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This One's for the Ladies

This One's for the Ladies is a movie starring Lakia Hunter, Michele Moore, and Poundcake. This documentary explores the sexual and social identity of contemporary black America through intimate, eye opening and often hilarious...

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Gene Graham
Poundcake, Michele Moore, Lakia Hunter, Terrill Ross
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This documentary explores the sexual and social identity of contemporary black America through intimate, eye opening and often hilarious accounts from women and men who find love and community in the underground world of exotic dancing.

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Christopher Silva photo
Christopher Silva

This is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. I think that one of the reasons why this documentary is so great is that it has its own tone. One can relate to this documentary because it is a very personal story. The story itself is really special and it's beautiful to see how the community is celebrating the special moments of each of the guests. There is one scene where everybody is celebrating and they are all together. It's just beautiful to see and to experience. The film has a lot of very inspirational messages, but it's also a very interesting story about the people that were on the show. It is definitely a documentary that you should watch if you're a fan of Bill Maher or Ellen DeGeneres. They are the ones who made the documentary for the masses. This is definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Marilyn photo

I was very impressed with this documentary. It is a little over 2 hours but it didn't seem to drag. There was not one boring moment in this film and the subject matter is very important. I can imagine some people who are looking for something to watch would be disappointed. I think the Director was able to show the viewers the statistics on HIV and AIDS and that there are over 150 million people living with the disease. The Director shows a lot of people in various states of living with HIV and how things were going on in different parts of the world. I think the Director also showed a lot of different perspectives from the people who were living with HIV and AIDS and some of the experts that were involved in the research and study that were interviewed. It was a great way to start the year 2014 and I would recommend that you watch this film. Also, I would like to mention that the film was very informative. It showed a lot of different people's perspectives of what they were going through with HIV and AIDS.

Frank photo

Mighty Joe Young is the most important filmmaker of the 1990's, and it should be remunerated for it's enormous impact in American film. I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1980's and at the time I witnessed the most radical shift in American culture in many decades. The summer of 1980 was the Summer of Love. Young people from all walks of life, not only came to a time of sexual freedom but the end of the cold war and the middle-class baby boomers came to the radical end of the political spectrum and left behind a sort of liberal-bashing America in which drugs were viewed as a vice, abortion was illegal and the Ford administration lost its way. In the wake of the "Cocaine Epidemic" young people were attracted to black radicals like Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. It was a time of high adventure, tumult and artistic freedom. Black music was still the mainstream and gangs, sex and drugs were all of the new breed. And as the boomers left home young people found there was not one person like them. They saw themselves as a minority. The film follows Young's life from the age of 12 until his death from AIDS at 26. It is an incredible documentary, though it is a portrait of a man in his prime. The film itself is a biopic. Young himself is shown throughout the film and often turns the camera to give us a sense of his youthful vision of Los Angeles. The film captures the world of the 1980's and the loneliness and alienation of youth that were so common then. Young is also shown working in his garage as a teenager. While he became a part of the hippie movement that came to define the late-1980's he began to turn away from the revolutionary ideas and leftist politics. He was a man of many talents, but these traits eventually would put him at odds with his family and friends. The film is also fascinating because it provides the viewer with a sense of the incredible talent Young possessed. Young, even after his death from AIDS at 26, is an icon. He is the filmmaker who broke the silence and created a completely new political voice. He would be mourned and honored as the father of a movement. He would be ignored and ignored. The film is too good to not be praised, and it deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience. This is a truly great film.

Mildred T. photo
Mildred T.

Many reviews (and plenty of them) say that this is a documentary, but I thought it was more of a "who's-on-screen" documentary. The only serious actor in the film is Carrie Fisher. That was not a bad thing, and she was very sweet and endearing. That "puppet" performer did a wonderful job of her own. So, many stars. But the real stars are the people, including Ford, DiCaprio and Schneider, who made this so touching. Of course, all of them are wonderful human beings, and wonderful people. Of course, all of them had talents that made them stars, but all of them had something that made their character as memorable as ever. I was deeply moved by all of them. The story of Carrie Fisher's death was also very poignant, and beautifully told. I learned much from it. When you watch this film, don't get confused by the title. This is not a movie about Star Wars. It's not a documentary. It's a story about our hearts. About our most private moments. It's about the things we keep secret. It's about the things we don't know. It's about being who we are, not what others think we are. And it's about embracing the things that make us human. We should all treasure and treasure this film. I'm very thankful I watched it. I think it'll give a great message to my kids. And I'm proud of all of the people who made it.

Ryan photo

Director Michael Moriarty did a great job of telling the story of the experience that the women were going through while in the course of the trial. He really got to the heart of the proceedings, and his interviews with the various women were incredible. The only part that he did not get to was the many court-watchers who were outraged by the trial. The women are portrayed as all too real victims of their husbands. What I found most interesting was the criticism that some men have for the verdict in the case. The men seem to be reacting to the fact that the women were successful in getting a conviction. The fact that the husbands had the power to change the verdict made them seem to have a lot to complain about. I was very impressed with this film. I would not have been if it was not for the fact that it was shown on TV, so there were some people who had not seen it yet. The fact that it was shown was definitely a plus. If you like true stories, and you want to know what it was like for the women who were in the courtroom, this is the film to see. You will not be disappointed.

Philip Grant photo
Philip Grant

I was able to get the benefit of an extended interview with Bill McKibben in which he describes in detail the many ways that the oil companies that exploit oil in the US has corrupted politics and government in order to facilitate the development of their own business interests. McKibben's concerns are not isolated or isolated from the rest of the world. These are the same concerns that the UN's International Panel on Climate Change is speaking out about, particularly with regard to the US role in the Israeli and Egyptian wars in the Middle East. His words are a wake up call to anyone in the US who believes in democracy and a healthy climate. Just as the UN and the IPCC warn us about the impact that our actions are having on the climate, they warn us about the negative impacts that our energy system is having on the food we are growing and the water we are using. The environmental impact of our energy system is severe and likely to only worsen. I doubt if any of the major US energy companies will heed these warnings and the environmental consequences of their actions. I doubt that most Americans will care about any of the concerns mentioned in the interview. The opinions expressed by the people interviewed are representative of the opinions expressed by the general public. This documentary should be required viewing for every person who supports political and social movements. The struggle against environmental injustice will not be completed until enough people become aware of the serious environmental problems we face in the US and around the world. It is now more important than ever to take action. If you have the opportunity to see this film, go to your local cinema, if you can, or see it on the big screen.

Eugene J. photo
Eugene J.

It is difficult to take a documentary film seriously when it has a plot that involves a black man with an earring that looks like an earring, a fish with a shellfish shell on it's body, and a gorilla with a South African accent that is supposed to represent the South African people. Yet, the South African government has a $1 billion budget for conservation efforts and this documentary explores the existence of a gorilla population that is dying off, the technology used to rescue them, and the amazing efforts made to save the species. This is one of those documentaries that is hard to take seriously. It is interesting to see how their efforts have changed the way we look at the world. The film makers did a good job of showing the progress the gorilla population has made, how it has been saved, and the difficulty in rescuing the species.

Beverly Carr photo
Beverly Carr

I am a 68 year old married man. When the year was 1969 my wife was pregnant with our first child. This movie is the BEST that i have ever seen. I would give it a 9.5 rating if i could. I recommend this movie to anybody.

Angela R. photo
Angela R.

I caught this on TV and it really put into perspective the amount of time wasted researching a subject that is so important. (the word usage of another word in this movie is the key to understanding how little people use it). I wish I had seen it on the big screen!

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

Let me preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of Birdman. But this film was something completely different for me. I went in expecting a big budgeted production. And boy, was I disappointed. The film is absolutely pointless. It's not visually stunning. The story is almost completely self contained. The story doesn't do anything new or interesting. This is a film that is just made to cash in on the success of a superhero film. It is filled with cliches that you can tell are there from the get go. This is a film that is only entertaining because of how it makes you laugh. It is a film that will most likely be found in the bottom 100. It is not a film that is worth your time. I'd recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a lazy week night. But if you want to see a film that is worth your time, then I highly recommend either The Brothers Stone or Birdman. Neither are worth your time.

Sara photo

I didn't know what to expect going into this movie. I had heard of the allegations against the Hollywood "Red Carpet" crowd, but I had never heard of the film industry's current predicament in terms of talent. However, when I watched this documentary, it became abundantly clear to me that I was not the only one in Hollywood who had heard about the awful treatment that Hollywood could be experiencing. This was not some fringe group of men who were in a gang, but was the reality of what's going on. Many of the interviewees are former "stars" of movies like "Gone With the Wind", "Blow", "Lincoln", "Glory", "Rocky", and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". This documentary was really good because it went into a great deal of detail into the issues, as well as the people involved in the issues themselves. This documentary is based on the actual interviews of people who have either been in or are currently in the film industry. These people talk about the problems that they face in the business, as well as the people who are working on "business plans" to solve these problems. After this documentary aired on HBO, there were many people who came to my social networking page, from Los Angeles to London to New York, all expressing their feelings about the current problems in the film industry. This documentary was especially interesting to me because I am a fan of Hollywood's "Red Carpet" crowd, but also because it was based on actual people who have dealt with the problems Hollywood is experiencing. Many of the people interviewed in this documentary have been in Hollywood for over 30 years and they all express their fear and frustration. The documentary also included interviews with people who were working on such problems as "The Matrix", "Kill Bill", "Equilibrium", and "Independence Day". All of these people expressed their feelings in the best possible way. Some people have tried to get involved in the film industry as far back as the 60's, but they are still having problems. And, many of the people in the documentary also felt that the industry is not doing a very good job of handling the current problems. It is truly sad to see that this film would make people feel that the film industry has become such a disgusting place that it's more like a smelly dungeon. It's really sad to see that people with talent are being treated in such a bad way.

Gloria photo

We caught this film at the San Diego Film Festival, and it had me laughing out loud at the screen. It's like a comedy version of the Seinfeld finale episode "I love NY" - kind of an updated, down-to-earth version of Seinfeld. The plot is simple, but it's enough to keep you interested - and there's enough comedy and silliness to make it a great film for all ages. This film is very much in line with the original Seinfeld, and it also kind of reminds me of the Andy Kaufman and Steve Martin shows. The good reviews are very much in line with what we've seen from the Seinfeld specials, and it's no wonder they're producing so many other movies with the same "brand" - it works. If you're looking for something that's more than a few jokes, and lots of silliness, then you may want to see this movie - it's that good.

Lisa photo

This film makes me question my ideas on religion and spirituality. It is in no way about the Good/Evil concept. The film has many layers of subtle, yet complex messages, from a world view that most of us will never understand. I was blown away by the personal feelings I got from the film. I was scared, angry, sorrowful, and just plain emotional. This film leaves you with a feeling of emptiness and disconnection from your own beliefs and beliefs of others. This is an excellent film for all who feel there is too much of a good thing, to the detriment of those who are truly downtrodden. This film will open your eyes to what religion is and what it really is all about.

Amanda M. photo
Amanda M.

For the best seats to this film, you may want to be dressed in a bathing suit. Although this film is a "comedy," the images on screen are "nudity" in the most suggestive sense of the word. Sex sells and this film is selling its selling point. If you are looking for an easy-to-understand look at what happens in the world of male hormones, try "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" or "The Adult World of Todd Glass." The actors all fit their roles to the tee and there is a lot of serious "teen" humor in the film. In fact, the film might be even more funny than any of the films mentioned above. The film is a reflection of the way men act and the way women act. There are some big problems that have been dealt with by male and female medical professionals. The directors show that there is a lot more humor in dealing with these issues than you would expect in a film like this. The directors are not trying to make a statement about sex and the female body, but to show that male and female bodies can be treated in a more complimentary and meaningful manner than you might expect in an adult film. That is why I rated this film a "7" instead of a "10" and why I don't think it deserves an "A" rating. For the "Teenie" crowd who wants to see a "slutty" film and don't want to think about the issues raised, then you will probably love this film and it is a winner for you. If you are looking for a film that will open your eyes and make you think, see this film. For anyone else, this is a fun film for a night at the movies.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

What's the Story? One of the main topics of this documentary is the horror of child abuse. I've always had this idea that the more negative the word, the more likely it is to occur. But this documentary focuses on a particular child abuse case that occurred in the UK. It is a real tragedy, and an important one to bring to light. It involves two parents, Jamie Taylor (Adam Garcia) and his wife Jamie (Kimberley Cooke), who had an incestuous relationship with their teenage son, Connor (Courtney Dawson). The film focuses on the events leading up to the horrific abuse that Jamie and Connor inflicted on each other. It does not, however, provide an explanation of the events that took place. Instead, it explores the consequences that resulted. It does this by showing the events from the perspective of the accused. The documentary does a very good job of describing what happened, and provides a look into the life of the accused and his wife. However, it does not go into any great depth about the facts of the case. We are left to draw our own conclusions. Overall, the documentary is very well done, but does not provide enough detail to explain the events of the case. The documentary could have been a lot better, and I think that they did a good job of telling the story. However, they could have been better, if they had used this method. The Documentary It is a good documentary, but it is not as good as it could have been. The documentary could have been much better. I think it was very well done, but could have been much better. I think that they could have told more of the story, but they did not go into much detail about the case. They did, however, tell the story well. The documentary does a good job, but does not go into much detail about the events of the case. They told the story well. Overall, the documentary is very well done, but it is not as good as it could have been.

Diane Oliver photo
Diane Oliver

I was drawn into the film by the strength of its female cast and the interesting history behind the film. The interviews are very interesting and should be viewed by anyone interested in the film.

Nancy Lucas photo
Nancy Lucas

The stuff that Ms. Rogers dines on is the stuff that the patriarchy is made of. What makes the apple truly an apple is its ability to keep the female foetus in a woman's uterus in the same state of readiness for birth as that foetus becomes viable. I could tell this film was important as many feminist types that are aware of Ms. Rogers' work already have donated their time and talents to writing and producing films about her work. I recommend this film to anyone interested in exploring the true nature of what Ms. Rogers so eloquently termed the apple.

Juan photo

If you're interested in the human psyche, this is a good place to start. A student in the 1930s in Austria was documenting the experiences of a bunch of "human and animal" friends and acquaintances. The "human" stories are about a variety of different "cures" to the unhappiness and stress of everyday life. These stories come from a variety of different societies, and we hear from everyone involved in them. They range from the nameless subjects of "human remedy" books, to the often fascinating and often humorous anecdotes from friends and acquaintances who were very familiar with the idea and methods. It is a fascinating look at the human experience and the various ways that we have of handling it, and it is refreshing to hear about them. I'm not sure it is exactly the same thing as the book, but the feeling is the same. You can see the video in English with subtitles if you're interested in the Austrian version. If you are interested in the history of psychoanalysis, this is the place to start.

Shirley M. photo
Shirley M.

This documentary is fairly well done, but there are too many holes in the story and the overall tone is quite off. There are some pretty insightful points made, but the story overall is lacking. One thing that is clearly lacking is an explanation of what the Clinton "scandal" was. It was important to note that the White House was trying to clean up the mess that the Clintons left. I thought that was a very important element to the movie, but unfortunately it is left out of the final cut. The rest of the movie also suffers from this missing point. The film also fails to provide the audience with any sort of real facts about the Clinton administration. The film was edited a bit too fast, and most of the information that is provided is very basic. This movie is good for the people that know nothing about the Clinton administration, and is basically a collection of rumors and unverified facts. But I did not find it worth seeing.

Ruth N. photo
Ruth N.

After reading many negative comments from people who got off on this film, I just had to write a quick review, since I'm a big fan of the Beatles. I went to see this film with a friend and he didn't get it, because he thought it was just another terrible Beatles film, and he also thought it was a waste of time. That's not true. I love the Beatles, and this was a GREAT film! The camera was shaky at times and it was obvious that there were things edited out of the film, but it's all in a good way! I read all the negative comments here on IMDB, but I think everyone should see this film to see what real fans think about the Beatles, and I think this is the best documentary of the whole series. I am very proud of this film. There were some very nice scenes in this film, such as the guitar solo on "A Hard Day's Night," and the conversation between Brian and his brother at the end. The guitar solo on "A Hard Day's Night" is amazing, and I know Brian likes that kind of music. I have to say that I do not agree with what everyone says about this film. I'm just glad it was finally released, because it is awesome! I am so glad that this documentary is out there, because it should be, but if you don't like the Beatles, you shouldn't have seen it, or you shouldn't have spent money to see it. It's really that simple. This is a great film. Go see it!

Grace Black photo
Grace Black

In the land of Spain, before the beginning of the social upheaval of the 60's, there was a dreamy hippie generation. They had nothing to do, and only sought out alternative pleasures. The film, on the other hand, traces the life of a painter who had to live with the pressures of capitalism and the repression of communism. We follow him from the start of his career until his death. You can also see the changes he had to face in his work and life, as well as the events that influenced his life and work. It shows that those who had not experienced any of the material conditions could never attain the knowledge they had. This film made me feel that this wasn't just a novel. It's an important document for all those who are the "lesser " of the social classes and who have to deal with the same pressures.