Steam Malang - Unleash the Madness

Malang - Unleash the Madness

Malang - Unleash the Madness is a movie starring Aditya Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Disha Patani. Advait visits Goa where he meets Sara, a free-spirited girl who lives life unshackled. Opposites attract and all goes well until life...

Other Titles
Malang: Unleash the Madness, Malang
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance, Crime
Mohit Suri
Aniruddha Guha, Aseem Arrora, Mohit Suri
Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor, Kunal Khemu, Aditya Roy Kapoor
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Advait visits Goa where he meets Sara, a free-spirited girl who lives life unshackled. Opposites attract and all goes well until life turns upside down. Years later, Advait is on a killing spree with cops Aghase and Michael in his way.

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Betty Cooper photo
Betty Cooper

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Heather photo

I watched the movie on a Sunday and was thrilled to watch this movie. Its not a movie that I would choose to watch again,but I really did enjoy it. The movie has a great cast and the movie has a very interesting plot that could keep you on the edge of your seat. It's also a movie that reminds me of the 80's. I would definitely recommend to people to watch this movie.

Elizabeth W. photo
Elizabeth W.

This movie is a kind of mixture of the original The Naked Gun series and The Matrix. It is actually a kind of homage to both movies but not really a direct copy. It is definitely a good film, but it is not a great film. It has its good points, especially the acting and the screenplay. But it is not really a memorable film. I am not really sure why this film was made. Maybe it was the budget, maybe it was the money that they had to spend. Whatever the reason, it was not really a great film. But it is not bad. I recommend this film to fans of The Naked Gun series and to fans of action films.

Jason W. photo
Jason W.

There are a lot of bad reviews about this movie. If you watch it with open mind you'll get an excellent experience. One of the best Brazilian movie I've seen lately. Best actors, best action, best photography and most of all, the best music of any movie. All of you people who say the movie is not a success and that the director doesn't know how to make a good movie should get a clue. They're all just critics. This is an amazing movie and I cannot wait to watch it again and again and again.

Judy photo

This is the kind of movie that a person can watch and cry on after, as the conclusion was a tear jerker. I had my doubts when I heard that it was made by Andy Garcia, who I thought would be a bad director for a romance. I thought I would be like most men - easily moved by any romance but, like most people, I am pretty ambivalent about romantic comedies, not caring for any actors' performance. What made this movie work for me is that it had an honest, straight forward, and, at times, controversial romance that could be read in many ways. I think this is the best romance I have ever seen. The movie was intelligent and interesting. I really enjoyed the first half, as it had a more rounded and deeper quality to it. The second half (a bit slower and more comedic) was slightly better. The acting was good, and the direction was excellent. I really loved the music, especially the opening song that was used in the opening credits. All in all, I give this movie a 9/10.

Scott Collins photo
Scott Collins

The movie is about a group of friends in South Africa and their struggles to survive in the country and protect their dignity. This film is very realistic. And very, very powerful. It's an ideal movie that makes you laugh, cry, feel like you're there. The actors are very good and believable. The direction is very good. It's a powerful movie that you will want to watch and have a lot of energy from the whole time. The movie is a must see!

Mary photo

I have to admit, I am a long time fan of the police dramas. When I first heard that Netflix was giving the amazing drama High Tension a shot, I was skeptical. I don't know why, but I felt like I was watching a boring movie. This movie did not disappoint. Not only is it a very well-acted and directed drama, but it also has a great plot that doesn't take a minute to follow. It's about a serial killer that starts killing people in the metro of Oslo. The protagonist is a very angry cop named Hjart (Aja) who is the only cop that can solve the case. He soon finds out that his partner Tore (Bjørn Lillestad) and a fellow cop are murdered in the same day, which leads to a lot of events. I am not going to talk about the plot or how it is executed in any detail, but it is amazing how the film really moves at a good pace. The cinematography is also outstanding and the actors give their best. I am a fan of Bjørn Lillestad, who plays the protagonist with such passion and joy that I almost wanted to burst into laughter at some point. He is one of the best actors in the world. His acting skills are unbelievable and I think he is definitely one of the best actors of his generation. The rest of the cast are also wonderful. It's nice to see people who really work hard in their roles. I was very impressed by the many talented actors who worked on this film. The cast really brought out the best out of the movie. I think that this is a very well made and very well executed drama, which I highly recommend to everyone. It is a must-watch film, and I will be on the lookout for more films from this talented crew.

Lisa K. photo
Lisa K.

So this movie is suppose to be about a psychiatrist who teaches a martial art to a kid and saves his life in the process. Well this movie really surprised me. The acting was fantastic. The fight scenes were great and suspenseful. The plot was awesome. I think you should watch this movie. I give it a 10/10. It will be my new favorite movie for a long time.

Madison R. photo
Madison R.

Delightful thriller that's perfect for fans of German films. The problem is, most people are not fans of German movies. These films are a little hard to understand at times, and the narration is a bit weak, but the music is fabulous, the story is fascinating, the actors are great and the use of subtitles is interesting. And it's not only the Germans who are familiar with German films. These films are part of a new wave of German cinema that was coming from the cinema scene in the 1980's. The reason why is because they tell stories that were mostly suppressed by censors in the old days. When it comes to "A woman and a thief", the story is also pretty unusual, the actors are well chosen, the dialogues are really entertaining, and it is very well photographed. I have watched this film several times and I always like it. A film that will be recommended to fans of German cinema.

Adam photo

If you love thrillers and car chases then this movie is for you. The story follows the life of a doctor who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his wife and her friends. There are quite a few twists and the plot is a bit confusing at first but soon it all becomes clear. The actors do a great job and the direction is well done. I really recommend this movie for fans of thrillers and for the whole family.

Philip Scott photo
Philip Scott

I saw this film at the premier in Australia and in my opinion, it is the best film that has been made to date! A must see! If you love thriller and crime films this is the film for you!

Amy photo

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, as I wasn't a fan of HK cinema. That is, until I saw the trailer. and realized that the makers of the movie were going to give us an insight into the life of an assassin who takes out the bad guys. And what did I get? A very good movie. The movie is more about the characters and their relationships, than the plot. It seems like the movie doesn't even need a plot, because there are many, many characters to be attached to. And, the plot doesn't add anything to the film. It is just a vehicle for the movie. That is not a bad thing, as long as the movie is well made. In this case, it was. The movie has a few flaws, but the good outweighs them all. The dialogues are decent, and the actors deliver what they can. The character development was top notch. And it felt natural. The acting of Yip Man is top notch, and I hope he gets an award for his performance. Even though he was not the best in the movie, he still did a good job. Then there is Sammi Lin, who plays the wife of the assassin. I was expecting something more from her, but she did a great job. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a movie to watch. It's a great movie to enjoy with your friends or with a date. You don't need to have a specific genre, but just watch it and have fun!

Debra C. photo
Debra C.

Tena Reid, Richard Norton, Danny De Vito, Jodie Foster, and Cate Blanchett star in this fantasy, erotic, and action-packed crime drama. In an attempt to build up his reputation in the mob, Richard Norton (Tena Reid) and his brother Marcus (Richard Norton) turn down a huge business opportunity from the mob. At the same time, a black man, Mark J. Rourke (Danny De Vito), a man who claims to be in his family's gang, is on the run. With the help of a journalist named Pamela (Cate Blanchett), Marcus soon gets in trouble when he is involved in a rape and robbery. The next day, Mark is confronted by his family, and the family members are ruthless and unpredictable. As the story develops, Marcus turns out to be a true hero, and he has a revelation about his family. This is a very underrated film, and I consider it the best from the Bruce Willis's and Anthony Hopkins' Spider-Man trilogy. It is an action-packed film, and the story is very well written. The acting is very good, and it is very violent. Although it is very violent, it is also very erotic and eroticistic. I liked this film very much, and I recommend it to everyone who likes action-packed movies. It is a very good movie.

Brenda Tran photo
Brenda Tran

Very entertaining movie, enjoyed the language in Malang too, it's well worth watching. It's also the first feature length movie, also in Malang I'd heard it was too long but it was really enjoyable, it was a very long movie. I feel it was one of the longest movies ever made. I was really disappointed at the first review because I had hoped for more violence, not just for the sake of violence, it should have been more violent for the sake of getting the best effects. I also liked that they didn't have too many characters in the movie, only 3 main characters and two of them being the male and female leads, the rest were just some other character. I think the ending of the movie was amazing too. So, for the whole movie I just really enjoyed it, it was a good movie for the whole family, even the kids, just watch it for the best action movie of 2018.