Steam Zero


Zero is a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, and Katrina Kaif. The story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a vertically challenged man, who is full of charm and wit, with a pinch of arrogance. Born to a...

Other Titles
Katrina Meri Jaan, Zero - Ich liebe dich bis zum Mars und wieder zurück
Running Time
2 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama, Comedy
Aanand L. Rai
Himanshu Sharma
Anushka Sharma, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a vertically challenged man, who is full of charm and wit, with a pinch of arrogance. Born to a wealthy family and raised in an environment of affluence and indulgence, Bauua was never failed by Meerut or its people. But when he meets two women (Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma), his experiences with these women take him on a journey to complete his 'incompleteness' and broaden his horizons to find a purpose he never knew he had.

Comments about romance «Zero» (14)

Ashley photo

What a wonderful film! I had no idea what this was about or what it was about, but the cast and director left me with more questions than answers. I don't usually get that into movies, but this one was so good! Sure, the acting is nothing spectacular, but I thought that the movie was very well done. The music and cinematography really was beautiful. The whole thing looked like it was shot in color. I also thought that the film was very real, which is really important for a film like this to be believable. I'm not into Shakespeare, but I think that this was a really great film, and I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good love story.

Emma Carroll photo
Emma Carroll

I have read the novel so many times I can't remember the main parts. But even the writing in this movie has changed a bit. The main characters have their faults, but the motivations behind their actions have changed. Also, in the novel, it was more clear the type of men that the main character, Inspector Hansson, had made a difference to, in that he would seduce some attractive women to keep his job. In this movie it is more complicated. There is more to the story line than just giving a good job to the Inspector. For instance, the Inspector has a sexual encounter with a young female private detective and learns that he has been sending text messages to some sexy women who he thought were beautiful. So he decides to play a joke on the Inspector and seduces the Inspector's secretary to make him see that the Inspector is a beautiful man. The whole plot is simple. The story is clear and it has enough twists. The story is also less of a straight drama with big and loud scenes. The movies has more sex and a great number of different things to offer. It is a great deal of fun to watch a movie like this. It shows the different things that people enjoy to see in a movie.

Helen Gilbert photo
Helen Gilbert

Unexpectedly, this one of the best romantic comedy. As usual, Min-sik Choi's plays with the comic, romantic and tragic comedy sides of his characters. He plays the two male protagonists perfectly. The way he connects with them, love each one individually. This one of the greatest movie ever made. The director of the film has given the highest love to this film. Min-sik Choi and Won Jung Woo have made a very interesting film. Everyone should watch this movie.

Alan Payne photo
Alan Payne

Actually, I really liked this movie. First and foremost, I love Julia Roberts. And I think this was probably her best performance since "Loving". I love her because I don't know what her problems are. Or am I really blind to her talents? I thought the love story between her and J-Lo was interesting. Not because it's based on the same type of relationship, but because it is a real-life love story that is depicted in a realistic way. It was exciting and it was true. I liked the way they portrayed what it was like to be a teenage girl. It wasn't that great, but it was more than acceptable. The movie kept you wondering and wondering. And that's a good thing. It's something I think people can relate to, especially teens. The problem is, I don't think this was all that interesting. Not really. The movie kind of ends at a point. I think it could have gone a lot further than it did. The acting was great, but the writing wasn't. I just didn't like the way the characters were developed. I really did think the idea of J-Lo and Julia meeting in a middle school class was a good idea. But then I guess it didn't really fit with the rest of the movie. I think the writing was good and I love Julia. I don't know, I didn't like this movie. And I think it's just because I don't know how to get through a Julia Roberts movie. I'll just have to wait for the next one. However, I think if I had seen this movie before Julia Roberts, I would have liked it more.

Susan photo

I liked it. It was better than I expected. I will say the performances were good. Maybe it was good because of how the story is set, but I would have liked it more if it was set in today's world and had people who were not too negative. I don't know if it is just the setting, but it was not so good. The characters were interesting. It is a bit of a romance. I would have liked it better if the focus of the movie were on the friends and then at the end on the story. I liked the relationship between Sarah and her friend, and the way she handled it when she was trying to talk to her mom. I liked the way things ended. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to friends. I do not recommend it to people who are so much politically correct and do not like a film about overcoming adversity. It is a movie about overcoming adversity, and overcoming adversity to be able to have a better life and to realize the life you have is not so good. It is not a bad film, it is just not good.

Samuel photo

I have to admit I am not a fan of Ryan Gosling but he really does give one of his best performances. He was not going to get nominated for Best Actor this year but I was hoping he would get an Oscar nomination for his performance. The chemistry between Gosling and Rihanna was a huge part of this movie and I was expecting a memorable and memorable scene. However, this movie could have been better. It was a bit boring at times and the music was not as memorable as I would have hoped. Overall, I liked this movie. It is definitely worth a rental if you are looking for something different to watch. But I do not recommend it if you are looking for a dramatic/romantic movie.

Tammy photo

I agree with the first reviewer, the direction was very good and I had fun watching this movie. I thought it was the best movie I have seen this year. The first movie in the series had a solid and "pleasant" story line and was interesting, but this one had a better script and was more fun. I felt that the acting was well done and the plot was very well developed. I think that a few scenes were poorly done, but overall the movie was very entertaining. I think that a few things were missing, such as more sex, nudity, and violence. The movie was about 3.5 hours, but I thought it was over 3 hours. The third movie in the series had some more special effects, but I think that would have helped the movie more. I have seen many reviews about people being disgusted by it, but I think that if you haven't watched the first 3 movies, you will have a good time watching this one. I think that it is also possible that this movie will make some money, but I doubt it.

Julie F. photo
Julie F.

A very good film. I was in a car with a friend the other day, and we both watched this movie and we both said, "Well, this is interesting." And we both got this strange feeling of joy, and happiness, and hope, and energy, and all the things that we long for in life. This movie is very exciting and exciting. The actors were very good and the performances were very good. The story was very exciting and thrilling. It's not easy to watch, but I had a good time watching it. I recommend this movie.

Michael photo

I did not know what to expect from this movie. The trailers and clips were a little far fetched and I didn't think that this movie would live up to all the hype that it was receiving. The movie was pretty good, I would definitely recommend this movie to others. I was surprised how much I liked this movie. The acting was pretty decent, I have never been that impressed with anyone that has played a male stripper, but the acting in this movie was decent. I think that the plot was great. The story was great, and I think that the characters were good. The characters were all different and they were all good in their own ways. I thought that the plot was good and I would give this movie a 7/10.

Madison Phillips photo
Madison Phillips

I do not understand all the hate for this movie. I really liked it and think it is a good movie. I never saw the first film and was surprised to see one of the best actors in this movie, but also see him try a different style and turn the style back to him. I was pleasantly surprised with how it went, a little slice of life movie, but I do not think there was a lot of action and the story was good. This is another role for Amy Adams, but her acting was good also. I think people just hate her because she plays another actress. I just saw her in The Good Wife and I think she is really good. I think the story was good and did not have a lot of action. But then again, that is something you must see and I am not giving it away, I just saw it for myself and I really liked it.

Philip Pierce photo
Philip Pierce

The film is absolutely ridiculous. You can't believe the drama, but then again you can't. Instead, it's a musical. If you have the opportunity to see this film, please do so. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll think about it for a while. I love that this film uses a musical to represent it's surreal nature. I love the music and the lyrics of the songs. The music is also by Ariana Grande. Some people have complained that the music is too loud, and that it's a chore to listen to. I say they're wrong. If you don't like loud music, you'll probably hate it. But the music is important in the film. The music plays a big part in the film and is perfect. If you don't like the music, I suggest you get some earplugs.

Tiffany L. photo
Tiffany L.

This is the movie that made Pierce Brosnan famous, for good reasons, and if you go into it not knowing who he is or if you like him in the Bond series, you should definitely see this movie. This movie is quirky, and it is strange, but it is also a fun, intelligent, drama, which you should see. I have only one complaint about this movie, and it is one of the best things about it: Mr. Brosnan. He can't do this anymore, can he? He acts like a madman and makes a great effort to look like he is getting tired, but in fact, he is still trying to act like a madman, and this hurts his performance. When he says "You are not my girl", that is pure genius, a brilliant way to say it, but when he does it, it seems as if he is being nervous. I would have liked to see a more confident, and more fearless James, but at least his performance is good. This is definitely a movie that a lot of people love, but that also has some flaws that people don't like. If you like Pierce Brosnan, and don't know who he is, see this movie.

Billy M. photo
Billy M.

It's well-executed, well-written, well-acted and well-directed but its basic story is boring and unoriginal. The plot's not the best of any film I've seen so far, but it's the best of the ones I've seen (and I've seen a lot). In terms of characters, I'd say it's closer to films like "Meet the Parents" and "Adaptation". There are some disturbing characters that come out of nowhere (like Peter's sister). The ending is predictable but I liked the way it was handled, not too "broken" or "predictable". I think the film is about family relationships and how one can be hurt and manipulated by someone close to them. As a film, it's not one of the best. It's fun to watch, but nothing more. 6/10.

Elizabeth Hudson photo
Elizabeth Hudson

A great spoof of the whole "good guys" vs. "bad guys" format, not really playing it for laughs, but rather making the point that almost everyone can be a villain and that the whole, and rather silly, idea of good guys being "the good guys" and bad guys being the "bad guys" makes no sense, so how does all this fit in? The point of the film is that the whole "good guys" versus "bad guys" dichotomy is a bad idea. It's a bad idea because it never solves the problems that need to be solved, and it's a bad idea because it's based on a false belief that it's "good" to kill and to kill "bad guys", so why not just kill all of them? That's the point of the film, to make a really bad and unrealistic film about a bad idea. It's pretty funny, but it's also pretty bad.