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Gift is a movie starring Marcus Alfred, Wayne Alfred, and Giorgio De Finis. Creative essay doc inspired by Lewis Hyde's classic bestseller The Gift. Chronicling gift-based cultures around the world and challenging the logic of...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Robin McKenna
Robin McKenna
Giorgio De Finis, Wayne Alfred, Mingwei Lee, Marcus Alfred
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Creative essay doc inspired by Lewis Hyde's classic bestseller The Gift. Chronicling gift-based cultures around the world and challenging the logic of global capitalism, the film inspires the question: is life about getting or giving?

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Adam photo

I am a supporter of the Catholic Church, and believe that the church has done much to help the world. The Catholic Church is the only religion that does not believe in "procreation", which makes them seem more peaceful and caring, than any other religious denomination. I also believe that the Catholic Church has done much to help women in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan. I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church, and this film is a very good representation of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is very misunderstood by the public. This film will help change that perception. If you are a Catholic, I strongly recommend this film to you.

Joshua C. photo
Joshua C.

I have to say I have been watching the news lately, and I've noticed something that makes me think a lot about it: There are so many lies about children in this world. This documentary is the answer to that. It is made up of several interviews with people who have been affected by children in this world. This documentary is one of the best I've ever seen, because it shows people who have been children in this world. They have gone through things that could happen to anyone, and it makes you think a lot about how to live a normal life. I think this documentary is a must see. I would recommend it to everyone. My rating: 10/10

Diana photo

This film explores the lives and experiences of a group of misfits in the city of Rochester in the early 1900s. The cast, headed by Tara Reid (Tara Reid: All About the Money), Jamie Sommers (Red Light Go Round: Mad Men) and a small cast of characters, have their lives affected by the unknown and unpredictable. The film is centered around a group of misfits, including two actors, a dancer, and a painter. One of the main actors, Alan, a painter, and one of the dancers, Ivan, a dancer, learn that they were out of work after a strike of their dance group. Ivan goes off to Rochester and leaves his dance partner behind. Alan goes off to a study group, where he meets an older woman, Helen, whom he falls for, and falls in love with. At a party, Ivan and Alan, who were being warned by the owner of a diner to leave, meet a strange couple, Phil and his girlfriend Karen, who are learning how to play the flute. Phil is alone, and Karen comes to him to teach him the flute. Helen also joins Phil and Karen at the diner, where they have the first of many discussions about how to teach the flute. The three characters form a strong bond, and the film ends with the most important question, "what will it be?" The movie is a short documentary that is engaging, but if you are a fan of dancing, or you enjoy historical films, it is recommended. It is not your typical Sundance film, and it will probably not be to everyone's taste.

Samuel B. photo
Samuel B.

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I got the idea of this documentary from one of my favorite film from the 60's, "Repo Man." The subject is most interesting, and gives you a good idea of what the way life was back then. I recommend it to everyone. I think everyone should see this movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Ann photo

This is a very interesting documentary, about the women's movement and the women who were on the frontlines of the suffrage movement. I think it's very important to recognize that women are the ones who actually put their bodies on the line for the rights of all women, including the women who weren't suffragettes. This documentary is very well done, and it's very well put together. I think the documentary is very important, because it shows that women were the ones who fought for the rights of women, and that women fought for the rights of all women. I think that this documentary is a must see, because it's very important, and it's very well put together.

Tiffany Marshall photo
Tiffany Marshall

I found this documentary to be very entertaining. It is filled with many interesting facts, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Nathan T. photo
Nathan T.

I thought this was a very interesting documentary. The amount of money and time put into this film was impressive. I'm not a big fan of the documentary genre but I thought this was a good one. I'm not sure if it was a documentary or a documentary-style film but the fact that they did not show the entire story of the "scam" was a good choice. The whole thing was very interesting and the whole story was told in a way that was not overly dramatized. I think it was a good documentary for people who want to learn more about what was going on in the real world. I think that the documentary-style was done very well. I really enjoyed the way the movie went. I don't know if I would recommend this movie to people who are not very interested in the politics of the world. I think that people who are not very interested in the politics of the world would be interested in this film. I think that the film was very interesting and the information in it was very interesting. I think that people who are interested in politics and the world should watch this film. I think that it was very interesting and I would definitely recommend it.

Carolyn Castillo photo
Carolyn Castillo

I have a hard time finding a documentary that has been both inspiring and informative, and this is one of the best I have seen. It is very entertaining, and the acting is very good. I was very surprised to find out that so many people who work for the military have such a positive attitude towards it. I don't think that many people would like to work in the military, but this documentary makes you want to do something different, and that is what I liked about this film. It's also very inspiring to see how many people are willing to give up their life to serve their country. I would recommend this documentary to anyone.

Gerald Cooper photo
Gerald Cooper

This is a film that I wanted to see for a long time, but was never able to find the time. I finally found it on Netflix and I'm so glad I did. It's a very powerful documentary that shows how important the Internet is to our lives and how it can help us connect with the people we love. It also explains how the Internet is used by people who are afraid to share their own lives with the world, but how it can also be used to connect with others. This film is very interesting and the first time I've seen a documentary that shows how the Internet is used by the people it is supposed to be used by. It is a very important documentary that you should see. It will make you think and change the way you look at the Internet. I think this is a very important documentary and I recommend it to everyone.

Brian L. photo
Brian L.

I'm not a fan of the USA. I think it is best to see this documentary on the internet. I think that this documentary is so good that it makes me believe that there is more to the USA than what the media shows. We have so many good people in the USA, but the media only shows us the bad people. I'm not saying that the media don't show the good people, but it just makes me feel more sorry for the people that aren't so good.

Diane Stone photo
Diane Stone

If you are curious about the struggle that is happening in Iraq, or just want to be more informed about it, this is the film to watch. The film is based on a documentary made in 2007, but the events that unfolded were more recent, so I'm not sure that they will be relevant to most viewers. However, as a former Marine who has experienced the conflict firsthand, I think this film is very important. It shows that war is not just a battle between a few soldiers and the bad guys, but a war between people. It shows that the people fighting in the war are more than just the men that the war is fought against. It shows that the fight is about more than just the war itself. The only thing that I didn't like about the film was that there was no documentary footage of what the soldiers experienced. It was a shame that there was no footage of the battle itself, because it is clear that it was a difficult, dangerous, and horrific experience for the soldiers. I think that the film is very accurate and shows very clearly what happened. I think that it is a great film that should be shown in schools and colleges as a teaching tool, and that it is definitely worth seeing.

Terry L. photo
Terry L.

This documentary is great because it really shows the impact of the war on our society. It shows how we can feel so different from our neighbors, and we do not understand why. It also shows how different countries treated us differently. The United States, France, and Great Britain all treated us differently, and yet they were still fighting in the war. The Germans treated us very well, and yet they were still fighting in the war. It shows that the war is not a war between the U.S. and Germany, but between the United States and the rest of the world. This documentary shows how we can change the world, and the people who are fighting in the war. This documentary is a must see.

Nathan Estrada photo
Nathan Estrada

A film which is about the struggle of an ordinary person in a rich society to get the attention of a very rich person. The main character is a poor man, but he has the money to live a luxurious lifestyle. The film is very interesting to watch, and the way that the film is made is a little bit like a documentary. The main character is not only poor, but he is a very poor person too, and his life is a nightmare. He has to work at a job he does not like, and he has to take care of his sick mother, his wife, and his sister. His life is very difficult. The film is very interesting and it is a good film. It shows that a lot of people are poor and live in a miserable life. The film shows that it is possible to change your life, and that it is not necessary to have a lot of money to have a good life. The film is a good film, and it is very interesting.

Eric Harvey photo
Eric Harvey

It was very interesting to see this documentary. I was surprised at how much I knew about the cases. I have read several books and seen documentaries about the victims, and I don't remember seeing any other movies about the murders. I am a bit surprised that the documentary was only made in Germany and France. I hope more movies are made about the case.

Douglas photo

I have seen many documentaries and this is the best one I have ever seen. It is very informative and makes you think. I would recommend it to everyone. The film is very well done, and it's clear that the director is a very intelligent person. It is very well made, and the film is a must see.