Steam Genesis: Paradise Lost

Genesis: Paradise Lost

Genesis: Paradise Lost is a movie starring Andrew J. Fabich, Danny Faulkner, and Ray Comfort. If there is one part of the Bible that has undergone more scrutiny and abuse than any other, it is the very beginning-GENESIS. Both from...

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Danny Faulkner, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Andrew J. Fabich
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If there is one part of the Bible that has undergone more scrutiny and abuse than any other, it is the very beginning-GENESIS. Both from within and without the church, assaults on GENESIS continue to question the Creation and ultimately the Creator. So, what exactly happened at the "Creation," at the "Beginning?" Creation Today and Seven Fold Films is proud to announce that for the first time ever, using stunning visual effects and the latest in scientific research, GENESIS will come to life right before your very eyes. We have heard the phrase "In the beginning" many times; now we get to see it on the big screen.

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Rachel Cole photo
Rachel Cole

Very well made and well acted, the documentary is very well put together. It also gives you a very good idea of how the story was told. It shows you the different types of people that lived in the town and also shows how much they had to struggle to keep it from going down the drain. I especially like the way the documentary tells the story of the amazing journey the townsfolk went through to put this movie together. You can feel the pain that they went through in trying to get the movie produced. It is really well put together and the story is very heart warming. It also gives you a look into the people's lives that the town was surrounded by. I also really liked the fact that they included a lot of footage from the town that they were able to get. I think that the documentary is well worth seeing.

Carol photo

I watched this movie in the back of the class. It was a huge hit among the class. It has been shown over and over again. It has been the biggest story of the school year. It is a very hard hitting look at what happened to the people who had been in the concentration camps. The movie was very well made. It was a documentary. There was a lot of facts about the camps. It was very hard hitting. There was a lot of footage. It is a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust. This movie is a great piece of history.

Eric photo

This documentary is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It is filled with a lot of facts and figures to make you aware of what is going on. The thing that makes this documentary good is that the filmmakers have chosen to not use any political or religious influence in the documentary. I hope that this documentary will be the one that is used by other documentaries to be shown in the future. The documentary really makes you realize what's going on in the world. I would recommend this documentary to everyone because it is extremely informative and entertaining.

Amber photo

I thought the movie was great. I had no idea that Adam and Eve had no kids until I watched it. This movie is based on the Bible but has a modern feel to it. The movie is like a documentary and a really good one at that. It's not an educational film but it's a great film to see. It shows that God is the source of all life and that life has purpose and that we should live our lives to the fullest. The movie is very different than most of the Bible movies because it is not a book of stories but a documentary of the people who lived during the time of the flood. It also shows that there were other people who lived at the same time as the original people. This movie also has very strong language. The Bible does not have that much violence in it but there are some scenes that are very violent. I think that this movie is very good because it shows that God is the source of all life and that we should live our lives to the fullest. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Johnny K. photo
Johnny K.

I am a Christian and I must say that this documentary is a real eye opener. The truth is out there and this film has the power to make people aware of the lie. My favorite quote from this documentary is: "Humanity is in the midst of a great transformation." If you are a Christian, the truth of the matter is that the world has changed so drastically that it is impossible to understand the changes that have taken place. One of the most important points of this documentary is that we are all one family. This family is made up of those who believe in God and those who do not. We are all one family. This is the first of many documentaries that I will be watching. We must all learn to love God and His Word. It is a gift that God has given us that we are not only allowed to see, but we are also allowed to use. Thank you for making this film!

Deborah Jensen photo
Deborah Jensen

I have to agree with the first reviewer who said that this is not a documentary, but a movie. There are several points of view from different people. I like that. It makes the film so interesting. The questions that are raised are questions that I think most of us would like to ask. My only criticism is that it is a little too long and that the movie has a lot of characters. The ending is the one that I think most people will find most interesting. I think it is the ending that most people will appreciate most. The other comments that I have read about the movie are just as interesting. If you want to know more about the topic, then you should read the book. I think that they did a very good job of showing all sides of the issue. I think that the movie was much more successful than the book because it was able to put it all in one place. I recommend it to anyone.

Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

The film takes a look at a book that is banned in most countries, and how the main character, Alain Charny, tries to change the status quo of the book, and its impact on his life. He does so by getting his book published in a new language, and by giving interviews to the media, and changing his name. He is successful, and now he has a new lease on life, and a new life. The film shows that it's not just a book, and that many things that happen in a book can have a huge impact on the people who are reading the book. The film also shows the life of a man who was in prison for a crime that he didn't commit. He tries to make it clear to the people of the world that he did not commit the crime that he was accused of. The film is a great documentary, and it will be a great movie to watch if you are interested in the book. I give this film an A+

Donna A. photo
Donna A.

I was fortunate to catch a sneak preview screening of the documentary "ReGenesis" (yes, it's the same title as the documentary from the same year, "ReGenesis"). The documentary was a must-see for anyone that has ever wondered what life was like on the Ark, and the lack of the Ark in this documentary is truly remarkable. The documentary is filled with interviews with many Ark-watchers, with a lot of background information about the Ark, the Flood, the Floodwaters, etc. The documentary is also filled with many personal stories of Ark-watchers and their opinions on the Ark. If you want to get a real insight into how life was like during the Flood, and if you want to learn more about the Ark, this documentary is a must-see!

Marilyn Miller photo
Marilyn Miller

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not a fan of the science fiction genre. I'm not a fan of the horror genre either. I do love movies, though, so I decided to give this movie a shot. I found it to be very entertaining and a good introduction to the science fiction genre. It was interesting to see how the various special effects work, and the science fiction was covered in a very entertaining way. There were a few scenes that were cheesy but that was not that bad. I liked the acting as well, it was very believable and I found the acting to be very good. There were a few scenes that were unrealistic but that was not a big deal. The only negative thing I could say about this movie was that the ending was a bit rushed. I think that the movie could have been a lot better, but I still think it's a good movie.

Diane R. photo
Diane R.

I had no idea this movie was coming out, but I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it. I really enjoyed it, it really took me back to my high school days. I was a student at Westlake High School, and I remember the whole football team having a little party every year. This movie shows the highs and lows of the school, and it really brings home what it's like to be a teenager. You could tell that this was a student production, which really makes you feel for the kids who went through all that. This is a really good movie, it really shows what it's like to be a teenager, and how difficult it is to have your dreams come true. It was so real, I didn't know how hard it was to be a teenager, I guess I could relate, and it shows that it really isn't that hard. I really enjoyed this movie, I recommend it to anybody who wants to see a good movie about the high school days. I definitely give it a 9/10

Alan Lopez photo
Alan Lopez

The history of the Exodus is told through film. A film which contains the truth of what happened to the Jews of Egypt and the Jews of Palestine. A film which has the look of the work of a master film maker. If you are not interested in the facts you will be lost. The story is told from the viewpoint of the people who lived in those times and who are left with the memories of what happened. You will feel that the film is more than just a film about a few days of history. It is a story of a people and their world. It tells how they were affected by their rulers and the power of their leaders. The film gives the viewer the feeling that they are living in a world that is not your world. It makes you feel that you are not the only one who is affected by these events. The film is not only a history lesson. It is a story of what happened. I have never felt so alive and connected to the story of a people that I have seen in a film. It is a great film and it will take you to a world that you will never forget. The people of this film are the best people I have ever seen. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Jesse P. photo
Jesse P.

I think that the way this movie was made was very good. It shows us a very different view of the same old story, but with more emphasis on the spiritual aspects of life, rather than the material. I have seen a lot of the religious propaganda in movies, but I never thought I would ever see such a movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think that this movie should be watched by everybody. It should be shown in schools and churches. It should be shown to people who have to take care of their health and souls. I recommend it to everyone. The movie is definitely worth watching.

Eric Lucas photo
Eric Lucas

It's a good documentary about an ancient people and a great idea to show it through a classic movie, but unfortunately, it's a little bit too short. I think it could have been longer. It has a few good points. The people who were trying to find the "lost tribes" in the Amazonian forest, are a little bit naive. I'm glad to see them accept the fact that they're living in a dangerous environment, and that they need to find food. The animals living in the forest were really cool. It makes you feel like you're in their environment. Overall, this documentary is a little bit too short. I'm glad it's not too long. I'm glad that it shows you how these people are living, and that you're not alone. I can't really recommend this documentary, but it's still worth seeing. It's definitely worth watching.

Dennis photo

This is a really good documentary about the use of animals in the history of the world. This is really a great movie because it will get you thinking about how far we have come and what we can do about that. The title is about the use of animals in the history of the world and how many animals are still used in every day life in the world today. But what the documentary is really about is how far we have come and how we can change that. It is really a great movie and a must see.

Bruce photo

It is a testament to the power of this documentary to its subject matter and the scope of it, that there is still a lot of confusion about the origins of this myth. What is meant by the "spirit of the forest", is an idea that is so alien to the Native American culture, that it would be considered a contradiction of terms. It would have been considered impossible to have a "spirit of the forest" in the Americas. However, it was made possible by the idea of a "spirit of the earth" and the idea of a "spirit of the stars", and by the idea of the moon as a symbol of life. All in all, this documentary was very well done. Although it is not particularly academic, it is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of the myth.

Jack B. photo
Jack B.

There is an old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover". This film is not only about the bible but about the history of the bible, which is a great subject to cover. I'm glad that my church took the time to send me to see it. Although it is more of a documentary, the narration by the director of the film is also very effective. I highly recommend this film. I will be watching it again.

Lauren G. photo
Lauren G.

I'd heard of this documentary before I saw it and the previews, but I had not heard of it being on HBO so I went ahead and saw it anyway. It's an interesting documentary about the situation that the world is in. And it's great to see a documentary about the situation of the world. It is also very informative and funny at times, so it's a really good movie. I think it's also worth a watch. I'm not a huge fan of religious documentaries, but this is one that I enjoyed. It's definitely a movie that I would recommend to anyone who wants to know about the current world situation and how it affects the planet. 9/10

Johnny photo

This is a great documentary. The film's title is somewhat misleading, as it is not a film about the Genesis story, but rather a film about how the biblical narrative of creation was perceived by many throughout the world. I do not think that this documentary is a documentary on the Genesis story, but rather on the perception of how the biblical narrative of creation was perceived in the world. The film is a very well made documentary, and the videos are in the format that the scientists used. The videos show the evolution of the fossils, but also the evolution of the human skull and how it was formed, and the creation of the human brain. The scientists who made the videos are very credible. I can't say enough about the scientists who made the videos, they are very credible. The videos are very well done, and the format that the scientists used is very convincing. I do not think that this documentary is going to change people's opinions on the Genesis story. However, I do believe that this documentary is a great film that should be seen by anyone who believes in the biblical creation story.

Jennifer photo

A must see for everyone. Excellent documentaries that discuss the issue of the 'Foundation of the Fifties' in a very intelligent and thoughtful manner. If you're into the whole 'fifties' thing, then you're going to love this one. I watched the first part of this film and was expecting it to be a bit confusing at times, but I was amazed at the level of knowledge presented. I think everyone should watch it at least once.

Kenneth Brown photo
Kenneth Brown

In a day and age where the information age is on its way, and where we seem to be just too busy to think and learn, it is so refreshing to see this documentary that, through the words and images, it forces us to think and learn again. From the heart, from the mind, from the heart, this is a story that has been told so many times before, but in such an honest, inspiring, and at times, hilarious, way. The film, in my opinion, is a great tool to help the media to change our perception of our planet, and as we do that, we will see our planet grow and change, just as it did on Earth. It is my hope that we see this documentary, and hopefully, the world will hear it as well.

Charles Perkins photo
Charles Perkins

The book and the movie have a lot in common. Both deals with life and death. Both deal with the connection between humans and nature. Both deal with the need for survival. All the actors were excellent. Each of the characters were very realistic and convincing. I really recommend the movie for those who can't get enough of nature, evolution, love and pain. The only bad part of the movie was that there was not enough of nature. I'd have liked to see more of nature, as it's the first part of the movie. I am very satisfied that the movie has a good budget. I am very surprised how well the movie did at the box office. The movie deserves a better rating because it was not a masterpiece. It was very well made, but it didn't have a message. It is only a movie. It's good to see it, but don't expect any deeper meaning.

Kyle Jordan photo
Kyle Jordan

I'm sorry for the english translation. The story is a bit more "artistic" than the original. The "New" themes are quite interesting. That's not the only difference. The "New" story is based on the "Serbian" tradition and the "Serbian" morals. The other "New" themes are a bit more "creative" than the original. But the characters are the same, and the whole "story" is very much the same. Everything is so much the same. Like "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded", it is a total mind buster. I love this movie, and I have seen it so many times, it's starting to get to me.

Lauren Herrera photo
Lauren Herrera

Well this is a good documentary. Although it's not necessarily "honest" it's very important. People have been lied to and told that this is a true story. As long as the science behind it is true it is all right with me. There is still more that needs to be studied and a lot of questions still remain unanswered. But the story is one that needs to be told and this documentary does that. The film itself is very well done and shows the key points in a documentary style. It's clear that the "citizen scientists" had to get permission from the school to do what they did. They were under strict instructions not to release any of the data. But they did. Now they are a bit embarrassed about it. But that's a story for another day. If you are interested in knowing more about this story I recommend the book " Genesis: Paradise Lost" by Richard "Lolo" Hess. It's not really an "independent" movie but I would recommend it. It is very well written and has very good interviews with scientists and people who knew the real story. It also has information about the famous Nobel Prize winning scientist who did all of this and the like. I would have liked to have seen more of the documentaries and more information about the people who were involved in the whole story. I think that's part of the purpose of documentaries. The filmmakers did a great job of recreating the documentary style of the "Science Channel" and not trying to be something else. This film will be a very good choice for people who want to know more about the subject. It's easy to watch and it's not too long. I've seen it a dozen times and I still find new things that I missed the first time. I hope it will be released on DVD and hopefully it will be shown on TV someday.

Catherine Peterson photo
Catherine Peterson

After viewing "Godzilla" in the theater, I thought to myself, "Wow. this movie really blew me away. This is the best movie I have ever seen in my life." The 3 hours of my life that I will never get back. I went back to my local library and downloaded the DVD. It is amazing. I never expected to see such a great movie. I have watched it 5 times and I am still shocked. There is so much to see. I am not sure what it is about the movie, but I know it is the same thing every time I watch it. The story is simple but powerful. It takes you back to the 60's. The music is very touching and soothing. This movie will make you feel good. I have never been to a movie that made me feel so good. I have never felt so good watching a movie that I have watched. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Samantha Harrison photo
Samantha Harrison

I've never been to a primary school, but it's obvious that this film will impact many kids. It's such an amazing documentary. The film is informative and funny. The acting is great. The score is fantastic. I was never scared in this movie. I laughed and was entertained. It's a must-see.

Nancy Johnston photo
Nancy Johnston

I've been a long time fan of G. M. Gustafson and the film Genesis: Paradise Lost is by far one of his best works. From the first scene with its light and vibrant colors, to the lyrical soundtracks, and to the superb acting and chemistry between the cast. I must say that this is the best film I have seen from Gustafson and I hope he will make many more films. I'm also not a fan of the director, but he did a very good job and I think the people who have rated this film below 10 are the ones that should stay away from it, because it is a very good film. Now if you want to know more about the film, read this: it's a very good and touching story that is well acted, well directed and well written, all together a very good film. Genesis: Paradise Lost is the most creative movie I have seen in a long time, and I'm very happy about it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Eugene photo

When the movie started, I was like "This will be boring and dull". I left the theater feeling like I had been robbed of what I loved about the movie. I was completely deceived and used by a Hollywood machine. It was very depressing and not a pleasant experience. I am also very disappointed in my girlfriend. She was right in the middle of it all. She was not an important part of the movie but a small part of a very big company that she belonged to. I was looking forward to see the end of the movie. Unfortunately, it did not end. I am thankful for the movie but I will not be watching it again. I would say that the movie had the potential to be one of the best movies ever made but it was not made to be one of the best movies ever made. There was something about it that was not right. Not everything was true but the truth was enough to give me the feeling that the movie was fake. I was completely deceived. I have seen many movies and I have seen many great movies. This was not one of them.

Heather F. photo
Heather F.

Just watched this documentary about the year 2000 and the increase in brain cancer in America and the dramatic increase in numbers of cancer patients who have died. It really is a compelling and inspiring story and I am amazed by the way they do their research and work on their subjects. This documentary is truly inspiring and I encourage everyone to see this one and I hope that you will watch it and take away with you some of the values that you have learned from this film. It will be a great asset to you as well as to your family and friends and even the family of the man who made it possible.

Daniel J. photo
Daniel J.

A fantastic film that is beautifully made and is based on actual events. It is a great documentary and shows you how a child's life can change in a matter of hours. This is a film that is a must see for everyone. It is a film that is very hard to watch but also a film that you will want to talk about with your friends and family.

Laura Lane photo
Laura Lane

The film is an amazingly honest look at the plight of the Aboriginal people. There is no more powerful message than this and I'm sure it is one that can be communicated to non-Aboriginal people. I saw this film last night and I'm absolutely speechless. It is without a doubt the most amazing documentary I have ever seen and the most powerful film I have ever seen. I've seen this film at least a hundred times and I always keep it in my DVD collection. I'm not really a fan of documentaries and this film makes me want to get up and go to the cinema and see it again and again. This is the most incredible documentary I have ever seen, and it is a true "must see". It is an incredible thing to watch and this film is only just beginning. I give it a nine out of ten.

Kenneth Lopez photo
Kenneth Lopez

It's a shame that Michael Moore's films are really too childish for the most part. A movie like Fahrenheit 9/11 is much more meaningful. This film will do great for the cause of the movie, and the cause of free speech.

Jerry Spencer photo
Jerry Spencer

I have never been much of a fan of Paul Ehrlich, but I was amazed to see that he had given the best documentary I've ever seen to date. I was surprised to see that the film was only 90 minutes long, as it is one of the longest documentaries I have ever seen. The acting in this film is amazing. A first-rate cast including George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and Morgan Freeman. The film contains the most detailed, graphic account of how the world is coming to an end. The documentary is one that needs to be seen by everyone. The film does an excellent job of explaining the theory of evolution, the origins of the Earth, and the origins of mankind. I believe that the documentary should be a mandatory course for any biology students in any school, as it is very educational. I highly recommend this film, especially to those who believe in evolution, as it is one of the most important documentaries ever created.

Amy photo

In the wake of the financial crisis, I was eager to see what the financial world could come up with. While the major financial institutions and their leaders do not appear to be listening to the people, I was surprised at how much they seemed to be listening to themselves. To their credit, the financial industry has done well in adapting to the needs of the new economy and its weaknesses. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been a great help in bringing the public's attention to issues such as the housing crisis, corporate greed, and the rise of Wall Street and the super rich. But the financial industry is still very much a force to be reckoned with. In a recent interview, the CEO of the world's largest bank, JP Morgan Chase, admitted that their business model is "very, very fragile." JP Morgan Chase's "unsustainable business model" has been the subject of an investigation by the House Financial Services Committee. These bank CEOs are aware that there is a big problem with their business model, and they know that if they were to alter their business model they would have to change their business model. As a result, they have done everything they can to make it as difficult as possible for the public to understand what their business model is. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been very effective in getting the public's attention to these issues, but the financial industry has been very successful in keeping the public in the dark. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to know what is really going on in the financial world. It is an informative and informative documentary.

Patricia P. photo
Patricia P.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go rent it right now. Its really worth it. Its about the Genesis creation story. It's a one-hour documentary. The story is told in a way that's pretty easy to understand. It shows people talking about their faith in God and what they believe about it. I would recommend this movie to anyone. If you are religious, this is the movie for you.

Harold B. photo
Harold B.

This is a fantastic documentary, I believe it is the best one I have ever seen, and it is the best I have ever seen. It tells the story of the events that changed the lives of so many people, and that has made it so difficult for many of us to get through our lives without thinking about it. The movie was able to show the struggles and hardships of the people involved, from the starting stages, right through to the end of the story. The movie is also very well made, and so it is able to show the real story of the family that was brought together in this story. It is also a very touching story that I believe everyone will find a reason to love.

Ethan G. photo
Ethan G.

This documentary is very insightful and extremely well produced. I would recommend it to anyone. While some of the clips are not new, they are all really interesting and relate to the main themes. This documentary is an excellent example of how documentaries can get the message out. It is also a fantastic example of how difficult it is to get access to the truth about the Holocaust, and the lives of those affected. It also highlights how much money is spent on Holocaust museums and other institutions, and how much is spent on covering up and forgetting the crimes of the past.

Cheryl photo

This movie has received so much attention and is such a real success for it's director and actors. It is a very insightful documentary that teaches you something about people and what they do. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone. This movie has been extremely inspiring and inspiring.

Nicole Price photo
Nicole Price

I watched this film for the first time in my life. I would like to say that this is a great film that should be watched by all religions and everyone should see it. It is a unique documentary on the true story of how two people came to save the world from the destruction of the black plague. They have brought people from all over the world to go on a journey to Ethiopia to the town of Geuwera, to save the town. This film was a masterpiece and i think that everyone should watch it because it shows the people of the world what we are willing to do for our country. I am so thankful for my country because without them i would not be able to go on this adventure.

Ashley photo

A must see for anyone interested in the historical and cultural background of the real tragedy of Nazism. The movie tells the story of the people who suffered from the holocaust, their families, and the forces that shaped their lives. The movie is all about the Holocaust, but is not just about the Holocaust. The movie is also about the Czechs and their neighbors and the German occupation. The movie is full of facts that show that the Holocaust is not just a crime. It is a crime against humanity and the Czechs suffered greatly. Many people died because they were not able to defend themselves, but their families had no other option than to live with the guilt of what they had done. Some of the families took part in the resistance and hid the Jews in their homes. Many of the people died. The movie does a great job at showing how the Holocaust affected the people and how the people went through that horrible time. The movie is also full of facts about the events surrounding the Holocaust. The movie shows the SS and its leaders at work. The movie is also full of interviews with survivors of the holocaust. The movie is very interesting and informative. The movie is very emotional and very moving. The movie will show the world that Nazism is evil, and that the holocaust is not a crime. The movie is well written and the information is not to be missed. The movie is very well made and very well made. It is full of beautiful images. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie that shows the Holocaust. I give it 10/10.

Bobby Reyes photo
Bobby Reyes

The Movie The Movie is the best movie that I have seen in a very long time. I think the way the director used to show the World in this movie, what is happening in the World and what we are doing, is very good. You must see it, if you have not seen it, you must see it. It is not just a movie about the Earth. It is about what is happening on the Earth. It is not only about the Earth. I think it is important that we see the world as it is, and that we will not just go there to see the "thingies" of the movie, we will see the Earth. I think that if people do not see the Earth as it is, and we see the Earth as it is, the world will be too small for us to do anything for the Earth, or we will not see any new things. The movie was so good, and I hope that it will be seen by many more people. I really want to see it again, and I am sure that people will like it. It was amazing.

Jeffrey Morrison photo
Jeffrey Morrison

This documentary is a must see for all people who are interested in climate change. I learned that the UK government has been behind the whole global warming agenda. What is even worse is that people in the UK believe that climate change is a myth. This documentary is very informative and even humorous. It is a must see for all. It is very good in every aspect.

Margaret Ramirez photo
Margaret Ramirez

It's a movie that touches the heart, with a message that it doesn't stop to spare for the individual. I'm not an environmentalist but I was touched. The fact that so many people know of it is testimony to its effectiveness. This is a movie that could have easily been a propaganda tool to garner votes, but not once did it show the slightest bias. If you want a movie to watch, this is the one to watch. I know this is not for everyone, but I hope that the people that made this film see that they are not trying to control the public, but that they are trying to help the public.

Brandon J. photo
Brandon J.

This is a great documentary on the Genesis story. Some people don't like it because it is a "happy" story. It is NOT a happy story. It is the story of Noah and the Ark. It is also the story of Noah's grandaughter, the Ark, and the Genesis flood. This is a good, fair, and faithful documentary. My wife and I, both believers, both know all the facts about Genesis, as we have been told. We are not here to bash Genesis or to make excuses for any religion, but to give our own perspective of the facts. You will NOT be surprised by anything in this film. But, if you want to learn more about Genesis and to see it from the other side, this is a must see film.

Hannah G. photo
Hannah G.

This is the first documentary I've ever seen that tells the story of the creation of the Universe, starting from the Big Bang, and it is by far the most informative and thorough documentary ever produced. I would give it a 9 out of 10. It is an excellent piece of work and a very satisfying experience. I also agree with the other reviewers who say the film is "too long". But if you think that, then you don't know any science and you don't have to be a scientist to be affected by this film. I hope that others agree and see it as well. If you want to see a documentary that is the most scientifically accurate ever made, go watch it.