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Isha Ovedet is a movie starring Liron Ben-Shlush, Menashe Noy, and Oshri Cohen. Life at work becomes unbearable for Orna. Her boss appreciates and promotes her, while making inappropriate advances. Her husband struggles to keep his...

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Não Mexa com Ela, El acoso, ワーキング・ウーマン, Kobieta pracująca, Working Woman
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Michal Aviad
Michal Vinik, Sharon Azulay Eyal, Michal Aviad
Liron Ben-Shlush, Menashe Noy, Oshri Cohen, Corinne Hayat
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Life at work becomes unbearable for Orna. Her boss appreciates and promotes her, while making inappropriate advances. Her husband struggles to keep his new restaurant afloat, and Orna becomes the main breadwinner for their three children. When her world is finally shattered, she must pull herself together to fight, in her own way, for her job and a sense of self-worth.

Comments about drama «Isha Ovedet» (16)

Victoria photo

I had a chance to see the movie last week in New York. I have to say that the movie was good. The movie is based on the true story of Isha Ovedet, a girl who was kidnapped by a gang of thugs who had their eye on her for their own gain. It is a very well-told story, and it was a bit difficult to watch some parts because the movie is based on a true story. The acting in this movie was very good, especially by the two lead actors, Rani Mukherjee and Sohail Khan. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is a very good movie and it has a good message to it.

Brian Black photo
Brian Black

This movie is a lot of fun, and not just because of the beautiful scenery. There is a lot of fun to be had here. It is a romantic comedy with a bit of a thriller. The film stars Aishwarya Rai as a writer who lives with her parents in New York. Her father is a journalist, and her mother is a writer. After moving to New York, Aishwarya and her mother fall in love with each other. Aishwarya gets involved with the writer she has been writing about, and she has a crush on him. The film has some beautiful scenes of Aishwarya and the writer. The director, Vikas Bahl, has done a fine job with this movie. He has done a great job with the characters in the movie. I am not a big fan of Aishwarya Rai, but I think this movie is good enough for her. She does a good job with the script. The character of Aishwarya Rai is very good. She is the typical Indian girl, who is always determined to get her way. She is also very funny. I love the way she is portrayed. I have seen Aishwarya in many movies, but I think this is the best I have seen her in. She is very beautiful, and very talented. The cinematography is great, and the soundtrack is very good. The direction is excellent. The movie is quite long, but it doesn't feel long at all. There are a lot of funny scenes, and a lot of romance. The movie is very enjoyable to watch, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys romantic comedies. It is a great movie. It is not a very long movie, but it is a great movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Deborah Harris photo
Deborah Harris

A very good movie. I saw it in a theater in NYC and loved it. I think it is a movie worth seeing. The acting was good, the story was good. The cinematography was very good. I thought the movie was very moving. I think the plot was very good and the music was very good. The movie is definitely worth seeing. The movie is not for everyone. I think it is a movie that is worth seeing. I am not a big fan of "love" movies and I think this is one of the better ones.

Gregory Nelson photo
Gregory Nelson

Isha Ovedet is a story about a young girl who is going to school, where she meets a boy, who helps her with her homework, and later on falls in love with her. The movie is made by a guy who did "The Diary of Anne Frank" and has a director and writer named Javed Jaffery. Javed Jaffery has made a lot of movies. The movie is not bad at all. It has a good story and some good acting. The movie is worth watching, but you should have seen the Diary of Anne Frank. I give it a 7/10.

Theresa Patel photo
Theresa Patel

Isha Ovedet is a good movie, in fact it is better than some of the Hollywood movies I have seen. But I have to say that the director, the writer, and the cast are all very good. It is very hard to believe that they all did not know each other. The performances are great, especially by Sajid Khan and the other actors. The story is about a young man, who is a doctor, who falls in love with a doctor. He is in love with her but he does not want to tell her about his past. The movie is very good. It is very interesting, it keeps you wondering what will happen next. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies like The Love Guru, and even movies like The Wedding Planner. This movie is a must see.

Patricia photo

Isha Ovedet is a movie in which the movie stars the real life NTR. It is an amazing movie with great music and great actors. The movie is about the life of NTR. It is a little bit slow in the beginning but once it gets going it gets better and better. I really liked this movie. It is one of the best movies in the 90s.

Jason J. photo
Jason J.

I'm a big fan of "In the Bedroom" and I was so excited to watch "Isha Ovedet" and I'm glad I did. "Isha Ovedet" is a very good movie, but it's not as good as "In the Bedroom". The movie is about a young woman who is a "victim" of a sexual assault in her home. She wants to prove her innocence and also to be able to have her dream of owning a home, but it is not easy for her. The story is very good and the acting is good also. The movie is very good and I recommend it to all people who like movies about sexual assault. It is also very good for women who have been victims of sexual assault. I think that "Isha Ovedet" is very good and I'm going to buy the DVD to watch it again and again. It's really good. "In the Bedroom" is not as good as "Isha Ovedet" and I think that it's better for people who like movies about sexual assault.

Ann Webb photo
Ann Webb

I saw this film at the Glasgow International Film Festival. I was very impressed by the film, which was clearly shot on a very low budget. The dialogue was very good and the actors delivered some very good performances. However, the story is not very compelling, the pace is very slow, and there are some plot holes. It could have been better. This is a film that could have been made on a much smaller scale. I am sure that some people will enjoy it, but I found it disappointing. I also found the film to be very dark and depressing.

Jennifer photo

Isha Ovedet is a beautifully shot and made film. The acting is superb, especially from Boman Irani, who is one of my favorite actors. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Boman Irani but he's done a fantastic job in this film. The film has many elements that make it unique, one of which is the surrealism that is woven into the narrative. The film is a beautiful and unique piece of cinema. I highly recommend it. If you have seen Boman Irani's previous films, you will recognize some of the characters, and the locations and cinematography are very similar. The film has a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and I really enjoyed this film. The film was made for people who like to be surprised. If you like to be surprised, then you will love this film.

Douglas photo

I think this movie is a masterpiece and one of the best of its kind. The story is about a girl who is sent to a boarding school in a small town in America. The school is run by a man named Mr. Martin, who has a horrible temper and is a ruthless and cold-hearted person. The girl is always in danger of being raped and murdered, which he is so determined to prevent. The movie is about a girl named Isha Ovedet who gets a chance to escape from the boarding school. The story is excellent and has an amazing ending. I really think this movie is the best movie of all time. I think it is one of the best movies ever made and is also one of the best films ever made. The actors in the movie are really good and I think that the actors in the movie did a great job. The only part of the movie that I didn't like was the end. I think that the movie should have ended at the beginning. But the ending was amazing and made me really happy. Overall, the movie is a masterpiece and one of the best movies of all time.

Lisa Burton photo
Lisa Burton

If you are in search of a masterpiece then this is one of the best movies you will ever see. It's also one of the most under-rated movies of all time. The story is true, the acting is great and the music is flawless. I am not going to get into any of the story line because it is not the purpose of this movie. I just want to say that this is one of the most important films ever made. It should be seen by everyone. I would recommend everyone to see this movie. It is absolutely perfect.

Donna C. photo
Donna C.

The movie is a love story between a woman and a man. There are many characters that are very important and important to the story. The director managed to keep this movie entertaining and interesting. It is a very good movie.

Samantha photo

Isha Ovedet is a brilliant movie. It is a bit different from the usual Hollywood fare. It is an international movie and is a good piece of work. The story is very well told. The characters are well developed. The whole story is interesting and captivating. The movie is a bit slow at some parts. The climax is very well done. The ending is very powerful and unexpected. The acting is very good. The songs are very good. The movie is a must watch. I would recommend it to anyone.

Joshua Howell photo
Joshua Howell

This movie has something for everyone. It has the emotional involvement of a real life tragedy and the drama of a love story. It is a really moving movie and is a must watch for all movie lovers. The cast is excellent, the story is so real that it has the power to make you cry. It is very interesting and sad to see how the film makers portray the lives of a family and how they are affected by the events that occur in the movie. I'm a big fan of Amisha Patel and her performance in this movie is so real that it makes you cry. I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I would highly recommend this movie for everyone. It is a movie that you will not want to miss.

Nicholas M. photo
Nicholas M.

This is a very good movie, even if it is not a "Hollywood" movie. The acting is very good, especially the lead actor, Shruti Haasan. And the director does a great job, keeping the story together, as well as making it interesting. It has a very good and original plot, and it moves along at a good pace. I like the idea of a female teacher who can't get married and finds herself in a dilemma. The whole movie is very suspenseful, and the ending is very nice. The characters in the movie are not very likable, but it is nice to see a female teacher that is not married, and a female teacher who is a little more independent. It is a good movie, worth watching. 7/10.

Steven Lawson photo
Steven Lawson

I had a great time watching this movie. I think this is one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen. The movie has a great message that is necessary in today's world. The story is very good, and the acting is very good. There is also great cinematography and music. All in all, I give this movie a 7/10.