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Jiao qu de niao

Jiao qu de niao is a movie starring Zihan Gong, Lu Huang, and Mason Lee. Some ground subsidence has occurred in a suburban area and a team of engineers, including Hao, is dispatched to investigate the cause. After days of wandering...

Other Titles
Podmiejskie ptaki, Pássaros do Subúrbio, 郊區的鳥, Suburban Birds, 郊区的鸟
Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sheng Qiu
Sheng Qiu
Mason Lee, Zihan Gong, Lu Huang
Taiwan, China
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Some ground subsidence has occurred in a suburban area and a team of engineers, including Hao, is dispatched to investigate the cause. After days of wandering around in the empty suburb looking for answers and carrying his heavy gear, Hao walks into a primary school where he finds a diary chronicling the story of a boy and the separation of what seems to be an intimate group. As the investigation keeps going, Hao discovers that this diary might contain prophecies about his own life.

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Scott M. photo
Scott M.

This is a must-see for anyone who wants to see a powerful movie that's truly worth it. The movie is based on a book, and it is a great read. The acting is superb, especially from the three main characters. This movie will make you think about the future of China, and how important the internet is to China's economy. The book is extremely interesting and very entertaining, and I think this movie is very similar. If you are a student, or someone who's interested in a movie about China, this is the one to watch. It is very interesting and thought-provoking.

Daniel photo

I've watched a lot of Taiwanese movies, and this is the first movie that I've watched that really made me cry. I was very moved by the film. The story is about two boys, one of whom is bullied, and the other who is bullied by his mother. It's a very touching story. The acting is amazing. It's very well done. I really feel for the characters. The movie is very moving, but I can't say it's for everyone. It's very emotional. It's a very powerful movie. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. It really moved me.

Eugene photo

This is one of the best Chinese movies I have ever seen. I saw it on a rainy day in the Philippines and I was so touched by the story. I don't think that anyone could see the message of this movie more than I can. This movie is about how the mind of a young man is changed by his new job and how he deals with the hardships of that job. It is very inspiring and heartwarming story. I highly recommend it.

Dorothy Guerrero photo
Dorothy Guerrero

In a world where every day is a struggle, and nothing seems to matter anymore, I was glad to see the way the film portrays the world of the migrant workers. I thought that it was a beautiful film, and I was actually really moved by it. I thought that the film was well-done and thought-provoking. It shows that in the midst of a war-torn world, where everything seems to be a struggle, the people have a strong sense of justice. I really enjoyed the film and I hope that it gets a chance to be seen in the US. I am happy to say that it is already being released in theaters in the US. I hope that there will be more films like this made in the US, because I think that it is a really important part of our country's history and culture. I was really happy to see a film that is really worth seeing.

James Alvarez photo
James Alvarez

This is a great film, and I don't want to say anything about it because it would spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. It is about a woman who lives in a country house with her father and uncle. The uncle is a Chinese Mafia boss who has control of all the local gambling. The woman's father is a musician who lives with his girlfriend and her daughter. One day the woman comes home to find her father and uncle have been shot. She then has to face the wrath of the mafia and the cops. The film is beautifully shot, with wonderful locations and the music is amazing. It is a very sad story, but I loved it. I also love the scene where the girl and the uncle are sitting together on the sofa, and they talk about the death of her father and how he had a very beautiful life. The music is great, and it has a great ending.

Dorothy J. photo
Dorothy J.

I was quite surprised to find out that this movie was made in the early 1970's. It is a remarkable movie about a couple of gay men who have a relationship and it is very touching and very funny. This movie has a very interesting and romantic story and it is a good movie to watch if you are interested in this topic. This movie is definitely a must see for everyone.

Joan F. photo
Joan F.

I've never seen a movie that has so much character development. This movie is a complete study of an old man, his wife and his daughter. You learn a lot about him and his life. The way he sees the world, how he deals with the situation of his daughter, his wife, his mother and his father, all of them are so important in this movie. It is a must see for everyone.

Joan photo

This film is a perfect example of the life and death of a young woman in China. She has just lost her father and she is still grieving. Her mother is always worried about her daughter. She is trying to get rid of the memories of her daughter. The film is about the conflict between the mother and the daughter. I liked this film a lot because the mother and daughter are so close that they have become a family. The film is very emotional. The mother always feels bad for her daughter and it is very touching. I think that this is a very sad film. I have watched this film many times and I always love to watch it.

Tiffany photo

I was absolutely surprised by this film. I'm a big fan of Guo, but this film is his best yet. It's not the best Chinese film, but it's definitely not the worst. The story is very simple. It's about a man who is trying to make it in the Chinese movie industry, but he is never satisfied. He has a dream to become a Hollywood star, and when he meets a famous actress, he is inspired. He finds a mentor who helps him in his dreams. The film is a little bit slow at times, but the acting is great. The film is definitely worth seeing. I hope that Guo can continue to make great films like this.

Roger Bailey photo
Roger Bailey

If you love the classic cinema of the late 1960's, this is a must see. This movie is the real story of a small boy who is in love with a big, strong, intelligent girl. The film is shot in a way that gives you a sense of the dark nature of China in the late 1960's. The characters are played by real actors, but the actors who are playing the older characters are not. The older actors play the characters as if they were teenagers, the younger actors play them as if they were adults. This is a real look into the world of the late 1960's. The movie is very dark and has a dark atmosphere, with lots of slow moving scenes. There is no music in the movie, except for the "Turtle" song. I think that is the only musical number in the movie. There is a lot of symbolism in the movie. I have never seen anything like this before. The movie is very sad, very sad, and very sad. I think that this movie is a true tragedy.

Nicole photo

This film is not only an example of the art of film-making, but also of the art of acting. I think this is what the movie is about, the audience is supposed to feel and react to the character's emotions, the same way the characters react to the movie's atmosphere. I think that this is what makes a good movie. Also, the movie has a great soundtrack, with a beautiful and powerful music, and very powerful lyrics. I think that this is what makes the movie a great work of art.

Denise McDonald photo
Denise McDonald

I loved this movie. I don't know why everyone is so critical of it. It was about a man who had no friends, no girlfriend, and his wife was still single. It was about loneliness, depression, and pain. I thought the acting was excellent, and the story was so realistic. I think the director did a great job. I highly recommend this movie. I was so moved, and it really made me think about life. I love how the director went into the real world and showed us how people can get depressed, lonely, and sad. I don't know why people were so critical of this movie. It's not like I'm going to go out and rent it or anything. It's just a good movie that I recommend.

Vincent photo

Every time I see this movie, I get chills. This movie is like a good dream of someone's life. It's a beautiful story, and a true love story. Not only it is a story of a young man's life, but it is a story of a true love that lasts for the rest of life. A true love that will last you forever. And it is the movie which reminds us of our life, and the most important thing that we need to live and care for ourselves. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you to see it as soon as possible. The movie has two great performances, one by Keanu Reeves, the other by Vincent Zemekis, they are so real. It is a wonderful movie.

Pamela photo

I have been following the development of the Chinese film industry for a few years now, and while I was not overly excited by the prospect of a Chinese remake of the French film La Vie en Rose, I was very interested in seeing the film "From The Beginning". After watching the film, I was immediately impressed. The acting was superb, the story was engaging and the photography was beautiful. The movie was very well paced, and I was able to get to know the characters and the plot very well. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has a love of film, or someone who has a love of film. I would also recommend this film to people who are interested in Chinese film. I think this film is a great introduction to Chinese cinema.

Crystal Lawrence photo
Crystal Lawrence

Harmony: A Love Story is a truly touching and touching story about two friends who fall in love. The story follows the simple but inevitable human struggle of growing up, facing mortality and the loss of the one love. The power of this movie is that it provides the viewer with great insight and gives them the chance to reflect upon their own life, their own struggle to grow up and find the one person that they truly love. On the surface the film appears to be an epic war, but in fact it is not. The story is simple, the characters are genuine and vulnerable, and the emotions they show are genuine and overwhelming. There are no miracles or titanic triumphs here, but it is beautifully made and heartfelt. The acting is wonderful and there are beautiful and heartbreaking performances from every actor. Harmony is a tale of friendship, romance and hope. I could not think of a better cast to play the parts. Harmony has had some negative reviews. Some people don't like the ending. The end is not where we have the climactic battle between the characters and how they will become their future selves. It is very simple and a simple little twist on the tale. It does not even have to be a major twist to be an important movie. There are movies that are known by the end, they have a dramatic or emotional finish and it is something that defines the movie and sets it apart from the rest of the movie. Harmony does not end the way I had expected, but it was not a bad thing at all. I liked it better than I thought I would, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a simple, sweet and inspiring movie to watch.

Melissa photo

It's not surprising that the only way to see this movie is as a Chinese version of the movies in the Star Wars series. It doesn't disappoint. As I watched the movie, I kept waiting for it to end. I was praying that it would, but it didn't. I kept thinking that if it would, it would be good. And finally, I thought to myself, "This is good." It is fantastic. In Chinese culture, at least in my culture, it is considered unimportant to give praise for one's country. As we have discussed, what we learn from this movie is the importance of family and country. However, one of the best aspects of this movie is that I am not bound by language barriers and can watch this movie in a language I know very well. It's impossible for a foreign viewer to know the movie so well because it doesn't follow the standard rules of our culture. The movie is full of beautiful lines, all speaking Chinese. I don't know how I did it. I have to be in a good mood when watching. Overall, I highly recommend this movie.

Thomas photo

One of the best movies of this year. The storyline is more or less the same as all other martial arts movies. All the cast perform great, but the story is so perfect that all of them will be remembered. Very emotional, very interesting, very stimulating. Do not miss this movie.

Eric photo

Emile Poupaud is a great director, and the stunning photography, beautifully constructed in my opinion, captures the images of everyday life. However, "The Solstice" is very different, not because it is a slow, disturbing, and contemplative film, but because it's very intense and very beautiful, with a very powerful message, and it makes you think about your own mortality and how you can commit suicide to save your soul. The final scene is extremely powerful and very realistic, and tells you everything you need to know about your own mortality, and also how you can commit suicide to save your soul. I give this film an 8/10, because it's a great film, but I've only just watched it for the first time.

Martha photo

Wui xia yan dao is an outstanding film that touches on the basic issues of life and death, love and loss, and injustice and cruelty, to name a few. The film is not only dramatic, but also visually stunning. The cinematography is excellent and I would highly recommend it. The music score is also excellent, but what I like the most about this film is that it does not have a single single singing or melodic tone, unlike most other Hong Kong films that don't have soundtracks. Wui xia yan dao is a film to be watched with your eyes, not with your ears. There are many scenes that are not loud, but dramatic and often do not make sense, as well as many scenes that don't make sense, and to be honest most of the scenes are not that interesting. Many scenes are like scenes from a textbook, but it works. The characters are very human, and the majority of the cast was selected through auditions, in which I think they were brilliant. I feel that some of the critics who have had a hard time getting a hold of this film are being harsh, but I think that they are way over-critical. The language used is very disturbing, but is used in a very realistic way. This is a film that should be seen in schools in the world, and it should be shown on television to all of the world. I highly recommend this film, it is that good.

Rachel C. photo
Rachel C.

This is the kind of movie that I always enjoy watching. The plot is simple and the performances are excellent. The movie is about a young woman who is married to a wealthy man. He wants to find a new wife and after a few months he finds the perfect one. But the young woman is not happy about the situation and she wants to leave the man. The movie is about her reaction to this situation. The young woman is not happy but the man is not. The movie is about the young woman's mind and the young man's reaction to this situation. The movie is also about the young woman's husband's reaction. The movie is a very good movie and I recommend it to all.

Jack E. photo
Jack E.

It is the most bizarre movie I have ever watched, and at the same time I have never seen anything quite like it. A guy sitting in a hospital bed staring off into the distance while he sees people die in a distant background. The only scene that comes close to that is the end of the movie, the slow steady song that plays in the background. The story, the characters and the lack of resolution are the reasons I enjoyed watching this movie so much. The movie was almost an introduction to us, showing us a path towards the end of the film. People may think this movie is over the top but to me, it is just the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. I cannot think of anything else I have ever seen, and I haven't seen many movies in a long time. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Bobby photo

I watched this movie very carefully, and I must say I'm very pleased. It's a movie that allows the viewer to take a look into the characters' minds, as they try to understand their situation. I just finished watching it and I am very glad that I did. It made me feel happy, sad, and all of these emotions. The main characters (Fang Xiang and his friends) and the director must have really cared about the story of these two people, and it really shows in the movie. Even though their stories may seem somewhat small, they really show the pain that a real family must have when their daughter gets sick. They show how fragile life can be, how much is at stake for everyone, and how hard it is to survive and make it out alive. This movie really shows what happens to these two kids when their daughter dies. I just really think that people need to watch this movie to understand that even in the worst of times, you can make a difference. You can help other people. You can help yourself. You can make a difference. The only thing that I didn't like was the acting of the two children. They had really good acting, but they didn't seem like their characters, which really bothered me. I think it's a flaw in the acting, and really doesn't fit the characters at all. That being said, I would say this movie is definitely a must-see for anyone.

Mary Baker photo
Mary Baker

The way in which the film portrays two different women and how they interact is truly amazing. The reactions of the actors, especially Feng Shen, was unexpected and certainly left a lasting impression. The story, especially the flashbacks, are probably the most gripping and moving, and I am not sure if I could ever write a longer description of the plot without revealing it all here. I am not sure if I could honestly recommend this film to anyone who hasn't already seen it. You have to be a true film buff, who appreciates all the visual displays of the film, and is willing to look for the bigger picture. I am so glad I saw it, and feel like I can now describe the ending for everyone, as I saw it at the same time, and without the aid of the narrator.

Tammy A. photo
Tammy A.

Boring, dull and absolutely boring, why so much hype for this film? It's not like an Asian cinema masterpiece, but it's absolutely, 100% work of art. What is so powerful about this movie is not the movie, but the director, the co-writer and the actor, all of whom are really talented and worth all the praise they are getting. The plot, despite some twists and turns, is simple. The way the story is presented is a real pleasure to watch, I mean the great cinematography is beautiful, the way the director uses the "film-time" in the film is perfect, the fact that the movie has three times as many camera angles and shots than any other Chinese film I've seen is also excellent. The acting is also great, from the bad-ass character from Chameleon and Blue Girl (Oleg Tsiolkovsky) to the arrogant but brilliant genius who will become the greatest drug lord in the whole of Asia (He was superb as Aleksandr Zakharchenko). And all of the actors are really awesome! Just a must watch for all Asian cinema lovers!

Theresa photo

This movie was great, I had a blast watching it. The characters are all so unique and unique in their own way. I enjoyed the dialogue between the two main characters, and how they all reacted to the situation. I loved the background music and the acting. The story was interesting and not too predictable. I loved how the story was told in a non-linear way. I think the director did a great job with the camera work, and the camera angles. I think the best part of the movie was the dialogue between the characters. I think that the two main characters were great. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that's not predictable, and who wants to see a movie that has some kind of depth.