Steam Bring The Soul: The Movie

Bring The Soul: The Movie

Bring The Soul: The Movie is a movie starring R.M., Jin, and Ho-seok Jung. Korean pop group BTS set out on a world tour.

Other Titles
BTS Bring The Soul, BTS Bring the Soul, BTS: Tâm Hồn Nhiệt Huyết, BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE, Bring the Soul: The Movie
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Music, Documentary
Ho-seok Jung, R.M., Suga, Jin
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Korean pop group BTS set out on a world tour.

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Debra Obrien photo
Debra Obrien

This movie is extremely insightful. It helps us see how our society values money above everything. The movie is about a small Australian town that has become the "money town" for the world, where many companies have moved their headquarters to take advantage of the money available. But the townspeople in this small town are still struggling to get a piece of the pie. It's a great movie to see and learn about. And it makes you see how stupid it is to keep people from making more money, or to ignore the possibility of giving people money. You see how money is not a good thing in the world. I think this is very important. It's a movie that is very important. I think that this movie is not only about money, but also about our society and how we treat each other, and how we can get together to work hard for the common good.

Sandra photo

This is a very unique documentary about the connection between Soul and Dance music, in particular as regards the traditional practices and performances of Soul music. It is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen on this subject, because the documentary gives an incredible insight into the music and its origins. This documentary is perfect for anyone who is interested in the music or who wants to know more about the Soul Movement. It is absolutely worth watching and one of the best documentaries I've seen about Soul and dance music. This is a must-see for anyone who is interested in Soul Music or dance music.

Sarah West photo
Sarah West

The Story of a Supergroup from New York. I found it very interesting. I thought it was very interesting, but I also thought it was a bit boring. It was really the "feel" of the movie. The feel was like a very clean and clear movie. I would say the movie was more about the music than the people. There were some good songs in the movie, but it was more about the music than the people. It was also very interesting that there were some old people who played in the band. I would say it was a good movie about a group of people who did not get their due, but the group itself was not bad. They did not make the movie what it was, but they were definitely worth watching.

Hannah Willis photo
Hannah Willis

I've been wanting to watch this film for a long time. I've read some of the comments, and it is the first I've seen about it. The first thing that popped into my head was the portrayal of the subject. I never really knew the back story of it. So it was good to see the history, and not just hear about it. I don't know why the rating of this film is low. It's worth seeing. I can't think of anything negative that I could say about it. I'd definitely recommend it.

Amy Murphy photo
Amy Murphy

I have to say that I enjoyed this documentary. The producers did an excellent job of creating a movie that is both entertaining and insightful. The actors, the director, and the producers were all extremely talented. This film is not about the Bible or the story of Jesus. It's about the people and how they live. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a love of music. It is an eye opener and it is definitely not preachy. I think that the people who will be most moved by this film are the ones who have been followers of Jesus for their whole lives and want to know more about their Lord and Savior. I hope that this film inspires everyone to find the joy in their lives and share it with the world. God bless!

Stephanie S. photo
Stephanie S.

This movie is the most touching and realistic documentary of my life. We watch the movie with our father and we see how he deals with it. We talk about what happened to us, what we learned, how we are now. And we talk about what the future might bring for us. This movie will stay in our heart forever. What a perfect family movie. Absolutely 100% recommended.

Susan Walters photo
Susan Walters

This movie was excellent. It told the story of a very interesting man. It was a really inspiring documentary. The guy was great. He was someone I looked up to. He told his story and it was a great story. It was well documented. The subject matter of the movie was not too controversial. The stories of abuse and pain that he went through was well documented. The movie would not have been as good if it were not for the amazing acting by Michael Moore. He was an inspiration. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I highly recommend this movie.

Michelle photo

Great music, great live performance, and great stories from the band. They didn't have to make a movie, but they did, and it was a good movie! I don't know how to rate this, but I will say that this is the best band I've ever seen, and the documentary is the best I've ever seen.

Aaron Aguilar photo
Aaron Aguilar

While I'm not a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, this documentary was an absolute must. I found the amount of information that was shared to be extremely enlightening and heart-wrenching. You could really feel the desperation and desperation of the fans. I also found it very interesting that the other documentary made me think of the Muddy Waters/Jerry Garcia duet "This is Your Last Night" which was released a few years later in 1968. I have to admit that I have not heard of this duet and the music itself is definitely not Dead music. However, the intensity and the fact that Jerry Garcia died so young made the music much more accessible to the public. This documentary had me excited to hear the music and the lyrics and the incredible music that the band had. The band members all talked about the power of the music and how much it affected them and their family. I believe that this documentary should be required viewing for everyone, especially Deadheads, Deadman fans, and Dead fans. My favorite part of the documentary is the scenes that were shown of the concert itself. The audience was going crazy and the band was playing "Bertha" and "New Potato Caboose". Those songs will stay with me for the rest of my life. The thing that I found most interesting about this documentary was the way that Jerry Garcia and John Mayer interacted and how they spoke about each other. They discussed how they were never friends and how they never got along with each other, yet how they both loved the music and how they had to fight their own demons. This documentary was able to show both sides of the story and I believe that is the best part of the documentary. Also, the fact that it was a documentary that showed both sides of the story is very interesting. I also found it very interesting that there was not a "War on Drugs" mentioned in the documentary. It was almost like they didn't want to tell the whole story. That is a good thing. The documentary should definitely be required viewing for everyone, especially Deadheads, Deadman fans, and Dead fans.