Steam Gabriel e a Montanha

Gabriel e a Montanha

Gabriel e a Montanha is a movie starring João Pedro Zappa, Caroline Abras, and Alex Alembe. Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decided to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams....

Other Titles
Gabriel et la montagne, Gabriel Et La Montagne, Gabriel and the Mountain, Gabriel i góra
Running Time
2 hours 11 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fellipe Barbosa
Lucas Paraizo, Kirill Mikhanovsky, Fellipe Barbosa
João Pedro Zappa, Caroline Abras, Rashidi Athuman, Alex Alembe
France, Brazil
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decided to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams. After ten months on the road, he arrived in Kenya determined to discover the African continent. Until he reached the top of Mount Mulanje, Malawi, his last destination.

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Kimberly M. photo
Kimberly M.

I didn't expect a lot out of this movie, and I got what I expected: a pretty good movie. The actors did a good job, and the story was fairly believable. This movie is not in the same league as Fellini's films (not that I think it is), but I liked it. It was interesting and touching, and I don't think it was too violent. This is a good movie, with a good plot, well acted characters and a good message about love. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think it would be a good movie for people to watch.

Kathy B. photo
Kathy B.

I can't imagine why this film hasn't made it in the past, it's too good. Not many Brazilians can be that good. I mean, these actors are all famous in Brazil. Leonardo Dicaprio, Roberto Carlos Rodrigues, Mariano Raimondo, Gabriel Raimondo, Davao de Almeida. and the three of them really seem to be brothers. And they're all great at their role. The direction is very good, as always, but the script is very good, too. The acting is excellent, especially that of Leonardo Dicaprio, who is his best role yet. His accent is not the best, but it is very natural and natural. It's really great. The story is very complex and at the same time very simple. It tells about the problems between brothers. But it's all a part of a small neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. The only thing that makes this film a great movie is the actors. And it's really fantastic. This film has everything: good, great, beautiful, romantic, funny, emotional, intense. And they all are perfect. And everyone in this film is excellent. The direction is very good, the script is very good, and the acting is great. Overall, this film is a great movie. 7/10

Zachary photo

From the first few minutes you get the feeling this is going to be a real soft core movie with lots of sexuality, sex and nudity. However after the first 5 minutes the movie starts to take a different turn. It seems like the director is really taking a bold step in differentiating his movie from others, taking it in a completely different way. The first scene in the movie is an effective use of color and hints at an alternate reality to the reality shown in the movie. This is really effective in conveying the idea that this movie could have been filmed in a totally different way, a reality that would be entirely different from the reality shown in the movie. I think the movie's ending was another excellent part of the movie. The movie really went into the different different reality that this movie depicts and from that point on, the movie becomes a weird psychedelic movie. The different kinds of shots, colors and the dark nature of the movie were effective. The ending was good because I was really interested in seeing the ending of the movie. This was the one scene that made the movie really stand out from the rest of the movie. The fact that the director decided to mix the different reality with the real world made the movie even more unique, which is a great achievement for a movie. It seemed to me that this movie is a masterpiece in its own way. A real hard core movie from start to finish.

Sarah photo

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has so many emotional scenes and scenes that we could not even comprehend. The characters are so realistic and very interesting. It makes us feel for them. The movie starts with the first person view of John. We see John, a man who is a little bit awkward, because he is a family man and he has a young son. We see him all alone in the jungle, where the music is so beautiful. We see him, as a mother, a husband and a father. We see the struggle of John and the struggle of the family. I think we all need to see this movie at least once in our life. It is so powerful and we can relate with all of the characters. The story is so well written, and it is so true. It is very realistic, and it is so sad. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Anthony Guerrero photo
Anthony Guerrero

This movie has been told in so many ways that it is hard to tell one story of it's own. It is a true testimony to the courage of those who had to fight for their lives in the trenches. It is also a great historical allegory for the life of the class war. It is the story of a family in the life of a group of men and women in a war time. The story is told through the eyes of a school girl who is sent to the front lines to a big battle. She grows up with these men and women as her friends and family and learns their lessons. She is the guide and conscience of the family. The story is told through flashbacks. The flashbacks are very moving and the viewer feels the pain of the family as well as the sadness of the soldiers. The film is beautifully made, and the actors are all so good. I will never forget the final scene. I believe that the acting is in the same category as that of the movie. This film is well worth watching. It is a classic, and a well told story. It is the best movie I have seen this year. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great film.

Justin G. photo
Justin G.

It has been nearly a decade since we last saw a movie based on a series of books, and the quality of movies that have been made about the books is beginning to degrade as the time progresses. This one was slightly better than the first, and certainly better than most of the recent movies based on the books. There is a slight thrill in the action in this movie, in the same way that the first one had it. The dialogue is mostly right on, and the characters are quite likable. The action is good and the overall feel of the movie is similar to the first. A bit of a downer here, as I thought the third book was pretty good too. For the most part, this movie is as good as the first one. I'd give it a 7/10, if the quality of movies was going to improve any.

Stephanie L. photo
Stephanie L.

I find myself laughing at this film. Yes, I really do. The part where we see a young boy, playing a video game, eat a bread with an upside down hole in it, that has a bite mark on the end, is as hilarious as anything I've seen on the telly recently. The way the boys break the law in order to get ahead in the world is a prime example of how the media uses young people for easy entertainment and entertainment for easy entertainment. The way the boys go to the police and their parents are not only pathetic, but also hilarious. I also thought the scene where the parents are being interviewed was extremely funny and thought provoking. It was a powerful scene and in the scene where the boys meet up with a psychiatrist (which is incredibly funny and the best part of the film) the mother starts to say that her husband was a drunk and a murderer and that she had taken the kids to the doctor to get him a drink. Then she tells them that they have to stop playing with him and put him back to sleep. This scene would have been so easy to laugh at if she had just said that. The parents are also so pathetic that they make the doctor laugh when he is putting the kids to bed. There is one scene where the mother's husband is trying to get some money to pay the lawyer and the dad says that he wants to get the children to stay at the doctor's house. The father says that he is going to the supermarket and the mother says "Noooooooo!" It is so funny that they have the worst parents and the best lawyer and the doctor but the worst husband. I didn't find it all that funny but it was one of those things that makes you laugh.