everyone, but it's a good, honest look at a situation many Americans have had to deal with. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the China investment market. (Note: There are spoilers in this review)

Anthony H. photo
Anthony H.

If you see this movie on a big screen, then you see it to the very end. It is certainly a good movie, but only if you are a big film fan. I enjoyed it and it is a worthwhile film for a rainy day. Yes, the cinematography is great, but all the same, it is a movie you cannot be without, and you do not forget it. You could not have a better movie if you want to see a few of the people involved in the production, and that is what I did, I had to see them all!

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

The China Hustle is a very well made documentary that really shows you the corrupt, shoddy and unethical practices of the Chinese criminal system, and what they can do to you. It's a real eye opener. The film was produced by Hollywood and the Chinese government, and is made for the Chinese government to "improve" the reputation of the Chinese people and increase tourism. This documentary is actually a play on words, and the title, "The China Hustle" suggests the movie and makes the audience think it's a comedy, but it isn't. It's a very serious look at corruption in Chinese society and the long-term effects it can have. The documentary itself is extremely well-made. It is professionally shot and edited, and is very informative. The story isn't the most important part of the documentary, and it's mostly about the corruption and crime that goes on in China. It's about the movie industry, but it's more of a look into Chinese society and the way it is. The music in the movie is also excellent. If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend it.

Donna E. photo
Donna E.

I really enjoyed the China Hustle. It was a fun, fast-paced documentary. It was full of interesting people and interesting stories. It was a great movie, and I hope it continues to get better. I have some questions I'd like to ask, however. 1) Why was the producer of this film so obsessed with "the China Hustle" in the first place? Did he ever actually read the book? 2) I had some problems with the way the movie showed the documentary footage. There was a scene where an interviewee was looking at her phone in the bathroom. That scene was edited so that the camera would follow her hand as she made a call. It was just a little distracting. 3) I thought the narration was a little distracting. It was only at the beginning, when the interviewee was talking about her family. I thought it was a little distracting. I think it would be more effective if there were just short clips of the interviews and then the narration. 4) The film showed very little of the financial shenanigans. I think it's important to show how corrupt the government was and how the people were involved. The financial stuff was not enough to justify the film's title. 5) I also thought the interviews were a little boring. I thought the people interviewed had a great story to tell, but I didn't find them very interesting. 6) The China Hustle itself was interesting. I thought it was a great documentary. I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it.

Lori photo

The China Hustle is a documentary about an American businessman, who after the "Gang of Five" was indicted in China, he decides to go back to America and expose the entire Chinese mafia in America. After witnessing this crime syndicate, he begins to realize that his business, is actually owned by Chinese mafia. The documentary is very entertaining, but I did not find it very impressive. The idea of the documentary is good, but the execution is not great. I thought that the movie was much more interesting if it was not a documentary about a Chinese businessman, but rather about the corruption of American businessmen, that are trying to survive the economic crisis in China.

Jesse photo

I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival in November and I couldn't believe how good the film was! There was not a single moment of a dull moment in this movie. The crew of the film are all seasoned film makers, both American and Chinese. A lot of the information that the cast and crew went through was actually based on real events. In the beginning of the movie I heard Chinese actors and actresses refer to themselves as a team to emphasize that they are working together on a project. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the business of film making.

Donald B. photo
Donald B.

I've always enjoyed hearing about and seeing the various stories surrounding the China-Japan trade. I remember the movie "Life of Pi" (which I'm not so sure about), and that's about it. This documentary is the story behind it all. It's interesting to hear the various stories of the Japanese and the Chinese that are involved, but it does get a bit bogged down at times. There are so many great stories, that I can only really recommend it for people who have a broad appreciation of history and can look past what it is "all about." As for me, I'm a film buff who does look beyond the film and more at the historical events that are happening now. This documentary does that very well. My only regret is that it would have been better if it was shorter. I don't think I'd have had the time to sit through it at a more leisurely pace.

David Nguyen photo
David Nguyen

In a nutshell, The China Hustle is a documentary film about Chinese criminals who make a living as phony accountants in Wall Street. They make their money by selling fraudulent documents and using stolen identities. The documentary is a set of interviews with people who have done time in China and have connections to the country. It's an interesting documentary, but the documentary is a little slow paced and boring. Overall, The China Hustle is a decent documentary, but I would have preferred a little more punch to it. The film is recommended for people who like documentaries about Wall Street. However, the documentary is not for people who are interested in the China story.

Dylan photo

It's amazing what a single set of circumstances can accomplish, one can't help but marvel at how this single event became the catalyst for many other major events. Such as how Robert Greenwald becomes the new face of American media, how a number of other former high ranking officials and government officials were now available for interviews. The documentary is divided into segments, where the filmmaker introduces each person in order to get to know them. Each person shares an insight into their life, their motivations, and their opinions. From those who are both interested in the story, but also feel compelled to comment on it. The interviews range from the very funny, to the very personal, to the intense. The interviews are interesting, and you find yourself empathizing with each of the participants. The interviewees are interesting, but not the focal point of the documentary. The main focus is on the impact of the scandal on the nation. The documentary is certainly not without its flaws. There are several inconsistencies. For example, the film seems to cut out certain segments where the participants discuss the news, or the events of the scandal, or the personal life of the people interviewed. The interviews are always filled with political remarks, and some of the interviews are edited out entirely. The documentary also has a few too many music clips, which tend to add a lot of tension to the proceedings. The majority of the documentary is a truly remarkable look into the lives of the people who were involved in the scandal. You'll never forget this film.

Alexander R. photo
Alexander R.

From the opening moments, the film "China Hustle" was a riveting and thought-provoking film. Though I have heard most of the political/economic/socioeconomic issues discussed in the film, I have never been able to fully connect with the lives of these young people. The film will change that. By focusing on the daily life of the class of young people and the life experiences of their parents, the film allows us to empathize with their struggles and understand why so many are left behind. In many cases, I felt that the themes in the film were well-balanced and that each story would resonate in different ways. The documentary style of the film is what really brought the film to life. By focusing on everyday life and the struggles of a small group of people, the film forces us to reflect upon the inequalities that exist in our society. The film was shot with a great deal of passion and skill by the filmmakers. I would highly recommend that any one watch this film. We must, as a nation, be a part of the solution to our country's economic problems.

Robert photo

If you are a fan of the original documentary, then this documentary is definitely worth the price of admission. It is almost as good as the original. The documentary starts out with the filmmakers interviewing several of the main characters who are part of the team. They both are to this day famous and are still doing commercials for the company. They both are very passionate about the story and it shows in their interviews. It is a bit odd when the director goes into some of the earlier documentaries and their interviews are cut or edited. But it is understandable when this is their first venture into Documentary. It is a shame they do not have much to say about the actual documentary and other people's interviews and interviews with other people but the interviews that are included in the film were good enough to make it a good documentary. I was very impressed by the quality of the film and I will probably buy it on DVD. The filmmaking style is different and the documentary style is very different. It is a very enjoyable film and I recommend it to anyone who has seen the original documentary.

Kelly V. photo
Kelly V.

The China Hustle was a fascinating, unique and powerful documentary that sheds light on one of the most powerful characters in the history of American politics. In 1987, Howard Dean entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president, but his campaign went south after his "super-predator" stance on illegal aliens. This film shows the desperate efforts of his advisers to convince him to drop out of the race, and then, if he would withdraw, what they would do with his money. If you are a fan of the politics of the last twenty years, and you are interested in how it is today, then this film is definitely for you. There are some brilliant interviews with the candidates, the campaign staff and even the super-PACs. It is a superb documentary. I only wish there was more coverage of the Clinton campaign. As for myself, I hope the two candidates in the race don't start to worry too much about the financial implications of running for office. I think most Americans would be disappointed with the circus that it would produce in Washington.

Hannah photo

I knew nothing about these films before watching the movie. The previous ones I have watched are 'So you want to be a movie star' and 'One Hour Photo'. 'The China Hustle' tells a story about a man who tries to compete with the most successful film director in Hollywood. I can say that the movie is inspirational. As if some people are really trying to achieve their dream of making it big in Hollywood. This is an amazing movie, made by a great director, which shows that it is possible to make a movie without any budget, but with the help of a great script. I suggest everyone to watch this movie. It is a really interesting movie. I can say that the movies 'Running with Scissors' and 'Gleason' are better than this one, but this one is definitely the best.

Helen photo

What a wonderful story. I was glued to my seat from beginning to end. Great job, Ken Loach. If you're looking for a simple yet interesting story, look no further.

Phillip photo

I think this is a very important film for those who believe in democracy and human rights. If you are not aware of the fact that it is a political movie, you are missing the whole point of the movie. I don't think I've ever seen a more thought-provoking and well-made political movie. I agree with the previous reviewer that it's an over-dramatic movie, but it's an important movie. I don't think it should have been made as a documentary. It's a political movie and the filmmakers have to be careful not to make it too political. I think it is a very good movie, but it has a few flaws. But overall it's very well made and I think it is a very important movie. I think it is the most important documentary of the year.

Andrea photo

Cher is a well known actress who has never lacked for media exposure. Though her experience has been limited to pretty commercials and as a television personality, her real accomplishment is that she has become the poster girl of the female empowerment movement. She was honored with a Lifetime Movie Award nomination for The China Hustle and has amassed an impressive resume including 3 Golden Globe nominations, 2 Academy Awards nominations, 2 Golden Globes, and a variety of other awards. But as the title of this film suggests, Cher herself has not been as successful as her detractors would have you believe. Cher's performance is arguably the most over-the-top and over-the-top one that I have ever seen. We get to see the inner turmoil of her character and are given almost all of the answers to her problems. And so, this movie is a great window into a well-meaning, but tragic character who is the pinnacle of her social circle and has none of the attributes that would be expected from a typical Hollywood celebrity. This is the type of film that people want to watch and talk about for months. We learn about Cher's life and life at the office in a way that is both entertaining and informative. It is the type of film that you could watch and not see what it is about, but that you would like to hear about the inner workings of the person who you see in the film. I saw this film the night it was released on DVD and it became one of my all-time favorite films. There are many scenes that I will watch over and over again. That is part of what made me enjoy this film so much. You get to see Cher in all her glory. She is so filled with love and happiness. That is what we want to see, and for a movie to portray this well is quite remarkable. It is a great example of how art and entertainment should be paired together. This is one of the best films that I have ever seen in my life. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about Cher and her life. It is a must-see!

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

This is a rare movie that really puts the USA and China in a good light. Good job to all involved. Loved the ending of the movie and how it all came together. It is in my top 10 favorite movies list for a while. I was hooked.

Victoria C. photo
Victoria C.

We should be so lucky to be alive, yet the ending of the movie to me was as if it were scripted. Now, I feel betrayed by my country, and the only way that I can get my money back is by suing the company. I was forced to watch it, and I want my money back.

Sara R. photo
Sara R.

I just saw this film for the first time and I thought it was great. It is very moving and shows the importance of getting involved in making a difference. I recommend everyone see this film. I would love to meet up with some of the filmmakers in the future. If you have not seen it, please go see it. It is a very important film to the history of the modern world. As I write this, it has a rating of 8.8 out of 10. It is truly something to be seen.

Jason Romero photo
Jason Romero

I have watched the film and it was very well put together,the story lines were all very well thought out,the characters were all very well casted and each character was portrayed in a very convincing way,the casting was superb.Overall I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves cinema,good action,good story,great dialogue,a great cast and great direction,I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys high quality movies,a lot of action,and in my opinion all the Hollywood movies have become too watered down to be a great film. A great film and one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I loved this film and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good action movie and is in the mood for an exciting and exciting film. this movie has been on my to watch list for a very long time,and I am glad I finally watched it.this is a great movie for me,I give it 10 out of 10

David Tran photo
David Tran

As someone who has never really liked the Hollywood film-making style, and also as someone who has seen so many of the movie critics reviews on IMDb, I found the documentary to be extremely informative and entertaining. I found the performance of both Ron and Orson well worth it. Both actors put forth excellent performances, and it is wonderful to see that people can see how brilliant of a talent both of them are. The film is very entertaining, but at the same time it does not make you look at the two stars, as some critics did. I feel that Ron and Orson have really given up their careers to perform on this film, and their performances are brilliant. I recommend that everyone see this film, and everyone should see it even if you are not a fan of the genre. The film has no "superstars", and the story is, if anything, "trashy". I was reminded of another documentary, "Gnomeo and Juliet", which was a beautiful movie, that really had a message. This film is a little more depressing, but then again, I find both of these two very talented actors to be very good actors, and I found this movie to be very informative. I recommend that everyone see this film.

Dylan Cooper photo
Dylan Cooper

I am a big fan of Ben Affleck but this documentary is an absolute must see. After watching this film I will watch him in his future films because of this documentary. I loved how his job was shown in the movie and also his entire life story. I thought it was very sad but also inspiring because this is what the trade is like. I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for a great film

Olivia photo

As a longtime George W. Bush supporter and as someone who likes to examine what happened in the Middle East and elsewhere, I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary. It is a powerful and entertaining film. A few criticisms may be made: The use of images of the American flag and President Bush is not something that would make me necessarily not like this film, as it is a far better film than the "mission accomplished" style that has been used by some anti-Bush film makers. The use of footage from the Iran hostage crisis to illustrate the situation in the Middle East was somewhat problematic, though. Some of the images were not very accurate, but the films did not fall into the trap of "throwing all the cameras into the air" that some anti-Bush films do. The film shows the role of Israel and the role of America in the Middle East. Some of the images were not particularly interesting and the film makers could have done better in their attempts to give the viewer more information about the countries of the region and the people who live there. This film may not be very popular among the American public and the truth will not be accepted by many who are afraid of the truth. The people of the Middle East will never accept the truth about their nation's leaders and the people who are using them for their own gain. It is not fair to be using this film to condemn the Americans for their role in the Middle East, but rather to show what is going on there and to try and make people aware of what is happening.

Gerald Edwards photo
Gerald Edwards

In his last film before his death in 2014, Woody Allen reveals that he felt his greatest film ever was an improvised piece of film that he wrote during a long period of time without having any film school experience. The China Hustle is not a bad film but not great either, but it is a film that will not be forgotten any time soon. Allen is a man of great films that were made on a very low budget, but he was able to direct himself and the films on a very high budget. I'm not a big fan of Woody Allen, but I do think he is one of the most underrated directors in the business today. China Hustle is an excellent film and is Allen's best film yet. Allen does an excellent job of making the audience feel like they are watching a Woody Allen film. The film is funny, it has great actors, and it is an amazing look at the power of China. I think the film has a very long time to live because I do not think there will ever be a Woody Allen film made again on a good budget. China Hustle is a great film and it is one of the best films of the year.

Katherine photo

When we go to the movies, we expect to see high quality films and don't expect to be entertained. The China Hustle is a great film, and it's a great film to see if you are an avid film fan. The film is very much like a documentary, with a little bit of a documentary feel to it. The film takes you to many places in China and allows you to experience different aspects of life in China, including a little bit of adventure. You also get a little bit of comedy with jokes about celebrity China and the celebrities themselves. The documentary is really good, and this is one of the best films I have ever seen. There are many funny and great jokes in this film, and the film really gives you a great look into the life of an average person in China. There are a lot of great quotes and quotes that are extremely funny and that are truly the type of humor you will enjoy. The humor in this film is really a combination of a lot of jokes and many quotes. The China Hustle is really a great film and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to go to the movies and see a good film. It's a great film that I would recommend to anybody.

Brenda Walsh photo
Brenda Walsh

I was most impressed by the sheer scale of this film, and the amount of attention it had received. At one point in the movie, I was looking up at the camera and asking myself: "Are we making a documentary about the people here, or are we just making a film about the art in this country?" I think the movie manages to accomplish both at the same time. I think the language in the movie is the most effective tool in showing the plight of the people of China. The subtitles are pretty accurate, but I think the voices are better done by the actors. I thought the actors in the movie did a great job of portraying the characters in the movie. The movie was very well made, although I think some parts of the movie could have been edited a bit more. Overall, I think this movie is great, and definitely worth watching.