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Grâce à Dieu

Grâce à Dieu is a movie starring Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet, and Swann Arlaud. The three men, friends of childhood, will cross, compare their personal experiences and question their life of couple, family and professional.

Other Titles
Θέλημα Θεού, Yüzleşme, Jumalale tänu, Gelobt sei Gott, Grazie a Dio, Dzięki Bogu, Jumalan armosta, Por la gracia de dios, Por la gracia de Dios, Alexandre, Aciu Dievui, By the Grace of God, I guds namn, Por gracia de Dios, Gracias a Dios, 感謝上帝, Ved Guds nåde, L'homme qui pleure, Graças a Deus, Por Gracia de Dios, Isten kegyelméből, Gud være lovet
Running Time
2 hours 17 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Drama
François Ozon
François Ozon
Denis Ménochet, Melvil Poupaud, Éric Caravaca, Swann Arlaud
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Francois Ozon's gripping drama follows three men who band together to dismantle the code of silence that continues to protect a priest who abused them decades ago. Based on events from the 2019 conviction of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon for concealing the conduct of Father Bernard Preynat, BY THE GRACE OF GOD compassionately illustrates the varying effects of trauma on survivors and their families in this urgent portrait of resistance, the power of mobilization, and the mysteries of faith.

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Janice Sullivan photo
Janice Sullivan

Jean-Marc Vallee's "C'est pas la vie" is a new kind of drama. The movie takes place in a French town that has been affected by a mysterious phenomenon that seems to be caused by aliens. When the young girl is raped by a stranger, she wakes up in the hospital with a strange virus that causes a person to be unable to control their own body. This film is based on a novel by Philippe Ferrier, but it is the first time that Vallee has written a screenplay and it is very hard to follow the story because he doesn't show anything from the novel, but that is not a problem because he doesn't need to. The cast is really good, but that is not a problem because the acting is very good. Jean-Marc Vallee is a new director and he is also a new writer, but he has the ability to take his actors and make them really stand out and I think he did a very good job in this movie. I recommend this movie to everyone because it is a great movie and it is a film that is worth watching.

Amber L. photo
Amber L.

I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare, and the fact that this movie has been available on DVD for a while, i was a little disappointed, since i am an English major. After reading some reviews, i decided to watch this movie. I was very impressed with the acting, especially the young actors, i think this is the best acting i've ever seen from any movie. The story was well thought out and the actors did a great job of portraying it. This is one of those movies that makes you think about your own life. For example, i recently went to visit my family, and after I left, i wanted to find out what they were doing. When i was a kid, i was very sad, and i realized that i was a very unhappy person. I would get angry easily, and i would cry a lot. This movie showed me what it was like to be unhappy and sad all the time. It made me realize that i am not alone. I think that this movie is very important for anyone who has ever felt like that. I think that everyone should watch this movie, and learn a thing or two about life. This movie is great for everyone, and everyone should watch this movie.

Betty Butler photo
Betty Butler

I saw this movie after hearing great reviews and really looking forward to seeing it. I am glad I did. I am a big fan of Jean Dujardin and this movie really reminded me of his performance in Les Noces in the way he portrays a character who is very much like a grown man in real life. It is a good film that is not for everyone, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to those who like the gritty crime movies that Dujardin has done in the past.

Charles Jackson photo
Charles Jackson

I will be honest, I have never seen a movie so amazing in my life. It is like a masterpiece. The way the movie tells the story is so good and well done. The way it is told, the music is so good. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's definitely one of the best movies of all time.

Brenda Evans photo
Brenda Evans

A rare film where the acting was better than the plot. I don't understand why this film is so highly rated, except perhaps because of the extreme violence and gore that it depicts. But to me, it seems more realistic and thought provoking than many of the horror films being made these days. It does, however, show how a person, not an animal, can become inhuman and inhuman in its own time and place. I found the film gripping and the plot compelling. I really don't think that this film would appeal to those who like bloody, gory films. But it may be of interest to those who like the genre.

Phillip photo

This is a very strange film. Some of the effects look great, but they're way overdone. This is the worst thing I've ever seen in a film. The best thing about this film is the performances of the actors. It's weird to think that these people were really acting in this film. It's a shame, because the actors and the actors' performance are the only reason this film is worth watching. This is also the best thing about this film. I think the writer of this film just wanted to make fun of the German movie industry. All the actors are really good and very good-looking. Even in the dialogue, you can tell they're having a lot of fun making this film. But I don't really care about the actors, I just want to know why the hell they're in this film. The film has a lot of nice effects, but it also has a lot of bad effects. The most famous is the woman getting hit by the truck. I don't think it's a very good idea to use a truck with a big hole in the top for this effect. But if you're gonna use this effect, you should use a big truck, not a small one. Also, it's not good to have this effect at the beginning of the film. It's unnecessary and it makes you not care about the character's story. Anyway, this is a very weird film. It's funny at some parts, but I don't really think it's that funny. It's like a very bad parody of a film. But I think this is a great film.

Janet photo

This is the best film I have seen in a long time. This is an exciting movie and a very unique film. This movie shows the actions of a single person and how the society reacts to him. This is a very well done film and deserves a lot of credit. If you want to see a great movie go and see this movie.

Kenneth Sanders photo
Kenneth Sanders

Le Parisien has the honor to present this picture of Jean-Pierre Melville's second film of the year, after "The Human Centipede". This is the last film from the director who brought us "Sleeping With The Enemy", "One Day", "L'Amant" and "L'Enfant". "Le Parisien" is a pure, honest, unpretentious and moving portrait of the personal and professional life of one of the most significant and talented artists of our time. Melville, like "The Human Centipede" was extremely popular with the critics, as the film is widely acclaimed for its outstanding performances, especially by the young actors, who are in fact the main characters of the film. In addition to the two main actors, the other actors, such as Audrey Tatou, Janine Bernier, Sophie Bercovici, Thomas Gerard, Tcheky Karyo and Thierry Lhermitte, all are very impressive. It is a pleasure to see a film that is completely lacking the typical Parisian cliches, and it is an honour to see a film that has not been tainted by the Hollywood style. It is a beautiful and very moving film that should be watched by everyone, especially the young actors, and should be seen by all who have a taste for art cinema, or for films with a strong sense of humanity.

Arthur photo

The first time I saw this film, I had absolutely no idea what I was watching. I'd seen the trailer for it, and was like "Yeah, I get it." But this film is so much more than a simple cop thriller. It is a great, dark, brooding movie. A film that is based on a true story. I've never seen a film with so much character development, so many scenes that are either going to change your life or change your life, or at least make you think about it for a while. There's one scene in particular, that is so powerful, that I can't describe it without giving it away. It's the scene where they are in the field, and the guy has a gun to his head. It's a scene that is so real, and so powerful, that it will forever be in my memory as the scene that changed my life. It is a masterpiece of cinema, and one of the best films of the year. 10/10

Madison Tucker photo
Madison Tucker

I really liked this movie, It was a very well made movie, and the characters were very well developed. The movie was very slow moving at times, but that is the way it was. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a movie about a person who lives in a very ordinary way, but still loves life, and has a very good sense of humor. It is the story of a guy named Jean-Claude, and his sister's wedding, and how they meet each other. The movie is very slow moving, but that is the way it was, and the way it was for me.

Jean Hudson photo
Jean Hudson

I must confess that I am not a fan of the American film industry, but I am a big fan of Jacques Audiard. I've watched all his movies and I can tell you that this is by far the best one of his works. The story is quite simple, it is about a cop who wants to put an end to the corruption in the department he works for. He is not a particularly nice guy and you can't help but feel sorry for him. His colleague is not much better and it is clear that he is not very good either. However, the bad guy is not the only bad guy. I would like to mention two other actors in this movie who I absolutely love. The first is Nicolas Ghesquiade, who plays the Chief of Police and the second is Dominique Pinon. I would also like to mention the excellent performance by Olivier Mesquita, who plays the Chief of Police. He is very convincing and does not let you forget that he is a real police officer. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I advise you to go and see it. You won't be disappointed.

Nathan L. photo
Nathan L.

What a great movie! There were two main aspects of the movie that really moved me. The first was the acting of the lead character. He is a very beautiful man and he definitely is the main character in the movie. His acting is amazing and I would love to see more from him. The second aspect of the movie that really moved me was the cinematography. The camera shots were so incredibly creative, it was as if you were watching a classic French movie. The music, as you can tell, was amazing as well. I truly loved the score of the movie and it was very unique. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that has ever watched a French movie and it is a must see. I loved this movie and I hope to see more from this director.

Johnny H. photo
Johnny H.

I first watched this film when I was about ten. I thought it was very realistic and touching. As a child I had a great appreciation for the plight of many children in need of love and protection. So for this reason I was very moved and moved by the touching scenes of the orphans in Paris. The movie was a true testament to how a family can overcome the most tragic event in their lives. The parents were able to give love and care to their children without being consumed by greed. I have watched this movie over and over again and have always been moved by the picture of how a loving family can overcome the worst of situations. I am very proud to say that I have a daughter who has been adopted and has learned a great deal from her parents. I am sure the movie touched many other families. I highly recommend it for any family.

Scott J. photo
Scott J.

A beautifully done movie that may be one of the best films of the year. Not for all tastes but for those that have something to say about the world we live in, it is a MUST see. A great cast and a great story. I am very much looking forward to the director's next film.

Donna photo

I am not a fan of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's work, but I was fascinated by this film. The performances by the actors are excellent. The background music is very good. I was also impressed by the cinematography. I have never seen this movie in IMAX, but I am very pleased with this one. I believe that the IMAX format helps a lot, as the audience is at a very close distance to the actors, and the camera is extremely close to the action. I believe that this movie should have been in IMAX, because I believe that the audience will be able to feel the intense tension and the tense moments. I also believe that the camera is a very important element in this film. The camera is close to the actors, and the camera moves with them. There is very little movement in this film, but it is very important. This is what makes the movie so intense. If I had to explain what I like about this movie, I would have to say that I like to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet's movies in IMAX, because it is much more intense and the audience is able to feel the intense tension and the tense moments. The movie is a really good movie. I believe that it is the best movie of the year. If you like Jean-Pierre Jeunet's movies, you should see this movie.

Beverly photo

The plot of this film is a little bit unusual, and a little bit different from the normal Hollywood plot. But I think this film was a good attempt at a 'less is more' thriller. The cast is very good, the setting is great and the script was very good. I think that this film is a great drama, and I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good mystery thriller.

Crystal photo

There's a French film that I have never seen before, and I can't think of another film that has had this sort of effect on me. I was living in France for a couple of months when I saw this film, and I couldn't wait to get home. It has a very austere, realistic style. If you are into drama, it's a must see.

Tammy E. photo
Tammy E.

I love this movie. I've seen it over and over, it's just a great movie. The story is very interesting and the acting is just fantastic. In this movie, Anthony Hopkins is fantastic. He's just so brilliant, and this movie is a real treat for him. He is the character of the movie, and he really deserves all the credit. This movie is really, really good. I think people should watch it, and they should watch it for the cast and the story, but I think people should also watch it for the music. This movie has some really great music, and I recommend it. The music is very good, and it's very romantic and kind of funny. It's a really good movie, and it's just really good. It's one of those movies that you should watch, and it's really good.

Brenda G. photo
Brenda G.

I was born in 1973 and I was very impressed by the great new movie that was released in '73. The first thing that struck me was the great direction of Jean Rollin, the brilliant performances of Gerard Depardieu, Claude Sautet, Michel Blanc and the charming songs of Claude Bouchaud. I have never been so moved by a movie and I can only recommend it to every film lover. A wonderful movie that will make you cry, laugh and think.

Joan Reyes photo
Joan Reyes

Michel Gondry's 2013 film "The Spectacular Now" takes on the themes of time travel, guilt, and what happens when people who have lived their lives in a certain era suddenly find themselves in a completely different time period. This film is about four men who discover that they are all living in a parallel universe and are having trouble adjusting to their new lives. Their unique and eccentric way of life is challenged when they all have to deal with an unusual case of mistaken identity. Their characters are archetypal. All of them are extremely intelligent, but are also extremely emotional. It's impossible to tell what the future holds for them, and that's where the movie makes you feel for them. This movie is based on a true story and has been presented as a documentary. Gondry chose the perfect time to tell his story and it's exactly the time to do it. This is a very emotional and interesting movie and it shows how a story with many parallel threads can be told. The story itself is fantastic and you will not be able to guess what's coming next. In one scene, we see how a woman, and her children, are trapped in a bus and are forced to move to another city. When the bus arrives at the new city, she sees that the house where she was living has been sold to a private individual. She doesn't know where she's going to go and how she's going to get there. The two men who found the movie and were telling it to each other are completely different from the characters that we see in the movie. They aren't so different from the characters that we have already seen in the movie. This makes it so much more interesting to watch. Gondry chose to make the movie almost completely in black and white. This is perfect because the movie has the same feel as the movie. We have no idea what's going to happen. It's like we're watching a movie in a dream. In some ways, the movie is even more interesting than a movie because the characters are actually just on the screen. There's no story here. I really recommend this movie. It's not a movie that is going to win any awards but it's certainly a good movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Dorothy W. photo
Dorothy W.

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Very powerful. Very unique. Excellent directing. The camera work is amazing. Very interesting. The ending is a bit ambiguous. I think it is the perfect ending. It leaves a lot to the imagination. Good acting by Anne Hathaway and Owen Wilson. I liked the movie a lot and think it is an important movie.