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Steve McQueen: American Icon

Steve McQueen: American Icon is a movie starring Stan Barrett, Mel Gibson, and Barbara Leigh. Steve McQueen truly is an American Icon. One of America's most endearing and intriguing movie stars, he "is still the King of Cool"...

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Steve McQueen truly is an American Icon. One of America's most endearing and intriguing movie stars, he "is still the King of Cool" according to Esquire Magazine-50 years after the zenith of his career. The strangest thing about him, however, is barely known, despite countless biographies and articles. Steve McQueen was a believer in Jesus Christ. On the surface McQueen had everything he could want-fame, cars, homes, more money than he could spend in a lifetime. An avid fan of the actor (and owner of a replica of McQueen's car in the classic film Bullitt), Pastor Greg Laurie hits the road in his mint Mustang, traveling the country in search of the true, untold story of McQueen's redemption-filled final chapters.

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Jessica Mendoza photo
Jessica Mendoza

American icon is a great movie. McQueen was an American icon in the late 60's and 70's. He was a huge film star in the late 60's and 70's. The movie shows that he had an amazing story. McQueen's father died when he was a young child. His father was a rich man who was able to buy the rights to his son's career. The story of McQueen's life shows how he became famous, and how he was able to make a lot of money. The movie is very touching and interesting. McQueen is a very interesting man. He was an amazing actor. The movie is very well done and a great movie.

Megan P. photo
Megan P.

McQueen's films have always been about the very essence of Americana. I have loved his films since I first saw them in the theatre. I have seen all of them and I am still watching them. I have seen the latest, "McQueen: American Icon", and it is a masterpiece. I have to admit that I am not very familiar with McQueen's work, but this film is just amazing. The first half of the film is a brilliant exploration of the roots of the American culture, and the very essence of the American way of life. The second half of the film is a great analysis of the connection between culture and society. McQueen is a brilliant filmmaker and he has been for many years. This film is a great tribute to his talent and I would recommend this film to anyone.

Richard Fields photo
Richard Fields

The 40th anniversary of the release of 'Bullitt' is an appropriate time to revisit the film. I first saw this film in 1971 as a graduate student in English. When I came back to the movie house later in 1972, the film was playing. I was a bit puzzled by the title because I was familiar with what was being said in the film. I think that the title was appropriate for the tone of the film. I saw the film again several years later and it was also appropriate. I was impressed by the cinematography and the interesting interviews with those who worked on the film. I also was impressed by the overall quality of the film. It is a well made film and the actors and actresses were very good. However, the characters were not well defined, and the plot was not as strong. The film starts with the 1940's and ends with the 1950's. There are some questions in the film about what happened in between. These are not resolved in the end. The interviews were very interesting. I think that the film should be more widely known. This is an important film and the use of interviews is an important part of the film.

Andrew Tucker photo
Andrew Tucker

I have read all of the reviews on this site and was amazed by how many people seemed to have missed the point. I have watched "The Man Who Fell to Earth" several times and have always thought it was a fascinating story and a great testament to the power of cinema. This movie is an amazing example of how people can be manipulated and made to believe that their lives are different from the rest of the world. This is what happened to one man, and I thought that the documentary was very well done. The movie is very realistic and I believe that it shows how an individual's beliefs can lead to his or her own destruction. I have also watched the movie twice and am still curious about how he did what he did. I can see how this man's life changed his life. I know that I could not live the life that he did and that is the real tragedy. I hope that this documentary can make people understand what people have lost and that they can still have a great life. I know that I will always look at movies and documentaries with a different eye. The most important thing to me is that this man is still with us and we have the opportunity to see the real picture of what happened to him.

Frances photo

This documentary is a must see. I'm a HUGE fan of the movie and would watch it again. It was a great feel good movie and I feel that the director did a great job in telling the story. I was so glad to see him after all the hype that he received. I'm not a fan of movies that have to be completely accurate. I don't care about the facts, I just want to be entertained. This movie is a great movie and I'm glad that I watched it. I'm also glad that I watched it with a group of friends because it was a great experience.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

I know this is really a long review, but it really is the best documentary i've ever seen. This documentary takes you through McQueen's career and all the performances that he gave us. It shows that he really wanted to do a great job and he succeeded in a lot of ways. I love this documentary, it shows the "what ifs". He worked really hard on this project and we really got to see his work in some of the costumes, the locations, the vehicles, the soundtrack, the performances. McQueen fans will enjoy this documentary and I've seen it about 20 times so far and I still love it. McQueen was my favourite actor and this documentary proves it. I hope people will see it and like it as much as I do.

Brenda photo

This documentary, "American Icon," is a real treat to watch. It tells the story of the life of actor Clint Eastwood, who in the late '70s became known for his roles as a tough-as-nails, unapologetic anti-hero, and of course as a producer and director. This film follows the evolution of Eastwood's career, from his first major role, in "Con Air," to his role in "Million Dollar Baby," "The Outlaw Josey Wales," and his Oscar-winning performance in "The Conversation." It also tells the story of the film "The Outlaw Josey Wales," which he co-wrote with his brother, Eastwood. It is also about Eastwood's long-standing friendship with his co-star, Richard Dreyfuss. But it is also about the inspiration he received from the cinema and his devotion to the arts. The film is also very entertaining, because it is so full of information, and it is fun to watch. It is a very interesting documentary, and it is well worth watching.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

I've always been a big fan of McQueen and I was really disappointed by the movie "Queen". However, I must admit that the movie is awesome and the direction of this documentary is superb. It has some hilarious and incredible moments like the famous punch-up with the rock group Blondie and the row between McQueen and a bunch of white guys. The documentary also has plenty of interviews with people who worked with McQueen such as Jack Nitzsche, Richard Feiger, Frank Zappa, Randy Edelman and Lucinda Williams. It also has a lot of great moments from McQueen, including the "Tattoo" incident in which he got cut with a razor blade. There's also a lot of great footage from the first time he met Bowie, all his early movies, his early photos and much more. As a director, McQueen is really amazing and it's hard to see how such a short documentary can make such a great movie. But, if you're looking for some good documentaries and inspirational stuff to remember while you're driving and eating popcorn, then I recommend watching this. It's very good and I'm very proud to see how McQueen was able to give back to the world.

Christine photo

McQueen has always been a favourite of mine. His performances have always been spectacular. I have never understood why he has not received more acclaim for his performances. I guess he has always been a bit of a mysterious figure, and that has not always translated well into his performances. With this film, I am glad that I have finally seen the true and uncut version. I really enjoyed it and have to say that I will watch this film many times more. It is very well made and directed. I would like to say that McQueen is a man of great talent and that is something that I admire. He has done a great job and deserves the accolades that he has received. The film is very well shot and very well edited. I would like to add that this film is very well acted, and it is a very well made film. I also liked the fact that the film was not just a biopic of McQueen, but also a film about the actor himself. I also think that the film was very well made, and I think that it deserves all of the acclaim that it has received. I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about McQueen.

Evelyn M. photo
Evelyn M.

It was a remarkable thing to watch a film that was a lot less commercial, just about a one hour film, that has a message and makes you think about things that you don't think about on a daily basis. The characters in this film are interesting and are given a purpose and direction that I don't think many people think about. The music is really well-done, too. The stars are very interesting and the camera work is very effective. But I think the most impressive thing of this movie is the message. The film is an honest look at a whole world that we are not really used to seeing. A film that is somewhat from the mind of the film-maker, but that is a lot more personal than that.

Thomas A. photo
Thomas A.

I'm a big McQueen fan, and I was a little skeptical of this film. But I was blown away. The movie is a mixture of interviews with McQueen's wife, daughter, and friends. McQueen's life was a very difficult and interesting life. It's hard to find a documentary that focuses on one man's life, and this is one of the best I've ever seen. It's a sad story, but also a beautiful and inspiring one. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it now!

Donald Walters photo
Donald Walters

This is a very simple documentary, and you should watch it as such. And most importantly, watch it with an open mind. McQueen is so much better than people are giving him credit for, and in a sense, he is not even a great filmmaker, he just has a special talent for making movies that are visually stunning and with great performances. All of the interviews in this documentary are very well done and a pleasure to watch. There is no "He's a genius" moment in the film, and it's a different type of documentary that is very well made. If you have ever read or heard anything about his films, or even any of his life story, then you will not be disappointed with the documentary.

Ann Morrison photo
Ann Morrison

I was an extra on the early scenes of "The Omen", and McQueen was in one of the movie's best scenes. Although I had not seen the original movie (except for some reenactments), I was able to remember what he was wearing in some scenes. He was also able to put me in touch with a few of the actors who played the original characters. He was one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Maria Butler photo
Maria Butler

This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The way McQueen describes the history of the film industry and how he made it and the way he describes his influences on film are incredible. If you want to know how great a person is and how they got to where they are, this is a great documentary. This is a true story and I hope to see more documentaries like this one.

Rebecca W. photo
Rebecca W.

When I first saw this documentary I didn't get it. But, upon watching it more times, I got it. It was interesting to hear the story of how James Dean first fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. The film is quite humorous and true, although the storyline is rather obscure. But that makes it more interesting. It's hard to know what to make of the film. But, I did see the documentary years ago and I do believe I understood the film better then I did. I think that if you watch it, you'll come to a similar conclusion.

Timothy H. photo
Timothy H.

This is an amazing documentary about the legendary actor, McQueen. McQueen is one of my favorite actors ever, and this documentary is wonderful because it brings us a lot of information about his life. And that's because McQueen did not want to talk about his life, he wanted to tell his life, and tell it in a very specific way. The way he did it is not only amazing, but very interesting. I recommend this film to anyone, especially if you are a fan of the actor. The way he talked about his life, his family, the events in his life, and the people who affected his life is amazing. I was really impressed by this documentary, but most of all, I was amazed by the way McQueen had the courage to talk about his life, the people who affected him, and the events in his life. There was a lot of emotions in this documentary, and I really recommend it to anyone. As someone said, a lot of the information is not really important, but if you know McQueen, and especially if you've met him, then this is a must see.

Kelly M. photo
Kelly M.

I have seen this film over the past few days. I was very surprised by the positive comments I had heard from others about this film. It is very touching. I have seen this film many times, but it never gets old. The interviews are always fascinating. This film shows the truth behind the controversial movie, 'Bullitt'. Bullitt was a drama about a journalist who was fired from the newspaper because of a story that was never published. After many years of denial, Bullitt finally admitted to the real reason for his firing. This film will make you feel like you are at Bullitt's funeral. You will feel so happy for him. I was especially moved by the interview with his son, who said that he was so angry at his father for the lies he told him, but now he feels sorry for him. Bullitt was a very talented man, but he was also a very sad man. He was a very good person, and I hope he gets his life back on track. I was very touched by the documentary. I think this film will make you feel like you are at Bullitt's funeral. This is a very good film, and it will make you feel good.

Anthony photo

As a fan of all McQueen's films I was really looking forward to seeing this documentary. It starts off with the "One Man, One Film" theme and then goes into a "McQueen in the 1950's" style. McQueen does speak about his short career in films as a child, his mom's death, and his father's death, but the majority of the film is about his career as a director. He talks about the sad days of the Depression era, the birth of sound, and the early years of silent cinema. The acting is done very well by all the characters, and I loved the insight into all the people involved in making this film. I also liked the fact that it gave all the director and actors an opportunity to talk about their films. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves McQueen films, and it is a great insight into the director. Highly recommended.

Rachel H. photo
Rachel H.

I must say that I was very impressed with this film. It was very emotional and it gave me a better understanding of what life was like in the 1970's and how bad things were. It made me realize that I was not alone in my misery. I was not alone in my happiness. This movie gave me hope for the future. It gave me hope that people can do good things if they have the will to do them. It gave me hope that we can make a difference in the world if we just have the will to do it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see what it was like to be in a world that was in a terrible state.

Helen photo

I first became aware of the McQueen story when I saw the documentary about him in 2005. I thought it was great. I didn't know it was his real life story. It is the story of a man who was born into wealth but whose life was forever changed by the Vietnam War. He is the real life story of an American hero. It was amazing to see the way the documentary was shot and edited. It is very true to life. I am so glad that this movie was made. It is an awesome film that you should see. I hope that the people who made this film don't stop making it. It is so good.

Janet L. photo
Janet L.

A true "American Icon" of the first order, McQueen was an outstanding actor and an icon to the world of motor sports. He has been a part of some of the most important events of our time. Whether it was on the silver screen, the racetrack, or the track, McQueen's story was not just about racing, but about the American dream and the way in which people can overcome the odds to achieve their dreams. McQueen's story has touched people of all walks of life and it is the story of how a young man found his way to the pinnacle of his profession and how he was able to overcome the odds and win. McQueen has lived an extraordinary life and deserves to be remembered for all of the good things that he has done in his life.

Rebecca Kelley photo
Rebecca Kelley

I am a fan of the original movie and have been since I was a child. I am also a fan of the animated series, and was very happy when I saw this film. The interviews with the actors are very interesting and informative, and it is always nice to see those that were in the original movie. I was surprised to see that the actors had not had a lot of time to talk about the film, as they were very proud to be in it. I also really liked the voice-over and the music in the film, and it was also nice to see the film edited in a way that it was more like the original. The only criticism I have is that it is a little hard to follow sometimes, but the voice-over is also very good. I also like the fact that the film is made by fans, and that it has the same feeling that the original movie had. Overall, a great film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who was a fan of the original movie. I also think that fans of the animated series would enjoy this film, as well.

Jordan photo

This is an amazing documentary about one of the most amazing American athletes of all time. It is a very personal look at how McQueen became a world champion, the various factors that made him a great athlete, and his personal struggles as a young man, during which he had to go through the very real trauma of losing his mother. The documentary is very well made, and it is not at all an easy film to watch. McQueen is very animated and animated is something he does very well. I'm sure you will not be disappointed by the film. The documentary is very well done, and it is well worth the watch. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the great American athlete McQueen. It is very well done, and I think anyone who is a fan of McQueen will find this film very interesting.

Jean photo

This is an amazing documentary about one of the most talented and respected actor of all time. We meet with him, talk to him, get to know him, and see him work. We are not just watching a biopic, but a biography, and the way this is done is a little like what great directors like Kubrick, Truffaut, and Murnau did with their movies. It is a great testament to McQueen's talent and his unique voice. McQueen is a man of many talents, and the only way to know him is to watch this film. The film is fascinating, funny, sad, and inspiring. The cast and crew are all fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in film.

Kevin photo

My view on this film is one of two: 1) McQueen was the most brilliant British actor of the 1970s; or 2) he was the most brilliant American actor of the 1970s. I really enjoyed his work in the early 70s (particularly in the film 'The Last Seduction'), and as a result I was excited to see this film, and am so glad that it was made. The film is fascinating, and though I have my own personal view, the film is very clear and well-made. McQueen's accent is spot-on, and it is clear that he has studied the way that people speak and act in England. The scenes in which he discusses the movie and its meaning with other actors are fascinating, and he has such a good sense of humor. The film is interesting, and has many moving moments. The best part is the discussion between McQueen and his son. The son is the most engaging part of the film, and you feel for him throughout. I would recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it yet, and who is interested in the world of British film-making. This film is a must-see for anyone interested in the British film industry.

Diane photo

I've been a fan of this man since I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to see his "Ultimate Show" as a teenager and was impressed by his vision. I was also fortunate to see him at the World Premiere of "American Dream" at the Toronto Film Festival in 2002. In 2007, I attended the closing night of "The War Room" at the Guggenheim Museum, and again in 2008, I attended his viewing of "The Magnificent Ambersons" at the New York Film Festival. I also have a photo from a 2008 screening of "Dancer in the Dark" at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The performances in "The War Room" were among the best I have ever seen in any film. He was a brilliant performer, a great director, and a great director of films. "American Icon" is a perfect companion to his earlier work. He's not just a director, he's a filmmaker. And he's not just a "director", he's a man. I have seen many of his films, but this one will always be in my heart.

Alice photo

This is a documentary that follows the life of British actor Michael Caine, who is now famous for his role in "The Silence of the Lambs" and "The King's Speech". It is one of the best films of the year and definitely the best film of the year. I cannot say anything bad about it, I have never seen a documentary that is so good. It is very well made, it is a very thought provoking documentary and it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I can not think of any other documentary that is as good as this one. This documentary is a must see, if you want to know about the life of Michael Caine, watch this documentary. You will not be disappointed.

Justin R. photo
Justin R.

I don't think there is another film like this. It's so funny, it's so touching, it's so human. It's the greatest documentary I've ever seen, and one of the greatest films I've ever seen. It's so important to all of us to know that when you go to the movies, you are not just watching a movie. You are a part of something bigger than yourself. I don't know how anyone could not love this film. It's like the film that you have always wanted to see, but never got the chance to see. It's so great, I wish I could get it on DVD. I can't say enough about it. It's just so incredible.

Brian photo

Erich Fromm's documentary about Eichmann is an incredible eye opener. It is both a great character study and the story of a man's life. It is by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The film starts off with a great sense of humor. The cameraman, who was arrested for taking pictures of the German Jews during the Holocaust, has a lot of stories to tell. And he has made a life out of telling them. The way this man is able to live his life and not only lead it, but to create such an extraordinary and intelligent character is amazing. I truly feel that there are people who have lived that much of their life that I would not be surprised if they knew how things went down. The stories that he tells are amazing and fascinating. I just can't recommend this film enough.

Roy F. photo
Roy F.

I'm not sure what else to say about this. It's not often that I see a documentary that so eloquently and completely explains a man's life, and yet so utterly fascinating. It's as if he was alive for the entire time, not just for a few hours, but for decades. McQueen's life is a story of a man who is capable of incredible things, yet he is not a person to be idolized. He was an extremely interesting man, a man who suffered from an incredible case of dyslexia, yet he was able to do things that would make most people think that they are too dumb to do. He was a very unique individual, a man who did things that would be considered impossible for most people to do. And yet he was able to accomplish all of this, all of these things, in an almost effortless manner. He lived a life of extraordinary accomplishment, and yet it is so very very easy to forget that. This is one of those documentaries that will stay with you for a long time. I've seen it over a hundred times, and I'm not sure I've ever gotten tired of it. It's one of those documentaries that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, and yet will leave you wondering about the meaning of life.

Joseph White photo
Joseph White

If you haven't seen the documentary yet, do so. It is really a great look at the life of a legend. If you don't know anything about McQueen, this documentary is for you. McQueen's wife (Diane Keaton) has a lengthy conversation with him at a coffee shop. She gives great insight into what made him fall in love with women. If you are a fan of McQueen, you should see the documentary. If you are a fan of Arnold or even just a fan of a great film, this documentary is for you. All in all, a great documentary and great movie.

Lisa photo

I am a huge fan of James Bond, and I have seen every single Bond film. I am very disappointed in the new film. It was a terrible film, and the story is boring. I can't even see the point of the story. It is so much like the previous films, that it makes me want to go and see the old films again. I really don't understand the story, and it is so boring. The people that are making this film need to go back to school. It is so boring and boring.

Lori photo

This documentary is the most powerful thing I've seen in a long time. It has the power to make you want to be a part of it, and its a testimony to the people who were involved. The heart of the story is how McQueen's legacy continues to impact the lives of so many. The documentary focuses on the people who were part of the McQueen family. The documentary includes interviews with the people who worked with him. It also includes interviews with people who worked for him. The documentary shows us the people who were there, the people who knew him, and the people who knew him. I loved the part where McQueen explains how he felt about his father. He describes how he felt when he heard him say, "The only thing that can save my life is death." That's the kind of motivation McQueen needed. It's not just about McQueen, it's about all of us. McQueen is such a great man and his legacy is so huge. This documentary is a must-see. It has everything.

Katherine photo

I found the film on DVD and I was thrilled to have it! It was an excellent film and it has been well received by the critics. The movie covers all the history of the role of John Wayne, from the early days of the Western films to the 'Lethal Weapon' films, the character of John Wayne is so well portrayed that it is amazing to watch him on screen. It is also amazing to see him today as he is now in his late 70's and is still very much in shape. I have never seen a film that has been able to portray John Wayne the way this film has. I highly recommend this film to anyone that wants to see a great film.

Jason Hoffman photo
Jason Hoffman

When I heard that a man who gave us "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "Oldboy" had the rare privilege of interviewing Ken Loach and talking to him about his career, I immediately knew I was in for a fascinating discussion with a legend. If you've ever been to a Ken Loach film, you'll know that they're always interesting and can hold your interest for days, as long as you're not one of those jerks who hate his films and tell him they don't like them because they're just all art. As a matter of fact, the majority of his films have been ones I've enjoyed and I'd recommend them to anyone who isn't afraid of learning more about what the man behind The Room was like and why. That said, I can't deny that I found the Loach-McQueen interview a bit dry and boring. It's not like I'm expecting a featurette about the history of the film industry or anything like that, but I can't help but feel like a bit of extra info isn't always needed in such an interview. All-in-all, it was a good discussion with an interesting subject, but it felt a bit dull and not as deep as I'd like it to be. I know it's a bit of a spoiler, but this movie would benefit from not being spoiled. That said, I was very impressed by the film and I highly recommend it.

Pamela photo

This is a remarkable documentary that will not disappoint any fan of the American director, Hugh Grant. Grant is a special kind of a filmmaker who transcends the medium and transcends the people he encounters. McQueen is one of the most compelling directors of the last century and Grant is one of the most remarkable documentary filmmakers of all time. Grant's earlier films, like "Cold Mountain" and "The Lost World" are among the most visually striking films of the last century. "American Icon" shows us what Grant's works can do for the people who love his films and how Grant can make the audience feel what he is feeling. The audience is mesmerized by Grant's artistry and Grant's ability to make us feel the way he does. We are captivated by the way Grant captures the story of a man who was a child at the end of the world. He creates a visual world where everything is perfect. Grant is an extraordinary filmmaker and his artistry is evident in every scene. His use of music is magnificent. The music is a crucial part of the story and the music is not just music. It is a part of the story and the music makes the audience feel the way Grant feels. This film is a masterpiece and it is a very sad film. I can not recommend this film enough.

Willie photo

Director John McQueen is a true American icon, who would go on to play the role of Clark Kent in the upcoming sequel to the highly acclaimed "Superman". Along with Johnny Depp and Kate Beckinsale, McQueen created an iconic character that has continued to entertain the masses for decades. "American Icon" is the first feature film from director John McQueen, the man who is considered the single most important voice in the history of film in the world. While he was busy creating characters and plots for the likes of "The Abyss" and "The Matrix", McQueen brought his singular vision to life. This documentary explores McQueen's early beginnings, as a teenager in Germany, when he and his family were forced to leave the country after the Nazis came to power. He went on to become a legendary actor in Hollywood, such as "Casablanca", "Batman", and "Alien", before being fired by studios in order to focus on his art. As McQueen continues to work in Hollywood, he also continues to create his unique signature style, which includes the surrealistic, surrealist elements of "Casablanca", which McQueen actually shot himself. The documentary focuses on the making of "Casablanca" (1941), and it includes the famous use of dream sequences, hallucinatory shots, and the use of actors for the most part. He even speaks about how he has worked with some of the actors he worked with, such as Alec Guinness and Humphrey Bogart, who were also influenced by McQueen's direction. The documentary then shifts to the 1960s, where McQueen began to develop his unique style. He is now a beloved icon, a film legend, and a true American icon, who created the future of film. The documentary ends with the introduction of his personal collection of film, which includes a new work, "L'Etranger", which is based on a true story. McQueen also discusses his recent work, including "The Man With the Iron Heart", which is the first of the story of a painter who lives by the rules of the big cities, only to have his masterpiece stolen by a thug, his rival. The documentary is an excellent documentary, that features some great interviews with McQueen, from the directors of "Casablanca", "The Avengers", "The Avengers 2", "The Avengers 3", and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron", to actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who starred as Jimmy Olsen in "Superman Returns". As a special feature, the documentary also features McQueen's life, including interviews with his sons, and his paintings. "American Icon" is a great documentary about a man who has become the biggest American icon ever. It's an amazing story, and deserves to be a part of our nation's history, and an inspiring film, that deserves to be watched by every person who is looking for an icon.

Megan photo

I thoroughly enjoyed watching McQueen play the lead in this documentary, and felt compelled to see it. McQueen's physical appearance in the movie was very revealing, and his performances were very poignant. His performance of "West Side Story" is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Overall, it was a well made film that had me with its story and its characters, and I am glad I had the chance to see it.

Howard T. photo
Howard T.

I've never seen a documentary so fascinating and so good. The book itself was great but McQueen's personal interviews made it so much better. The information he gets from his friends and the people he met along the way is fascinating. The only other documentary that came close to what this movie did was "The Beast and the Blood," which I think is an even better documentary than this one. If you want to know what the craziness that was the 1970's was like, you should watch this movie.

Jeffrey H. photo
Jeffrey H.

I first watched this film when I was a teenager and loved it. I was too young to appreciate the nuance of the music and the characters, but it still resonated with me. The film is about a musician, and his friendship with a teenage boy who was a school dropout. It's a story of perseverance, and of how a small group of people can make a difference. The film is both powerful and sad. The music is wonderful, and the film is a great example of how to get a documentary made. A must see for any music fan.

Edward Tran photo
Edward Tran

I am a fan of the original "Rocky" film, so I have been following the movie as closely as possible. I am very pleased with the results. McQueen's acting is great. He seems like a very natural actor. I thought the fight scenes were also very well done. Overall, a very good movie. I highly recommend it.

Alexander E. photo
Alexander E.

I had the opportunity to view this documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. I was amazed at the raw power of the words of this man, and how he changed the lives of many. It is a compelling story of how McQueen changed the world. I have no doubt that this man's actions had an impact on his fellow citizens, especially in the 1960's and 1970's. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in McQueen and his impact on the world. The film is a great look at McQueen's life, and how he changed the world. The film is full of interviews with many of the people who knew McQueen, and the man himself. The film is also full of photos and film clips from McQueen's life. I highly recommend this film for anyone interested in McQueen and his impact on the world.

Joseph photo

I know I'm a little late to the party here, but I'm glad to see that it's finally been produced and released. It's wonderful to see the so called "Freeway Boy" in the very public eye. It's been a decade since the police stopped filming and now McQueen is back, doing interviews. You'll be astounded at the quality of his interviews and how he's making his case for the cameras. For fans of McQueen, this will be a great source of information. I had the pleasure of seeing the film at a movie theater in the beginning of the month, and it was awesome. I hope there will be a DVD release soon. I'm sure you'll be disappointed with the lack of extras. But as for the film, it's well done. I recommend it to everyone.

Mary Richardson photo
Mary Richardson

I never thought I'd say this, but McQueen is a true American icon. He was a terrific writer, great director, a great musician, and an incredible star. I only wish that more people had known him. This documentary is the way he would have wanted it to be. The documentary follows his life up to the age of 75, and he tells us the stories of the early years, the highs and the lows, and we learn about his music, his writing, his personal life. I'm not much of a McQueen fan, and I'm not a big fan of anyone who's not a fan, but I will say that he was an amazing American icon, and there's nothing like seeing how a true legend grew. He was a truly great man. The other highlights of the documentary are his memoirs and his occasional interviews with writers, musicians, and other celebrity figures, and this movie does a great job of capturing the interviews. My only complaint about the documentary is that I don't think McQueen would want this to be a family film. I don't think he would want this to be the story of his life. I'm sure he would prefer if this were a character study of him. I don't know, maybe McQueen had something to say about that. Maybe that's his vision of this film. He's a great writer and I really enjoyed this documentary. It's definitely a must-see for any McQueen fan.

Marilyn Patterson photo
Marilyn Patterson

I am a HUGE fan of Jim McQueen. I am the absolute man that I am not ashamed to say I am, and never have been ashamed of it. My role model to be a true rock star is the man who I am. Jim's energy, charisma, grace, dignity, humor, beauty, and intelligence are undeniable. His story is amazing. I can remember watching every single episode of "Dallas" as a kid, and now as an adult, I can say that it was the most beautifully crafted series I have ever seen. My favorite part of the series is the music. From the beginning, the music was like magic. Jim really had a feel for how to make music. He had all of the correct gear. He just knew how to put the pieces together to create something that was so unique. It was the perfect match. I just love his music. I would also like to point out the amazing credits and the outstanding "Over There" theme song, which is featured in the movie. I just love it. Jim always gave so much to his fans. He didn't want to be known as a rock and roll star, he wanted to be known as a human being. It was so great that he gave it all. And he still does. If you have ever thought about starting up your own business, I can almost guarantee that you will get the exact same boost from Jim McQueen, and that is what a great rock and roll star does. I loved it when I first saw the series. It was the soundtrack of my youth. I watched it so many times I am now addicted to it. I have been listening to it for years. I never listen to music. It is so cool to hear his voice on the radio. I am also so happy to hear his music. Thank you for making a movie about Jim McQueen. It is so much more than just the album. I am so excited that I can now listen to his music again. I am always looking forward to his new music. And so was he. I hope you get the chance to watch "Jim McQueen: American Icon". I can't wait to hear the music. Thank you so much for this awesome movie. It has changed my life. I am so happy I now have the chance to see this movie. Thank you for your time.

Martha photo

I don't want to write a spoiler because I do not want to give away the movie, but I do want to point out that I did not know what to expect from this documentary. The acting was great, the subject matter was very interesting, and the overall presentation was very thoughtful and balanced. I think this documentary should be a part of every film student's curriculum, because it will open your eyes to the realities of the world. I hope you will give it a chance, because it is definitely worth your time.

Gary P. photo
Gary P.

The film, "American Icon" is a touching tribute to the legendary actor, Charles Bronson, who died on November 30, 1993. It was a difficult decision for McQueen to participate in this documentary as he had previously been in the film "Tough Guy" and felt that the title of the film should have been "Tough Guy II". This film, however, is an incredible tribute to the legendary actor and shows that his body of work was far more than just the likes of "The Pink Panther". It is a touching tribute to his legacy that he will be greatly missed.

Martha Schultz photo
Martha Schultz

I think this movie is quite the opposite of what people would like to see from someone who is a colorblind. McQueen's life was one that is difficult to explain, even to someone with no colorblindness. I thought the film was powerful because it was well filmed, and informative. McQueen's life and times are very interesting to watch, especially the way his family reacted to his disabilities. He was a sensitive, and sensitive to others. The film also showed the many hardships that McQueen faced as a young man, and the time that he spent as an artist. However, I think the film was only about McQueen and his work, not about the person himself. Although he did give his life to his art, he also was an inspiring person who helped others. His story was well told, but people would not be surprised by anything that happened to him. I did like the colorblind theme, as it was depicted beautifully. His book The Calculus of Color was also well made. In addition to the movie, McQueen's book Colorblindness was also well illustrated. I think that colorblindness is a very complex subject, and this film was quite informative about McQueen's life. I also think it was important to have McQueen's parents and his children in the film because they actually witnessed the life of the artist that they never knew. This is a great movie about the life of John Darnell McQueen.

Nicole photo

McQueen's "American Icon" at its core is an exercise in the art of good journalism. I can't figure out why, but for the first hour or so, this seems to be something of a self-conscious trompe l'oeil of a doc. There is an element of journalism in this doc that does have its moments. The film then gets incredibly repetitive. We have the short interview with Alec Baldwin, we have the interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, we have the conversation between Rachel Weisz and McGowan, we have the two hours of footage of McQueen and Wilder at the Royal Academy in her droll fashion. All of these interviews are interesting in their own right, but the purpose of the film is to introduce the woman behind the icon of the modern era, and we are here to see how this woman continues to drive the course of her life, and what her reaction is to all of the publicity that she has been subjected to in her many decades of her life. In a few years, her legacy may be the film itself. A must see for anyone interested in the arts or film.

Michael Bailey photo
Michael Bailey

American icon, McQueen, is a truly great film. For a man who had to make his first film and was in his early 20s when he made it, the story is gripping and the documentary footage is gripping. The film is about how McQueen became a hit in the movie world, but the film is not about McQueen. The film is about the influence he had on other filmmakers. For example, the scene where the makers of "The Deer Hunter" meet with McQueen and his wife, is one of the most interesting and moving scenes in the history of cinema. This is not a documentary about McQueen. This is a film about his life. It is a film about a man who became a legend. It is a film about a man who knew how to make films and how to make people fall in love with them. This film is one of the greatest films of all time.

Joyce A. photo
Joyce A.

For a documentary about the death of a legendary actor, it's kind of odd to hear the filmmaker talk about him as a "realist", a man who lived with his ideals rather than the ideals of others. But McQueen wasn't a realist. He was a man with ideals and ideals of his own. This film is a slice of McQueen's life from his days as a stage actor in a Hollywood play (and he was a great one) to his iconic role in "The Magnificent Seven" to his reclusive death. "American Icon" is a masterful meditation on the end of the career of a man who used the word "hero" as a verb, a man who was an "extremist" in his own right. McQueen was a "realist", but he was not a realist in the literal sense of the word. His character in the film, played by Burt Lancaster, is a "realist". A realist who had dreams and ideals and an awareness of the reality of human life. And that reality was very different from the realities of other people. I felt, for example, that The Magnificent Seven was a study of an artist who at the time of the film's publication had just been fired by the studios for being too fussy and too realistic. I felt that the idea of a strict man with ideals was far from his reality. But, of course, I also felt that the film was very funny and very funny about the "realists". It was interesting to see how even this movie was a study of a man who was a realist and who had values. I also thought that Burt Lancaster did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised. McQueen was a great actor, and he deserves a lot of credit for his last few films. I can't imagine him without this film.

Brandon Martin photo
Brandon Martin

*Spoiler-free* "American Icon" is an amazing documentary that chronicles the life of iconic actor, Martin Scorsese. The film is mainly about how he started, the film he made and the film that still exists today. "American Icon" is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. It is a complete and totally unbiased film. The entire documentary is great, but it is the interviews with Scorsese's co-stars that really make it work. I loved the interview with Christiane Amanpour, a journalist who interviewed Scorsese and his wife in 1990 about their family. It is very well done, you feel you know the couple. You really feel for them. This is because Scorsese is an extraordinary man. "American Icon" is also the film that helps define what it means to be a "actor". I love that he tries to talk to the actors about what it is like to work with a director like Scorsese. "American Icon" is about Scorsese's remarkable work and how he still puts in place the same standards to directors that he once set for himself. It is very inspiring to know how many people around the world respect and admire his work. "American Icon" is a great film and I highly recommend it to anyone. It has everything and I don't know if it would be the same as for example "Hugo", "Titanic", "American Beauty" etc. I do not think that it would be a different movie for me as I would have to mention the director, the films, the actors etc. But all in all, I give it a 10/10. I love this film and will definitely recommend it to people. See it. Enjoy it.

Kimberly photo

I had the chance to see this at the San Francisco International Film Festival. It's the first documentary film to have been nominated for a major film award and it's not a film I'm ever going to forget. It's a must see for anyone with a love for movies. I've been looking for the DVD for a long time and was finally able to track it down. It was worth every penny and I will be adding it to my collection.

Billy Ford photo
Billy Ford

Terrific, witty, and very, very interesting. The film is about the life and career of the iconic motorcycle-riding stuntman, Vincent Crivelli. The film makes you sit up and think about a lot of things. You just don't know what you will discover, but you're all in for a treat.

Heather Warren photo
Heather Warren

This is the best documentary I've seen about McQueen. I saw the documentary and McQueen was not in the film. I've always loved McQueen and I was shocked that he was not in the film. I felt this was a great documentary about his life. The documentary is very informative and has some great interviews with McQueen, his wife, and the music industry. The documentary is very well done and well worth watching. It is a must-see.

Johnny Garrett photo
Johnny Garrett

This is a very touching documentary that really captures the essence of what it means to be a true American. McQueen was born and raised in the US and has lived his life in a country that has never really accepted him. The story of how he came to be able to play the lead in this film and the people he worked with is just fascinating and heartbreaking. It's also interesting to see how a man who was known for his manic energy, would at one time be able to carry a film and become a great director. The interview with the late film critic Roger Ebert is also very moving. As a movie buff, this is a must see.

Shirley photo

This is a documentary that is entertaining and informative. As I watched it I did not feel like I was being indoctrinated by an activist. I was watching this as a scientist who studies the effects of radiation on the human body and animal. I know for certain that the radiation that was at Chernobyl did not cause cancer in humans, although we don't know for sure. This film was in my opinion very informative and I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. In particular, you will learn that there is no way to eliminate all trace amounts of radiation. You should be aware of what you ingest when you are exposed to radiation and what that does to you. It is not easy to eliminate exposure to radiation as long as there are radionuclides in the environment. A primary concern of the film is that not enough is being done to prevent the future health effects of human exposure to radiation.

Deborah Cole photo
Deborah Cole

I came to this documentary to find out why everyone at the academy can't get an Oscar nomination. Unfortunately, the film does not reveal the reason for the lack of acceptance, but rather how the academy allowed and encouraged its members to be ditsy and arrogant. The reasons given are bogus, and not worth anything. I think I can say, without spoilers, that a lot of the statements made by McQueen in this movie are false. (If they had been true, they would have caused a lot of controversy.) In addition, the story of "American Beauty" was a fascinating one, and the feeling of isolation was well-realized. The scene where "American Beauty" was being selected for an Academy Award was painful to watch, and I was almost in tears in some parts of the film. When he said, "What was wrong with me that I was just a huge jerk to everybody else?" I found it hard to believe. The things he said about "American Beauty" did not make sense, especially since they were based on facts. For instance, when he said, "The people who liked 'American Beauty' are the same people who liked 'Chicago.'" A major theme of the movie is to show how Oscar winners have not received the recognition they deserve. People like Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, and Gene Hackman were fantastic actors. They gave us some of the greatest movies ever made. There were just some that deserved to be overlooked. I can't find any reason to like their movies. It seems that everyone in the movie agrees that "American Beauty" was a great movie. I can't say the same for "House of Games." This movie was awful, and I thought it was written by a girl. "Rules of Attraction" was good, but not great. It was not memorable, and I did not find any character to like. I think it would have been better to watch "Glitter." Not because it was a good movie, but because it was not a "glitter" movie. The documentary is made interesting by telling the story of how things got started and how it got to the point where these people didn't know what they wanted. I thought this was a good documentary, but I can't recommend it to anyone. If you are a fan of "American Beauty," you may like it. Otherwise, don't bother. 9/10

Thomas Nichols photo
Thomas Nichols

What an amazing documentary. I was extremely moved. The actor who played the main character in the film, did an excellent job portraying the young man. It is very difficult to capture a person's emotions. I felt for the young man and I was just shocked. I'm so glad he was able to express his feelings and the way he was able to do it, was amazing. The documentary was very powerful. I could see the anger, the fear, the sadness, and the confusion of the young man. I have seen the film many times and I still feel the same way about it. I would recommend it to everyone.

Brittany Guzman photo
Brittany Guzman

This is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. It really focuses on McQueen's career and his relationship with the women in his life. This documentary is very interesting and I hope it gets a DVD release.

Rebecca Schultz photo
Rebecca Schultz

You can't be too careful. This is a film that is like a good friend who gets away for a week. He never comes back, but it's a great story. This is not a documentary. It is a documentary of his life. It is a story of a man who has been a legend for so long. His story is told in his own words. He has lived a life of adventure and has a message that you can take to heart. If you want to learn about a man who lived a life of adventure and adventure, this is a must see.

Albert photo

This is a very well made film. The film is based on a true story. The whole point of the film is that McQueen is a symbol of the American Dream and how it can be destroyed. In this film we see that he never stopped dreaming and he was always chasing the dream of being a world champion. This is a great film. I highly recommend it.

Ryan Watkins photo
Ryan Watkins

In 1980, Steven McQueen was an obscure Hollywood stuntman who was getting nowhere with the big studios. He was a renegade and a rebel who took a stand and said "This is my job, not yours." He was never satisfied with the jobs he had been given and started his own company. He started out with a high-wire act and then built his company into a Hollywood stuntman powerhouse. McQueen was a master of his craft and his unique style was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. I was fortunate enough to see this documentary on DVD. I was able to talk with Steven McQueen and his wife Julie (who had passed away recently) about the process of the making of the documentary, his relationship with the Academy, and the life and times of Steven McQueen. The documentary was very informative and entertaining. I really enjoyed the interview with McQueen. He was very open and honest about his personal life and career. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about Steven McQueen.

Diana S. photo
Diana S.

In short, "American Icon" is a great movie. It's very entertaining and I'm surprised it has a rating of only 6.4. I'd say the highest is 9.4, but I'm not sure. The movie tells the story of how Jim Morrison died and the events surrounding it. It's a very entertaining movie and you can't help but laugh. It's a great story. However, if you're looking for a solid movie, then I would recommend "The Doors: Live at Monterey" instead. That movie is also entertaining, but at least the movie has a great story.

Bobby Carlson photo
Bobby Carlson

This is the best documentary I have ever seen. The only thing I would change is that I would have shortened it. It would have been more of a 30 minute documentary. I also would have added some more of the interviews with the members of the band. It was amazing to see the history of the band. It was great to hear the songs and see them live. The performances were so great. I also would have added a little bit more of the backstage story. This is one of those documentaries that I will watch over and over. It really is a great documentary.

Thomas G. photo
Thomas G.

I have never seen a documentary that tells you so much about such a great man. His life is so well documented and his death so deeply felt. I will never forget this man. I am so grateful that he was able to give me so much. His life and work are such a gift to the world. This documentary should be required viewing for every American and every citizen of any country. This documentary should be required viewing for all citizens. This is an outstanding documentary. This is the most important documentary that I have ever seen. I cannot think of a single moment in this film that I did not enjoy. I do not think I have ever seen a documentary that is so well made and that I would recommend to anyone. I will recommend this film to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the life and work of this great man.

Betty photo

I have a friend who's mom passed away and she kept her dad's portrait in her room. The portrait has had a lot of time on my wall. I would love to have it for myself. I would also like to have the portrait as a gift. This documentary is a very touching and enlightening film. It gives a wonderful insight into the lives of the four greatest men of our time. The film gives us a new perspective on the life of the man who inspired us all. McQueen's personal life and his family life are both important. We also learn a lot about the man and his work. McQueen was a gifted artist, a brilliant writer and a man of great integrity. This film is a very well done documentary. It is also a must see for anyone who loves history and culture. This film will bring you to the heart of the man who inspired us all.