Steam Stuffed


Stuffed is a movie starring Allis Markham, Jaap Sinke, and Ferry van Tongeren. An inside look into the world of taxidermy and the passionate artists from all over the world who work on the animals.

Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Erin Derham
Ferry van Tongeren, Jaap Sinke, Allis Markham
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An inside look into the world of taxidermy and the passionate artists from all over the world who work on the animals.

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William photo

This documentary is a good starting point for those who have not heard of it. It does a good job of bringing to light the unique and often unique characters that make up the Memphis music scene. The story is somewhat disjointed, but it does hold together. It is a fascinating look into the lives of the musicians, promoters, and fans. I think the movie would have benefited from being a little bit longer. I found myself missing the action in some parts. The acting was good overall, although I felt that some of the actors could have used a little more of a background on their characters. The editing was done very well, though. I thought the music itself was great, and the soundtrack was great. I recommend this to anyone who loves music. I give this film an 8/10. If you like music, then this film is for you. I hope this film gets more attention.

Ryan photo

I have never been much of a fan of Sarah Gelsom, who has a degree in English and never lived in the UK. She has always been a bit of a contrarian, so I was not keen on her appearance on the programme, which was made by her husband, the award-winning filmmaker Ronan Glon. I did not see the film and I have never read any of Gelsom's books. This is an enjoyable, if somewhat inaccurate, account of the events that led up to the last years of the dictator's reign in South Korea, during which time the world has changed so much. It is not particularly informative, but the film provides a background to the country's history, which many will not be able to grasp. It is not a documentary, as there is no narrator to explain the events, and no point is made in the film about the intentions of the North Korean regime. The film does contain some useful information about North Korea, as the country is not only the subject of this film, but also a major player in the international media. It is not a perfect film, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the story of the last days of Kim Jong Il.

Elizabeth D. photo
Elizabeth D.

I was first introduced to the Uncarved Heart project when I was filming a documentary about the life of Peter Jay who is a well known anti-war activist. There were several artists who were involved in the project including myself, the director, and an excellent group of local people who have been involved in organizing the project. In addition to the documentary, I was interviewed and produced a DVD with clips of the documentary and the Uncarved Heart group. Now that I have seen the film I have decided to purchase it and put it out on DVD. There are some very good comments here that I would like to add. For example, the director made it clear that the Uncarved Heart project is not about an individual who died and it is not a movie about the Uncarved Heart project. He is not making a movie about the Uncarved Heart project, he is making a documentary about the lives of those who are involved in the project and his commentary is very clear. The documentary is a collection of clips and not a film. The clips are from various events that are linked to the Uncarved Heart project. When you watch the film you realize that each of these events have a common theme. For example, a "donate" button is placed on a guitar in a bar, and the guitar is the centerpiece of the film. This is an example of how the project connects to many of the events that are included in the film. Also, the director is not telling a story about one person or one group of people. He is telling a story about the people who are involved and the stories they tell. Some of the comments that have been made about this film are very good. The director is clear about what he is trying to say and he is not trying to tell a story about the lives of any one person or group. If you have not seen this film, please do so. You will not be disappointed.

Deborah Fuller photo
Deborah Fuller

This is a must see documentary on the topic of insects. It's not about "the end of the world" or "the end of life". The film explores the impact that insects have on the human world and how we should care about them. It is an informative and entertaining film.

Howard H. photo
Howard H.

I am shocked by the level of vitriol being poured on this film. Not one single word of insult was hurled. This was a great documentary. A film that most would probably like to see. However, I was not personally moved by the film, but rather, disappointed that I was not more moved by it. The film is not about the actual events, but more about how the human condition has been affected by an event that was seemingly insignificant. It is not an attack on the survivors. It is an attack on those who are trying to "cover up" the truth. This film exposes the hypocrisy of those who want to have a war and those who want to cover it up. It shows the idiocy of the war. And it shows the hypocrisy of those who want to have a war and those who want to cover it up. It does not attempt to describe the true events, nor does it attempt to blame those who created the war. The purpose of this film was to let people know what they were dealing with. The real, the real, the real. It is a film that should be watched by everyone, especially those who are unsure of how to feel about the events that happened in that time. It is a film that should be studied, and hopefully, it will be studied by those who are considering the actions taken during the Korean War. In that respect, I applaud the film, but I do not think it deserves the level of hate it has received. I am not a pacifist, nor am I an anti-war activist. I just think it is a shame that so many are being so vitriolic in their reaction to this film.

Ryan photo

The title of the movie, "The Dung Beetle Connection" or "Dung Beetle Connection: The Kidnapping of Debbie Fox" is probably the most misleading title that can be given to this documentary. For the people who think that this is a true story about the kidnapping of Debbie Fox, you would be wrong. Although the title is misleading, this documentary is not about that. The subject of this documentary is about the young kids of the time who were from the same neighborhood, but were on opposite sides of the tracks. Debbie Fox's kidnapper is a bad guy who took her from the place where she was a passenger on the bus and kept her for a long time. In the end, the parents of the kids find out what happened and they try to get answers from Debbie Fox, and they did find out what happened to her, but it didn't lead to anything positive. The movie is basically about this mother and father trying to find answers for what happened to Debbie Fox. I really enjoyed the way this movie was made, and I really liked the way the kids were portrayed in the film. You could feel the pain that they were going through. The camera work was great, it was so real, and it was so difficult to watch. I recommend that you see this documentary if you are a Debbie Fox fan or if you are a person who wants to learn more about this kidnapping story.

Johnny photo

I was fortunate enough to be at the World Premiere of "What's Your Number?" at the Toronto Film Festival, and was left with the impression that the film was not only a work of genius, but an even more powerful story about a group of friends growing up and forming their own identity and what it means to be a gay man. Although the film is about two men, the subject matter is not exclusive to two men. It could have been about any one of us, and in a world where gender is dictated by society and people's social standings, "What's Your Number?" is a powerful story of growing up and growing apart. A touching story of friendship, pride, and acceptance.

Heather Gardner photo
Heather Gardner

At a time when the world is being bombarded with fear of terrorism, I was struck by the comments of a few of the people in the audience. While they were mostly sympathetic and supportive of the film, there were also some disturbing and personal comments. I think the real test of the film was the interaction between the people, as they discussed the subjects of terrorism and Islam. I'm glad to have seen it, and am glad I saw it, but I think it's important for the people to have this sort of discussion. I'm not sure that it is a good thing for anyone to just be able to say "oh, I'm a Muslim" without having to discuss the issues and get their opinions. This is not only a debate, it is a discussion that has to be had. I think people need to come to this kind of discussion to show how tolerant they are. I hope this film will be widely seen.

Victoria F. photo
Victoria F.

This movie is by far the best documentary I've seen about a rock band. The music is great. The story is great. This movie is very well done. I don't get why people think it's bad. It's not bad at all. It's a good movie. The only problem I had was that it wasn't exactly accurate. There were a few things that were different from what actually happened, but it's still a great movie.

Frank Reynolds photo
Frank Reynolds

Funnily enough, when you think of a documentary about the Western Front, you don't think of a documentary about the Civil War. The Civil War was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. People died, but it was one of the great battles of the 20th century. This film was made by a man who has been there, and he does a great job of showing the men who were fighting. The filming is amazing, and the interviews with those who survived, or at least some of them, are heartbreaking. The war is a constant reminder that it is a horrible thing to be alive, and there are so many people who are dead, and not a single person alive to tell their story.

Phillip F. photo
Phillip F.

The Muppets have always been my favorite show, and I have watched this documentary many times. I don't know how I can not like this. The Muppets are such a great family show, and this documentary shows the show in a different light. The Muppets are now doing things that are outside of the Muppet Show, and this documentary shows the old Muppet Show doing things that have never been done in the Muppet Show. The documentary shows how the show was popular, how it has evolved, and how it is going to evolve. The Muppet Show is loved by everyone, and this documentary will make you love it even more. It is a must see for anyone who loves the Muppet Show. I don't care if you are a fan of the show, you will love it.

Grace W. photo
Grace W.

It's a wonder how so many people could so readily dismiss this as a "filmmaker's" vision. But what this documentary does is explain why this film has been made, and it's about the actual travails of the individual who has become an activist. Not a glamorous or glamorous movie, but a stark and often depressing portrait of one man's journey to become a well-respected, activist-oriented filmmaker. It's not a film that leaves you with a lot of emotional uplift. But it does put the viewer in the shoes of one of the protagonists, who was himself a committed activist for many years before the so-called "cure" and then goes on to tell the viewer what it's like to be an activist today. It's not a film that's going to make you feel like a big winner or a hero, but it does make you realize the human cost of activism, and that it is ultimately about having to fight the good fight. So in that respect it is a good film, but I also think that it might have been better if the documentary was about the actual people involved. But that's just me.

Helen photo

The only reason I gave this film a 7, was because of the fact that the plot is a little weak. The beginning of the film is really good, but after that it is basically all about the animals. I don't think the film is a waste of time, but it is definitely not a movie that is going to make you think.

Grace photo

One of the most impressive things about this movie is that it is well-done, but that's not the main point. It's the real heart of the story, and I would really like to see more movies like this, not just about some American chick coming to South Africa to get a job, and instead being taken on a journey to find her true identity, her home, and her roots. What a great movie!

George G. photo
George G.

I can't believe how boring this film is! The characters are weak and the whole movie is boring. It is full of stereotypes and stupid jokes. The "drama" is just a movie for teenage kids who don't have any problem to be scared and sad. I was almost bored to death watching this movie. It is not funny or entertaining at all. If you want to see a good documentary about this topic, see "Syriana" (2005) or "Disaster" (2005)