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Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams is a movie starring Nick Kroll, Alexi Pappas, and Gus Kenworthy. In the Olympic Athlete Village, a young cross-country skier bonds with a volunteer doctor after her competition ends.

Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Comedy, Sport, Romance
Jeremy Teicher
Jeremy Teicher, Nick Kroll, Alexi Pappas
Nick Kroll, Gus Kenworthy, Alexi Pappas, Morgan Schild
USA, South Korea
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In the Olympic Athlete Village, a young cross-country skier bonds with a volunteer doctor after her competition ends. Starring Nick Kroll and Alexi Pappas. Filmed on location in the actual Olympic Village at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with three people comprising the entire cast and crew: Jeremy Teicher, Nick Kroll, and Alexi Pappas. Real Olympic athletes, including Jamie Anderson and Gus Kenworthy, also make their way into the film as additional characters.

Comments about comedy «Olympic Dreams» (15)

Carl H. photo
Carl H.

This film was so funny, and so smart. I would recommend this film to anyone. It was a nice little movie. If you have never seen it, go rent it, and then buy it, and then watch it again. It will be worth it.

Diane photo

This movie was not at all what I expected. I had heard that it was a spoof of the Olympics. I thought it would be some kind of gross-out movie. However, it was much more than that. The jokes were very good, and it was funny. I think the movie was a little too long. I think they could have cut out a lot of the scenes that were not funny. It was also a little too long. The movie is also kind of slow. The movie has a good message. The movie is a good movie to watch with your friends. I think it would be good to watch with your friends. I would recommend this movie to people who like comedies, and also to people who like sports.

Ashley photo

I saw this movie for the first time when I was about ten years old. I loved it then and still do. I don't think it was the plot that I loved about it, it was the way it was shot and the way it portrayed the characters. I'm a little biased, I have a thing for cars and also cars and cars, so I know the way they drive and the way they drive in this movie. I think they could have done a better job if they tried to make it more realistic, but it's just a movie. And I have to admit, the car chase in the beginning was pretty cool. I think that it was the way they did the car chase that made the movie for me. The movie was a little slow, but that was probably just my problem with the movie, because I really liked the way they did the car chase. If you like cars and cars and cars, you should watch this movie. I think it's a good movie for kids and it's a great movie for parents, but if you're looking for a good movie for an adult, I think it's not the best movie for you. The ending is a little confusing and a little predictable, but it's still a good movie.

Lawrence Sims photo
Lawrence Sims

I went into this movie with low expectations, but I was surprised. It was well-acted, well-written, and the film was funny. I was a bit concerned at first, but after watching the movie I can't wait to see the next one. I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good laugh.

Danielle photo

When I first saw the film I had to take a second look at the film because it seemed to be a little too clever. The film isn't too bad, and I am actually a fan of this movie. It is a very funny film with a great message. I really enjoy this film and will be watching it again in the future.

Julie photo

The movie is good, and a lot of fun. I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at a movie in my life. It's very funny. It's also very entertaining, and the characters are very well written. It's very much like a romantic comedy, except that the guy is really into soccer. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time at the movies.

Henry W. photo
Henry W.

When I first heard about the new series of NBC's Saturday Night Live, I was a little skeptical. But when I saw the previews for the first episode, I was hooked. The sketches were hilarious, the characters were quirky, and the overall idea of the show was entertaining. I had a great time. I even liked some of the original SNL cast members. The cast for this new series of SNL is excellent. Paul Rudd is a great lead character and I thought he was hilarious. I also thought that Melissa McCarthy was funny. She is the funniest person on the show and I was surprised when I saw her in the trailer for this new show. The story is a little bit different than the show, but it is still very funny. I thought that the ending was great, but I don't want to spoil it for you. I think that this is one of the best SNL shows I have seen in a while. I can't wait to see it again. It's worth the time to watch this show. You will love it.

Ethan H. photo
Ethan H.

I had heard so much about this film, I thought it was going to be one of those "what if you lived in the Olympics" type of films. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the plot was interesting, the characters were likable, the acting was good, and the "what if" premise was original. I think this film would work great as a family film, or as a "what if" comedy. I recommend this film to all movie lovers.

Lauren S. photo
Lauren S.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Lizzie McGuire but I think I liked this movie a lot more than she did. I thought the main characters were quite likable and the comedy of the movie was very well done. The movie had a good flow to it and I didn't find myself bored at any point during the movie. I'm not sure what the critics were expecting but I don't think it was anything that they couldn't handle. I think the movie is definitely worth a look if you're a fan of the series or just a movie fan. If you're not a fan of the series then you probably won't like this movie because it's more of a lighthearted movie and I think most people who have never seen the series would find it to be a bit hard to get into.

Matthew photo

When I first heard about this movie, I thought it would be just another dumb movie about a bunch of athletes getting back together for the Olympics. However, it turned out to be more than that. I thought it was a very good movie, and it is definitely a good movie to watch with friends. It was a great story and the actors were all good. I give it an A+.

Juan photo

I think that this movie is a good idea, and the actors are very good. It is not the best movie I've ever seen, but I liked it, and I think it is worth to see.

Julie R. photo
Julie R.

After the suicide of her boyfriend, and a breakdown of her mother's marriage, a young woman's naivety sets in when she decides to follow in her mother's footsteps by going to the Olympics. She is welcomed by the country's Olympic committee, but is disappointed by the people who are meant to help her. When she sees the man who lost his son in a terrorist attack, she decides to use her Olympic aspirations to help him. The comedy, the satire, the drama all come together to make a surprisingly great film. This is one of the better comedies of the 90s, and is worth a watch. The only real criticism I have is that it feels like it's missing some of the important scenes. But I still think that it's worth a watch.

Emma photo

This is one of those movies that you can't really hate, because it is based on a true story. The lead character is played by Kevin Costner. He is a retired track and field star who has to decide whether to go to the Olympics, or to continue playing baseball. Costner is wonderful in the role. He is a tough guy, but a man of his word, and he has a very strong moral compass. The supporting cast is also great. It includes Julianne Moore, John Lithgow, Jason Alexander, and, of course, Kevin Costner. But I must mention Billy Bob Thorton, who played the main character's brother, Randy. Billy Bob is great as the antagonist, and he is also great in the role of Randy. If you have not seen this movie, you should. I think you will be surprised at how good this movie is. You will not be disappointed.

Zachary photo

This is a wonderful film that I really enjoyed. The characters are all well-developed and the plot is fun. The performances are wonderful and the script is witty and funny. I especially liked the chemistry between the characters and how the plot kept us guessing. I thought that the plot was clever and kept us guessing. I also thought that the film was very well-done. The cinematography was great and the music was great. The film also has a great sense of humor. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good time.

Amanda photo

I didn't know what to expect going into this film, and I'm glad I didn't go in expecting anything like what I ended up getting. It is very easy to see why people like it and why some people hate it. The premise is pretty good, but the film is not at all what it could have been. It is a sweet story of a couple, a guy who has a new job and a girl who is a dreamer. The first half is very charming, the second half is nothing but tiresome, and the ending is so cliche it's ridiculous. The acting is good, and the story is very easy to follow, but the acting is not enough to save the film. If you want a light hearted comedy, this is the film for you, but I think you will hate it. My rating: 6/10